Bill Staley

He was there at the abortion center rally.

He took offense at Bari and Cherney.

He sounded like he could have written the Lord’s Avenger letter.

Years later, in Atlanta 1996 a pipe bomb exploded killing a by stander. The security cop on the scene was blamed by the media as the bomber not for two months like Bari and Cherney but for years until Eric Rudolf was identified and captured.

Staley was identifiably in the camp of the LA. He was closest to the ‘bomb’ or in his case the demo in Ukiah in 1988. It appears that the public no longer considers him a suspect making the judgment concerning the complexities. Really, mere presence at the demo proves nothing – more is needed.

In the quote below Bari makes it plain what Staley’s role was in creating the Lord’s Avenger.

Judi Bari:

JUDI: The Lord’s Avenger letter was very skillfully used. It’s literature. It’s so well written, nobody I know can write that good: “I built with these hands the bomb that I placed in the car of Judi Bari. Doubt me not, for I will show . . . ” And it says that the Lord told him to bomb me when I spoke at the abortion clinic the year before. That he saw “Satan’s flame shooting from [my] mouth and ears, proving that this was no natural woman born of Ruth.”

It goes on and on in this Biblical language. Very misogynist. It says, “Let the woman learn in silence, but suffer not a woman to teach or to usurp authority from the man.” And it says that they targeted me for my pro-abortionist activity. I’ve done one clinic defense in my entire life, and that was it…

But that clinic defense was outrageous…

JUDI: Absolutely outrageous without a doubt.

You were singing songs about dead fetuses — fetus-blaming songs. Really disgusting songs, Judi. Compared to the weight of the decision a woman must make when she chooses to abort, truly disgusting songs.

JUDI: I guess you’ve never heard the whole story: They were going to try to open an abortion clinic, the first one in Ukiah. It was a Planned Parenthood clinic that would have abortion amongst other services. And as soon as they announced this, the clinic director began to be harassed, particularly by a man named Bill Staley. There were bomb threats called into the clinic. I heard that Bill Staley followed her children home from school and told them: “Your mommy doesn’t love you; she’s out killing babies.”

There were dismembered baby dolls with red paint strewn around her house. Bill Staley personally broke into the clinic once and threatened to rape her and make her have his baby. She called the cops on him several times.

So Staley is this kind of rabid, right-wing, ex-professional football-player, hometown fundamentalist. And when I heard the way he was harassing the woman (and I’d never met the woman who was the clinic director), I was outraged, and I wanted to defend her; I wanted to mount a defense of this clinic. When Operation Rescue vowed to shut down this clinic, I vowed to myself to keep it open.