Apologies to the reader: The following is over 40,000 words and combines excerpts from two authors trying to connect Unabomber to Dominionism and to the language of the Lord’s Avenger Letter. I am working on it.If you are annoyed by the extensive quoting, I am working on that too.

According to author Robert Greysmith, it was obvious that Kaczynski adopted F.C. “Freedom Club” from Conrad’s invention of P.L., i.e. “Future of the Proletariat” and thinks he must have felt an affinity with Conrad’s fictional “Mad Professor, the Perfect Anarchist” as the most influential person in Kaczynski’s life. Both men were short in stature with equally out-sized egos and from the same economic class.


It’s interesting that Conrad’s theme of “entrapment,” of P. L. the anarchist group——-“Fit-Up,” the casting of blame of a bombing on a targeted group by an unseen hand would repeat itself over and over in Kaczynski’s bombing career, his modus operandi, before and during the Judi Bari era.


When Ted was a student at Harvard he took psychological tests he got paid for, part of a project intended to help the CIA determine how to break-down an individual’s ability to withstand interrogation and he became known to them as an unusual character with the nickname “Lawful.” The underlying aspect of this study, designed by ex-CIA psychologist Dr. Henry A. Murray whose preoccupation was “Good versus Evil.”

It would have been hard for Kaczynski to miss the YAF message since he lived at Harvard Yard and most probably read the Sharon Statement as the YAF group had a Libertarian* wing so after reviewing Ted’s complete history, it appears to me he was much more reactionary than YAFers but wasn’t so aloof as to not be influenced by what was going on around him. Ted professed a strong anti-communist ideology with what some say are Libertarian2 tendencies from his Harvard years and throughout his life and grudgingly recognized his “individualist tendencies” and probability because he from an all-white lower-middle-class neighborhood, socially, he was an eccentric loner.

To learn more about how Kaczynski thinks we are jumping ahead twenty years, but beware he is very deceptive.

Kaczynski’s Industrial Society and its Future (ISAIF): (Uncorrected and an example of his irrational radicalization)

“SHIP OF FOOLS”—–This is second example of Kaczynski’s extremely arrogant elitist right-wing position on the “Great Unwashed’ is a short story he wrote in prison in 1999. Kaczynski whose manifesto writings are dry, pseudo-academic, and almost expressionless. In this story he then changes direction and for the first time uses expressive language and foul words in his only short story “Ship of Fools,” in which he expresses in full-force his miscreant ideas about “identity politics” which he calls in later writings “politics of victimhood.”


So Kaczynski ignores one of Ellul’s main messages and all the scholars Ellul sites in his book to back his brand of maleficent determinism (violent collapse and revolution) to end technology and civilization which would result in wide-spread suffering and death by starvation by billions.

Clearly his reference to Earth First! As adversary culture is “The enemy within” (Radical sub-culture). The first question the FBI asked his neighbor Chris Waits was “Did he ever talk about radical environmentalism?”

1. What is needed is a new revolutionary movement, dedicated to the elimination of technological society that will take measures to exclude all leftists, as well as the assorted neurotics, lazies, incompetents, charlatans, and person’s deficient-in-control who are drawn to resistant movements in America today. Just what form a revolutionary movement to take remains open to discussion.

!) “Assorted neurotics” or more commonly “distressed people” as are the majority of the U.S. population, suffering from thirty years of stagnated wages caused by a corporate Establishment that decided the “Affluent Society “as a goal was no longer necessary, its goal was more profits. “. . . Which created anxiety, sadness or depression, anger, irritability, mental confusion, low sense of worth, etc.” But Kaczynski is targeting first, radical feminist, Gays, people of color, animal rights activists and disability rights persons. Ironically and hilariously and a sign of his delusional thinking, wiki goes on to say, “There are many forms of neurosis: obsessive-compulsive (Check: Kaczynski), anxiety neurosis (him again), hysteria (not him in the psychological sense but in the political) Wiki goes on (in which anxiety may be discharged through physical symptom), and a nearly endless variety of phobias as well as obsessions such as pyromania. (Kaczynski has been a pyromaniac since early boyhood) Wikipedia . . . Neurosis.


Dr. Sally C. Johnson, Kaczynski’s court-appointed, forensic psychiatrist reported———“Mr. Kaczynski claimed in his writings, that during his Harvard years he had fantasies of living a primitive life and fantasized himself as an agitator, rousing mobs to frenzies of revolutionary violence, he claimed that during that time he started to think about breaking away from normal society.” In correspondence to Professor [Jacques] Ellul, he describes reading the book [Technological Society] at least six times. He discussed both that and ideas put forth in another book “Autopsy for Revolution.” (Psychiatric Competency Report)


September 1966 Kaczynski wrote: “I will kill, but I will make at least some effort to avoid detection, so that I can kill again.” (Page 17)

all people. Strikers suggested the fire could have been set to discredit them.” (Seth Rosenfeld*p.242) Was this Kaczynski first “Fit-Up?” the bomber (S?) was never caught. This seems important in light of the evidence that Unabomber/Kaczynski placed two bombs at UC Berkeley’s Corey Hall #8) in 1982 and #9) in 1985, both bombs produce serious injuries, one of which in 1982 was a pipe-bomb atop a one gallon gas filled can. (There’s that pesky one gallon gas can again)


Kaczynski wasn’t respected by his students they considered him useless; he taught from the book and wasn’t interested in them. He resigned his assistant professorship at UC Berkeley on January 20, 1969 the day of Richard Nixon’s inauguration. Two days later on January 22, 1969 Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley was fire bombed.

It appears that Kaczynski gave the Berkeley community the middle-finger and in gesture of American rugged individualism then got on his horse (a two year old Chevy) and rode off into the unknown with a rifle and box of ammunition to conquer nature. But behind his failure as a professor and his sudden departure and suspected arson of Wheeler Hall may have been the realization of his strong desire to build bigger bombs and kill people and he wanted to escape those desires because during those next two “lost years” 1969-1971, Greysmith claims Kaczynski was mostly, just camping. Those years were also by coincidence or not the CIA’s Operation Chaos, its illegal domestic Intelligence operation.

Kaczynski’s Journal, April 6, 1971—–My motive for doing what I am going to do is simply personal revenge; I do not expect to accomplish anything by it. Of course, if my crime (and my reasons for committing it) gets any public attention, it may help to stimulate public interest in the technology question and thereby improve the changes for stopping technology before it is too late; but on the other hand most people will probably be repelled by my crime, and the opponents of freedom may use it as a weapon to support their arguments for control over human behavior. I have no way of knowing whether my action will do more good than harm. I certainly don’t claim to be an altruist or to be acting for the “good” (whatever that is) of the human race. I act merely from a desire for revenge. Of course, I would like to revenge on the whole scientific and bureaucratic establishment, not to mention communists and others who threaten freedom, but, that being impossible, I have to content myself with just a little revenge. P. 342

Kaczynski admitted in an undated note found in his cabin—-
“I don’t even believe in the cult of nature-worshipers or wilderness-worshipers (I am perfectly ready to litter in parts of the woods that are no use to me—I often throw cans in logged-over areas or in places much frequented by people; I don’t find wilderness particularly healthy physically; I don’t hesitate to poach).

There is absolutely no doubt he was in California at this time and probably (I strongly suspect) in West Santa Rosa and as we know F. C. stands for Freedom Club but in reality it’s the “Freedom Network” which backs the “Freedom Agenda” of the larger network of the radical right wing anti-establishment, against those “who oppose freedom.” (TK’s journal April 6, 1971) So for the first time in his life he is so excited he has touches bases with like-minded anti-communist psychopathic “Illegal’s” he carves F. C. into one of his bombs.


Kaczynski then returns in the winter of 1984 after one to three years of part time work with plenty of money to finance and deliver 4 more powerful bombs, produced because of training he received from whom? Raising the question of where he got the money? Something stinks! The FBI has been completely mum about Kaczynski’s earlier history. They still maintain that he acted alone, although they admit he had a base in Northern California and they admitted that because they had to. Well, it doesn’t end there, there is another important angle. From all appearances Kaczynski didn’t study hard, he just cruised through Harvard on auto-pilot. Making the most significant activity in Kaczynski Harvard experience was his long employment; from the fall of 1959 until the spring of 1962 for ex OSS/CIA Dr. Harry Murray in a CIA psychological experiment and may have learned Harvard had close ties to the CIA: As Yale historian Robin Winks details in Cloak and Gown: Scholars in the Secret War 1939—1961, The Cold War partnership between academia and intelligence originated with the World War ll Office of Strategic Services, or OSS—the agency some called “Oh So Secret”—whose research and analysis (R&A) branch brought together the nation’s top minds to outsmart Adolf Hitler.


NOTE: Not only had Kaczynski learned new a “explosive’ formulas, but he had learned how to make aluminum powder; by simply buying a bar of aluminum and using a metal rasp, then shaving off the amount of powder he needed for his 4 new bombs. He had also learned four new explosive formulas he number, #1 Mix, #2 Mix, #3 Mix and #4 Mix.


Albert Mokhiber former President of the (ADC) (On Democracy Now) [Amy] “. . ., what was the Anti-Defamation League doing at the time? “. . . “Well, this is a great organization . . .”Little did we know, though, unfortunately, at the same time, they were actually spying not just on Arab-Americans, on African Americans, anybody involved in the Palestine issue, the South Africa issue. It was a whole laundry list of activists that they were spying on. . . But they had infiltrators who came under the guise of being members . . . and were reporting back—they were taking down, for instance, license plate numbers of meetings that were taken place, and they had people planted inside the San Francisco Police Depart. Who then ran the numbers . . .” But Jeffery Blankfort also wrote that allegedly one of the infiltrators had a map of Alex office and a key to that office. One of the three suspects was suspected mastermind Robert Manning, Manning and his wife Rochelle were suspects in the bombing that killed a secretary, Patricia Wilkerson and Manning had previously been convicted of a 1972 bombing of a home of an Arab activist in Hollywood. The U.S. government requested Manning extradition in 1991. After an unsuccessful two-year legal battle in Israeli courts to prevent his extradition, Manning was extradited in 1993. Manning was charged for the bombing attack that killed Wilkerson; in February 1994, he was sentenced to life in prison. What seems odd to me is Robert Manning left his finger prints on the Wilkerson bomb, not something a professional of Odeh’s bombing would have done, and checking Global Terrorism Database the only bomber who was also a booby trap specialist who built four powerful bombs in 1985 was Ted j Kaczynski and as the JDL had plenty of money..

“We have waited until now to announce ourselves because our earlier bombs were embarrassingly ineffectual. The injuries they have inflicted were relatively minor. In order to influence people, a terrorist group must show a certain amount of success.” “When we finally realized that the amount of smokeless powder needed to blow up anyone or anything was too large to be practical, we decided to take a couple of years off to learn something about explosives and develop an effective bomb.”


Kaczynski’s bombing record so far shows from bomb #1 to #3, he used black powder; then came #4, June 1980 in which he used improved military rifle (IMR) (powder from boxes of bullets) and for the first time, engraved FC into a metal part of the bomb; bomb #5 was a one gallon gas can and an 8-inch, 1-inch in diameter pipe bomb; bomb #6 F.C. engraved again; #7 pipe bomb w/IMR, explosive powder, then nothing for three years, but during his bombing break he gets explosive training obviously (Who else?) from someone in the Freedom Club:

Then #8 thru #11 “Packed more of a Wallop,” now using ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder and with #11 he finally kills Hugh Scrutton in Sacramento, CA, and after this killing of a shop owner, he wants us to believe he sent this letter in 1985. Since 1980 when F.C. first appeared on a Unabomber/Kaczynski bomb, there was a marked improvement in his bomb-making. It’s obvious that he is based in Northern California since bomb #7 through bomb #11 have been mailed from the West Coast except one from Salt Lake City and it was probably Northern California and the Pacific Northwest where he took the majority of his second three year bombing break and learned how to build more powerful bombs and made enough money to carry out his 1985 four-bomb campaign. (And possibly a fifth bombing)

F.C. describes itself as: “strictly anti-communist, anti-socialist and anti-leftist. . . This does not imply that we are in any sense a right-wing movement. We are apolitical.”


From A Short History of Neoliberalism (And How We Can Fix It) by Jason Hickel (London School of Economics)

There is no doubt that the high IQ ,High Right Wing follower Ted Kaczynski was , also in the 80’s admired the “Christian Right groups work with Reagan administration—including Oliver North’s secret network to help “Freedom fighters” armies in Nicaragua, Angola and Mozambique and [CIA supported] counterinsurgency’s (death squads) in El Salvador, the Philippines and elsewhere.” And the IMF and World Bank’s “structural adjustment” requirements for developing nations to get loans which required neoliberal privatization of state companies, elimination of tariffs and social welfare organization like health care and food subsidies etc. resulting in hardships for people. Then the other side of Ted Kaczynski had deep-seated opposition to all forms of the system due to his hatred of technology and the “great unwashed” of the masses which may have been just a mask for his sadistic pathologic behavior.

BACK TO 1985

COALITION ON REVIVAL continued July 2-4, 1986: Washington, D.C. —–This Manifesto-Covenant, signed by sixty of COR’s signers, made a “solemn covenant” with God to establish a theocracy in the place of democracy. They admitted the covenant was a “recruiting tool” to pool believers into an army. Accordingly COR-discipleship required political activism and a willingness to die in the attempt to establish a thermionic political state; it is a Blood covenant sworn on the life of the signers—mailed to 15,000 US and Canadian churches for their own signing and commitment.

COR is a militant organization. It uses subtle intimidation practices (fear and guilt), strident warrior rhetoric, melodramatic public rituals (“Solemn Assemblies”), and emotionally charged psychological manipulation to attract and involve unwary impressionable Christians. Many COR organizers came out of the notorious Shepherding Movement whose means to control duplicated cult practices.

COR’s goals do not exclude violence in accomplishing them. At a 1989, COR conference, one well-known evangelist suggested that Christians pray that God would kill all those leaders who are opposing Dominion Theology. Then later in the week, another well-known pastor from Dallas suggested that God is purging his church and purifying it for a great revival and that believers need to be willing to use violence if necessary in order to help bring in the kingdom. This violent message is really scary. The call to be willing to use violence to bring the kingdom can’t be clearer, even if that violence is directed against Christian brothers and sisters. According to Dominionists, those who believe in the “any moment return of Jesus” and are not willing to commit to violence to bring in the kingdom, are obstructing the coming of the kingdom and are preventing the outpouring of God’s spirit on earth.


October 31, 1986, a four-page FBI message addressed to the Director and All Offices of the Bureau from the Chicago office, SUBJECT; “Domestic Security/Terrorism Sabotage”, including the launching of an October 30 Investigation of the “Plowshare” group, and group called the Veterans Fast For Life, as part of “an organized conspiracy to use force/violence to coerce the United States Government into modifying its direction”.

December 14, 1987, FBI Director William Sessions sends 3-page response letter to Congressman Don Edwards’ (D-CA) inquiry of October 6, 1987, admitting that six individuals from two organizations, “Silo Plowshares”, and “Veterans fast For Life”, “were developed as suspects”, and that the FBI conducted a “preliminary inquiry . . . . Under the domestic security/terrorism caption”. From the pattern of conduct “”It was reasonable to conclude a political motive, by two or more persons engaged in activities in violation of Federal law . . . . . Such investigations are initiated when the facts or circumstances reasonably indicate that two or more persons are engaged in an enterprise for the purpose of furthering political or social goals, wholly or in part, through activities that involve force or violence and a violation of the criminal laws of the United State”. The letter indicated that the preliminary inquiry was closed on April 28, 1987.


CDFE declares that environmentalist are not only inhumane “nature worshippers” but national security risk whose goal is to destroy free enterprise. The Centers outspoken director, Ron Arnold, proudly acknowledges that the ultimate goal of the Wise use Movement is “to destroy” the environmental movement.

“We’re mad as hell, we’re dead serious. We’re going to destroy them,’ he told the Portland Oregonian. The Center has won the support from more than a dozen conservatives in Congress and from Dick Cheney (self-professed “Dark Vader”) who was President (H G) Bush’s Defense Secretary.

Although many New Right funders have supported the Center’s work, Arnold and Gottlieb claim they don’t rely on large corporate donations. Gottlieb is considered one of the most talented direct-mail fundraisers in the country, and reportedly sends out twenty million pieces of mail each year. This nets $5million annually for CDFE and its sister organization, the Citizens Committee for the right to Bear Arms. In 1984, Gottlieb spent a year in jail for filing false tax returns.

Coors Foundation, Georgia Pacific, Louisiana-Pacific, Mac Millan, Pacific Lumber, Exxon, DuPont, Agricultural Products Division, Boise Cascade, Seneca Sawmills, Sun Studs, Burkland Lumber, F.M. Kirby Foundation.

Alan M. Gottlieb, President, Ron Arnold, Executive Vice President, Samuel M. Slom, Vice President, Merrill R. Jocobs, Secretary, Jeffery D. Kans, Treasurer.

“Congressional Advisors (1992)” most have co-authored anti-environmental legislation)

Senators Alfonse d’ Amato, (R-NY), Jesse helms (R-NC), Don Nickles (R-OK), Ted Stevens (R-AK), Representatives Phillip Crane (R-IL), Mickey Edwards (R-OK), Robert L. Livingston (R-LA), Don Young (R-AK); former Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-NH); former representatives John Hiler (R-IN), Stan Oarris (R-VA), Guy Vanx “Distinguished Advisers (1992)”

Dick Cheney, former US Secretary of Defense (are you starting to get the picture), Charles S. Cushman, National Inholders Association; Donald Devine; Bettina Vien Graves; Wayne Hage; Richard Inchord; American Freedom Coalition; Barbara Keating; Consumer Alert; Dawson Mathis; William Simon; Heritage Foundation.

From; the Greenpeace Guide to Anti-Environmental Organizations; editors, Arthur Naiman, Martha Honey, Susan Mc Callister, Joan Baranow

“Violence isn’t being directed at workers. It’s being directed at us,’ she said, provoking hoots and yells from the audience. As she stalked out, a supervisor named Marilyn Butcher said primly, “Judi, you brought this on yourself.”

MORE DEATH THREATS —–Through it all, the pressure of the threats continued, drifting in sporadically in the mail or left politely with Darryl’s answering service.

One was a drawing of a hangman’s noose with the inscription “Humboldt and Mendocino County’s [sic] Welcome Dirt First To A Mississippi Summer.”

That panic was apparent in Darryl, Greg, and Judi’s mail. Throughout the spring. Death threats kept pouring in. By the middle of May, Darryl had received thirty-six. The most interesting of the April batch was one sent to all three of them.
It was a neatly hand-printed underneath a homemade letterhead identifying it as coming from the “Stompers.” Membership in the Stompers, a postscript to the letter indicated, was open to anyone who believed “in the basic rights of American citizens” and had “enough fortitude to get out and work for a living.” The Letterhead was flanked by sketches of hobnailed lumber-jack boots.

The main body of the text was all threat: “We are Humboldt County employees of the Forest Products Industry,” it announced. “We hereby give fair warning to the following low-lifes: Darryl Cherney, Greg King, Judi Bari. Regarding ‘Mississippi Summer’ in the Redwoods. You three are the organizers and will be held personally responsible. (David Harris)


First became Louisiana-Pacific CEO in 1973.Harry A Merlo who famously said in a newspaper interview: It always annoys me to leave anything lying on the ground. We don’t log to a 10-inch top, we don’t log to an 8-inch top or a 6-inch top. “We log to infinity” Merlo is believe by most knowledgeable people as the [suspected] initial intellectual author of the covert campaign against environmentalist in Northern California. In a press release Louisiana Pacific declared 1989 a record year all part to a clever lie by Harry Merlo. In truth is L-P

the media has a field day. At last there is an injury to lay at the door of “radical” environmental defense. Newspaper headlines scream “Environment Radicals Target of Probe into Lumber Mill Accident,” “SAWMILL: ‘Eco-Terrorists’ Are Focus of Probe,” “Tree Sabotage Claims Its First Bloody Victim,” “Earth First Blamed for Worker’s Injury,” “Tree-Spiking ‘Terrorism’ Blamed for Injuries.”

Columnists and editorialists unleash their wrath: “Evils of Spiking,” “Anarchy Is Busting Out All Over the Lot,” “’New Terrorists’ Must Be Fought,” “The ‘Green Bigots’ Turn Bloody,” “Eco-fanatics Endanger Workers Lives.”

REM: statistics for bodily injury to off bearers?

Local politicians in northern California jump on the Louisiana-Pacific bandwagon to denounce “violent” environmentalists, and Idaho senator James McClure gravely takes to the Senate floor to pronounce the incident “a gross, premeditated attempt to injure or perhaps even kill someone to draw attention to an environmental cause.” Harry Merlo, CEO of Louisiana Pacific Corporation “was quick to condemn the incident as “terrorism in the name of environmental goals” and continued barking about the incident for three years where he publicly blamed environmentalists of attempted murder of George Alexander. Merlo was saying this because Earth First! was concerned about the remaining five percent of old growth forest and ancient redwoods.
A second growth or a third growth forest on [Louisiana –Pacific Company land: Ron Arnold] Cameron Ridge area, spiking one small tree on private land could not have been Earth First’s action because they were primarily interested in protecting the remaining old growth. As ninety-five percent of the forest in Northern California is second or third growth, millions and millions of acres of what Earth First! also wanted to protect from overcutting. So why would one spike show up (possibly inserted in the butt end of a log ((as this is a place where a spike can be more easily driven as it’s with the tree’s grain)), where it was most certainly inserted at the log deck at the Cloverdale mill). Than in a tree on private land to be blamed on Earth First!

• Ron Arnold of Wise Use, in his book Eco terror said: “County Supervisor Norm de Vail had notified L-P that residents in the Cameron Road area opposed the company’s logging of its own land.” When I looked in the footnotes for this notification it was completely missing and another completely different footnote replaced it.


JUDI BARI——-The incessant news about Central American wars was the atmosphere in 1986 that Judi Bari made her political foray into Sonoma County where she became involved with Pledge for Peace in Central America. Judi Bari became a leader for the Pledge of Resistance, the militant, direct action National group opposed to U.S. aid to Contras in Nicaragua and to U.S. intervention in El Salvador. Pledge for Peace is credited with successfully preventing President Reagan from sending U.S. troops to Nicaragua.

(Date unknown) El Rancho Tropicana Hotel, Santa Rosa, CA. ——Pledge for Peace in Central America was protesting the appearance of a Contra spokesman who was the brother of a major Nicaraguan Contra leader. The brother was fund-raising from right-wing groups for weapons for the Contras. Eight protesters were arrested. Judi Bari was babysitting her six-year-old daughter Lisa and wouldn’t risk arrest.

JUDI BARI MAKES FRONT PAGE——–(Date unknown) Front page headline and Bari photo in Santa Rosa Press Democrat (I lost it).The photographer took this photo through a window into a bright room with Judi Bari sitting in a chair in the middle of the room with other activists surrounding her. Bari is obviously talking and looks to have the smiling consciousness of a great organizer. (If anyone has this Bari article please send it to me)

MOVEMENT SUPPORT NETWORK———90 Burglaries of Anti-Central-American-War Offices

Brian Note #3: As of January 1988, the Movement Support Network of the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York had recorded 90 burglaries and break-ins with apparent Central American-related political motives since 1983. From November 1984 through June 1986, the offices sharing space in the basement of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church in Cambridge, MA were broken into eight times. The targets included: The New England Central American Network (NECAN), Central American Solidarity Association, Central American Information Office, Educators in Support of ANDES (the Salvadoran teachers union) and New Institute of Central America (NICA), the latter of which sent Brian to their language school in Esteli, Nicaragua on a scholarship as a military veteran, Jan.-Feb. 1986. The Church itself had become a sanctuary for Central American refugees the week before the first break-in. On May 15, 1987, the NICA office experienced another break-in. Burglars poured muriatic acid on computer discs. NECAN was broken into again on May 3, 1988. (Sklar, pp. 351-52).

