A challenge to FBI theories

A suspect must have at least one confirming piece of evidence pointing to them. Evidence must be of the type that places the suspect into the frame of the letter, that puts the suspect at the demo, the logger meet, or inside her car in Oakland on the night of May 23-24. Plus the suspects must also be able to build the bombs, write the letter and be familiar with stalking.

COINTELPRO, PRCIA connections are not enough. COINTELPRO does not include assassinations. Legitimate business interests do not imply murder.

We have a suspect or suspects who were at the demo. We have photographic evidence of that. These same suspects could have written the letter which points directly towards them by virtue of the philosophical shift the letter presents, which matches the real-life shifts the suspects demonstrably underwent in order to kill others, which they did.

Thing is, more possible evidence has been gathered but is not publicly available due to hopefully, curable circumstances.

No other suspects except AoG have such a clear case against them. If it is not them, then anyone could have done it because a quarter century of investigation of all types has been fruitless – at least that is the conclusion I have come to accept as true.

The challenge to the FBI-did-it advocates is to share with us the one or two key pieces of evidence that incriminates the FBI. Or, as the saying goes, what’s the hook you hang your hat on?

Possible hooks include:

The letter is an FBI fake
The bomb school showed their intentions
Rapid arrival at scene meant they were watching her
They had method and motive
They lied in court to cover up
They were doing COINTELPRO on Arizona Dave and were doing it on the victims
This is what they do

Trouble with these hooks is that they are all speculative and not evidence of a connection to the bombing or the letter. Photos are evidence, especially, photos of suspects who answer the question Who could have written the letter? Suspects who kill, who advocate killing and have a history that matches the letter; these suspects fit within the frame of the letter.

If you are up to the challenge, write your response and post it on findthelordsavenger.com’s Investigators’ Blog. Email to bobmartel@hotmail.com. What’s your hook?

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