Critical Questions

Assumptions and Theorems

Consider the role of chance, of randomness in any of the following.

What is COINTELPRO and what is it not?

Who was responsible for COINTELPRO on the Northcoast in 1988-90?
Is it related to the Bari bombing?
Why or why not?

Who is LA?

How can we best answer this question?

Why the bomb?

Why Mendocino, if it was?
Why Oakland, if it was?
Why the timing of the bomb?
FoFo, did it take a bombing for the industry to win?

Why the Letter?

Why the timing of the Letter?
Was the timing of the letter a matter of waiting nearby to perhaps be the first one to hear she had died?
What if there had been no letter what would people have thought?

Why the contents of the Letter?

Why the demo?
Why dominionism?
Why the particular threat?
Why the bomb descriptions, the details of placement, the desired objective for each and the result?
The letter is misdirection towards Mendocino County?
But from where was our attention directed?

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