Among the other organizations and sanctuary churches that have experienced break-ins are: the Central American Historical Institute located on the campus of Georgetown Univ. in Wash., DC; MADRE, a NY-based association of women in solidarity with women in Central America and the Caribbean; Calvary United Methodist Church in Wash., DC; Veterans Fast For Life, World Peacemakers, and Washington Pledge of Resistance, all housed in the Church of the Savior in Wash., DC (on same block of Massachusetts Avenue where I had lived in Mrs. Christian’s Boarding House with the Cuban exiles in 1961-62, some 25-years earlier), among many other organizations located around the U.S. [Holly Sklar, p. 352; “Testimony of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)”, House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights (Don Edwards, Chair), February 20, 1987, pp. 21-26;

Movement Support Network, Center for Constitutional Rights, New York City, “Incidents of Intelligence Gathering and Harassment,” Revised monthly; Paul Hirshon, Boston Globe, May 4, 1988].Observation and monitoring became criminal. Throughout the 1980s, Central American activists nearly 200 cases of harassment and intimidation, including break-ins of private homes and organizational offices [Ross Gelbspan. (1991) Break-Ins, Death Threats, and the FBI, Boston: South End, regarding break-ins; House Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, Committee of the Judiciary, Break-Ins at Sanctuary Churches and Organizations Opposed to Administration Policy in Central America: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, 100th Congress, 1st Session, February 19-20, 1987].In addition, the VFFL Christic house was broken into in early October 1986 in Wash., DC. And Daniel Sheehan, director of Christic was investigated by the FBI as well.

BW Note #1: In former CIA Officer John Stockwell’s book, The Praetorian Guard, The U.S. Role in the New World Order. Cambridge, MA: South End Press. (1991), pp. 105-106, he reports that in September 1988, FBI Director William Sessions announced the disciplining of FBI officers who had improperly targeted the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) and 160 other civic organizations, many of which were critical of the Reagan administration’s policy in Central America. During the summer of 1989, Congress discovered that a total of 1,600 groups had been improperly targeted by the FBI.

August 31, 1988, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, “Political Break-Ins: A Disturbing Whodunit”: Citing a Knight-Ridder story by their Washington, D.C. reporter, Alfonso Chardy, “The CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency have cooperated in a three year operation aimed at monitoring the activities of U.S.-based opponents of Reagan’s Central America policies. “September 17, 1988, NYT, “F.B.I. Is Willing To Erase Names from Its Records,” by Philip Shenon: “The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, William S. Sessions, indicated today that the bureau was willing to expunge the names of people and organizations identified in files of a bureau surveillance campaign aimed at opponents of the Reagan Administration’s policies in Central America.

Brian Note # 2: Reagan’s Office of Public Diplomacy had applied techniques from the Public Relations Industry as well as utilizing intelligence shenanigans, coordinating its efforts with Western Goals, a private intelligence computerized data gathering agency closely connected to the John Birch Society, to create a data-base cataloguing the names and personal information of activists in the nuclear freeze and Central American solidarity movement. The information was turned over to the FBI. The OPD worked hand-in-glove with the State Dept., the Defense Dept., the CIA, the NSC, and a vast private network of right-wing individuals and organizations. Retired General John Singlaub was on the Western Goals board [The New Right Humanitarians, The Resource Center, Albuquerque, NM, 1986, pp. 39-0-40].

The special CISPES investigation rationalized under “international terrorism” guidelines, lasted 5 years, involved all 59 of the FBI’s U.S. field offices, and collected information on over 2,000 individuals and over 1,000 groups. It generated 178 spin-off inquiries reaching into every aspect of the anti-interventionist movement, including a number of Congressional offices, the SCLC, the Maryknoll Sisters, the United Auto Workers, and the Inter-Religious Task Force on Central America [Grandin, Empire’s Workshop, p. 138].
The FBI believed it was in a near war campaign against traitors, and specifically targeted individuals who clearly displayed their contempt for the U.S. government by making speeches and propagandizing their cause [Gary M. Stem, The FBI’s Misguided Probe of CISPES, Washington: Center for National Security Studies, 1988, p. 2].


In February, 1988, Judi Bari was arrested again for failure to disperse in a Pledge of Resistance demonstration in front of the Federal Building in Santa Rosa. Judi Bari and Mike Sweeney broke up in May of 1988. He moved into a trailer in the driveway and she lived in the garage with her daughters. After her epiphany, Judi began hanging out at MEC and formed a friendship with Betty and Gary Ball. She joined Sequoia and others who had formed the Ukiah Earth First!


So Lieutenant Satterwhite who had responded negatively to Judi’s plea for help has an excuse or at least he thinks he does. It must be remembered these policemen come out of the tradition of the California Militia of early statehood days, when the first Governor gave them the job of exterminating the Indians. If these men weren’t Deputies Sheriffs they would be loggers like their brothers , fathers and grandfathers as sky-line industrial logging is the only industry in the county and they are well aware the Timber Industry’s taxes pays their salaries. The towns of Ukiah (27,000), Willits and Fort Bragg had their own police departments.

The yellow ribbons in the photo undoubtedly symbolize the “Yellow Ribbon Coalition” a Timber Industry Pro-Logging anti-environmental group which first appeared in 1988 at a demonstration in Salem, the state capital of Washington State. On that day timber and logging companies gave their workers the day off, provided free buses and a box lunches but it was reported in the media some workers went fishing instead. The “Yellow Ribbon Coalition” was organized by Wise Use organization. Wise Use, In 1988 Ron Arnold was one of the catalysts for the founding conference of the Wise Use movement in Reno, Nevada and published its policy wish-list the “Wise Use Agenda.” The Conference was funded by Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. All these religious and right-wing groups were all connected to the FBI, and even had an office in Ollie North’s NSC office.

The term “wise use” was coined in 1910 by U.S. forest leader and political progressive Gifford Pinchot to describe his concept of ‘sustainable harvest of natural resources. The burgeoning Wise Use movement would hardly neglect Northern California’s high-profile political troubles. It wasn’t long before a whole slew of “grass-roots” timber support groups sprang up from the San Francisco Bay to the Oregon border. Some acknowledged receiving industry funding; others refused to reveal who their supporters were. These pro-timber “citizens’ groups” were modeled on the hundreds of grass-roots environmental groups formed in response to the Reagan administration’s neglect of environmental issues in the 1980s.
These groups had heartland-inspired names like the Yellow Ribbon Coalition and W.E.C.A.R.E and were clearly organized along class lines.

Arnold is a professional writer, brags about having a 168 IQ and proves it as he has stunning “total Recall” knowledge of both the left and right and he made total fools of the FBI. He’s is the vice president of Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and a Christian fundamentalist and sports a fundamentalist beard.

It is very significant in that the first yellow ribbons and yellow sashes in recorded history were worn by the Puritan Calvary (Calvinist) who sang Palms and carried banners “IN GOD WE TRUST” in the English Civil War (1640-1649) also called the Puritan Revolution. The Puritans/Calvinists were called “Round Heads.” They dominated Parliament and fearing democracy wanted a compromise with the King Charles I, but the war was won by the Cromwell’s “Independents” Army (“Levellers” ((socialist/libertarians)) and “Agitators” ((representatives of communistic inspired foot-soldiers.) This foot-soldier army took possession of the King Charles I for war crimes resulting in his execution. Which led to ten years of Cromwell’s dictatorship and Independents/Puritan rule? So today on Calvinist websites this civil war is still being fiercely debated with a great deal of vitriol and of course modern Calvinist take credit for winning the English Civil War.

Ron Arnold, who describes himself as a former environmentalist who has “seen the light” What light has he seen? Well, as he puts it. “We want to be able to exploit the environment for private gain, absolutely.” He’s also said, “I want to kill environmentalist, and I want to kill environmentalism.” And “When I say we have to pick up the sword and shield and kill the bastards, I mean politically, not physically.”

Of course he was serious; he was leading a right-wing counterrevolution to roll-back environmentalism to the 1950’s era, which bore an uncanny resemblance to earlier German fascist movements which used working man concerns until they gained power. And the attempted assassination of Bari and Cherney also bore a resemblance to the “selective killings” that were part of the January 15, 1918 reactionary Freikorps officers counterrevolutionary killings of revolutionaries Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.

The CIA would adopt, “Selective killings” assassinating President’s Rafael Trujillo (DR) Ngo Dinh Diem (VN), influenced the killing of Patrice Lumumba (DRC) (CIA/State Dept) and Chileans: General Rene Schneider and President Salvador Allende. The CIA also supported “selective killings” as a method of terrorizing mostly Worker and Peasant political organizations in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Arnold’s economic and religious fellow commander and co-founder of the Christian Reconstruction movement, Gary North , a prolific writer wrote, “In winning a nation to the gospel, the sword as well as the pen must be used.” (Christian Reconstructionism 6:1, p. 198) North subscribed to the Austrian School economists Ludwig von Mises, F.A.Hayek, and Murray Rothbard i. e. so-called “Free Market,” economics.

MATCHING DEATH THREAT—-Received in April 1990, typed on the same typewriter as police informant letter of January 1989


“This tactic is essentially a cowardly one”

The renunciation of tree spiking by the radical group known as Earth First! Is a definite plus for the environmental movement and should help end a sabotage tactic that has the potential to maim and kill mill workers and loggers. The controversial practice, conceived as a way to protest logging and disrupt timber operations, involves a large nail that is driven into a forest tree at an angle so the head is hidden in the bark. Chainsaws can be shattered by the spike, endangering workers with pieces of flying steel.

Three years ago, a Cloverdale sawmill worker became the first victim of this eco-terrorism when he was struck by a jagged, razor-sharp section of a saw and suffered severe slashing of his face, jaw and jugular vein.

APRIL 22, 1990: Three utility poles owned by Virginia Power, were sawed down, damaging eleven additional power lines as they toppled to the ground at the 3400 block of Franconia Road in Alexandria, VA, blocking traffic in both directions for several hours and leaving 1,100 homes in the Fairfax area without power for about 90 minutes for the majority of homes, but some homes lost electricity until the next day.

An unknown group gave “notice that in order to draw attention to Earth Day, or to protest certain things, some of their tactics could include the cutting down of utility poles.” The perpetrators are unknown. No casualties were reported and the extent of monetary property damage is unknown, if any.

The Earth First! (Repeated tree-spiking renunciations) renunciation (s) none the less drew little sympathy in Scotia (Pacific Lumber). Few timber people really believed Earth First! about much of anything and that innate distrust was only amplified when Darryl and Judi’s announcement was followed the next day by a counterfeit Earth First! press release that was anonymously distributed among timber workers all over the county. Stacks of them were also left in Laundromats and individual copies were posted in bowling alleys and truck stops.

“We, followers of the movement Earth First! Of Northern California, do not agree with non-feral Darryl Cherney’s recent statement advocating no tree spiking,’ it trumpeted.

“We are in a ‘war’ with the north coast timber companies. Companies don’t have rights, only Mother Earth has rights. We must save all the trees. Mississippi Summer—Come one, come all to Humboldt County.

We intend to spike trees, monkey-wrench, and even resort to violence if necessary…..People of the north coast must stop raping the forest now. We have no time left.” The release was signed Earth First! Arcata—an organization that did not exist—but it was printed on Earth First!

Stationary identical to the genuine article and sounded just the way most timber workers expected a genuine Earth First! press release would sound. After its initial distribution, the phony press release was picked up and circulated to the media by Hill & Knowlton, the international public relations firm whose San Francisco office had been retained for Pacific Lumber by John Campbell.

April 22, 1990 Freedom, California.

The Earth Night Action group made two consecutive hits, sawing first through two of the wooden power poles (chainsaw?) and then toppling a steel transmission tower belonging to Pacific Gas & Electric Company causing a massive failure that cut off electricity at 1:37 AM to one hundred thousand Santa Cruz county residents for ten to eighteen hours. The area was still recovering from the devastation caused by the massive October, 1989 earthquake. Robin Maze of Santa Cruz, a victim of Lou Gerig’s disease, nearly died when the outage cut off her respirator and her emergency power pack began to fail. Fire fighters had to use hand respirators for hours before two registered nurses took over.

The FBI investigated the incident as officially recognized domestic terrorism with ties to Earth First! Ron Arnold of Wise Use also places responsibility with Earth First! The Earth Night Action group whoever they were certainly wasn’t Earth First!ers. Earth First! has nothing like stopping electricity in their agenda.

In the San Francisco Examiner, columnist Rob Morse wrote on April 29, 1990 that he received a press kit from Hill & Knowlton on behalf of “Earth First’s!” nemesis, Pacific Lumber Company”. Morse wrote: The kit included a press release on Earth First!’s letterhead, but it not written in the usual careful, sweet style of Earth First! It read like a bad Hollywood version of how radicals talk — at the bottom of this ridiculous flyer was name Earth First! leader Darryl Cherney, with his first name misspelled—-not only were trees being clear-cut, but dirty tricksters are turning them into fake press releases. A few days later, Judi was asked to appear before the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to explain the violence that had occurred in the Timber conflicts.

REM: DC started this with his joke flyer akin to Judi Uzi photo.

He would put out a flyer for a fictitious rival event called “Earth Night.” Putting the press release on hold, Darryl designed a flyer. It featured a drawing from a book about monkey-wrenching that showed two shadowy forms carrying hand tools approaching a logging Cat in the dark of night. “Earth Night 1990,” it announced. “Go out and do something for EARTH at night.’ With great laughter, Darryl then mailed the flyer to his Earth First! mailing list as a joke.
It did not, however, stop there. Next, someone unknown secured a copy of the Earth Night flyer, reproduced it—this time with Darryl’s name and phone number on it—and mailed it to a list of logging equipment owners and dealers throughout the state. For several weeks afterward, Darryl’s answering service was loaded up with messages from timber people, all of whom had received this flyer in the mail: several said they would be glad to kill him, others just offered to beat him up. One described him as “a terrorist squirrel.” Several weeks after that, person or persons unknown, calling themselves “Earth Night Action,” claimed credit for knocking out three high-voltage power lines south of San Francisco. The Earth Night Action group whoever they were certainly wasn’t Earth First!ers. Earth First! has nothing like stopping electricity in their agenda.

APRIL 26th& 27th, 1990 FBI BOMB SCHOOL AND FRANK “FBI POINT MAN” DOYLE Jr .—- Under the auspices of College of the Redwoods in Eureka and at a nearby Louisiana-Pacific clear-cut FBI agent Frank Doyle jr. of anti-terror bomb squad #13 that included the Oakland Police Dept. Bomb squad conducted the FBI’s annual Bomb School where an undisclosed number of deliberately unnamed law enforcement personal learn how to collect evidence after Doyle exploded two cars with pipe bombs inside. In Uncovering the FBI Bomb School by Judi Bari, she reports: I have been able to place at least four 1990 Bomb School participants as being the first responding to the Oakland bombing. They were: Special Agent (SA) Frank Doyle, Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Patrick Webb, SA John F. Holford and Oakland Police Sergeant Myron Hanson. See: the_fbi_bomb_school/

MENDOCINO COUNTY SUPERVISERS MEETING——-When Judi arrived at the county offices on May 2, 1989, she said she was greeted by “a lynch mob” of gyppo owners,* low-level managers, and security personal. Once the meeting started, she held up her most recent piece of hate mail, a photo of herself on which the cross-hairs of a rifle scope had been superimposed. “Violence isn’t being directed at workers. It’s being directed at us,’ she said, provoking hoots and yells from the audience. As she stalked out, a supervisor named Marilyn Butcher said primly, “Judi, you brought this on yourself.”

LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CLOVERDALE SAWMILL BOMB——Then on May 9, 1990, on the third anniversary of George Alexander’s saw explosion accident caused by a spiked log at the Louisiana Pacific Lumber Mill in Cloverdale, a pipe bomb malfunctioned at the entrance of the mill failing to explode one-gallon metal gas can fill with 70-30 mixture of gas and oil, which had been placed in a plywood box. Nearby there was a sign that read, “LP screws mill workers”.

What are the odds of a bomb exploding at Cloverdale on the third anniversary of George Alexander’s attempted murder? Also, this would have been the second gas/bomb device used, the first one being in November, 1980 at the Old Santa Rosa Naval Airfield. Ten years between events? Well the bombing market may have been slow, besides how many Gas/Bombing devices were deployed in Northern California in the 80’s and 90’s? Not many, if any? I’m willing to bet. There is something real fishy about the mentality of the Law Enforcement establishment in Northern California because it’s like they were told not to investigate, which suited them fine.

Note: The beat up dented condition of the one gallon metal gas can, it is not your car trunk gas can, nor a brand new can bought for the purpose of the bombing. This can was grabbed out of the back of a truck after months of being beat up on a job site, most assuredly a logging industry job site. Who else would use a “SMALL ONE GALLON CAN?” Fallers do! (Chainsaw operators) filled with a 70-30 mixture of gas to oil as extra chainsaw fuel, it is light enough to carry between trees along with their other gear: large chainsaw over one shoulder then with the free hand, bar oil can, extra mixed fuel can and lunch bucket; sometimes wedges and axe. Also there was a sign, L-P SCREWS MILL WORKERS; A similar sign was placed on the dummy at Bob Albonico’s father’s house in Covelo a day after the Oakland bombing with three words:”EARTH FIRST KILLS LOGGERS.”
JUDI BARI——- On May 22, 1990 At Dan’s

“First and foremost, Reagan was a firm adherent to Biblical prophecy; specifically, he believed that the end of the world – -the battle of Armageddon – – was close at hand. As you know, the fundamentalists just love that eschatological stuff.

ROUDAS JOHN (JR) RUSHDOONY (1916-2001) ——–Father of the [Calvinist] Christian (sic) Reconstuctionist movement in 1965 that he founded, at the Chalcedon foundation in Vallecito, CA., Reconstructionists believe in reconstructing US society and the world into a theocracy ruled by Old Testament biblical law, “Democracy is the great love of the failures and cowards of life,” and it’s not consistent with his version of the teachings in the Bible.

In 1973 he published his “Magnum Opus,” the 800 page “Institutes of Biblical Law,” which he “subconsciously named after John Calvin’s [book] Institutes of Christian Religion. He saw himself as a “High Priest” the “most holy “ interpreter “Mosaic” biblical law as he came from Armenia, the first Christian country, where his family’s tradition since 300 AD had been to have at least one family member in the priesthood. According to Rushdoony “lying in some situations is permitted by law and therefore approved by God,” and “that it is sometimes necessary and good to break the law; or, perhaps, interpreted somewhat differently, it suggests that the law at some points requires sin,” Under the “Institutes” Rushdoony’s vision of the future “where crime is rare because habitual and serious offenders are promptly executed” as would “blasphemers” and “incorrigible juvenile delinquents. “

It has been reported that an article In the Rushdoony’s Chalcedon magazine called for the execution of homosexuals.

Rushdoony’s major claim to fame in the religious right was reviving long dead discipline “casuistry” the application of biblical legal principles to real world situations. “Casuistry” died out in 1700 when Unitarian ideas displaced “Puritan” Calvinist principles, he says he was told by the Dean of a Law school that until “the 1840’s, courts in the United States, decided cases out of the bible—out of God’s Word, out of His Law—because he’s God.” the bible was used to settle court cases in the U S. “Though a pastor, he was not above using vile language. In Foundations of Social Order, he rails against those who identify “God’ with the city, with the ’spick, black nigger, bastard, Buddhahead, and Kike’ with ’all men’ and calls for communion with all men as they are…This concept runs deeply through the so-called Civil Rights Revolution.

He believes slavery was a good thing, that Blacks were lucky to come to the US as slaves and that they were lazy and whites had to be hired to do the hard work and now he’s against civil rights and condemns interracial marriage. He praised eugenics: “Selective breeding in Christian countries has led to a degree to the progressive elimination of many defective persons.”

“To keep the secular indoctrination of sciences, arts, and feminism from poisoning society, Rushdoony advocated the death penalty according to Leviticus laws. Among the 18 capital crimes were of course, adultery, witchcraft, homosexuality, and blasphemy.” Rushdoony is virulent anti-Semite, “The Jews of Europe are not really Jewish in blood…” and a holocaust denier, who believes the there was a gross over-count of the millions of Jews killed.

“We have never had a more top-down culture than for about 1500 years, since Rome fell.” In his book, Power in the Blood: A Christian Response to Aids, David Chilton argues that the theological current of “Reconstructionism” provides an answer: because society at large has tolerated the “perversion” of homosexuality and has even afforded basic civil liberties to gays, society as a whole is to be punished. Chilton quoted the leading proponent of the collective guilt/collective punishment thesis, Reconstructionists Patriarch, R.J. Rushdoony:

Whenever a society refuses to enact the required death penalty, there God exacts the death penalty on that society. The basic fact of God’s Law-Order is that, from Adam’s fall on, the death penalty has been effective. Societies have fallen in great numbers for their defiance of God, and they shall continue to fall as long as their violations of God’s Order continue. Every state and every society thus faces the choice: to sentence to death those who deserve to die, or to die themselves. But all they that hate God choose death. Certainly, the sinner presumption is a total revolution against God and man; all who permit have chosen death whether they recognize it or not.

“Many Christian Right leaders rail against homosexuals for the proliferating the AIDS virus but Chilton’s analysis is much more dangerous because it invokes the personal responsibility of individual Christians. “AIDS is the fault of the Christian Church,” writes Chilton because Christians do not adequately fight the societal acceptance of homosexuality. The logical conclusion to Chilton’s argument was that the church must become the solution to AIDS, not just in terms of pressing for testing or even quarantining gays, but in terms of massive action to stop non-monogamous, non-heterosexual activity in its entirety.” Spiritual Warfare: The Politics of the Christian Right by Sara Diamond, (1989).

“PROPERTY” and “FREEDOM”—–In the 70’s and 80’s the rural poor and the disaffected Militia types were targeted by Christian Reconstructionism founder Rev. R J. Rushdoony and especially by his son-in-law cofounder Gary North. (More on them a later) perhaps one of the more interesting doctrines is Rushdoony’s interpretation of “theft” as “essentially the robbing of a man’s freedom.” “Property” he said, “is basic to man’s freedom.” Just in case his reader didn’t get it, Rushdoony finally says it: “The implication is clearly that property is freedom.” He drives the point further: “A tyrannical state always limits a man’s use of his property, taxes it, or confiscates that property as an effective means of enslaving a man without necessarily touching his person. In other words, in Rushdoony’s lexicon, a man is not free unless he owns property! Liston to Rushdooney again: “The word freeman has as one of its older meanings the member of a corporation, a property owner. The same is true of the word freeholder. The restriction of suffrage to property owners had as its basis in part the restriction of the vote to freeman.” Yurica Report, “Outing Creeping Dominionism” page 8:


“If you tell a big lie big enough and keep repeating it people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels

”In winning a nation to the gospel, the sword as well as the pen must be used.” (Christian Reconstructionism 6:1, p. 198) Gary North subscribed to the Austrian School economists Ludwig von Mises, F.A.Hayek, and Murray Rothbard i. e. so-called “Free Market,” economics.

Gary North, R J Rushdonny’s son-in-law and cofounder of Christian Reconstructionism likes to compare himself to Engels in his relationship Marx as his is to Rushdonny, but after reading just eight of North’s twenty some books it becomes clear to me that while North leaves the Calvinist intellectual heavy lifting to Rushdooney he is in reality the chief propagandist and I dare say the paramilitary commander of the Reconstructionist movement. Eventually North and Rushdonny had a falling out (There’s no date given) over North’s belief “That the menstrual blood of virgins is the same as Jesus Christ’s.”

Having read eight of North’s books I can say with no hesitation that the most important is one he edited, Tactics of Christian Resistance from the 3rd Christianity & Civilization series, summer 1983; in which North wrote a 46 page introduction. The targets of North’s propaganda was the was the “county rule movement (later called the County sovereignty movement an off shoot of the anti-environmental “Wise Use” movement) The “county rule” movement is close to the militia movement and is a fit for North’s Reconstructionist ideology which is the elimination of all so-called secular humanism.

“This issue of Christianity and Civilization is dedicated to the memory of two great Christian resisters of tyranny: Andrew Melville and Thomas Becket of whom North goes on to describe their martyrdoms. In the Editor’s introduction he quotes “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid . . . (Matt. 5:14). . . The Bible, a public document, provides the foundation of ethics, including the ethics of resistance. First, he touches on non-violence, but then:

This does not mean that everything involved in resistance must be crystal clear and open to God’s enemies. Ehud did not carry his “present”—a dagger—in his hand as he entered Eglon’s chamber (Judges 3:16) (Ehud presented Eglon with a gift: a hiltless sword in the gut) Gibeon did not warn the commanding officer of the Midianites of his strategy of surprise (Judges 7:15-25) Jesus spoke in parables in order to keep the masses of Hebrews from understanding His message and be converted, and he cited Isaiah 6:9-10 as His justification (Matt 13:13-17). Despite the legitimacy of the Christian’s use of deception against the followers of Satan, the great deceiver, the building of a Christian resistance movement cannot legitimately be based on a program of initiation into the hierarchy of power. Men who enter resistance movements are to know who their institutional superiors are, as in the case of a military chain of command, and their actions are to be governed by an agreed-upon handbook, the Bible . . .

