Connective Tissue

The Criteria for Suspicion

What ties the parts – two bombs and a letter – together?
Why does any theory hold together?
What connects the dots in the context to make a suspicion valid?

In 2013, there was no evidence connecting any individual or group to the crime. The letter was assumed to be a fake or misdirection perhaps written by the FBI itself. The letter mentioned the 1988 demo, and the May 22, 1990 meeting with Bari and a group of activists and loggers. The letter described the bombs and the writer took responsibility for building them. Individuals were blamed by various citizen accusers, all of the accused were at the demo, as were the accusers. No one knows if the FBI were there. Various group suspects emerged from Bari and others that the FBI did it as part of a COINTELPRO. Despite the theory no evidence has ever emerged linking the FBI, much less any of the other proposed suspects, to the bombing.

In 2013, the letter was taken seriously by some and a new analysis of the letter brought a new group of potential suspects into focus. Then, in 2015, photos from the 1988 demo surfaced and provided the first evidence of the presence of a new, named suspect at the demo.

The letter writer is the bomber.

In 1990 who would be able to write the LA letter?
Who would have known about the demo? About the AoG’s moral radicalization? About the Wiseuse’s theocratic ideology?
Who would have known and cared about George Alexander and his near death at the Cloverdale Mill on may 8, 1987 Who would have known about the logger meeting and its whereabouts?
The LA knew where and when the Logger meeting was held, The events referred to in the letter make up large parts of the crime’s timeline.
Could someone have randomly identified the demo, and the reaction to Bari, the LA says he experienced? No matter who tried who could so accurately assume a Dominionist’s ideation?

It is probable that the writer was at the demo.

Why did the demo photos not surface before? Had anyone sought to identify the attendees?
Many people took photos. They might have tried but who?
Bruce Anderson said they were just catholic women. Was no one curious?
Did the assertion, that the letter was misdirection, pointing away from the FBI and Oakland, was aimed at sending attention to Mendocino County, confuse anyone?
In this respect it was successful. Attention was turned to Mendocino with activists as the targets for accusation. Did anyone consider this effect ass desireable in a COINTELPRO?

Who could build the bombs and know where to place them and why?
The second bomb with its shrapnel, is a design intended to maim, not a powerful bomb. The designer was skilled or following a recipe well enough. Remember the first bomb failed according to its designer/builder.
Would an FBI bomb have failed unless it was meant to fail?

The first bomb, two weeks before the second and two weeks after the FBI bomb school, had a symbolic meaning including the date and place that was not reported in the news therefore the aim of the bomb was thwarted. Yet the FBI did attempt to use the first bomb to explain the other bomb ie Bari did second because she did the first. Thus the first bomb was used to defamed her but outside of the LA’s view.

The myth is that the bomb school was unusual. It was a course offered by the local community college which has law enforcement training programs available. It was a yearly event. It was covered in the local news. Normally, it was at The College of the Redwoods. Due to a schedule conflict this class was moved to neighboring land ie LP land. The bomb school made a large impression on those who support the FBI theories yet it was in the course of business for the FBI.

Either the two bombs were planned at once or not. If the letter can be interpreted the second bomb was the next step, the next necessary step, ordered by god. The planning for the bombing includes:

Recalling the 1988 demo and the reaction of the Operation Rescue crowd, planning the first bomb based upon the George Alexander date of great importance in the Wise Use propaganda [See Lives Lost]. Anniversary events is a very CIA thing to do. Framing an activist is a very FBI thing to do.

Stalking Bari perhaps from early 1990. Who is capable of stalking in the woods or the roads through the woods? A local? Another rural timber country person or persons? The stalking must have been daily and close to have learned about the so-called Logger meeting, considered to have been planned in private as opposed to open meetings.

Writing the letter and sending it soon after Bari would survive because the bombing appeared to need an explanation. Like the UNAbomber, an explanation is required. It was a statement of radicalization much like ISIS uses.

Who underwent a radicalization on abortion in the intervening time period from demo to bomb?

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