Bombing Timelines

Connective Tissue

Here are two timelines. The first is drawn from the various theories that have been propounded. These are important events to a number of theories of the bombing. The purpose is to connect each event to its likely actor.

Events in order of occurance Notes Who
1980-19xx COINTELPRO Aimed to divide communities PRCIA
1980-19xx Death Threats ‘We know where you live’ PRCIA 2
April xx, 1990 Bomb School Regular Event FBI, OPD
May x, 1990 No spiking announcement Motive for bombing? ?
May 8, 1990 1st bomb EF! sign and Akexander Sawblade anniversary LA
May x-xx, 1990 Stalking Mendocino County LA
May 22, 1990 Placement of second bomb in Willits Mendocino County LA
May 23-24 Oakland Surveilance Rapid FBI arrival FBI
May 24, 1990 2nd bomb explodes Placed in Mendocino Co or Oakland LA
May 24-xx FBI reaction Arrested Bari and Cherney FBI
May 29, 1990 Letter mailed Santa Rosa area LA
May 30, 1990 Post-letter Fabrication of ‘evidence’ FBI
June x, 1990 Hum Co election Motive for bombing? Ketchum and Clorox
Nov x 1990 Calif election Motive for bombing? PRCIA 3

This second timeline is drawn from the events depicted in the Letter with an interpretation of the LA’s state of mind or activity at the time.

It is important to keep in mind that there are three ways the Letter can be interpreted:

Option 1: Misdirection, assumed to be total
Option 2: Misdirection, assumed to be partial but not total
Option 3: Confessional, assumed the letter represents itself

Timeline from the letter LA activity
Nov 2x, 1988 Demo Anger
After demo Anger Seethes
Rediscovering Bari Vengeance plotted
About May 1, 1990 god orders first bomb LA believes misdirection is enough
May 9, 1990 After first bomb Waiting for news to blame Bari
god orders second bomb stalking and bomb building
May 24, 1990 Two miracles Bomb went off in Oakland with Cherney in the car
the unkept threat [go into woods end up like Bari] Unabomber-like?
May 29, 1990 Mailing the letter Timing matches Bari will survive announcement

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