Page 3) “In resistance against tyranny, as in every other human venture, there is a broad path and a narrow path. The broad path is the path of romantic (Lawless) violence and self-destruction. This narrow path is hemmed in on both sides by biblical law. We are not supposed to retreat; we are supposed to head forward down the path, either to the right or the left.” (Deut. 17:11)

Page 8) The Bible is a book about warfare. The warfare began in the Garden of Eden, and will not end until the final judgment. The essence of this warfare is ethical: Who will be cursed by a man, God or Satan? (North goes on and on about Satan)

Page 9) This battle over sovereignty involves two kingdoms, God’s and Satan’s. Whose troops will be victorious on the battlefield? There is no “Switzerland” in this warfare, no “King’s X.” Two commanders are marshalling their forces continually. The armies are real armies, and they operate as armies: they have skirmishes, they send spies, they use deception, they make plans for major battles, they use psychological warfare techniques, they devote resources to buy equipment, they have “rest and recreation” centers, they have medical teams, they have specialized commando units, they have established territories under their jurisdiction, and from time to time in history, they launch major strategic campaigns against each other. He uses Satan 20 times and God, godly or Godly innumerable times for the next 10 pages.

Page 19) under the heading, The Decisive Battle of the War—–The fascination of contemporary Christian fundamentalists with the battle of Armageddon indicates a weakness in their theology. The decisive battle of our war was fought at Calvary. Any program of Christian resistance must begin with an understanding that the outcome of the war was firmly established long ago. Satan now concentrates his attention on earth rather than on the court of God’s host. The twelfth chapter of the Book of revelation describes the effects of Christ’s crucifixion on Satan’s war- making ability. The word Satan is used six more times.

Page 20) Time is on our side, not his (Satan’s). We must not adopt the kamikaze tactics that are associated with the final stages of a losing campaign. Once again, let us heed the words of General George S. Patton to his troops: “your job is not to die for your country. Your job is to get the other poor, dumb bastard to die for his country.”

Page 23) Strategy and Tactics: The Battle between God and Satan involves strategy and tactics on both sides. . . . In the deployment of forces we see the steady working out of each commander’s overall strategy.

Page 24) what must concern us is our performance of the tactical duties assigned to us. We must perceive the principles of the grand strategy—biblical law—and apply them in concrete historical circumstances. We must master the details of our callings, so that we will be able to perceive the tactical requirements of the hour. Our strategic plans are, at best, larger tactical plans. No man lives long enough to develop overall strategies, and few human institutions survive the test of the battlefield. Page 25) He relates he got a letter from an armed Christian resister which he shares, (In part) Methods of Electronic Surveillance by David A Pollack and when the writer writes; “. . . or how Christians can take over Cuba, or what automatic weapons are best, or how to escape once in a concentration camp,” North advises “see FM 31-20 Special Forces operational techniques,” a U. S. Army manual.

Page 26) it is not tanks that bring down governments; it is pamphlets, Bibles, photocopy machines, mimeograph machines, carbon paper, typewriters, samizdat (underground) literature, secret prayer groups, and only occasionally an assassination (e. g. killing a top-level official when your nation is occupied by a foreign army: Ehud’s tactic).

Page 28) There will be no ‘Christian” bloody revolution; at most, there will be sporadic acts of violence committed by tiny, strategically unskilled, and socially impotent terrorist groups that call themselves Christian—people who are unable to build anything more lasting than a “hit squad.” Such sporadic terrorism does not reconstruct a civilization . . . Christians need not turn to bloody revolution in this country; they are the majority. They need to understand God’s word, and to have the courage to apply it in every area of their lives.

Page 29) [R. J.] Rushdoony writes concerning the revolutionary: “The destiny of revolutionary is to hunger for life and to know that, in spite of it all, death is his future. Death is for him the great enemy, but he longs for death also, because all of life betrays him in his pretended divinity

Page 30) . . . Like the church under the Roman Empire, we must be subordinate before we can lead. We are in the wilderness; we need to bring ourselves under the dominion of the law of God in our local relationships before we can expect to be put in seats of power nationally. Page 30 continued) Alinsky’s Tactics, North quotes from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (1972) (Who North calls, “one of the really effective humanistic radicals of the 60’s.”) “The revolution was effected before the war commenced,” John Adams wrote. “The Revolution was in the hearts and minds of the people . . . This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments and affections of the people were the real American Revolution.” A revolution without prior reformation would collapse or become a totalitarian tyranny . . . We can learn from Alinsky. (Ron Arnold also uses Alinsky)

Page 31) After using Ehud, his dagger and military metaphors throughout the introduction he ends, “I can recommend one book, above all, to each and every church. Buy it, read it, and begin to implement it. It is Gene Sharp’s Politics of Non-Violent Action . . . It will provide many ideas for you. (Sharp also wrote a book about Gandhi). . .”

PART 1 (of the book) deals with general strategies and perspectives which Christians must bear in mind when devising tactics of resistance to pagan tyranny. Theologian and evangelist Francis Nigel Lee presents an alternative to The Communist Manifesto in his own “Christian Manifesto,” (1974) and Louis DeBoer, Rousas J. Rushdoony, James B. Jordan, and Herbert Schlossberg’s selections from his book Idols for Destruction. Schlossberg argues that the building up of a strong and righteous Christian community is essential in dealing either defensively or offensively with paganism.

PART 2 Wayne C. Sedlak discusses techniques of resistance . . . The home computer is proving an effective tool to slow down, stop, and even defeat bureaucratic tyranny, argues A. Richard Immel, while Harry Caul discusses the usefulness of radio hobbying in the development of a secret Christian information network. (Recommends breaking Federal licensing laws)

PART 3 deals with offensive tactics. The best defense is a strong offence, and this is particularly true concerning the gospel. When we have a great commission ever before us. Pat Robertson provides a brief overview of problems that face us in the 1980’s, and suggests steps to overcome these problems in order to turn our nation (and the world) back to Christian standards. Three tools of resistance are discussed by Lawrence D. Pratt: education, a well-armed militia, and computerized mailing lists. Paul M Weyrich discusses the value of fighting causes that appear lost—you never know whom you might unwittingly be influencing.

“Liberation” was the true contemporary American scrounge— the sourse of an endless laundry list of personal, social, and economic problems.” Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women Susan Faludi (1990)

“In other words, the anti-feminist backlash has been set off not by women’s achievements of full equality, but by the increased possibility that they would win it. It is a preemptive strike that stops women’s long before they reach the finish line.”“ A backlash may be an indication that women really have had an effect,” Feminist psychologist Dr. Joan Baker Miller has written, “ But backlash occur when advances have been small, before changes are sufficient to help many people . . . It is almost as if the leaders of the backlashs use fear of change as a threat before a major change has occurred.” The differing social consequences of these opposing ideas were well expressed by Rushdoony in a 1972, Speech at his Chalcedon Foundation, Vallecito, CA. entitled “A Blocked or Open Future?”

In 1979 “George Gallup had just finished doing a study that said 40% of the country considered themselves ‘born-again’ Christians.”

In 1980 Tim La Haye, a prellennial published Battle of the Mind, described the dangers of secular humanism, it went on to be a best seller.

“In 1980, (Paul) Weyrich was among the first of many New Right leaders to identify the culprit. In the “Conservative Digest,” he warned followers of the feminist threat:

“[T]here are people who want a different political order, who are not necessarily Marxists. Symbolized by the woman’s liberation movement, they believe that the future for their political power lies in restructuring of the traditional family, and particularly the downgrading of male or father role in the traditional family.”

That same year, Moral Majority’s Reverent Jerry Falwell issued the same advisory. “The Equal Rights Amendment strikes at the very foundation of our entire social structure,” he concluded in “Listen, America!” a treatise that devotes page after page to the devastation wreaked by the women’s movement. The feminist had launched a “satanic attack on the home,” Falwell said. And his top priority was crushing this woman, starting with the execution of the ERA. “With all my heart,” he vowed, “I want to bury the Equal Rights Amendment once and for all in a deep, dark grave.

According to religious fundamentalists today, the agnostic religion is called the “New Age Philosophy.” Is agnosticism the same thing? New Age philosophy is a new kind of mystical, higher level knowledge that supposedly shows the weakness of the mundane character of biblical Christianity.…Role…Plan…God html And: “A Biblical Response to the Feminist Agenda”…Response.html

In 1982, [Christian] Reconstructionists dedicated an entire issue of the journal, “Christianity and Civilization” to a critique of way that fundamentalist, including Jerry Falwell were operating the New Christian Right. The critique centered on the “Intellectual schizophrenia” of the movement, meaning the conflict between its theology and its behavior. The Reconstructionist believed that the defeatist and escapist Pre-tribulations teachings failed to provide the foundation for the reformation of American society.”

In 1983 the U. S. Congressional resolution designated 1983 as the “Year of the Bible.”


“I act merely from my desire for revenge,” Kaczynski wrote in April of 1971.So far in Kaczynski’s story only FBI profiler John Douglas of the Behavioral Science division has called him a “Kill from afar’ psychopathic killer, a condition that is not easily diagnosable as the sufferer is not aware of his “disease” as there is “no subjective discomfort. Sociopaths (same as psychopath) are often quite satisfied with themselves and with their lives.” Canadian psychopathy researcher John D. Hare PhD has developed a 20 question inventory called Psychopathy Checklist which Kaczynski was never given.

The Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV of the American Psychiatric Association, the clinical diagnosis of “antisocial personality disorder should be considered when an individual possesses at least three of the …seven characteristics: (1) failure to conform to social norms; (2) deceitfulness, manipulativeness; (3) doesn’t conform; (4) irritability, aggressiveness: (5) reckless disregard for the safety of self or others; (6) consistent irresponsibility; (7) lack of remorse after having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another person. Kaczynski score is 6 out of 7.

So what I’m saying (until I discover otherwise) Kaczynski first developed: Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) comorbid* with antisocial personality disorder (pathopath: environmental and genetic) and sadistic/obsessive compulsive/Shiziod personality disorder.

*comorbid /co·mor·bid/ (ko-mor´bid) pertaining to a disease or other pathological process that occurs simultaneously with another.

Mr. Kaczynski was interviewed by Dr. Sally M. Johnson, Kaczynski’s court appointed forensic psychiatrist on eight occasions at the Sacramento County Jail, with interview time adding up to approximately 22 hours. She read all his journals and visited Lincoln, Mo. Dr Johnson diagnosed him as a paranoid schizophrenic but to be brief there are other mental health professionals who have difficulty with that diagnoses and there are others who say he couldn’t be a successful “organized terrorist,” with that diagnoses. She cites: “an almost total absence of interpersonal relationships,” and “delusional, she said thinking involving being controlled by modern technology” as an example of his illness. Kaczynski increasingly withdrew from society as he grew older, and his journals reflect a feeling of social alienation, suspicion and anger he found hard to express. The report said that one of his motives for writing the journals was that he intended to kill people and did not want society to think he was mentally ill.

Dr. Michael Mello of the University of Vermont Law School and hired by Kaczynski added to this workup saying that, “a refusal to admit to being insane or to (cooperate with people) people who are paid to pronounce one insane cannot be taken seriously as proof of insanity.”

Doesn’t it stand to reason that Dr. Sally Johnson’s (An asylum Doctor under pressure) diagnoses of Kaczynski as a paranoid schizophrenic is not completely true, she based it on two criteria [#1] his anti-technology beliefs some of which were valid. He was certainly schizoid (as is the entire management of the FBI) but for 25 years he never once lost control of that “harmless hermit’ image, never displaying “auditory hallucinations” or “bizarre delusions” or “paranoid behavior” most associated with paranoid schizophrenia. As most of you know, psychotic, paranoid or delusional people don’t (can’t) decide “Well, I’m feeling delusional today so I’m not going to town.” They do “whatever” it doesn’t matter to them what anyone thinks of them. Although he wasn’t a tested psychopath, his extraordinarily long 25 year con-job is one of the major traits of what. Paul Cooijmans of called Ted J Kaczynski, a libertarian and high IQ psychopath.

Well, I thought it odd after doing perhaps a good job formating Dr. Sally Johnsons Kaczynski forensic report that I checked him out and Paul Cooijman, who is from Netherlands and primarily a Conservatory trained guitarist, perfectionist and founder of several High IQ societies finished his Kaczynski piece with two odd sentences; odd because he apparently knows nothing of both libertarianism, Kaczynski is not one [period] and anarchism, Cooijman probably never heard of PROUDHON, BAKUNIN, or KROPOTKIN for starters, and again Kaczynski isn’t an anarchist, but is a proto-fascist/primativist whose written political line is straight out of the High Right Wing authoritarian handbook, but that said Cooijman evaluation of Kaczynski’s manafesto is still worth a read.

First: (see) What_is_the _difference_beween_a_sociopath_and_psychopath? (Or don’t) Sociopaths are seen as disorganized and rash, making extreme responses to normal situations. They lack impulse control. Psychopaths, by contrast, are highly organized, often secretly planning out and fantasizing about their acts in great detail before actually committing them, and sometimes manipulating people around them.

Early researchers: Dr. Hervey Checkley M D: The Mask of Sanity *****
Robert D. Hare Ph D: Without Conscience *****

Dr. Andrew M. Lobaczewski: Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes.5 STARS
Dr. Lobaczewski’s premise: Which states that the controlling psychopathic faction of a society (financial elite), will recruit lower-level psychopaths to do their bidding. These lower-level deviants naturally seek employment in law enforcement, security, the military, politics, or other positions which they believe will offer them power. Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Dr. Martha Stout Ph D: The Sociopath Next Door (General audience)
Paul Babiak Ph.D and Robert D. hare, Ph.D; Snakes In Suits (Not finished)
Bob Altemeyer: The Authoritarian Specter (1996) 5 STARS
And Altemeyer’s: The Authoritarian Personality (2006) Free download (260 pages) 5 STARS
PSYCHOPATHY: Antisocial, Criminal, and Violent Behavior Edited Dr.’s Theodore Millon, Erik Simonsen, Morten Birket-Smith, Roger D. Davis 5 Stars

PERSONALITY AND ITS DISORDERS; A biosocial learning Approach by Theodore Millon Ph D and George S. Everly jr. Ph. D
DR THEODORE MILLON—–There is not a single, simple formula for identifying psychopaths, though there are certainly ways to spot high-risk individuals. Theodore Millon, a personality theorist, has identified ten psychopathy subtypes: abrasive, covetous, disingenuous, explosive, malevolent, malignant, risk-taking, spineless, tyrannical and unprincipled. Each of these types will manifest a different set of traits. However, what they all have in common is the inability to feel guilt or empathy.

4. The Covetous Psychopath——-Aggrandizement, an essential feature of the DSM’s antisocial personality disorder, as well as of the ICD’s dissocial personality disorder, is at the core of this subtype, which feels that they are “owed” by life and the world. They are driven by envy and a desire for retribution, to take back what they have been deprived of by destiny. The far extreme of the disorder plays manipulative power games, rapacious in their covetousness for that which others have achieved or earned. Nevertheless, no matter how much they acquire, their insecurity drives them to remain ever jealous, envious and greedy, ostentatious and conspicuous.

Kaczynski’s lack of success and his attacks against successful professors in the sciences of psychology, engineering, genetics and computer science informs the possibility that his complex problem may be partly explained by Million’s #4. “Covetous psychopath.”

Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited by Sam Vaknin Ph. D. $56 or free download 5 Stars
The Book—–“Narcissists live in a state of constant rage, repressed aggression, envy and hatred. They firmly believe that everyone is like them. As a result, they are paranoid, aggressive, haughty and erratic. Narcissists are forever in pursuit of Narcissistic Supply (Attention, admiration, etc.).

Authoritarians: Intolerant, “My Way or the highway,” “Kiss-up, kick-down” managers see: Softpanorama

Kaczynski fancied himself a scholar of [ancient] history and literature; he made himself available for work to the librarians in Lincoln, Mo. And they sent his requests for obscure ancient texts to the State library system and he may have begun reading the bible*as a historical document. As with everything else he tackled, he became an expert on it but it’s unclear whether he recognized that his bombings resembled two tenets of Calvinism; ideas about punishment and retribution ingrained in Americas’ psyche by early New England, Calvinist settlers.

So naturally, it was the Avenger who probably introduced Kaczynski to Christian Reconstructionism. Ted Kaczynski would have read Christian Reconstructionism’s founder’s R. J. Rushdoony’s, 800-page, 1973 magnum opus, Institutes of Biblical Law and learned that “The only true order is founded on Biblical Law. All law is religious in nature and every non-Biblical law-order represents an anti-Christian religion.” Intellectual Liberty (where secularists fit in this department) that “All sides of the humanistic spectrum are now, in principle, demonic; communist and conservative, anarchists and socialists, fascists and republicans,” explains Rushdoony which was a perfect fit for Kaczynski’s apolitical anti-technological philosophy as it would of eliminated most of the human race.

Christian Reconstructionism founder R. J. Rushdoony also made it clear that he expects that force will be necessary to impose such order “wherein every law-order is in a state of war against the enemies of that order and all law is a form of warfare.” ( Institutes p. 93) And co-founder of the Christian Reconstruction movement, Gary North , a prolific writer wrote, ”In winning a nation to the gospel, the sword as well as the pen must be used.” (Christian Reconstructionism 6:1, p. 198)

Kaczynski’s Manifesto, Chapter 196—– Presumably a true believing Nazi, for instance is very different psychologically from True Believers are of the same psychological type as leftists. Because of their capacity for single-minded devotion to a cause, True Believers are useful, perhaps a necessary, ingredient of any revolution.”

`Kaczynski would have been thrilled like him Rushdoony wanted to turn back the clock to an earlier time in earth’s history matching the authoritarian beliefs of Kaczynski’s social Darwinism of “Quick Collapse” and his desire to return to a pre-industrial era, Rushdoony longed to return to an early New England theocracy which meant a vast reduction in the earth’s population caused in part by a Christian Reconstructionist future with a Nazi- like “starve the East policy,” (starvation policy depopulating Poland and Ukraine’s to make the way for German settlers), an extreme social Darwinism and capital-punishment policy.

In the Reconstructionists’ vision of a millennial or “Kingdom” society there would be only local governments; no central administration state to collect property taxes or to provide education or other welfare services thus reducing society to its lowest economic level. This would have appealed to Kaczynski’s views of returning to a pre-industrial society and the single-mindedness of Reconstructionism would have reminded him of his admiration for fascism and his answer to what he sees as the world’s problems. (But all he really wanted to do is kill; humans, animals it really didn’t matter)

KACZYNSKI ON FUNDAMANTAL CHRISTIANS—–Technological Slavery: The Collected Works of Ted J Kaczynski: The Truth about Primitive Life (2010) page 169

I can’t generalize broadly since I’ve communicated personally with only a few anarcho primitivists, but it’s clear that the beliefs of at least some anarcho-primitivists are impervious to any facts that conflict with them. One can point out to these people any number of facts of the kind I’ve presented here and quote the words of writers who actually visited hunter-gatherers at a time when the latter were still relatively unspoiled, yet the true-believing anarcho-primitivist will always find rationalizations, no matter how strained, to discount all inconvenient facts and maintain his belief in the myth.

One is reminded of the response of fundamentalist Christians to any rational attack on their beliefs. Whatever facts one may point out, the fundamentalist will always find some argument, however far-fetched, to explain them away and justify his belief in the literal, word-for-word truth of the Bible. (Of course he wouldn’t admit he was involved with them).
Actually, there is about anarcho-primitivism a distinct flavor of early Christianity. The anarcho-primitivists’ hunting-and-gathering utopia corresponds to the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived in ease and without sin (Genesis 2). The invention of agriculture and civilization corresponds to the Fall: Adam and Eve ate fruit from the tree of knowledge (Genesis 3:6), were cast out of the Garden (Genesis 3:24), and thereafter had to earn their bread with the sweat of their brow by tilling the soil (Genesis 3:19, 23).

They moreover lost gender equality, since Eve became subordinate to her husband (Genesis 3:16). The revolution that anarcho-primitivists hope will overthrow civilization corresponds to the Day of Judgment, the day of destruction on which Babylon will fall (Revelation 18:2). The return to primitive utopia corresponds to the arrival of the Kingdom of God, wherein “there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain . . . (Revelation 21:4). Today’s activists who risk their bodies by engaging in masochistic resistance tactics, such as chaining themselves across roads to prevent the passage of logging trucks, correspond to the Christian martyrs—the true believers who “were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God” (Revelation 20:24)). Veganism corresponds to the dietary restrictions of many religions, such as the Christian fast during Lent. Like anarcho-primitivists, the early Christians emphasized egalitarianism (“whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased,” Matthew 23:12) and sharing (“distribution was made unto every man according as he had need,” Acts 4:35).

The psychological affinity between anarcho-primitivism and early Christianity does not augur well. As soon as the emperor Constantine gave the Christians an opportunity to become powerful they sold out, and ever since then Christianity, more often than not, have served as a prop for the established powers.

Found in Kaczynski’s cabin one bible:—- I haven’t bothered finding out what version his is because I don’t think he carried his bible from Montana to California. I think it’s a good guess he used his suspected West Santa Rosa Re-Con partner’s bible as the LAL was delivered shortly after the Oakland bombing, but because Kaczynski’ was a scholar of ancient history and literature, I guessed his bible was the 1611 King James Version (AV) original as it is considered one of the major literary accomplishments of the last 400 years.

Asimov’s Guide to the Bible: New Testament by Isaac Asimov: The Guide gives general New Testament biblical history, its geography and the political realities of the Levant. James 4:7 is the only New Testament passage in the LAL, described James “epistles” or “general epistles” in the Guide as “advising its readers on the path to good behavior.” Also found: The New Combined Bible Dictionary and Concordence, which also teaches How to Study the Bible.

Ted J Kaczynski, who I suspect is the Lord’s Avenger Letter-writer, is an “action” intellectual who by definition is “a terrorist [who] must take credit for his violence or else there is no compelling reason to commit a crime. The specific purpose of terrorism is gaining leverage on a specific political objective through the ability of threatening future terrorist acts.” (Adam Parfery)

***** I found the majority of Kaczynski’s writings to be dry, academic and expressionless with the exception of (see) Crime Scene “Ship of Fools” Ted Kaczynski. Then there is his manifesto Industrial Society and Its Future (ISAIF) that he wrote obviously when he had intense feelings, obsessions and under great psychological pressure to explain his irrational agenda where he made an unusual amount to typos and used capital letters randomly in odd places and other caps seemingly to add emphasis.******

The Lord’s Avenger Letter writer used capital letters 134 times and in Ted Kaczynski’s Manifesto, there are 103 capitalizations. In the Lord’s Avenger letter sometimes entire words were written in capitals like “VERY SAME man” and “PRAISE GOD!” and at the very end of the “Warning” letter to Judi Bari, “go back where you came from” we know everything” “ YOU WONT GET A SECOND WARNING.” (Notice the “WE”) At the end of the Lord’s Avenger letter we read “I HAVE SPOKEN, I AM THE LORD’S AVENGER.”

Well some of you are going to say, hey! “That’s no evidence” and they’re right because everyone uses capital letters for emphasis sometime or another, however, no “modern person” in my experience used them as much as the Ted J. Kaczynski and the Lord’s Avenger Letter writer.


And what exactly are latter-day Calvinistic ideas espoused by the Christian Reconstructionists? Let’s let the Reconstructionists speak for themselves.

Is the [Calvinist] and reformed faith opposed to human rights? It is not human rights but Divine law that is the foundation of liberty and the safe guard against tyranny. It is not something proceeding from man (rights), but something proceeding from God (revealed law) which is the order Christian society . . . .the notion of human rights was introduced by Satan in the Garden of Eden, and the notion that men have inherent rights is simply a way of affirming original sin. —James B. Jordan

Suddenly, Pat Robertson’s denial of the charge that he believed a nuclear war will usher in the second coming of Christ makes sense. He was telling the truth. His vision of the future is now much closer to that of the Christian Reconstructionists postmillennialism. Consider these remarks Robertson made in a speech in December of 1984.

What is coming next? . . . I want you to imagine a society where the church members have
taken dominion over the forces of the world . . . no drug addiction . . . pornographers no longer have any access to the public whatsoever . . . the people of God inherit the earth . . .You say,
that’s a description of the Millennium when Jesus comes back . . . [but] these things can take place now in this time . . . and they are going to because I am persuaded that we are standing on the brink of the greatest spiritual revival the world has ever known!

(Getting out “God’s” vote: Edward and Mc Cabe p.7)

Pat Robertson took his ideas of dominion to his television audience on the 700 Club show. On May 1, 1986 Robertson told his audience:

“God’s plan is for His people, ladies and gentlemen, to take dominion . . . What is dominion? Well, dominion is Lordship. He wants His people to reign and rule with Him . . . but He’s waiting for us to . . . extend His dominion . . . And the Lord says, ‘I’m going to let you redeem society. There’ll be a reformation . . . We are not going to stand for those coercive Utopians in the Supreme Court and in Washington ruling over us anymore. We’re not gonna stand for it. We are going to say, ’we want Freedom in this country, and we want power . . .’”

Over a period of months, Pat Robertson outlined how Christians could gain control of their government [Katherine Yunica] had summarized this from the transcribed 700 Club shows in excerpts from The New Messiahs:

1) The first goal was to gain control of the Republican Party and then through the GOP, gain control of Congress.

2) The second goal was to revamp the balance of powers between the three branches of government, so that the judiciary would be weakened permanently and the power of Congress would be strengthened—if it were controlled by the religious right.

3) Similarly, the third goal involved the power of the presidency, which was to be variously weakened when an unacceptable person occupied the White House, but strengthened when a “God-appointed man” was in office.

4) The Fourth goal was to gain power to control domestic morality by denouncing the “immoral” and by “breaking” individuals and organizations such as the National Education Association [NEA]. In fact one of the goals of the movement is to destroy public education in America altogether.

But Robertson did more than just talk about politics. He called the 30,000 churches who were members of his Freedom Council to aid in the first step of his plan for power. Quietly “Christian” political action committees like Political Christian Unity were set up. Keep in mind that political observers pointed out that by 1986, Robertson had already built the most powerful political organization in America.

On July 4, 1986, while the rest of the nation was celebrating the rededication of the Statue of Liberty, the Continental Congress on the Christian World View lll was being held in Washington D. C. This was the climax of the effort, the (third Congress). The Congress featured 64 major conservative Christian speakers, among them Rousas J. Rushdooney and Gary North. (Getting out ‘god’s” vote: Edward and Mc Cabe p.7)

In 1988 Robertson jumped into the political arena and made a run for the presidency himself.

In 1989, (one year after he was defeated in his run for the presidency) Robertson created the Christian Coalition PAC and appointed Ralph Reed to head it.


All the biblical passages in the Lord’s Avenger letter are from a later revised version of Authorized Version of the 1611 King James Bible (KJV) (AV).

Some Christian Recons do not use the King James Version of the Bible because some Radical Religious Right (RRR) historians believe James was a homosexual. The 1611 KJV (AV) with its Black [ornate] roman type print and archaic words and spelling like “creepeth”, and “calumnies” which are not child friendly is another reason Re-Cons give for not using the original 1611 KJV, which its admirers like R J Rushdoony called, “simple, timeless and beautiful,” and believe it was divinely inspired.
When King James I was crowned King of England in 1601, “he lived in a time when there was nearly almost universal belief held that the authority of a government came from God,” (The Divine Right of Kings) and he “smashed limits to that custom, common law and Parliament had placed on the English crown for at least four centuries,” (John M. Barry). There were complaints from the ultra-conservative Calvinist, a radical “Non-Separatist” Puritan fraction of the Church of England (Anglican) who complained that the Great Bible and the Geneva Bible translations being used then were flawed and wanted a new translation. “[King] James [also] considered the existing English translation of the Bible subversive because it did not, in his view, adequately teach submission to authority, so he ordered a new translation, The King James Bible, which taught submission.” (Barry) The KJV bible’s 47 translators (1607 to 1611) were ordered to minimize the influence of the Puritans which they did by eliminating notes in the margins, but ultimately the Authorized Version KJV mirrored their conservative beliefs.

The 1611 King James Version (AV) was written in the common language of the English people, early modern English, the language of William Shakespeare, who invented over 120 new words, it was a period when spelling was not standardized, for instance in the LA Letter a biblical passage uses the revised KJV “seeth” but in the 1611 KJV (AV) is spelled “ feeth,” just one example of the archaic nature of words in the 1611 KJV so the KJV passages used in this letter are from a later revision of the KJV, and where some 1611 KJV [versions] archaic words such as “creepeth “ and “belongeth “ are used and where others like “seeth” were modified and mixed with modern words to try and maintain the lyrical and musicality of the original 1611 KJV (AV).

The other branch of the Puritan movement in 1600’s England, “The Separatist” pilgrims preferred the simplicity of the Geneva bible’s language but The KJV (AV) was used by all protestant religions until the 18th century.

“BE AN AVENGER!”—-The first Avenger in the Hebrew bible is the god Yahweh (Yehwh), who modern Feminists call the HE-God. Yahwh was a southern Judea tribal god of the Late Bronze Age (LBA) 13th century BCE, who makes his appearance three hundred years after the book of Genesis ended.1

The second biblical Avenger is Jesus of Nazareth? Can you imagine the ”Prince of Peace” who taught us to turn the other cheek and stopped Peter from drawing his sword saying ”For all who take the sword, “ he warned, “will perish by the sword.” Matthew 26: 52

True Christians believe: one of the causes of vengeance is failure to forgive. People try to take vengeance on past sins not forgiven. The Lord teaches us to forgive Matthew 18:21-22; 6:14-15. Jesus Christ commands us to love our enemies, bless those who curse us, do good to those who hate us and pray for those who spitefully use and persecute us – Matthew 5:44. People go into vengeance when they try to avenge a perceived wrong ‘- 2 Samuel 10: 1-5. Not letting go of the past is another cause of vengeance – 1 Kings 2: 5-9; Mark 6:24-25.

But there are other so-called Christians who believe Jesus Christ will arrive in the sky during the second coming on a white horse, “clad in robe dipped in blood,”2 wielding a sword raised over his head, leading an army of riders slaying the anti-Christ and all unbelievers.3

The idea of using the “Avenger” metaphor in the LAL may have come from Calvinist Reconstructionist Rev. Joseph Morecraft of Atlanta, Georgia who stated the purpose of “civil government” is to “terrorize evil doers” . . . to be an Avenger!” he shouted, “To bring down the wrath of God to all those who practice evil!” and “How do you terrorize an evil doer?” he asked, “You enforce Biblical Law! Morecraft also discussed with relish the police power of the state.

THE DEVIL-FEAR WITCHCRAFT TALKING MAN: COTTON MATHER (1663-1729)—-In 1688 Cotton Mather, the minster of Boston’s Old North Church, was a true believer in witchcraft. In one of the best known of his 382 written works, “Memorable Providences,” Mather’s experience caused him to vow to “never use but one grain of patience with any man that shall go to oppose upon me a Denial of Devils, or of Witches.”

“Cotton Mather was greatly influenced by Saducismus Triumphatus, a book on witchcraft by Joseph Glanvill published in England in 1681. Mather was prolific publisher of pamphlets and a firm believer in Witchcraft. In his book Memorable Providences Relating to Witchcraft and Possessions (1689) created the bases for witchcraft mentality of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Mather’s The Wonders of the Spirit World (1692) and “Magnalia Christi Americana (1702) is the magnum opus of the Massachusetts Theocracy.” The former [“Wonders”] Documented the history of five Salem witchcraft trials and “is suggestive for the light it throws on the psychology of the witchcraft mania. The fantastic devil-fear, which bit so deeply into the imagination of Puritan New England . . . His speech and writing dripped with Devil talk.”

“The grotesqueries that marked the current marvels-tales crop out nakedly in his writings. ”I set myself,” he wrote in the diary, ”to countermine the whole Plot of the Devil, against New England, in every branch of it as far as one of my darkness can comprehend such a Work of Darkness,” his conviction of malignant activities of Satan was so vivid, that in delivering a carefully prepared sermon on the Wiles of the Devil, he was fain, he tells us, to pause and lift up his eyes and cry unto the Lord Jesus Christ, that he would rate off Satan.” The Twilight of the Oligarchy by V. L. Parrington.3

As the name of Parrington’s essay suggests there was a 150 year long “battle for tolerance” happening in New England which the Oligarchy reacted against with the Salem Witch trials. Mather’s body of work that led to Magnalia set the atmosphere leading up to and was the basis for the Salem Witch trials of 1692 of which three of the five Judges went to Mather’s church so he had great influence and some even call him a persecutor. Mather’s Magnalia was the only work of literary significance for the next 150 years and undoubtedly Kaczynski must have read it.

When convicted Salem witch, ex-pastor George Burroughs recited the Lord’s Prayer on the scaffold; the crowd because a real witch couldn’t possibly recite a prayer wanted to let him go, but Cotton Mather who had ridden in from Boston overrode the crowds wishes, saying “The Devil often had transformed into the Angel of Light,” and directed the execution from horseback.

So how does all this have any influence on the Lord’s Avenger Letter? Well, “The Battle for Tolerance “in New England was won and the pathocracy (Death Culture) in the form of a homicidal, all controlling Calvinist Oligarchy lost.

Now in the Lord’s Avenger letter, the writer uses two of the most important Biblical passages in Christian Reconstructionism; Timothy 2: 11 in which is all about reestablishing patriarchy in all the land and Genesis 1:26 which is the basis for “Dominion Theology” “Dominionism” which Christian Reconstructionists use to seek the reverse of the “The Battle for Tolerance” recreating a new Theocracy (Absolute control) in The United States and the world.
So The Lord’s Avenger writer uses Cotton Matheresque like speech when he says:

First, “This woman is possessed of the Devil. No natural Woman created of our Lord spews forth The Lies, Calumnies and Poisons that she does with such Evil Power.”(Evidence of witchcraft)

Second. “This possessed demon Judi Bari spread her Poison to tell the Multitude that trees were not God’s Gift to Man but that Trees were themselves gods and it was a sin to cut them,” invoking: the ”Old Religion” Tree and Grove worshiping European pagans, and witchcraft evidence of heresy and “Maleficium” or harm to others.

Third, “My Spirit aches as her Paganism festered before mine Eyes.” (Visible witchcraft)

Fourth, “She spoke Satan’s Words yet the Lord did not strike her Down . . . I saw Satan’s flames shoot forth from her mouth Her eyes and ears proving forever that this was no Godly Woman.” [Bari] Being possessed of the Devil and speaking the Devil’s words of “heresy” and physical signs of witchcraft.

All four of these signs of witchcraft would be all Pastor/Prosecutor Cotton Mather would have needed to hold a woman for trial as a witch as he did Ann (Goody) Grover, an old washer women from Boston, who was hanged on the Boston Commons. These statements are therefore is not “faux Old Testament” speech as some have suggested as there is no such speech that exists in either the Old Testament or the New testament but are an example of the LA writers deep understanding of both the “Old Theocracy of New England” and in his view the impending and inevitable “New Theocracy” that will prevail in the future and then heads will roll.

So why would Kaczynski a professed atheist who said “I believe in nothing, not even worshiping wilderness or in wilderness worshippers,” why would a violent High RW (want-to-be leader) proto-fascist work for a theocracy? Well, he not in the least concerned about the impending loss of religious freedom and democracy, he sees violence and authoritarianism as the only answer to eliminate technology or at least that is the ideology that I suspect masks his desire to kill off most of the world’s population.

I have already presented evidence as to his Bible expertise; he could with his brilliant but diabolical mind recite chapter and verse of the Bible. Why, well he shared many of the same goals as the Re-Cons leaders and the proto-fascism movement in the U. S. (Anti-government/Christian Identity/white separatist/Aryan Nation militia types) were not into his “Violent Collapse” of civilization, but believed in his extreme social Darwinism ideas (although he’s clever enough not to state them) and he recorded in his journal he liked the “single-mindedness’ of Fascism, he would of like Rushdoony’s eugenics and pro-slavery ideas, matching Kaczynski’s belief in Aristotle’s all powerful leader, 10% voting by slave owners, and a slave society. You have to remember while advancing those RE-Con goals in the LA letter, he is declaring himself an armed theocratic revolutionary and of course this is just a masquerade; the mask of the narcissist and his High Right-wing authoritarian politics the cynical contempt High Right Wing Authoritarians have for the RWA followers religious beliefs and contempt for his former Timber Industry employers he no longer works, now that the Bari/Cherney bombing operation was completed, so he for the second time* in his bombing career he reveals himself covertly to the public but he’s morphed into another personality and away from his anti-technology ideology (he had to make bucks somehow) and to some limited degree reveals some truths about himself, mixed with outright lies as if to say he really could give a fuck, because we (Fascists) are going to win in the end.

LORD’S AVENGER LETTER——A few days after The Samoa demonstration at the MEC office in Ukiah, I got into a conversation with Richard Johnson, editor of the Mendocino Environmentalist after he discovered that I was ignorant of the Lord’s Avenger letter’s existence so he gave me a copy of it to read.

On May 29, 1990, the Lord’s Avenger letter was postmarked North Bay 946, sent to reporter Mike Geniella of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat at his Stanley Street, Ukiah address, two blocks from MEC’s office and a day I didn’t buy the newspaper.
Standing in the middle the office when I started reading the “The Lord’s Avenger Letter,” I couldn’t believe the intensity of hatred the writer exhibited toward Judi Bari.The writer was truly obsessed with her and I didn’t understand the biblical nature of the letter, even though I had gone to a farm school in Maine called Good Will, a home for poor children, where the bible was read twice a day and everyone was required to take bible classes (though I have been an atheist since I was 6),however, what I was reading was unlike any Christianity I was aware of.

From the letter, I learned of Judi Bari’s counter-anti-abortion demonstration in 1988 and the attempted Louisiana-Pacific Cloverdale mill bombing which LAL writer planted so the explosion would be blamed on Judi Bari and environmentalists and curiously to my former expert “Incident” researcher self-raised an eyebrow that it occurred on the third anniversary of George Alexander’s life-threatening injury caused by a single spiked-log; an injury blamed on Earth First! Environmentalists most vocally by Harry Merlo CEO of Louisiana-Pacific Corp.

By the middle of June, I had learned from the Lord’s Avengers Letter that the writer had extreme anti-feminist, anti-abortion and anti-environmentalist views. He said in the letter he wanted to kill Judi Bari in 1988 after her pro-abortion counter rally at the Ukiah anti-abortion rally and goes on to qualify his presence at the rally by alluding to “that very same man” meaning Daryl Cherney being there also. He said he didn’t kill her after the rally but waited to ”Bring infamy down on Judi Bari” by planting a bomb at the L-P Cloverdale Mill to put the blame on Judi and Earth First!

He waited until May 9, 1990 at the Cloverdale, Louisiana-Pacific Mill bombing to bring as he said “infamies down on Judi Bari.” I had learned of the May 9, 1987 Cloverdale Mill accident of George Alexander, caused by a spiked log by this time and noticed the Cloverdale Mill bombing occurred on the third anniversary of George’s spiked log accident, indicating both incidents could possibility both have been committed by the same person (s) who had freedom the of action in the timing and probably were only loosely directed from above when to do an action only to do one, although they were we will see on the payroll of the timber industry.

(This would not be the last “Coincidence” of instances occurring on the anniversary of other instances I would find although it would take years)


I built with these Hands the bomb that I placed in the car Of Judi Bari. Doubt me not for I will tell you the design And materials such as only I will Know. (Three random caps)

There’s no denying the LAL writer built the bomb, but he did not place it into the car as this becomes partially evident later in the letter. This lie as we will see later in the letter is one of the few that LAL writer uses and is the beginning of his deception where he mixes truth with fiction.

I come forward Now emboldened by the Spirit of the Lord to spread by the bomb so that All will hear it and Take it into their Hearts. This woman is possessed of the Devil. No natural Woman created of our Lord spews forth The Lies, Calumnies and Poisons that she does with such Evil Power. (Twelve random caps)

In the Old Testament most Christian fundamentalists agree the serpent in the Garden of Eden was Satan, there are 30 references to Satan in the New Testament, for instances Jesus Christ repeatedly cast out devils during his earthly ministry (Matthew 8:16; 9:32; 12:22) and he called the Pharisees (Law makers) “Sons of the Devil,” but there is no description of him. It wasn’t until medieval Christianity when the Devil or Satan concept became popular and was usually associated with witchcraft, where so-called early witches also called She-wolves and She-Devils were accused of making a pact with the Devil, which occurred usually in the forest where Devils dwelled (where old ”wise” women gathered healing herbs). The forests of medieval Europe were (After agriculture took hold) considered by superstitious (frightened to death) peasants, as dark, mysterious, and dangerous, where (pre 1338 “guns”) packs of wolves numbering up to a 100 (Spain) ran down and tore to pieces any living person or animal. Stone shelters were built in the forests; our modern word ”loophole” is derived from “loup hole,” or wolf hole, a spy hole in the shelters.

It wasn’t until 1413 that the western part of Lithuania and Samogitia were Christianized, Lithuanian etymologist Ginatras Beresnevicius estimates that in this uncompromised warfare the death toll was about one million Balts. This late date is when the whole of the European continent was brought under Christian rule. With the passing of pagan animism where “every tree, every spring, every hill had it’s own genius loci, it’s guardian spirit These spirits were accessible to men, but were very unlike men; centaurs, fauns, and mermaids show their ambivalence. Before one cut a tree, mined a mountain, or dammed a brook, it was important to placate the spirit in charge of that particular situation, and keep it placated. By destroying pagan animism, Christianity made it possible to exploit nature in a mood of indifference to the feelings of natural objects. . . Especially in its western form, Christianity is the most anthropocentric religion the world has seen.

In early New England the Puritans thought witches made their pact with the Devil in the forest where the Devil (s) (Indians) dwelled. So now in 1990 when there are no wolves or Indians to protect the forest this psychopathic man representing the people who paid him condemns Judi Bari to death as a She-Devil (witch) and all the other women She-Devil

Feminists reject Jesus Christ as liberator: “Betty Friedan expressed this gut feeling by remarking simply that “The church is the enemy.”

To modern “Traditionalist” fundamentalists these “pseudo-Pauline” forgeries are the basis of their patriarchal ideology.

“I know this is painful for the ladies to hear, but if you get married, you have accepted the leadership of a man, your husband. Christ is the head of the household and the husband is the head of the wife, and that’s the way it is.” Pat Robertson 1980 and repeated over and over in the 1990’s

“Apostle to the Gentiles” (Saint) (SIC) Paul who was the favorite of (Ex-CIA) (Old Man) “Dr.” John Phillip Nichols (Contra arms dealer) ( Bruce, he’s dead, he can’t sue you), a Pentecostal, who made several pilgrimages to follow Paul’s footsteps on his three journeys from Rome to Greece to Turkey and then to the so-called Holy land, he appears later in the story as the suspected “Brain,” planner behind the entire Timber Industry covert operation i. e. intelligence gathering “Black Propaganda” and “Executive Action” which culminated in the Oakland car bombing that almost killed Judi Bari.
She and her blasphemous host try to abort the children of Adam and erase us from the Face of the Earth which was created by God to be our Home so that we will fill it with our Numbers in His Name. She spoke Satan’s Words yet the Lord did not strike her Down. Darkness fell upon my Spirit. My prayers sought Guidance so I would know if the Lord was calling me to Wield His Sword. (12 random caps)
The LAL writer wanted to kill Judi after her pro-abortion, counter-rally but waited (Of course had he killed her he would have been out of a job) to make an anti-environmental statement with the Cloverdale mill bomb “bringing down infamy on Judi Bari.” Then I believe he got orders to build the bomb that would kill her and blunt the ascent of environmentalism which Redwood Summer and the Forest Forever Initiative represented.
Note: The Abortion Clinic Defense Rally in Ukiah happened in November 1988, just one month before the mailing of the Argus letter on January 6, 1989 to Ukiah Police Chief Fred Keplinger, indicating the intensity of pursuit of Judi Bari.
I could hear no Answer but Satan marched on and cased great Uproar `over The land. this Woman Possessed of the Devil set herself on the Honest men of toil who do Gods work to being Forth the Bounty that He has given us to Take. All the forest that grow and all the wild creatures within them are a gift to Man that He shall use freely with God’s Blessing to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. They shall be never ending because God will provide. (13 random caps)

“This Woman Possessed of the Devil set herself on the Honest men of toil who do Gods work.” (Another instance of “Maleficium” ( Or harm to others) evidence of witchcraft).
This paragraph is straight out of Ron Arnold’s Wise Use Agenda and R. J. Rushdoony and Gary North’s Austrian School of Economics agenda of unfettered capitalism that there’s no sense conserving resources or preserving nature because God will always provide.

Then, there are others who are pre-millennials, the most high profile of which is James Watt ,Reagan’s Secretary of the Interior who said “I do not know how many future generations we can count of before the Lord’s return,” on February 25, 1981.

And God said, Let us make man in our image, After our likeness and let them have dominion Over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the Air, and over the cattle, and over every creeping Thing that creepeth upon the earth. Genesis 1:26 (KJV, with four random caps)

The biblical passage Genesis 1:26 is the most important basis of Dominion theology and the word “Dominion” is the word Dominionists take as the name of their movement, a dogma that God has dominion over everything including all history, as everything is “Predestine” by him, there is no free will; therefore it’s only a matter of time before the U. S. government becomes a theocracy in their world view.
The vast majority of Christians read this text and concluded that God has appointed them stewards and caretakers of Earth. As Sara Diamond explains,”However, some Christians read the text and believe, “that Christians alone are Biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns—and there is no consensus on when that might be.” That, in a nutshell, is the idea of “Dominionism.”8
Dominion or Dominionism (can be folksy) or Christian Reconstructionists, (Re-Cons) made up of small network of groups and churches and dominated by religious intellectuals who like the LAL writer/Kaczynski are prolific writers. Christian leaders are organized at the local level to carry out their political agenda anyway they choose with the goal to influence a static, bloated and wealthy religious mainstream churches and who adhere to the most literal interpretation of Ancient Hebrew Biblical Law.
“The bible offers the perfect blueprint for the shape a reconstructed world should take” as agents of God’s unfolding plan, working to establish a theonomy or the rule of God.”
Christian Reconstructionism came out of a conservative Presbyterianism in the early 70s where followers believed “that every area dominated by sin must be “reconstructed” in terms of the Bible.” In keeping with Reconstructist and LAL writer’s views, it was okay to kill Judi Bari, as there are no trials before executions in Christian Reconstructionism according to its Co- leader Gary North. Decisions for executions are made by the community and their religious leaders and carried out by stoning, as in the bible or by using other simple weapons like the “Sword” or ”Knife” for offences of Old Testament Law. http:/

All the forest that grow and all the wild creatures within them are a gift to Man that He shall use freely with God’s Blessing to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. They shall be never ending because God will provide.”

The Lord’s Avenger Letter writer reveals himself in the last two paragraphs and Genesis 1:26 as more than a violent “bible thumping” logger/anti-abortionist who believes in “god, groceries, guns and gold” (North) but as a violent religious intellectual revolutionary who adopts the providential style of evangelicals as he skillfully marries his prose, and its “Wise Use” agenda contents with Genesis 1: 26. Even Ron Arnold (the suspected death squad leader/washed cash bundler) admitted in his book “Eco-terror” that parts of the Lord’s Avenger Letter were eerily similar to Wise Use dogma (of courses it was meant to be), the dogma of Free Market fundamentalism with no regulations guaranteed by the bible and skillfully articulated by the authoritarian Arnold in speeches extorting violence against environmentalists whenever and wherever he was paid enough to speak.

The Forest Forever Initiative, Proportion 130 on the ballot in November, 1990 was another loss of authority, a forest regulatory regulation which would put an end to unsustainable liquidation logging and clear-cutting that terrorized the Timber Industry and its executive’s authority over access to timber lands. In the years leading up to 1990 the Timber companies were over producing to keep market share in competition with the Canadian Timber Industry, thus driving the price of lumber down, thus also profits. So The Timber Industry in Northern California was headed to a financial failure and stock devaluation with executive pay coming mostly from stock options. The Covelo L-P plant manager quit in 1988 and told me in 1992 “I quit and cashed in my stock at exectly the right time.”

Georgia-Pacific mill at Fort Bragg, as Judi Bari so graphically pointed out with her giant poster photo of their clear-cut lands she pointed out G-P was robbing their workers’ futures, representing the millworkers and loggers in lawsuits and worker complaints as IWW representative and that was what the Timber Industry was truly pissed at her about, her attempts of separating their workers from them.

Louisiana-Pacific had also overcut their 200 thousand acres in the north coast and closed L-P Potter Valley Saw Mill in the winter of 1990. L-P Covelo Saw Mill would close in 1991, with Campbell logging (John Campbell suspected paymaster of the death squad) no longer getting 8 million board feet from the Mendocino National forest and was being put up for sale. Three other L-P mills closed in short seccession, stock prices were falling. Pacific-Lumber was deep in debt with 800 million in junk bonds to pay off.

Overtly Pacific-Lumber had hired Hill and Knowlton, the public relations firm to counter environmentalists and the Forest Forever Initiative. John Campbell, vice president of Pacific-Lumber had admitted the Timber Industry had hired an outside security firm to look after things which was filled with “people who knew their bloody business well—former CIA and FBI agents. People, he repeated, who really knew their business.”
The Timber Industry had the motive, the opportunity and the money to create the intelligence, black propaganda” and “Executive Action” that culminated with Judi Bari’s bombing but would never be investigated by the local police or the FBI; instead Bari and Cherney were arrested on a pack of lies.

In his view of “Free-Market Economics” Rushdoony turns Christianity upside down:

“The means to lawful wealth is the covenant law, the law of God.
Capitalization is thus a radical and total task. Man must seek to subdue
The earth and gain wealth as a means of restitution and restoration, as
means of establishing God’s domination in every realm. Whenever godly
Men establish their superior productivity and gain wealth, they thereby
Glorify God. Wealth is itself good, and a blessing of the Lord.”

All of it is God’s Gift for us to Take and use so that we can build our Civilization in the Image of the Creator. The Devil is sorely Displeased by our Godly Dominion and he sends his demons to sow Confusion and Doubt in our numbers.9 This possessed demon Judi Bari spread her Poison to tell the Multitude that trees were not God’s Gift to Man but that Trees were themselves gods and it was a sin to cut them. My Spirit aches as her Paganism festered before mine Eyes. (18 random caps)

The first sentence “our Civilization” relates to modern Calvinists belief that John Calvin in 1555 started modern “Free Market “capitalism, but historians generally agree it started in Italy 200 years earlier.
Rushdooney championed “great corporations” thusly:

“It is easy for those who advocate changes damaging to private property
to document the evils and the sins of great corporations, wealthy men,
and of social orders in which these predominate, but it is at least equally
easy to document the sins of the poor as of the wealthy, to cite the evils
of a worker as of a capitalist, and to call attention to the depravity of the
(See: “Outing Creeping Dominionism” Katherine Yurica at the Yurica Report)

The second sentence: The Devil is sorely Displeased by our Godly Dominion and he sends his demons to sow Confusion and Doubt in our numbers. 9

The third sentence is about Bari’s “forest defender” activism and her rejections of the basic [Calvinist] American Christian beliefs in God given free enterprise.

The fourth sentence: My Spirit aches as her Paganism festered before my Eyes—-He further exhibits his years of intense authoritarian psychopathic stalking of Judi Bari, in his obsessed sex starved condition she has become an obsession, he’s both attracted by her free spirit and repulsed by his imagining of her deviant sexuality “Paganism.” as a women in the “Old Religion” pre-Christian, women-centric Dianic cult he’s read about, but there may be another angle, and the major one, Judi Bari who never used foul language in public and was always the model of middle class decorum shocked the shit out of him while playing the fiddle like a banshee and singing “Will the Fetus be Aborted,” at the Ukiah Anti-Abortion Rally so this is what he’s upset about. As a high RW authoritarian white male that she supported women who dare to control their own bodies was evidence of her depravity and paganism. It should be no surprise that two years later Bari was mailed a photo of herself playing the fiddle with rifle cross-hairs and a roll of yellow ribbons as a death threat.

So what was Kaczynski reading? Cotton Mather’s “Earnest Exhortation” contains one such clue. “Many fold Abuses of Peace and the Blessings of God in This good land,” was female arrogance:

“And now behold how dreadfully God is fulfilling the third chapter of Isaiah. Moreover the Lord saith, (If the Lord say it who dare slight what is said) because the Daughters of Zion are haughty, therefore he will discover their nakedness. Hath not the Lord fulfilled this threatening, when the Indians have taken so many and stripped them naked as in the day they were born*. . . Thy men shall fall by the Sword of the Mighty by the War. Hath not that word been for filled upon us so many have fallen by the sword, Yea so many Captains in the War, and this is because of the pride of the Daughters of Zion.”

* Susan Faludi’s facts: “There is no evidence Indians raped any white or Indian woman in fact it was considered a capital offence in tribal counsel law to abuse woman sexually.”

As a species we are forcibly cut off from the land, separated from nature, and alienated from coevolving with it. It’s an attitude amply summed up by Karl Marx in Volume 1 of Capital:

Capitalist production . . . disturbs the metabolic interaction between man and the earth, i.e. prevents the return to the soil of its constituent elements consumed by man in the form of food and clothing; it therefore violates the conditions necessary to a lasting fertility of the soil . . . . The social combination and organization of the labor processes is turned into an organized mode of crushing out the workman’s individual vitality, freedom and independence . . . Moreover, all progress in capitalist agriculture is a progress in the art, not only of robbing the worker, but robbing the soil; all progress in increasing the fertility of the soil for a given time is a progress towards ruining the more long-lasting sources of that fertility. The more a country starts its development on the foundation of modern industry, like the Unites States, for example, the more rapid is the process of destruction. Capitalist production, therefore, develops technology . . . only by sapping the original sources of all wealth—-the soil and the worker. (Chris Williams p 177)

Most modern Marxists agree Karl Marx had brilliant ideas that were mostly right on about capitalism, but his forecast of the future were less than accurate although there is a resurgences of interest in his writings since the present crisis of capitalism, but more germaine to our subject “women” is Marx’s errors of his thinking about what had preceded him in history.

Silvia Federici, an American scholar from the radical autonomist feminist Marxist tradition took Marx to task over the issue of “primitive accumulative” during the middle ages, saying “In this, he was deeply mistaken” and “I should add that Marx could never have presumed that capitalism paved the way to human liberation had he looked at its history from the viewpoint of women. For this history shows that, even when men achieved a certain degree of formal freedom, women were always treated as socially inferior beings and were exploited in ways similar to slavery.”

The “Fit-Up” which he’s bold enough to admit below:

I felt the Power of the Lord stir within my Heart and I knew I had been Chosen to strike down this Demon. But my Faith was Weak and I was Deaf to his Words as he instructed me. Hissed into my other ear that I should use Cunning and turn Judi Bari’s poison against her. I was Weak and my Faith in the Lord’s Power was lacking. I dared not Strike at the demon herself. No, instead the Devil moved my hand to Bomb in Cloverdale to bring Infamy down on Judi Bari. (Sixteen random caps)

The bomb was 1 and ½ inch galvanized pipe with galvanized end caps candle wax on threads. One cap drilled so wires Could go to the igniter filament in epoxy glue match heads inside the model paint bottle to be set off flash light drill hole the pipe was set in a plywood box with a one gallon gas can of 70-30 mixture gas and oil. On top of the box was timer-pocket watch with minute hand gone and small hex Head screw drilled into the lens. Battery was 9 Volt. A Light Switch for safety and light socket for a Test lamp. (Five random caps)
And the bomb Was placed and the hour hand touched the Screw and the bomb Exploded. But the Almighty Lord took pity my Foolishness And a Miracle came Forth. The gas oil mixture did not explode! Praise God! With this sign the Lord told me Use not Indirection. The Lord had shown me that his Work needed no Subterfuge and Must be clear and Visible in the eyes of all. I was His Avenger. The demon must be struck down. The Light filled me and my Faith was impregnable. Great joy Filled me I set to work. (Sixteen random caps)
Note: Kaczynski used a one gallon can of gasoline attached to a pipe bomb in his July 2, 1982 bombing at the University of California and in numerous bombs he used nails, tacks, wood splinters and pieces of lead to act as shrapnel, (mutilation of victims was a big high for him) and he is the only bomber who is a writer who also used booby trap-bombs many times and the bomb that almost killed Judi Bari was an anti-personal booby trap bomb.
The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the
Vengeance; he shall wash his feet in the blood
of the wicked. Psalms 58:1
(KJV ((Cambridge Ed.)) with 1 cap) The writer, like Kaczynski has a blood lust, as do most psychopathic killers.
I put the bomb in her car whilst she was at the meeting with the Loggers. The wicked shall know no Refuge. It was 2 inch Galvanized pipe 11 inches long with black iron end Caps one drilled for wires to go to the match head Igniter Bottle. Epoxy glue in the drill hole.
Explosive 3:1 potassium chlorate: Aluminum powder. 3 sizes of finished nails taped on the Outside and pipe tape to a piece of paneling that fit under her seat and the paneling had the pocket watch and also a motion switch of 2 bent wires and a ball. 9 volt battery again and safety switch and Test socket empty. Ticking of the watch was silenced by a piece of blue towel. The wires were red and black and well Soldered to the Battery. And the Bomb was Hidden and the hour hand Moved, but it did not Explode!

#1) As Judi Bari pointed out this statement wasn’t true. This was a very convenient explanation, he wants us to believe he (alone) just happened on Bari’s car while it was open and unattended and slipped the bomb under her seat. This is a bold-faced lie* because the bomb maker could not have placed the bomb at the meeting with the loggers on May 22, 1990 because the meeting was two days before the bombing and the bombs’ timing device was a twelve hour clock.
#2) Like the description of the failed Cloverdale bomb, the bomb maker in his description of the pipe bomb used in the car bombing wants us to know he is proud of his bomb making ability; that he is organized and meticulous and he is using these two bomb descriptions to “Authenticate” to the FBI that he’s really the bomber and not some religious nut and this is what happens when the FBI forensic laboratory discovers in the bomb residue that the bombs explosive contents: Explosive 3:1 potassium chlorate: Aluminum powder, match the description in the letter (WhoBombJudiBari2012), added to the fact the FBI lab confirmed a blue towel had indeed been used to wrap the bomb concealing it.*
#3) As the bomber wants us to believe his sole reason for bombing Bari was to kill her so there is no mention of the nails that were taped to the bomb that made it an anti-personal device and the real reason the bombing planners used a nailed wrapped pipe bomb; which was to entrap i. e. provide a reason for the FBI to arrest Bari and Cherney for transporting the bomb. The planners/bomb expert had to know a pipe bomb may not necessarily kill her, had they wanted to kill her they would of used a more powerful bomb, but they couldn’t do that without the Timber Industry being held responsible.
• Psychopaths lie coolly and easily, even when it is obvious they are being untruthful. It is almost impossible for them to be consistently truthful about either major or minor issue…this is sometimes called “crazy lying.” (
Judi Bari: “The hole was directly under the seat,” and “The back seat was intact” and the photo in Darryl’s “Who Bomb Judi Bari” showed the seat she was sitting on was destroyed and another photo of the guitar case showed only minor damage. The surgeon testified in the film that all her injuries were to her pelvic region and not her lower back.

The Lord had made another Miracle. He had stopped the hand of the Watch by His Divine Intervention. I was seized by Doubt and Confusion but my Faith told me that Higher Purpose must be at Work. For two nights and two days the hand was stayed until Demon was joined in her car by the VERY SAME man who Had helped her Mock and Insult the Faithful outside the Abortion Clinic that day years ago. PRAISE GOD! (Sixteen random caps)
Of course “Very Same man” he’s authenticating he was there by referring to Darryl Cherney.
The hand of the Watch Moved once again and the bomb was Armed and administered Divine Justice. But it did not kill! I had wanted that she should Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding What the will of the Lord is. Ephesians 5:17 (King James Version, eight randam caps)

That she be cut Down quickly like a Diseased horse that must be put down but the Lord Willed that she should Live on in Pain. (Five random caps)
Judi Bari—–“I knew it was a bomb the second it exploded, I felt it rip through me with a force more powerful and terrible than anything I could imagine. It blew right through my car seat, shattering my pelvis, crushing my lower backbone, and leaving me instantly paralyzed. I couldn’t feel my legs, but desperate pain filled my body. I didn’t know such pain existed. I could feel life force draining from me, and I knew I was dying. I tried to think of my children’s faces to find a reason to stay alive, but the pain was too great, I couldn’t picture them. I wanted to die. I begged the paramedic to put me out.” Timber Wars
The LAL was post marked North Bay 947 on May 29, 1990, so the LAL writer had five days to read news accounts of Judi’s injuries which is consistent with Kaczynski’s history. When he read of Hugh Scutton’s death he wrote in his journal “First Kill!” and “Blown to Bits.”
His satisfaction that Judi Bari is going to live in pain the rest of her life is typical sadistic psychopathic behavior in that they have no remorse, but Kaczynski also in his secret journal entries describes his glee over torturing rats and he’s suspected by his neighbor Chris Waits of a gruesome anus carving with a knife of a old infirmed dog named Jigger, leaving the poor dog to suffer, he’s also suspected of shooting another Chris Waits dog named Sasha in the anus and poisoning 2 of Waits dogs as Waits found on the FBI inventory list a bottle of poison with his labeling that had been stolen from his storage van.
Suffering the vengeance of eternal fire Jude 7 (KJV)
(King James Version: Here he uses only the last phrase of the passage that starts “Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh (Some say this means homosexuality, which Christian Gays deny) are set forth for example…”)
So that others would Cringe with Fear and Horror at the Terrible Scourge of the Lord. Now all who would come to The forest and worship trees like gilded Idols have been Warned. They have seen the Fate that awaits them. (Six random caps)
To me belongeth vengeance, and recompense, Their foot shall slide in due time for day of Their calamity is at hand, and the things that Shall come upon them make haste.
Deuteronomy 32: 35 (King James Version, three random caps)

To those who share the demon’s faith I warn you to Return to the Lord.
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
James 4:7 (King James Version, one cap)

You heed not this Warning and go into the forests to do Satan’s Bidding surely you will Suffer the Punishment of demon Judi Bari. (4 randam caps)

I will early destroy all the wicked of the land; that I May cut off all wicked doers from the city of the Lord. Psalms 101:8 (King James Version; four random caps)

In 1990 nobody understood the religious nature of the Lord’s Avenger letter including Judi Bari, who said “Yeah, it’s real,” mainly because only a few scholars in the entire country who were doing any research into what is called “Dominion or Dominionism.”One of those persons was Sara Diamond who had published a book called “Spirit Warfare” in 1989 which I read in 2002, Along with Roads to Dominion (1995)
After I got online seventeen years later I couldn’t find anyone who had done any analysis of the Lord’s Avenger Letter so I decided to do my own untutored analysis of the author and his letter and I’m still at it five years later. And I’m including it at this point of my story and would like to hear from anybody who has a better understanding of the letter. I would be eager to hear of any criticism so feel free to express it.
In her 1989 book Spiritual Warfare, sociologist, Sara Diamond discussed how Dominionism as an ideological tendency in the Christian Right had been significantly influenced by Christian Reconstructionism. Over the past 20 years the leading proponents of Christian Reconstructionism and dominion theology have included Rousas John (R.J.) Rushdoony, Gary North, Greg Bahnsen, David Chilton, Gary De Mar, and Andrew Sandlin.
In a series of articles and book chapters Diamond expanded on her thesis. She called Reconstructionism “the most intellectually grounded, though esoteric, brand of Dominion theology,” and observed that “promoters of Reconstructionism see their role as ideological entrepreneurs committed to long-term struggle.”
So Christian Reconstructionism was the most influential form of Dominion theology, and it influenced both the theological concepts and political activism of white Protestant conservative evangelicals mobilized by the Christian Right.
But very few evangelicals have even heard of Dominion theology, and fewer still embrace Christian Reconstructionism. How do we explain this, especially since our critics are quick to point it out?
Dominionism seeks to redefine traditional democracy in Christian terms and concepts to fit an ideology that calls on the radical church to take political power. It shares many prominent features with classical fascist movements, at least as it is defined by the scholar Robert O. Paxton, who sees fascism as “a form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation, or victimhood and by compensatory cultures of unity, energy, and purity in which a mass-based party of committed nationalists, militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elite, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.” The Anatomy of Fascism by Robert O. Paxton
In The Journal of Modern History by Robert O Paxton and in an article by Sara Robinson (a trained futurist) says: Paxton argues that the best way to recognize emerging fascist movements isn’t by their rhetoric, their politics or there aesthetics. Rather, he said, mature democracies turn fascist by a recognizable process, a set of five stages that may be the most important family resemblance that links all the whole motley collection of 20th Century fascisms together. According to our reading of Paxton’s stages we weren’t there yet. . . And now we are (2009).
What is fascism? Paxton’s essential definition of the term:
“Fascism is a system of political authority and social order intended to reinforce the unity, energy, and security of communities in which liberal democracy stands accused of producing division and decline.”
Elsewhere, he refines this further as
“A form of political behavior marked by obsessive of reoccupation with community decline, humiliation or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy, and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal and external expansion.”
See: http://theanarchistlibrary/derrick-jenson-pasifism-as-pathology-introduction
POST-LORD’S AVENGER LETTER HISTORY——FBI Special Agent, David R. Williams, after analyzing the Avenger Letter, said that the letter writer “either did build the bombs or knew how they were built.” For an in-depth analysis by Judi Bari of the “FBI bomb school, and other Atrocities” about the bomb take almost killed her and more go to:
When Judi Bari was first asked about the LAL she said “Ah, it’s real,’ but she later changed her mind:
One week after the bombing, a strange anonymous letter arrived at the Press Democrat, addressed to top timber reporter Mike Geniella. “I built with these hands the bomb that I placed in the car of Judi Bari,” it began. “Doubt me not, for I will tell you the design and materials such as only I will know.” In flowery, biblical language, the letter went on to describe my participation in an abortion clinic defense several years earlier (“I saw Satan’s flames shoot forth from her mouth, her eyes and ears…”), and cite my pro- abortion stance, as well as my “paganism” and defense of the forest, as reasons to kill me. The letter writer then described in exact detail not only the bomb in my car, but also the bomb at the Cloverdale sawmill, that the FBI had already tried to pin on me, taking credit for both. The letter was signed “The Lord’s Avenger.”

The Lord’s Avenger letter was chilling, and at the time, it even fooled me. But in retrospect, it was clearly a fake, meant to lead us off the trail. The Lord’s Avenger claimed that he put the bomb in my car while I was in a meeting in Willits, up in the timber region, two days before the bomb went off. But the bomb in my car had a 12-hour timer, so it could not have been place anywhere but Oakland or Berkeley, where I stayed the night before it exploded.

The Lord’s Avenger letter had several functions. It provided a plausible lone assassin not connected to timber or FBI. It threw a veil of confusion over the motives for the bombing. And it removed the investigation from Oakland, where the bomb was actually placed, to Mendocino County, where there are many crazy people to use as suspects. And, masterfully, the FBI managed to simultaneously promote the letter as a key piece of evidence, while continuing their claim that Darryl and I bombed ourselves. Since we were the only suspects, they reasoned, Lord’s Avenger must be our accomplice. So, with great fanfare, they raided my house a second time, this time looking for “typewriter exemplars” to match the Lord’s Avenger letter, and never mentioning that nothing they found even vaguely matched.
There were two stories on the handling of the “Lord’s Avenger Letter” and other evidence: one, SA FBI Agent Stockton Buck flew bomb remains evidence directly to FBIHQ in Washington D.C. and immediately flew back, an FBI story. The story according to Judi Bari is that the bomb evidence and three letters, Argus, Warning and LAL were sent one week after the LAL after sitting in the San Francisco FBI office.
On a Friday, October 26, 2012 email from Darryl Cherney he wrote:
I expect you’ll send me something soon on Linda Ann. I seriously doubt the “Lord’s Avenger” had anything to do with the death of anyone else as he is a fictional figure, a creation of Cointelpro. And if you want hard evidence to find the lord’s Avenger, then you better look for a woman, because that’s what the DNA on the letter indicates: unknown female. My research into this, which is beyond vast, indicates a collusion between Louisiana Pacific and FBI’s Richard W. Held (The younger Held), more pointedly, Frank Doyle of the FBI and Frank Wigginton [security Chief] of Louisiana Pacific. . . .”
For the Earth,
Darryl Cherney
(Darryl answered two very important questions for me) NOTE: It is Frank Wigginton L-P security chief who is responsible for the white, two story [bunk] house on Mill Street, Covelo, CA. which was 60 feet from the L-P Covelo Mill where the conspiracy against environmentalist and the planning for the Oakland bombing that almost killed Judi Bari was hatched.
[1] The highest Avenger in the Hebrew bible is the god Yahweh (Yehwh), who modern Feminists call the HE-God, (a southern Judea tribal god of the Late Bronze Age (LBA) 13th century BCE) who makes his appearance three hundred years after Genesis. (The grandest miracles in the bible) Bible tradition (theology not history or science) says Moses wrote Exodus. It is in Exodus when Yahwh “I am WHO I am” (The Lord) speaks to Moses from a burning bush (that didn’t burn) he tells Moses his mission is to free the Israelites “His Chosen people’ from Egyptian slavery (except they are believed to have been mercenaries i. e. military contractors). Moses goes to the Ramses ll, the Pharaoh and demands his people’s freedom and the Pharaoh says no. So the story line goes the vengeful “Avenger” Yahweh, the vindictive and bloodthirsty deity he was depicted as visits ten plaques on Egypt, the last of which Yahweh slays all first born in all of Egypt, including the first born of the Pharaoh and all the first born of beasts.
The Pharaoh capitulates and the Israelites leave (all 603,550 of them?) Yahweh parts the Red Sea for them (?) and the Pharaoh army is drowned when they follow (Most likely the pharaoh sent his army to discourage the fools from going out into the barren desert). The Israelites roam Sinai desert, Yahweh sends them “manna” from heaven to eat. Moses receives the Ten Commandments (some of which are Egyptian in origin). After wandering for 40 years the Israelites battle the Amorites and destroy Heshbon (except according to 7th Day Adventist Archeologists it didn’t exist then). Moses dies and Joshua takes over and the Israelites destroy Jericho (except according to Archeologists Jericho’s walls never fell nor was it burnt), butchering 12,000 and even those trying to flee, Joshua “Devotes” the destruction of Jericho to Yahweh, who as the Avenger had commanded Joshua annihilate the Canaanites for worshipping their false god Baal. Joshua campaigns through the entire land, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and the Jebusites (indigenous Arabs and founders of Jerusalem) are all annihilated. (Dever)
Scroll forty pages: by William Dever; he says: Did these horrifying events really happen? Ethnic cleansing-on-a-grand-scale?
“Moderate critical scholar Nadao Na’aman of Tel Aviv University, Na’aman concludes: “The biblical conquest description . . . . save for its underlying very thin foundation, has only a tenuous contact with historical reality.” (1994:281) Dever goes on: “More conservative biblical scholars, along with evangelical and fundamentalist Christians as well as Orthodox Jews, pick up the book of Joshua and read it uncritically, quite literally (Sometimes ever a bit gleefully; the underdog triumphs for once).”
According to Dever the book of Exodus was written by a Yahwist called the “J” (Judges) writer in early 6th century BC during the exile in Babylon, then it was “extensively reworked by the “P” (or Priestly) editors between the 6th and 5th century B.C. Somehow from then on until now believers of these myths could commit genocide in the name of the one true god because he said it was OK, but a funny thing happened an active Yahwh disappears as a force forever from the bible after most open-minded realist biblical scholar believe the Israelites arrive and settled in small groups over a long period of time in Canaan.
[2] Christ himself, “clad in a robe dipped in blood,” was destined to lead out the armies of heaven. “From his mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron; he will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.” Saint John’s Revelations 19: 13-15
[3] The Second Coming of Christ is also associated with fundamentalism and is most often seen in either pre-millennial or postmillennial beliefs. Under pre-millennialism there are several competing theories dealing with “the Rapture” and “the Tribulation.” The Rapture is the time when the believers, (40 million dispensationists) a fearful people assume they will be lifted from the horrors of end-time destruction.
Is a “mass migration of living and dead, born-again Christians . . . [who] will ascend through the air and meet Jesus Christ in the sky?” Rapture is derived from the Latin word “rapare” and “means to take away or to snatch out.” According to this view, “Pilots would disappear from planes, truck drivers from their trucks; [and] people from automobiles . . .” Believers in Pre-millennialism imagine an Earth filled with general mayhem, blood-filled rivers, nuclear war, and strange beasts stalking the land.”
At the same time the righteous are transported to heaven to meet Christ, nonbelievers are to be eternally damned. Mark Twain, in his posthumously published “Letters from the Earth,” satirized this view. He described the saved inhabitants of heaven looking down into hell. These heavenly creatures took delight in watching the suffering of all of the unsaved children, particularly those of different religions than the blessed observers.
Pre-millennial thinking
The following is an example of pre-millennial thinking———On a scorching afternoon in late May, 2005, Tim La Haye, the seventy-nine-year-old co-author of the Left Behind series of Apocalyptic thrillers (sold to sixty million souls), leads several dozen of his acolytes up a long, winding path to a hilltop in the ancient fortress city of Megiddo, Israel. Le Haye is not a household name in the secular world, but in the parallel universe of Evangelical Christians, he is a potent, cultural icon.
The author or co-author of more than seventy five books, Le Haye in 2001 was named was the most influential American evangelical leader of the past twenty-five years by the Institute for the Study of American Angelical—over Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, and scores of other evangelists.
He is one of the bestselling authors in all of American history. Here, a group of about ninety American evangelical Christians who embrace the astonishing theology he exposes have joined him in the Holy Land for the “Walking Where Jesus Walked” tour.
Megiddo, the site of roughly twenty different civilizations over the last ten thousand years, is among the first stops of the pilgrimage. Given that Le Haye’s field of expertise is the Apocalypse it is also one of the most important. Alexander the Great, Saladin, Napoleon, and other renowned warriors all fought great battles here. But if Megiddo is to go down in history as the greatest battlefield on earth, its real test is yet to come. According to the Book of Revelations, the hill of Megiddo, better known as Armageddon—will be the site of the cataclysmic battle between the forces of Christ and the anti-Christ.
• Revelations: The last book of the New Testament is sometimes referred to as the Apocalypse of John, and in English, is known as the Revelation of St. John, the Divine or the Book of Revelations.
The end of the Tim Le Haye tour at Megiddo story can be found at the end of the introduction.
[4] Puritanism In Early America: Problems in American Civilization edited by George M. Waller D. C. Heath and Company (1950)
[5] In The Devil’s Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692 by Mary Beth Norton, Alfred A. Knoff New York (2002)
[6] The Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich (1946), translated by Vincent R. Carfagno, Farrar, Straus & Giroux New York
[7] Saul (Paul) who as an ultra-conservative rabbinical youth participated in stoning a man to death, later persecuted Christians, killing men, women and children. Then five years after Jesus death saw an opportunity to create his own church as he was going nowhere in the Hebrew hierarchy, so he met for five minutes with the Apostle Peter (Who Jesus anointed leader) and then was off across the known world as self-appointed “Apostle of the Gentiles” (Jews who believed Christ was the Messiah). Paul rarely used Christ words and “un-Christ” like cast the sinners and dissenters out of the church; who’s Romans 1 and 13 in the future would be used by Martin Luther, John Calvin all the way to the present day by Supreme Court justice Anton Scalia to justify civil capital punishment.

The rest of Apostle Paul’s history with women in the church can be found in the documents section Chapter 12

[8] Spiritual Warfare by Sara Diamond (1989)

[9] “LOSS OF AUTHORITY”—– “The Devil is sorely Displeased by our Godly Dominion and he sends his demons to sow Confusion and Doubt in our numbers.”

First of all there were multi-levels of “Loss of Authority,” As the suspected Black Propaganda campaign began with the log spiking resulting in George Alexander’s serious injury at the Cloverdale L-P Mill. This “incident” was obviously local and the intellectual author (S) who put up the money and the “covert-operation specialists” they hired were also locals. Darryl Cherney suspects L-P but since I’m judgment proof, the man who was in deadly business competition with the Canadian Timber Industry and losing was L-P CEO Harry Merlo and history has proved he was consistently lying until he got fired.

The Second Executive locally was John A Campbell of Campbell Logging whose entire business model was based on how many board feet of trees he got out of the Mendocino National Forest and whether L-P would close the Covelo, CA. Saw Mill which was the looming reality in 1988 when Campbell was only able to harvest small diameter trees (Pecker poles) by helicopter from the Mendocino National Forest. I know little how John A Campbell built his businesses, but it appears he started with logging trucks and belonged to the Logging Truck Owners Assoc.. (more on John Arthur Campbell below).


After great success in the early 80’s which included the defeat of the ERA, “Women’s Equal Rights Amendment with the help of Phyllis Shadfly’s “STOP ERA” organization that was later renamed Eagle Forum.Disaster would strike the radical religious right-wing for the rest of the 80’s.

Early 80’s Dominionists Dr. Tim La Haye attempts to start a television ministry fails; he founded the influential, secretive Council for National Policy in 1981, its membership are those who on the far religious right including R. J. Rushdooney, Gary North, Gary Bauer, Pat Robertson and Dr. Stanley Monteith and financial powers like the Du Ponts, Coorss, Kochs and Hunts. La Haye helped found the Moral majority in 1979 and in 1983 he started American Coalition for Traditional Values (ACTV closed down in 1986). Tim La Haye withdrew from his television ministry when it was publicized that his church was funding an anti-Catholic group. In 1985 he further withdrew after it became known that CWA had accepted ‘generous help’ from Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church which teaches the divinity of Rev Moon in direct conflict with Christian teachings. La Haye’s wife Beverly is president of Concerned Women of America; both have close ties with the John Birch Society.

In 1986, Western Goals Foundation, the principle right-wing intelligence gathering operations compiling dossiers on leftist persons and organizations went belly up. Church League of America experienced a schism and its 7 million index cards and 20 filing cabinets containing the files of “subversive” leftists and their organizations were shipped to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University and stored in a warehouse and never used again.

In October of 1986, Pat Robertson’s “Freedom Council” (FC) was abruptly dissolved in the midst of an IRS audit; his Christian Broadcasting Network has contributed 8 million dollars to the Freedom Council between 1984 and 1986. (He broke political campaign laws but wasn’t prosecuted.)

On December 26, 1986 The New Right was shocked to learn Terry Dolen died of complications of AIDS. Dolen was a New Right political activist, co-founder of National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC). He was a proponent of family values and the organization he led was persistently critical of gay rights, and was in fact a closeted homosexual.

In 1986, the Iran/Contra scandal was exposed as a blatantly illegal operation in which the CIA traded weapons to Iran and the money went to the Nicaraguan Contras, also illegal and was against the will of Congress. This was a blow to the religious right-wing as they supported sendingweapons to the Contras and were in solidarity with the land-owning elite of El Salvador and Nicaragua. The scandal dragged on into 1997-8 and 9.

In 1987 Rev. Tim La Haye was forced to resign as co-chair from Jack Kemp’s presidential campaign because newspapers printed divisive passages from his writings, which were anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic.

In 1987, Ultra conservative Robert Bork lost his Supreme Court nomination bid—Bork would deny women’s rights under the “right to privacy, including the right to contraception.”

In 1987 The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) an evangelical organization to “defend against the accommodation of secular feminism” was formed.
In 1988, the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), the “Old Guard” who had helped elect Reagan was ousted and YAF had split in two; the Texas and libertarian faction went their own ways.
In 1988, Jerry Falwell’s organization, Moral Majority, had recently financially collapsed. Falwell was forced to borrow $19 million from Reverend Sun Myung Moon for his Liberty University. Falwell was a lifelong segregationist and bigot and Moon’s American Freedom Coalition helped organize the Wise Use convention in 1988.
In 1987-1988, the Christian Right was shaken by a highly publicized sex and financial scandal involving prominent televangelist Jim Bakker which was followed by fellow televangelist Jimmy Swaggert’s public confession that he solicited prostitutes.Bakker was convicted and went to prison (Michael J. Mc Vicar). And, televangelist “Faith healer” Oral Robert’s tearfully appealed to his watchers that if they didn’t send him 8 ½ million dollars god was going to kill him.
In 1988, for his presidential campaign, Pat Robertson, the televangelist would harness a secretive, grassroots operation called by some reporters “A Secret Army.” The local leaders were called “Shepherds.” Robertson would beat Vice President H. W. Bush by his 35% to Bush’s 25% in the Iowa caucuses but his campaign fizzled out which was a great blow to Christian fundamentalism. First, he lost Michigan where he spent a lot of energy and he lost the entire South, his 47 million family base of his television empire.He must have been pissed but there is no record of his reaction to his loss, but that will become evident (we will see) with time.
(The coming nuclear holocaust was used by Pat Robertson until just before the 1988 presidential election when he switched to “Dominionism.”
In a 1989 brief filed before the Supreme Court, Solicitor General Charles Fried argued against Roe v. Wade saying the Court had over-reached and stepped into the domain that is reserved for Congress. The Brief failed and the religious right’s hopes to defeat Roe during Reagan’s last term were dashed.
By 1989 The Birch Society’s membership was down to 25,000 members, mostly older people, despite an attempt to stay contemporary by linking up with the Christian Right and attacking Abortion providers, AIDS funding, gay “perversion,” and sex education in the schools. In a bid to keep itself afloat, the society restructured its finances and after thirty-odd years, moved its national headquarters from Belmont, Massachusetts to Appleton, Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy’s hometown. The fall of communism turned out to be an easier adjustment for the Birchers than for many others on the Right, since according to their world view, communism was only one of many cloaks worn by the insiders. Among the new disguises they were quick to identify and combat was George Bush’s “New World Order” and environmentalism. “If it’s not stopped, the bandwagon of environmentalism could lead to the scrapping of our nation’s form of government and the destruction of our liberty,” warned The New American in the June, 1992 special issue on the environmental threat. The War Against the Greens by David Helvarg
After their initial elation with the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan and his reelection in 1984, the religious right thought they were on a roll but Reagan never fulfilled his campaign promise on abortion and reinstating prayer in public schools; then things started to go against them becoming a challenge to their authority. For the radical religious right authoritarians, these losses were seen as a great decrease in their authority. Pat Robertson would blame his lost bid and loss of authority on feminism accusing feminists of witchcraft.

After his shellacking in the 1988 presidential polls an outraged Pat Robertson did two things: first, he used his campaign mailing list to organize the Christian Coalition and he appointed Ralph Reed executive director. Robertson’s goal was to take over the Republican Party. Reed like Gary North almost immediately started using military like speech even after being challenged by the media.
The most famous of Ralph Reed’s statements:


Susan Faludi would write in BACKLASH: The Undeclared War Against Women:

“In the last decade, some women did make substantial advances before the backlash hit, but millions of others were left behind, stranded. Some women now enjoy the right to legal abortion—-but not the 44 million women, from the indigent to military work force, who depend on the federal government for their medical care . . . As the backlash has gathered force, it has cut off the few from the many—and the few women who have advanced seek to prove, as a survival tactic, that they aren’t so interested in advancement after all. Some parade their defection from the women’s movement, while their working-class peers founder and cling to the splintered remains of the feminist cause . . .

“The force and furor of the backlash churn beneath the surface, largely invisible to the public eye. On occasion in the last decade, they have burst into view. We have seen New Right politicians condemn women’s independence, antiabortion protesters fire-bomb women’s clinics, and fundamentalist preacher’s damn feminist as “whores” and “witches.” Other signs of the backlash wrath, by their sheer brutality, can push their way into public consciousness for a time—-the sharp increase in rape, for example, or the rise of pornography that depicts extreme violence against women.” Pages 12 &13

Susan Faludi reports: On Election Day [1992], the ‘crossdressers” prevailed. Senate victories went to Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Patty Murray, and Carla Mosley Braun, women who had run not only on the democratic ballot but under a feminist banner. xii

The second action Robertson took to shore up his lost authority with his base was to issue an anti-feminist statement to his “Shepherds” the name given to his grass-roots leaders of his presidential campaign of what the MSM called his “Secret Army.” Is suspected to be:
“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.” Pat Robertson

This Pat Robertson anti- feminist hate speech was repeated to a dead microphone at the Judi Bari Coming Out Rally in San Francisco, August 16, 1990 and again was recorded in the summer of 1991 at the microphone of an environmental rally in Seattle, Wash. by radio journalist.

“Every backlash movement has had its preferred scapegoat: for the American Protective Association, Catholics filed the bill. For Father Coughlin’s “social justice” movement, Jews. For the Ku Klux Klan, of course, Blacks. And for the New Right, the prime enemy would be feminist women. “Backlash” by Susan Faludi, 1990
So far it seems this provocative anti-feminist hate speech by Pat Robertson was passed around in the network of his “Secret Army” of political supporters until he used it in a fund raising letter in opposition to the equal rights amendment, on the ballet which Iowans will vote on in November 3, 1992 is a broadly worded measure that would bar sex discrimination..

ROBERTSON LETTER ATTACKS FEMINIST in The New York Times August 26, 1992
The equal rights amendment, on which Iowans will vote for on November 3, is a broadly worded measure that would bar sex discrimination.

But Mr. Robertson’s letter, distributed late last month to supporters of the evangelical organization Christian Coalition, described the proposal as part of a “feminist agenda” that “is not about equal rights for women.” Claims of ‘Anti-Family.’ Instead, the letter said:
“It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

Mr. Robertson, a 1988 Republican Presidential contender, included in the letter a plea that money be sent to the organization Stop E. R. A. to “help defeat E. R. A. and defend the family in Iowa.”

Betty Durden, head of the group Iowa Equal Rights Amendment 1992, said Mr. Robertson’s letter was “ridiculous.”

After Robertson’s anti-feminist hate speech letter was published it was repeated over and over again by Robertson and Jerry Falwell and Gordon Hinckley head of Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons), deliberately creating hate and fear among their uneducated fundamentalist base.

On April 5, 1991 Feminist Law professor Mary Joe Frug was executed eight months after Robertson’s statement was repeated at the Bari rally and one year and 25 days before the letter was published; 14 months after the Robertson letter was published AIDS Hospice activist Linda Ann Raynor was executed on June 24, 1992. I don’t think I need to add to that.

It wouldn’t be until seventeen years later that I would learn there were several possible reasons for Robertson’s anti-feminist outburst. The first was reading Susan Faludi books and Mary Beth Norton’s In the Devils Snare which gave me their ideas on men scapegoating women as a threat to their authority and the second was Faludi’s statement that working class women grasp feminist ideas more so than college educated women; which made sense because I’ve been seeing it for thirty years.

Then I read Robert J Lifton’s The Protean Self (1993) where he states that more than 50% of the children from fundamentalist families fall out of the faith of their parents; this figure has also been used by other researchers. But on a website: Pre-Trib To Post-Trib, January 2005, Gavin Finley MD, a post-tribulation rapture believer who calls out Re-Cons as utopian Calvinist stated that as much as 80% of young people from fundamentalist family’s desert their faith.

Gloria Steinem says, “By the year 2000 we will, I hope, raise our children to believe in man’s potential, not God.”
Pat Robertson interprets the training of children in the feminist way as killing the children. In other words, they are no longer available to be part of his Army of God therefore they are dead. Teaching children to both love and fear a vengeful God and the memorization of arcane biblical passages is a recipe for disaster in the modern age of communications as when they grow up and find out there is another much better reality, they depart.…Role…Plan…God html: And for the “A Biblical Response to the Feminist Agenda”…Response.html

ARGUS—EYED—GAZE OF EXTRACTION INDUSTRY’S INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE—-On January 6, 1989, the “Argus Letter” was delivered to Ukiah Police Chief who released it to journalist Steve Talbert in June 1990.

Dear Chief Keplinger:

I joined Earth First to be able to report illegal activities of that organization. Now I want to establish contact and provide information to the authorities.

The leader and main force of Earth First in Ukiah is Judi Bari. She is facing trespassing charges in connection with Earth First sabotage of a logging road in the Cahto Peak area. She did jail time in Sonoma County for blocking the federal building to support the communist government in Nicaragua.

Bari and Ukiah Earth First are planning vandalism directed at Congressman Doug Bosco to protest offshore oil drilling.

Earth First recently began automatic weapons training.

Bari sells marijuana to finance Earth First activities. She sometimes receives and sends marijuana by the United States mail. On December 23, 1988, she mailed a box of marijuana at the Ukiah Post Office.

There’s no point in pursuing local charges. The use of the U.S. mail means serious federal charges. If you would like to receive confidential information on short notice to make possible an arrest on federal charges at the U.S. post office the next time she mails dope, please do the following: Place an advertisement in “Notices” of the classified ad section of the Ukiah Daily Journal. It should be addressed to “Dear A” and give the name and telephone numbers, preferably twenty-four hour of a detective who should be called to give this information.

When a call is made, I will identify myself as “Argus”

Chief Keplinger followed the instructions but was never contacted.

“I joined Earth First! To be able to report illegal activities of that organization,” is a bold faced lie to make Chief Keplinger think it was the writer’s way of learning Argus’s information. There’s no evidence that the Argus letter writer ever joined Earth First! Ukiah since Earth First! Ukiah was a small group of eccentric friends who intimately knew each other and would never have allowed an outsider to join them.

(He lies again,” Earth First recently began automatic weapons training.” This is par for the course with rabid right-wingers.

Then he says, “Now I want to establish contact and provide information to the authorities.” He identifies Judi Bari’ sabotage of road and trespassing violation of law at Cahto Peak, her jail time for blockading the federal building in Santa Rosa and he reveals his anti-communist beliefs and is possibly a John Birch Society member* citing Bari’s “support of the communist government in Nicaragua. “He goes on to reveal intimate knowledge of Bari’s life which could only have been gained by close surveillance, either using a listening device or telephone bug or both. These devices were legal and had improved by then and were readily available from the manufacturers.

He goes on to say that he knows about Ukiah Earth Firstwas planning vandalism directed at Congressman Doug Bosco to protest offshore oil drilling. (This “Joke” conversation took place at Darryl Cherney’s house so it also was most probability bugged).

Don’t laugh. I had to lead a Special Forces, Special Operations Group,(SOG) team into a tiny deep valley in the Tiger mountains of Vietnam where I had found the Hoai Nhoh District Prison Camp while looking for four U S POW’s being marched up the central coast (there’s only one main trail). The SF SOG team, they are not called “Sneaky Pete” for nothing, installed outdoor, sensitive, voice-activated, long distance transmitting listening devices to be monitored by a plane overhead.

With the information gained from the bugs or wiretap or both, they followed Bari: On December 23, 1988, she mailed a box of marijuana from the Ukiah Post Office. There was no point in pursuing local charges because the use of the U.S. mail to mail illegal content carries more serious federal charges. About the enclosed was a the “joke” photo of Judi holding Irv Sutly’s sub-machine gun taken by Pam Davis. I’m not a bit surprised that the “Sneaky Pete” type group went into Pam Davis’s house and found the incriminating Bari photo, photographed it and mailed a copy it with the letter to Chief Kep
Irv Sutley would be blamed and called an FBI informant relentlessly by Bari and Cheney which did great damage to Sutley’s reputation until five years later he paid and took a polygraph and passed.

The “ARGUS” letter writer is committing character assassination by inserting these anti-Bari “LABELING” frames including violence into Chief Keplinger’s consciousness. What stood out for me was “communist Nicaragua” which attempted to connect Judi Bari’s anti-war activism and arrests with communism, a typical John Birch Society scapegoating piece of work. Judi Bari was supporting Nicaragua which provided free education, health care and the redistribution of land away from the 1% of wealthy landowners that owned 99% of the land.

“ARGUS” IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY—– Argus is the 100-eyed, ever vigilant monster out of ancient Greek mythology. Argus was a half beautiful woman and half serpent who was ever vigilant and could see all within its vicinity making this entity an excellent guard. It was in Arcadia, or Greece that Argus committed itself to ridding the countryside of pests. The first pest was a Wild Bull that was tearing up the countryside. The Argus letter writer’s choice of Argus is interesting for several reasons. The first and most revealing is that he sees himself as a guard, a vigilant Intelligence gatherer, ridding the countryside of pests, environmentalists.

The University of Chicago gave Ted J Kaczynski a scholarship to study Greek Tragedy in the summer of his 15th year, his interest in ancient history and literature, including the bible continued until he was arrested, he was also very anti-communist.

UKIAH BOMB SCARE—–I arrived at MEC one afternoon and the big girl whose name I didn’t know (who had given me a hard time when I wanted to talk to Betty Ball about Albonico’s statement) was alone and crying because she had just received a bomb scare over the phone. Listening to her I started to crack a little myself and because I had been having anxiety attacks more frequently, I went across the street to the Courthouse. In the basement, at the Veterans Outreach Office, the manager Tim McCarthy told me that he had just received a bomb scare over the phone. He saw that I was a little upset and suggested calling the local Veterans Administration contract psychologist for an emergency appointment which he did. The appointment was in one hour and he said he would walk me over to the psychologist’s office because it was nearby. I left and went to the bank on the corner of Stanley Street and bought five dollars’ worth of quarters. I then went to a pay phone. I was sweating profusely as the temperature was over 100 degrees. I got the number for the FBI San Francisco Office from the operator and called there explaining that there had just been two bomb scares in Ukiah and that I’d like to talk to someone. They gave me the number for the FBI in Santa Rosa which I dialed but there was no answer. I called back to the San Francisco FBI and they gave me the phone number of the FBI’s Eureka office, one hundred miles north. I dialed them and got an answering machine. I related the message of the two bomb scares in Ukiah and another one saying that I may know something about the Oakland car bombing. I left my address, hung up and went onto to the appointment with the VA psychologist. I returned to MEC and I told Betty that I called the FBI about the bomb scares and to tell them what I had learned so far. I had also written down everything I could remember and visited Susan Jordan, Judi Bari Ukiah lawyer office she wasn’t there so I briefly explained and handed my hand written papers to her paralegal a young women.

DATE UNKNOWN——Another day at MEC, Betty Ball told me that Susan Jordan, one of Judi’s lawyers in Ukiah had made a deal with the FBI. The deal was made because MEC was receiving bad press saying that they were not cooperating with the police or the FBI in the investigation of the Oakland bombing. Susan Jordan forced the various police departments to figure out whose jurisdiction the bombing probe should be in because no one knew what town the bomb had been planted .Somehow they agreed upon Willits, even though it was common knowledge that the bomb couldn’t have been placed there. Betty Ball asked me to see a Sergeant John Brown of the four-person Willits Police Department. She was funneling people to him who knew something about the bombing no matter how crazy their story was.

SERGEANT JOHN BROWN AT THE WILLITS POLICE DEPARTMENT—–So that afternoon, I went to see Sergeant Brown, and after I sat down in his office, I told him my name and that I was from Covelo and I had some information that may pertain to Judy Bari’s Oakland car bomb. While standing up and with a flourish of his arm, he announced dramatically that, “You are now a confidential informant” and then he sat down. I started by telling him of a March 23, 1990 meeting I had with Bob Albonico in Covelo and how I had been urged to visit him and invite him to a birthday party by Dennis Snell who said Albonico was in deep financial trouble and needed friends. Snell gave me directions to Albonico’s house on East Lane in Covelo.
I told Sgt. Brown once in the house and sitting down, Albonico went on for about forty minutes about the logging industry without letting me get a word in edgewise. I related since Judi Bari’s bombing I went over all what Albonico said, remembering as much as I could. Suddenly Albonico said “let’s go outside,” and then he physically moved me around to the south side of the house where he said “we’ve got an operation south of here” and pointed south. I told Brown I thought he was talking about a logging operation. Then he continued talking about the logging industry and when we got half-way to my car, he stopped me and asked “You were Special Forces.” I replied I wasn’t. Then he launched into a statement, “I met ex-special forces officers, explosive experts in Oregon and I met an old man whose religious tendencies I don’t agree with who has stinger missiles for sale.”

I told Sgt. Brown that I asked Albonico what they were going to blow up and he replied after a long pause, bridges and equipment. After that statement we started walking to the car and he continued to talk about the logging industry and just as I got in my car, he said “the money’s good.” I informed Sergeant Brown that I didn’t believe a word of it and didn’t take it seriously enough to report.

I told Brown after Judi Bari’s bombing I thought about what Albonico said and how it may relate to that bombing. Then I told him about finding a dummy hanging across from Albonico’s father’s house that had a sign attached to it that said, “Earth First Kills Loggers” and my suspicions were realized two days later when I talked to Dennis Snell and he told me that Albonico had him buy nine pounds of marijuana. After a few minutes, I asked Snell what the real story was about Albonico and he said “he likes to kill people and start forest fires.” Then the following day at my house Albonico admitted to me he spent $2,700 on a new chainsaw, clothes and logging boots at Bailey’s Logging Equipment in Laytonville.

I was looking at Sgt. Brown but he showed no reaction. I also noticed Brown was not writing anything down. He must have realized if I heard about a marijuana transaction I must be involved in the business and by my coming forward I was serious. He must have known 9 pounds of marijuana would cost $30,000 and adding the $2,700 was $32,700 and the only place Albonico could have gotten that much money a day or two after Judi Bari’s car bombing was from the Timber Industry.

(No, I didn’t feel like a snitch. The leader of the Nebo Rock gang knew perfectly well Snell stopped growing in 1987 and dealt pot only locally to older Indian men in Covelo. Where if someone came up with $30,000 it must be crime money, stolen or whatever, so he took that chance to increase his profit, but I wasn’t going to give them up before speaking to a federal prosecutor and working out a deal, but much to my surprise the FBI wasn’t interested in my money trail).

As soon as I was finished he had nothing to say and changed the subject, telling me of a guy who he was interested in, an Ex-Special Forces guy named Mike Koepf who lived on the coast and had threatened his environmentalist ex-wife and that he was leaving the next day for the San Francisco FBI office to use their computers because there were so many suspects.

I suspected as soon as I left Sgt. Brown would be calling Mendocino County Sheriff’s deputies to find out who Albonico and myself were and the following day at FBI’s office he would check the federal register to see if I had a criminal record. I had no criminal record but I knew sooner or later they would call the U S Forest Service in Covelo who would tell them I had been reported as a suspected marijuana grower by my neighbor on Mount Anthony. I then went home where I had hardly been staying lately. Then within a day or two:

MY PHOTO WAS TAKEN ON MT. ANTHONY——One beautiful morning, I drove down my driveway on my way to MEC in Ukiah when I saw a white SUV blocking most of the county road. As I slowly approached the SUV and attempted to squeeze past them, I noticed that one of the occupants, a redheaded middle aged white guy stuck a 35mm camera with a long telephoto lens out of the window to take my photograph. Then he and the other middle aged white man, about the same size, broke out in hilarious laughter. Well, I thought to myself, they got me first thing in the morning and I hoped the small endangered critters on my white visor would stand out in the photo.

It wasn’t lost to me that this happened as soon as I came forward to Sgt. Brown about what I knew. So on my way to Ukiah I stopped by Sgt. Brown’s office and told him what happened, he said he’d check on it.(This would be the first in a long line of incidents that happened after reporting info to Sgt Brown).

“STARE DOWN.” BY THE DEATH SQUAD——-After a Redwood Summer demonstration, I ended up at MEC where Betty Ball introduced me to Douglas, a young male photographer from southern California, who had been taking photos of timber clear cuts from an airplane. He was a computer engineer from Los Angeles named Douglas and needed a place to crash for the night. After talking a while, we discovered we had a friend in common in Southern California, Dr. Oz Janager, a radical psychiatrist from Los Angeles who visits Yelapa.

On the way back to my house, I stopped at the Willits Police department to find out what Sgt. Brown had learned about my photo being taken. He told me he had spoken to the FBI and they said the photographers “were not theirs.” (I didn’t believe him or them)
Then Douglas and I drove from Willits to the Black Butte Market (Photo on left) at the bottom of Mount Anthony. We had just pulled into the parking area between the store and the gas pumps also near the outdoor phone when Albonico came running up to the passenger side door. I got out of the car and stood up; and said sarcastically “Bob, why don’t you see a psychiatrist?” He replied, “I’ve already seen one in Potter Valley*.”Just as this exchange between Albonico and me ended, an old cherry red Chevy pickup drove in and parked next to my car and a large, German- looking man in his early fifties got out looking at me saying, “Where have you been Bob?” Of course, I had just been to see Sergeant Brown and I knew that was what he was worried about.

At this point, Douglas, who I had been telling this story to on the way here left to go into the store with a perplexed look on his face just as two more guys come around the corner of the building. Another pickup pulled in across the street and two more men got out and headed towards me. I went for the outdoor phone as they surrounded me I was happy as a lark at a bird feeder, truly animated, when I called my mother in New York City on my calling card.

This was my coupe, I was stunned that It had actually happened like I wanted it too and I was thrilled! There were six of them in total. My propeller head friend stuck his face near the inside of the store window and gave me a very worried look. Then I’m on the phone with my mother, talking loudly, cracking up, while these yo-yos were trying to scare me in broad daylight and in public. As I talked, I went from one guy to the other, memorizing their faces and body sizes and prolonging my call as long as possible. Albonico was leaning over the bed of the leader’s red pickup truck, reading a newspaper, obituaries, I presumed.

One was a thin fellow with brown hair, a thin face, 5’ 7” or 10” and about 145 pounds and about 45 years old. Next to him was a very short guy with a baby face, 5 feet or less, with dark, short hair. Closest to me was a young guy, early forties with light curly hair, blue eyes and about 5’11”, 160 pounds. The last guy was a thin man with a thin face, blonde hair and a bushy blonde mustache, wearing western looking clothes, about 5’10” and 150 pounds, about 47 years old.

DEATH SQUAD LEADER—–The older man, the boss I assumed from his commanding presence since he was the only one that spoke, was in good physical shape and with a loud authoritarian voice. He was 6’1 or 2”, 200 plus pounds with short, salt and pepper hair and was wearing a short sleeve shirt and cream colored trousers.

Bob Albonico had short dark hair, 6’1 and about 220 pounds. All of the men except the older leader wore black baseball caps and neat sports clothes and did not appear to be loggers.

When Douglas came out of the store, I ended the phone call with my mother in hilarious laughter when one of the men around me muttered: “You won’t be able to grow no more.” I took this as a joke because I never liked growing marijuana in the first place. It’s too boring. I got in the car, backed up across the street and stopped for one more look. I was confident that I could identify them again, so I turned to my friend and said, “That’s them, the death squad.” He looked very worried as we drove up the mountain to my home.

The next morning I drove down to get groceries at the Black Butte Market. I happened to glance at the front door while I was inside the store. Looking in from outside was the big, older man, the leader, who threatened me the day before. Done shopping, I left and just outside the market door, he approached me trying to engage me in conversation about the impending Gulf War. There was eyeball to eyeball contact. He had odd eyes. They were slate-grey with large black pupils and it was clear that he was very intent on talking to me but I said nothing. In hindsight, but guessing I think that he wanted to offer me money to keep my mouth shut. Instead, I shunned him, left him standing there, by abruptly walking to my car and drove away as quickly as possible looking back at him standing alone by the store.

On July 21, 1990, I picked up Cindy Pickett at her house in the early morning dark and we drove to Fort Bragg. There we hooked up with Cindy’s friends from Spy-Rock, a mountain, north of Laytonville off RT.101.

I also ran into and visited with Shelby, a Brooklyn-born, long-time transplant to Humboldt County who I first met in the early 70’s at Providence, R.I. Memorial Day Parade. We marched in together with VVAW. It was Shelby who gave me her job; cutting and packaging cheese at the Ruby Valley Co-op in Redway when I arrived broke From Alaska in the fall of 1982. By a fluke, while milling around the main staging area before the march downtown to the Georgia-Pacific Company gate and standing next to a young black woman who Cherney must have known because he approached her, and I overheard him say to her, as he shrugged his shoulders that he didn’t know why they [Bari and he] got bombed. I was impressed with how humble he was and thought it was the opposite of what I would learn later that he was a New York child actor and former adman. So there were several thousand of us at the Earth First! Staging area. We were aware of several groups engaged in counter demonstrations, the Yellow-Ribbon Coalition and Wise-Use.

Timber Company supported organizations, but it wasn’t until we marched into Fort Bragg toward The Georgia-Pacific Mill gate that we became aware of an angry, Hell Bent group of about 400 anti-environmentalists made up of equal amounts of young, drunk yellow-shirted men, bikers and skin-head Christian-identity types who were loudly denouncing us as outside agitators.
Luckily there was a large contingent of police to keep the groups from fighting. Cindy, our group and I were right up front at the Earth First! sound truck and despite the tension, we all felt quite comfortable. Daryl Cherney adroitly worked the stage and both crowds.

I was impressed with his calm leadership in the face of all the confusion. At that time, I had the wrong impression of Daryl. I thought of him as an activist novice which was fostered by one story in the press that in Laytonville, February, 1990 when he sat on a tree seedling which Judi Bari upbraiding him for. In fact, I would learn he had joined Earth First! Two years before Judi Bari. Cheney let a young yellow-shirted counter-protester speak from the stage who was loudly cheered when he was done.
All three Photos by Nicholas Wilson

We all then sang America the Beautiful and marched back through the rowdy crowd to the staging area. A yellow-ribbon-coalition woman was handing out yellow-ribbons. I attached the yellow and the green ribbons signifying solidarity with timber and mill workers which I attached to my car radio antenna. Judi Bari was responsible for this painfully stitched coalition.

MOTHER’S WATCH——My first thought when learning about Mothers Watch was a flash from the past the CIA’s Chile Coup d’ tat and back to a photo of the “Chilean Woman’s Pot and Pan Campaign” in a thin book written by a Priest (French or Spanish, I think, but I can’t find it). What struck me was that these Chilean woman were not angry but in fact were very happy

ALLIANCE FOR ENVIRONMENT AND RESOURSES (AER) ———1311 FIRST St., Suite 100 Sacramento, CA 95814: The Alliance for Environment and Recourses was formed in 1985 by the California Forestry Association (CFA) to put a citizen’s face on the Timber industry. The CFA, which represents California’s largest forest products companies, lobbies state and federal governments for fewer logging restrictions on private and public lands and works to clean up the Timber industry’s public image. AER is the umbrella organization for California Wise Use organizations, and is a member of the national Wise Use umbrella, The Alliance for America formed in 1991. AER groups frequently confront, threaten and harass environmentalists. Of the more than 30 groups that have joined AER since 1985, perhaps the best known is the Yellow Ribbon Coalition which has branches in Oregon and Washington states and the Shasta Alliance for Resources and the Environment, formed by the Redding Chamber of Commerce to fight logging restrictions in Shasta-Trinity counties, CA counties and Six Rivers National Forests.
Mother Watch is one of the more confrontational organizations in AER, some of whom are group of wives and mothers of timber workers. It sponsors boycotts of local businesses that support the environmental movement and is a strong presence at anti-environmental rallies. Mothers Watch founder, Candy Book is frequently spotted videotaping environmental protesters, a counterintelligence tactic pioneered by the FBI during civil rights and peace movements. Funding: California Forestry Association.

ON JULY 23, 1990 THE NORTHERN SPOTTED OWL WAS LISTED AS THREATENED UNDER THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT.——-Many of the leading environmental organizations in the United States have invested heavily in the ancient forest campaign and have similarly benefitted from its success. One notable example is The Wilderness Society which
about the scope of what Earth First deals with,” Turner said. “Some of those folks want to include more of a social activist agenda and bring in feminism . . . .”

RON ARNOLD SPEAKS IN UKIAH——All of that early summer, I passed the Ukiah Auditorium with its sign announcing Ron Arnold was coming to speak, invited by a logging association. I had no idea who he was until I read a copy of his speech in The Anderson Valley Advertiser.
I would learn he was Ron Arnold of Wise Use, the anti-environmental organization, three quarters of the way through a thirteen hundred word speech he stopped and uttered the word “GUNSLINGERS”. It was a single word sentence said with great emphasis and a pause. My interpretation of what he was saying to the audience that day was that these “Gun Slingers,” ex-military men were responsible for Judi Bari’s bombing.
WISE USE CORPORATE CONTRIBUTORS LIST—–One mid-summer day in 1990, I was greeted by MEC co-founder, Gary Ball, Betty’s husband and environmental partner. She handled the front office and was the day to day leader while Gary hid out back with his computers. I would guess that he was the intellectual powerhouse of the partnership. I say that because up until this day he had never spoken to me until he walked out from his back room office and handed me a piece of paper. I was so surprised and he turned around returning to his black hole as I called the back room. I stared down at the piece of paper and read the heading, “WISE USE CORPORATE CONTRIBUTER LIST.” I then read the list of about thirty mostly resource corporations encompassing Timber, Mining, Chemical and Oil. I recognized Louisiana-Pacific Lumber Company, Pacific-Lumber Company and Georgia Pacific Corporation but I was surprised to find Coca Cola on that list. I wondered why Coca Cola would be there. (I lost the list along with my self-debriefing report in 1998).

SA FBI AGENT STOCKTON BUCK’S TRIP TO NORTHERN CA. COUNTIES—–Date unknown, lost Santa Rosa Press Democrat news clipping. It was reported that the FBI had written letters to all the newspaper in Northern California and requested all letters to the editor (even small publications like New Settler) that might be related to the Lord’s Avenger Letter writer, only the Santa Rosa Press Democrat refused to participate. Then Special Agent of the FBI, Stockton Buck had driven through Northern California counties starting at Arcata and worked his way south collecting letters to the editor at local newspapers that may be related to the Lord’s Avenger Letter writer.

It was reported also that he was interviewing Chiefs of Mendocino and Humboldt County police, as Chief Dave Renner of Humboldt’s Sherriff’s Department told him that his top suspects of the LAL writer was #1 Bill Devall, an environmentalist, a Humboldt State University professor and Deep Ecology idea developer (I had to ask Richard Johnson who Devall was), and #2nd , Lisa Henry, Santa Cruz college student who organized the Redwood Summer event that Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were on their way to when the car bomb exploded in Oakland; she was also the 18-year-old daughter of a Mendocino county supervisor Liz Henry.

FBI——The San Rosa FBI office was in charge of the Oakland bombing investigation in Northern California and to whom Sgt. Brown was reporting to, so, when I called the Santa Rosa office and got no answer, I called again and SA FBI Agent John Conway answered.
He told me that he was aware of my story. I explained that I had called their office before and then he explained that his job involved working at a computer terminal at the Santa Rosa office until noon each day. Then he went on to say, he then traveled to the FBI San Francisco office to work at another computer terminal for the rest of the day. He made it sound like he was a peon with no real say in anything and who didn’t really want to speak with me about the bombing. The FBI and the police know that witnesses are usually under duress and do not always tell everything and secondly, that they need to be debriefed but nothing like that was happening. I called back two weeks later and got a different FBI Agent who when I told him who I was started screaming at me, “Don’t you know what we are up against!” over and over until I hung up on him and never called the FBI again.
In this case, even if the only evidence they had was a small pile of blackened, broken bomb parts, three letters, all typed on portable typewriters should have been followed up with interviewing me and reading the reports I had given to Sergeant Brown in Willits in which the most important piece of evidence was that Albonico came into a lot of traceable money a day after the Oakland car bombing. The feedback I was getting from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department via rumors from the Covelo Fire Department was that I, nothing but a marijuana grower, was picking on Albonico, a logger with no criminal record. I didn’t tell Sergeant Brown any of my suspicions about Albonico’s involvement in Kevin Daniel’s murder or anything about Wild Bill’s disappearance. I just thought it would confuse everything, so Ileft it to my friend Steve. It was my belief that if I had told Sergeant Brown one morning of my suspicions, by noon a Mendocino County Deputy’s car would pull into the parking lot of the Covelo Fire Department with my latest revelations to tell the fire chief and his men and it just happened that one of them was the father-in-law of one of Albonico’s best friends, Stanford Britten.
Stanford Britten, a white assimilated Indian, rancher and logging cat driver who worked for John A Campbell, and had a ranch north of town, is married to the blonde sister of my friend, Indian John. Sanford’s wife would hear what I was saying about Albonico from her father who volunteers at the Covelo Fire Department where the Sherriff’s cruisers hang out, and would tell Stanford. He would then find Albonico who was one of his best friends and tell him of my new accusations. Then I would find out from John, who Sharon would tell what she learned from her sister or father. Remember, this is a remote small town; there is no good television reception in Covelo. Satellite TV was new and satellite dishes were expensive and people in Covelo have nothing else to do all day but gossip.
FBI AGENT DAVID R. WILLIAMS——–[July 15, 1990] Exactly three weeks later, when Supervisory Special Agent David R. Williams — the FBI crime laboratory’s top explosives expert – inspected the bombed car, he pointed out to Doyle that impact marks left by the pipe bomb’s end caps on the transmission tunnel and driver’s door, combined with the location of the hole in the floorboard and the damage to the seat cushion, clearly proved the bomb was under the driver’s seat, not in the back where Doyle had said.
Despite this early clear evidence that Bari was the target of attempted murder, the FBI and Oakland PD continued telling the media and the court that Bari and Cherney were their only suspects, fabricating other stories about nails from the bomb matching nails found in Bari’s house. Repetition is a fundamental of the “Big Lie” propaganda technique, maintaining a drum beat of false information until it is accepted by the media and the public as the truth. There can be no doubt that the FBI was knowingly lying about the evidence. (Paul Wolf, p. 61, 62)

Round Valley Indian Council building Fire—–As far as the gasoline fire at the Round Valley Indian Council building goes, it happened during a contentious tribal election between the Frank family, mostly white, assimilated Indian incumbents who controlled the tribe’s offices, businesses and monies who had been in office a long time. There was a great deal of jealousy because the Franks were the only Indians with middle-class salaries who could afford to buy new cars. The Franks were being challenged by Pat Lincoln and his brilliant wife, Edwina Lincoln, author of The Short history of the Pomo World. They were both very dark and tall Walacki’s (traditional enemies of the Round Valley Yukies). The Lincoln’s were widely traveled, self-educated and entrepreneurial. According to Edwina, she told me that they returned to Round Valley because they now had children and needed to settle down.

Kevin Daniel’s trailer fire (Top left) and the Council building fire (Middle left) are a short distance from each other and close to where I would learn later in the story Albonico as a boy started a fire on a construction company’s asphalt pile (Bottom left). The marker on bottom right with”A” is where the main Albonico house and small yellow house out back where I first met Bob. As you can see there is nothing but flat open fields between the two houses and a short walking distance for a person carrying a one gallon gas filed can to Mina road where the three fires occurred can do so without being observed.

The Lincolns were accusing the Franks of improprieties in Tribal Affairs and these issues were a big part of the Lincoln’s campaign. The fire at the Council building was suspicious because gas had been poured onto the filing cabinets which made the Franks prime suspects. The Franks did not seem to be arsonists to me and anyway there were probably duplicate files at the Bureau of Indian Affairs office in Washington, D.C.

The main thing was that the election involved lots of money and everyone in town, whites and Indians, knew about it so it looks like some joker just wanted to cause trouble. Whether or not Albonico started that fire, I don’t know but I remembered his death threat of a “chainsaw dismembering/gasoline and oil emollition” and Dennis Snell saying “he likes to kill people and start forest fires. “Then there was Kevin Daniel’s firebombing murder and Wild Bill disappearance. And that the Indian Council building was a short distance from Kevin’s burnt-out trailer.What I found out later it was even shorter distance from the construction site where Albonico started a fire when he was a kid for which the charges were dropped. All of these fires were within walking distance from Albonico’s little yellow house and could have easily gotten to by crossing fields, opening gates and jumping over fences without being seen by anyone, then going through a wood line and small stream, just as he had done as a boy.

One day in July, while driving up to Steve’s house in Covelo, Steve told me the police had come by his house looking for Wild Bill. They told Steve Wild Bill’s brother in Southern California had filled out a missing person’s report. It was like a revelation and confirmation of what we found at his camp that Wild Bill had disappeared and after being missing for two years we presumed him dead. Wild Bill shot an Indian over a stolen bicycle which was proof enough he must have been disappeared by Indians. Sure he was a wild, crazy, unemployable, Vietnam vet but he got along great with the equally wild and crazy, unemployable Indians, whose leader even lent him a 30-30 rifle to hunt deer so that he could eat, but there wasn’t a hung deer nor dried deer meat or even bones or hooves in the camp.

The rumor on the street was that there was a ranch with lots of cows on a large piece of property without a ranch home near Wild Bill’s camp owned by two elderly brothers, “nasty old coots” who paid a young cowboy to grow pot for them. They were selling lots near Wild Bill’s camp and didn’t want Bill there anymore as they had in earlier years caught him growing pot on their land. These were the types of old men later explained to me who thought in terms of critters,or varmints with Wild Bill in that category. I think from what we found at his camp that he knew he was in danger but again there was no evidence that they may have been involved in Wild Bill’s disappearance. One thing was very apparent there wasn’t even a little bit of food in the camp he was either on a starvation diet or he was occasionally eating somewhere else.

TYPEWRITERS——Date unknown. The Willits Police Department announces that they can confirm that the first warning letter to Judi Bari and the Argus Letter to the Ukiah Police Department were typed on the same typewriter*, a small portable later rumored to be a Royal 10-15 type. The Lord’s Avenger Letter was also typed on a portable, it was later announced. After hearing this, I drove to Willits and visited the only pawn shop where several manual portable typewriters were for sale. I bought a Royal 10/15 type for $35.00 thinking I would start writing with one small problem. I didn’t know how to type. I asked the pawnshop clerk if the police had visited him about typewriters and he said no. I later read that police had checked the typewriter Mike Sweeny used at MEC and the Ukiah Public Library so for two years the bomber kept that Argus letter, Warning letter and Lord’s Avenger letter typewriter somewhere in Northern California.

MEC and Betty Ball served as the Southern epicenter of Redwood Summer with people coming from everywhere in the country. I saw one very tall blonde Los Angeles matron who was from her dress very wealthy who wanted to go out into the forest but Betty thought better and put her to work in the office.

ALBONICO’S PSYCHOLOGIST——-Later, knowing that Albonico’s psychologist worked out of Potter Valley, the first valley due south of Round Valley and was also a Veterans Administration contract psychologist, I called him and after a brief conversation, asked if he knew Bob Albonico and he said he did. So I passed the information to Sgt. Brown and I hoped he would to the FBI.

YELLOW SCHOOL BUS—–An older retired man from Southern California had earlier in the year bought a brand-new yellow school bus. Betty put him to work ferrying college students and young homeless girls and boys from Telegraph Avenue, Santa Cruz and even as far away as Portland, Oregon to Redwood Summer base camps. From a Redwood Summer base camp I drove home where I spent several days chilling after a stressful two months which included Albonico’s chainsaw death threat and the stare-down men at the Black Butte Market. I was in a hyper-vigilante survivalist-mode and was always looking in the rear view mirror while driving, but they seemed to have disappeared, even Albonico was not around. (Does anyone remember the name of the man who bought and drove the yellow school bus for two years 1990-91)

UNEXPECTED VISITERS——One sunny morning, I was working out by the garage with the thirty eight caliber pistol in my pants pocket. I kept it close all of the time because my biggest fear was being “Snatched”, tied up, and transported to a distant location, tortured, to be cut up with a chain saw and cremated with a gas and oil mixture. A thirty-eight, whose street name is “pea shooter or Saturday night special” is very low tech in the modern world of weaponry but is famous for close-in personal protection and mafia murders.

In the distance I heard a roar of a car coming up the driveway and saw a tan, two-seater sports car as it cleared the trees and paralleled my fenced in field. The driver took a left at my horse barn, off the road that I share with my crazy neighbor. The strange car was coming very fast as if the driver it knew where it was going which was toward my house, pulling behind it a cloud of dust when it takes a left down my driveway.

I can see that the windows are tinted dark. It came to a stop ten feet away from me but I could barely see inside. I stepped forward to get a better look on the passenger side and I was able to see two men inside the car. I did not recognize them and as strangers have never driven up my driveway to my house and at high speed no less, I knew exactly who they were and I wasn’t going to allow them to step out of their car. So I pulled out my thirty-eight as I thought they might be armed with something more powerful than a pea-shooter and they didn’t get out because I’m pointing my gun at them. They floored the gas and the car does a power turn, creating a cloud of dust and left as fast as they arrived. I was so caught off-guard that I neglected to look at their license plates; after all I’m not a cop.

Note: there are signs at the bottom of Anthony Peak and at Mendocino Pass (5,005 feet) which was a sign these weren’t not lost tourists. Also there are no signs or mailboxes at my driveway which is also formidable as it is very steep and bed rock and unless you get a running start your tires will just burn rubber.

JUDI BARI COMING OUT RALLY: SAN FRANCISCO FBI HQ AUGUST 14, 1990—-For over a month since the Fort Bragg Demonstration and others in Mendocino County and now in Redwood Summer Humboldt County I’ve been looking high and low for Albonico and his “Stare down” death squad buddies and didn’t see any body of interest.
When I got word at MEC that Mary Moore had organized a rally to celebrate Judi Bari Coming-Out of a secret recuperation location and making her first public appearance since the bombing and there was to be a rally on August 14, 1990, at the FBI headquarters in the Federal Building in San Francisco, I got it into my mind because of the obsessive intensity of the Argus and Lord’s Avenger letter writer stalking Judi Bari that they might show up. By my way of thinking, Judi Bari’s bomb builder had many years invested in watching and stalking her and was angry he missed killing her but how I would recognize him? I didn’t know and for that reason I wasn’t really prepared. Cindy Pickett agreed to go with me and on the day of the rally, I picked her up in the pre-dawn darkness to go for the long, four and half hour drive to San Francisco.

We arrived at 10:00 AM for a noon rally. I was happy to be there early as I would see everyone’s arrival of what promised to be a small rally. I tried to enter the Federal Building to speak with someone from the FBI, and since they were only allowing entrance to federal employees with identification I was barred. I descended the steps stood close to the curb directly in front of the main steps of the federal building. Two suited men I took for FBI agents who stood next to me were staring into space. When Daryl Cherney arrived, Cindy directed me to him and introduced us and encouraged him to listen to me. I started talking loud as I could so my suspected FBI agents who were directly behind me could also hear what I had to say. Darryl pretended to be interested but he was distracted by a young pretty woman who was hanging on his arm whispering in his ear saying she wanted a ride after the rally.

Then all of a sudden, while I was in mid-sentence, Cherney and his entourage heard Judi Bari was around the corner so he took most of the group plus Cindy with him. At the microphone there were four young militant looking women walking in circles around the microphone, protecting the area where Judi was going to speak. Twelve other people were milling around, when a suited guy starting setting up a tripod for a camera on the steps near the door of the building. Only a few feet from where I was standing, a lone white, straight looking male with light brown hair, about forty-five years old, and 5’11 to 6 foot of XL build in dark pants and a white sport shirt was watching and then stepped forward approaching the young women at the microphone. He began to speak loudly like he was giving a speech:

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.”

When he was done, I found myself staring directly into his face. The young women mocked him loudly and he left in a rush. I took one look at the suited men I thought were FBI, but they never batted an eye-lash, they just stood there staring off into space. (Over my car radio, in 1991, I heard the same anti-feminist hate speech statement recorded by the radio media at an environmental demonstration in Seattle, Washington. This speech was given by a lone male who stood close to the stage and the rally organizers.)

(A year later I think, I don’t remember the date when without my self-debriefing report, I found that it was a Pat Robertson statement that he Later would use in a fund raising letter in 1992. Jerry Falwell of the expired “Moral Majority” and Gordon B Hinckley, head of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) would pick up on Robertson’s anti-feminist statement and repeat it over and over for the next couple of years.

When we received word that Judi Bari was using her walker slowly making her way around the building from the right, I started walking in her direction. When I got closer to the corner, I spotted a strange man a half a block, plus a street width away, he was moving toward the rally very quickly and stood out among the slower moving people on the street. He really caught my attention. He was taking extra-long steps, and raising his feet so high that I could see the soles of his shoes, he looked like a guy out of “trucking man comics.” He was so intent on getting to the rally that he was almost goose-stepping like Nazis except he was bent forward at the waist, with his chin jutting forward. I could see his toxic-stressed frown, his forehead was extremely furrowed, his face so pinched it appeared like everything in his face was caving into the space between his eyes and his nose.(Kaczynski was known for his fast, long strides) Back when I was a community college student I had worked and lived at the Connecticut Valley Hospital (CVH), a mental hospital in Middletown, Connecticut with men who had spent years on locked wards so my immediate reaction was “Yes, I bet that’s him, a Sicko!”

As he approached the light pole he looked up and his face had changed to normal, so I thought he’s not psychotic. There was recognition on his face as he read the street sign. Then he stopped at the corner on the other-side of the street from the federal building where other people were stopped and waited for the light but he stayed in place and watched the slow approach of Judi Bari using her walker and her entourage. Judi and about thirty people slowly made their way to the corner across the street from this man I now suspected. When Judi was directly across the street from him, he advanced and stepped toward her. He left the sidewalk going into the street, then dropped into a half-squat, and into an [urban] “on guard”, knife-fighting stance with his arms extended straight out in front, palms facing downward, pointing at Judi Bari, and smiling fiendishly at her as she laboriously passed by. I was on my way toward him but didn’t have the presence of mind to grab any one of the photographers there to take his picture. As I passed Judi and Betty Ball, Betty whispered something to Judi and then Judi looked up from her walker and smiled at me. That was the first and last smile I ever got from her. As I crossed the street I noticed that the strange guy was back on the sidewalk taking his glasses off.
(It may seem like a small antidotal thing but when you dealing with a man with 160+ IQs who is very deceptive and plans every move he makes meticulously you’re lucky to see him and this was the only time, so every small thing about him counts. After Kaczynski’s arrest Dr. Sally Johnson his court appointed psychologist in the 22 hours she interviewed him wrote in her notes he had a habit of taking off and putting back on his eye glasses which he uses only for reading and writing ((So after reading the street name on the sign post he took his glasses off)).

As I got closer, I saw him open his eyeglass case with his eyes lowered. I looked down and saw his college ring had a red stone and also that his fingernails were cut in a square shape with large white cuticles. I looked up and noticed that he was wearing a button that read “Get Real!” in white letters on a red background with an exclamation point. It seemed to me to be a response to Earth First! He wore a light tan jacket over a multi-colored madras shirt and neatly ironed tan khakis pants and with what caught my eye was his bulging wallet. He had a lot of cash I thought and he had on plain black, laced-up, shined shoes. He was about 45 to 55 years old about five foot seven to ten inches, one hundred forty pounds, and had short, neatly combed, wavy, light brown hair with a bald spot.

(According to Chris Waits (page 41) “I often saw him [Kaczynski] wearing army-like laced dress shoes, black, short-topped . . .” And I would learn after Kaczynski’s arrest from a report the Sacramento County Jail issued that he was 56 years old and 5’9” and 153 pounds, and during his federal court appearances he wore tan Khakis.)

I stood behind him for a long time but when a group of people stopped at the corner waiting for the light I stepped up beside him and peered sideways. His nose was pointing upward and he had a look of intense utter disdain and arrogance on his face as he was craning his neck trying to hear Dolores Huerta, cofounder of United Farm Workers as she was speaking at the rally half a block away. I turned walked back behind him again. After I was sure he wasn’t going to join the rally, I walked right up behind him almost touching him. I was astounded! I couldn’t help noticing looking within inches of his bald-spot, that it was a shaved bald spot. I saw, new stubby short hairs were growing around the edges of the bald-spot and it looked to me like the spot had been shaved a second time and he didn’t shave the whole area. (Kaczynski was known for his disguise obsession, not only were disguises found in his cabin after his arrest but FBI profiler John Douglas in his book Unabomber wrote there was an Associate Press report that Kaczynski in the past had broken his nose three times in an attempt to change his appearance).

Sensing my closeness he stepped forward one step and turned around for a second to look right into my smiling face with a stunned look. He turned away sharply and started walking rapidly down a side street and around the corner toward the back entrance of the Federal building with me right behind him. Not knowing what to do and realizing I’ve fucked-up because I didn’t have a plan and was in a full panic, I tried entering the building to call the FBI again but was stopped by a man in a suit who actually unbuttoned his jacket as I tried to go by. By the time I got back outside the guy was gone.

I called him an “Egghead” (odd-ball) intellectual, and Ivy League looking in my writing at the time because he reminded me of a conservatively dressed Yale professor who also wore khakis pants and walked around campus with that air of smug, intellectual superiority with disdain seeping out of him toward everyone around him. (Kaczynski was known for his arrogant attitude) I encountered some people like this when I spent from 1969 to 1975 where I was in and out of the VVAW office there, our office was housed at Community Church on the green at the edge of Yale’s campus and seeing this guy was also a flashback to General William Westmoreland when he spoke at Yale in the early 1970’s. There was a non-violent hate clash between ten Socialist Worker Party protestors in their Sunday best, walking in a perfect circle with their perfect signs and ten, unruly, uncouth, VVAW combat veterans with long hair and beards shouting insults at the symbol of brain-dead military careerism, the four-star General William Westmoreland, while receiving right-wing diatribes from eight YAFers (Young Americans for Freedom), those sons of privilege with their student deferments, their carefully coiffed hair and spotless khakis pants. Besides YALIE YAFers wearing Khakis: Clarence Thomas wore them almost exclusively, you couldn’t miss him, the students all called out to him, some mocking him because he was so straight he would never step on the grass when they asked him to join them under trees; at the time there were only six Blacks at Yale.

(The September 12, 2012 issue of The New York Times reported in 1966 Mitt Romney wore Khakis and a sport jacket to a pro-Viet Nam war rally at Stanford. So it’s no doubt that Khakis were the uniform of young conservatives in the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s. Later, after I snapped out of the past, I realized that I had made a mistake because Yale’s college rings have blue stones and “Harvard Crimson” rings have red stones. So in November I changed my report to that he looked like a Harvard graduate, it was just a guess because he looked so Ivy League and I was at least partially right while the FBI had it completely wrong. After the Judi Bari Rally, Cindy and I drove home, I told her what had happened, but she raised an eyebrow in disbelief.
The following morning I drove to Willits to find Sergeant Brown at the Willits Police Station to report my description of the suspicious person at the Federal building and the guy who gave an anti-feminist religious hate speech. I think looking back on it Sgt. Brown must have thought I was just crazy. When I returned to MEC the next morning, Betty was upset because she and her husband Gary had been hassled and pushed around by a group of young men outside of the MEC office that day. The rowdies had also rocked their car parked in front of the office. I asked her if they wore “Get Real” buttons and she said that they did although I doubted that she was capable of seeing them. I decided to start calling all of these anti-environmentalists “Get Real” for lack of a better name.
August 30, 1990 San Francisco Chronicle, Humboldt Supervisor Says More Trees Were Spiked—-Eureka, Humboldt County Supervisor Anna Sparks yesterday accused anti-logging demonstrators of tree-spiking and spreading nails on logging roads to sabotage trucks transporting timber. Sparks showed a news conference nails she said were found this summer scattered on logging roads and in timber going through a mill. Sparks said she believes that the nails were planted by environmentalists participating in a series of anti-logging Redwood Summer protests but stopped short of saying the Redwood Summer organization sanctioned the incidents. “You can’t prove who’s doing this,” Sparks said. Redwood Summer spokeswoman Jennifer Beigel denied the group’s responsibility for planting the nails. The road to the Redwood Summer base camp also has been littered with nails, Beigel said, suggesting that both sides are the targets of saboteurs. Sparks and Candace Boak, founder of the pro-timber industry group Mother’s Watch, urged the group to cancel its three-day finale protest this weekend near Ferndale. “They have made their point. They’ve gotten it across that they are opposed to cutting down redwoods,” Sparks said. Redwood Summer has staged dozens of protests this summer, ranging in size from a handful of demonstrators to as many as 1,500 protesters who gathered at Fort Bragg. Sparks said it will cost the county an estimated $406,000 to prosecute 145 demonstrators arrested so far on charges including trespassing and resisting arrest.
REDWOODSTOCK —–About a week later, Douglas, my computer engineer friend from Southern California drove to my house and together we traveled one hundred+ miles, northwest, to Humboldt Bay, to the mouth of the Eel River where we attended the last, large demonstration of Redwood Summer called Redwoodstock. The rally was held on a large spit of sand at the mouth of the Eel River which ran into the Bay. There was a large encampment area complete with large tents where seminars were given. I took a seminar from Karen Pickett; (Photo) the subject was the FBI. I lost track of Douglas so I sat through several speeches at the main gathering area when an angry group of loggers crashed the stage. One of the crashers was given the opportunity to speak using the microphone. He was angry saying that environmentalists had put large boulders in the road while he was driving a logging truck creating a very dangerous situation. Oddly I found that while away from my stuff someone had rifled through it. I thought that was strange until I remembered that I had been using binoculars to scope the crowd for the “stare down death squad members.” The entire rally was a giant environmentalist activists meeting. I learned more and more by listening and talking to people. While there I met a young woman with bushy dark hair sitting off to the side of the trail who was silently weeping, so I stopped to ask her why? She told me that someone that morning had stolen her computer from the garage where she lived in Arcata and that she badly needed a computer.
She was very easy to talk to and I told her some of my story and said I was looking for information about Bob Taylor, the security road contractor at Bald Mountain in Oregon. I found out she attended Humboldt State University as a journalism student and was a single mother. She knew the names of all the local anti-environmental low-lifers, the “Stompers” and the “Sahara Club” motorcycle club supporters of the timber industry. Later that day, she pulled a young woman out of the crowd who told me that she and her boyfriend had
several places. During the months before the fire there were two separate incidents when two men, described by locals as “thugs” were seen around Pat’s small town, asking about where Pat lived. When her house burned down, investigators found a gas can in what had been her living room, near where her Greenpeace files had been reduced to ashes, yet local authorizes did not see cause to investigate, and Greenpeace has called on (ha ha) the FBI for help.”

I thought of Bob Albonico, the reported arsonist and the two men in the white SUV who took my photo on the county road near my house in 1990. Albonico was not in Covelo and hadn’t been for months. Life had slowed down for me and it was like nothing had happened the year before, except that I was no longer friends with Dennis Snell, and Albonico’s best friend.


I would only learn of the accusations against Irv Sutly months later from Richard Johnson and what he told me was sketchy at best so I had no opinion, but I do remember thinking about the LALetter and Argus letter and wondered if Judi&Darryl even knew about “Black-Bag-jobs.”

I wouldn’t learn more until I got online 16 years later:

Judi said, “The effort to disrupt Ukiah Earth First! and paint me as a terrorist began in November, 1988, a year and a half before the bombing. At that time, a man named Irv Sutley came to Ukiah to attend an abortion clinic defense that I had organized in coalition with Ukiah Earth First! and other local groups. We were truly outrageous at that demo singing our newly written song “Will the Fetus Be Aborted” to the Operation Rescue thugs.

I knew Irv, although not well, from my earlier work in the Central America movement in Sonoma County. He was traveling with a good friend of mine and after the demonstration we all went back to Darryl’s house. We talked about our recent successful blockage of Cahto Wilderness in which I had been arrested for vehicular trespass. We smoked dope and fantasized about imaginary actions, including creating an oil spill in our pro-oil congressman Doug Bosco’s back-yard swimming pool.

After a while, Irv opened the trunk of his car and showed us that he was carrying a modified Uzi machine gun which he told us was legal. We took turns posing for photos with the gun, laughing and trying to look tough.

Irv placed the gun in my hands, showed me how to hold it and arranged it so my Earth First! shirt was clearly visible. About a month later, unknown to me at the time, the Ukiah Police received a copy of the photo of me holding the Uzi along with a letter from an anonymous informant.

The letter combined half-truths and outright lies to make me look like a terrorist. It read: “I joined Earth First to be able to report illegal activities of that organization. Now I want to establish a contact to provide information to authorities. The leader and main force of Earth First in Ukiah is Judi Bari. She is facing a trespassing charge in connection with the Earth First sabotage of a logging road in the Cahto Peak area. She did jail time in Sonoma County for blocking the federal building to support the Communist government in Nicaragua. Bari and the Ukiah Earth First are planning vandalism directed at Congressman Doug Bosco to protest offshore oil drilling. Earth First recently began automatic weapons training. . . “

The letter went on to offer to set me up for a marijuana bust. The police were instructed to take out a coded ad in the local newspaper if they were interested. They were and they did. Around that time, Irv Sutley called me up and asked me to sell him some marijuana. But while I may have been stupid enough to pose for joke photos with an Uzi, I was not stupid enough to sell marijuana. I refused to get him the dope and I was not busted.

The Uzi photo did not go to waste, though. Shortly after the bombing, the Ukiah Police released it to the press and it was printed in all the large mainstream newspapers as “proof” that I was a terrorist.”

In her book, Timber Wars, Judi Bari says that Steve Talbot, in his KQED documentary Who Bombed Judi Bari? Identified Irv Sutley as a probable police informant. Judi says Talbot’s expose of her is his best accomplishment of his investigation.

Irv claims innocence, saying that a third party, probably the FBI must have done it. He says the FBI must have had a surveillance operation of CISPES, Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador in Santa Rosa and overheard him talking on CISPES phone. He says probably he casually mentioned taking the photos of me and the FBI decided to sneak into his house, steal a photo and mail it to the Ukiah police.

Judi in her book says, “This is quite a leap of logic, especially when you consider that I was a full-time carpenter at the time and not so active or well-known yet. The FBI would have had to anticipate my future EF! Stardom to be interested in me that early and, in order to believe Irv’s story you would have to believe that not only did the FBI steal the picture from Irv’s house without him being aware of it, but they wrote this letter (Argus) that just happened to be composed of stuff Irv would know.

She goes on to say “people on the Peace and Freedom Party Central Committee, (of which Irv is a member) have asked me to confront Irv with the charges. They say they have known him for a long time, and they just can’t believe this. After my experience at the University of Maryland, I have no intention of confronting him face to face. And I think in most cases you can never really know who is an FBI agent and who is not. Even Tom Hayden. Timber Wars by Judi Bari

Mary Moore, Judi Bari’s old friend from as early as 1989 interceded in Sutly’s behalf for Judi to meet him, but Bari refused and blew off their friendship.


January 17, 1991 Randy Weaver booked into the Moscow County jail on weapons charges
February 20, 1991 Randy Weaver fails to show up at The Moscow County court house in Idaho.

I had been back on the mountain for a couple of weeks and except for the occasional snow storm and complete overcast everything was much to my surprise completely mellow, until:

COVELO—–On March 15th, 1991 a funny thing happened on my way into town. I took a short cut entering Round Valley because I wanted to make a telephone call. I no longer used the Black Butte Market phone and haven’t since the “stare down” the year before. I now used Howard’s phone. He lived on Hill road, on the west side of Round Valley.

I stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of Short Creek and East Lane and a white step van whizzed by me. A hundred feet or so further on, the driver, dressed in a white t-shirt, leaned out of the opened door and glanced back at me. I thought he was a local that I didn’t know but thought I had seen in Covelo a lot. I wasn’t thinking and I wasn’t alert because nothing had been happening in the two weeks since I’d been back.

I drove up the driveway to Howard’s trailer to use his phone finding the key he left for me under his front door mat. I entered and made my calls including one to Sgt. Brown to ask him if he read my hand written report. He said he had and had passed it on.

After I left Howard’s trailer, I took a left at the end of his driveway and after a short distance noticed the white step-van parked in the driveway of the house next door. As I drove by I glanced sideways at the van and spotted some movement, then I looked in my driver side mirror and saw a different man get out of the white step-van. He was much shorter than the driver of the van but also wore a white t-shirt and had dark hair. He took several extra-long exaggerated steps down the driveway in my direction, swinging his arms in an exaggerated manner looking straight at me with a menacing look on his face.

Although I was perplexed, the only thing I could think of was that they were just local whites who didn’t like me because I hung out with Indians, so I drove on unthinkingly to the farm supply store further up East Lane.

The very next morning, “Holy shit!” it suddenly dawned on me who those men were and what they might have been up to, It was the boy-sized man with the baby face and his angry arrogant prance toward my car that gave them away. All I had to do was go back to their presence at the “stare down” the previous summer. These two were among the five guys that had threatened me.

I had been seeing the dark-hair, skinny white guy driving the older hand-painted white step-van, who I thought was a local, day after day using the outdoor phones and at the drive-in- Hamburger shack on Commercial Street (main drag in Covelo) and multiple times driving out of Mill Street the summer of 1989. At the same time I was just beginning to visit John, my Indian friend who lived near Mill Street and remembered asking John if he knew the white guy in the white step-van and he said “No” he didn’t and added “Maybe he’s building a house in the Valley,” which was a hint to me as he repeatedly urged me to move off the mountain and start a life in the Valley.

So I decided to go see Howard and ask some questions, I drove to the Round Valley and after a few minutes asked him point blank what he could tell me about his next-door neighbor as I peered out the rear widow of the trailer at the small brown cape with a giant American flag. Howard told me his neighbor was a John Bircher type who drove out of the valley each day to work. Things were starting to make sense.

I left perplexed with unanswered questions, I looked up at Howard’s telephone pole, thinking about what little I knew of wiretapping. I knew that somehow you had to tap into the wires, which seemed impossible to me, because the wires were at the top of the pole in the middle of a field. So it was still a big mystery, then I realized they must have parked in the neighbor’s driveway and waited until Howard left. Being smart guys, they found the key Howard left me, entered the trailer and planted a bug or two, it was that simple electronic surveillance technology had probably advanced beyond my imagination and these guys were right on top of it and this is how they did it, beginning before the January 6, 1988, date of the “Argus Letter” mailing. In Redwood Valley they had parked in someone’s driveway who was friendly to their cause (loggers, I would learn had a channel on the CB radio) , close to Judi Bari’s house and by listening to bugs or wiretaps or both had learned the intimate details of Judi’s life which was revealed in the Argus letter. Also explains the1990’s Warning letter mailed to her that said, “WE KNOW EVERYTHING.” Later when I learned that Congressman Bosco’s “oil in his pool” fantasy conversation took place at Darryl Cherney’s house, so I suspected they must have been listening there also.

So now Mill Street to my mind and probably the bunk house owned by Louisiana-Pacific and Campbell logging was where the white step van was coming from and as there are only two houses and I knew one was owned by a white haired older man I had met, that left only one L-P house the [bunkhouse], not counting John A Campbell’s ranch house on top of the small bluff, so he had to be the executive involved in this unfolding conspiracy.

The [bunk] house was where I saw the blue and white Bronco which belonged to the bald-headed, thick-necked driver and the eccentric old man with the strings of neck jewelry who I was seeing a lot of in the spring of 1990 at the Round Valley Inn. The old guy was most probably Albonico’s “old man with religious tendencies he didn’t agree with who had stinger missiles for sale,” and the bunk house was the planning and operational base that spring of 1990 and in 1989 before that although I didn’t remember seeing the white step-van in 1990 (but later thought it was being used at Judi Bari’s neighborhood in Redwood Valley in 1990).

What I then figured out that even though I was looking for them after the ‘stare down’ the summer before and didn’t see them, in fact they were watching me very closely, enough to know that I was now making my phone calls from Howard’s trailer because they knew to go next door even before I got there the day before. My house sits in the open and is visible from the old fire watch tower at the top of the Mount Anthony where they must have had someone watching as I left for town. Somehow they knew I took a left on Short Creek Road and was heading to Howard’s to make a call. Somehow they knew I had dropped off my 1990 report to Sgt. Brown which must have precipitated their following my every move and the angry response to my call to Sgt Brown, but how did they know? To me this was the fourth incident that resulted from my coming forward to the police and FBI and could only have happened if Sgt. Brown was sharing info on me with the Mendocino Sherriff Department and someone there was passing on that information.

After the March 15th 1991 white step-van incident in Covelo, I bought a car phone but I had no coverage in Covelo and would have to drive to Route 101 or Fort Bragg on the coast, a two-hour drive just to use it. It wasn’t lost on me that each time I have come forward to Sgt Brown I’ve been immediately been confronted by Timber thugs and I’ve known I’m on the MCSD (police cars) computers (Shit-list) since I was “Flagged” in August of 1990. So I didn’t inform Sgt Brown of my suspicions for that reason, and another reason they would be gone before the County Sheriffs looked for them, (if indeed they even would look) as they had telegraphed their displeasure with me.

NEWS OF KEVIN DANIEL’S MURDER——The story I read in a newspaper about Kevin Daniel’s murder was what the Mendocino Sheriff’s Department announced in a press release what they were saying was that Daniels had been selling small bags of marijuana at the Louisiana Pacific Mill in Covelo on paydays and they had given polygraphs to three Round Valley, young Indian women which they failed. It seemed to me the three young women whose cars in the past had been seen parked in front of Kevin’s trailer was the only reason for their suspicion.

Note: Kevin’s trailer had no driveway so visitors had to park on the shoulder of Route 162; Kevin’s neighbor and best friend lived right next door; no one was seen parked in front of Kevin’s that night.

The newspaper’s article made it seem like these three Indian girls had committed the murder but there was no explanation why they failed the polygraph. Most likely, they lied about buying pot from Kevin. The only time the poor white and Indian women of Round Valley have any money is twice a month on what is called “Mother’s Day” when welfare checks arrive and some buy a few $1 marijuana joints which they called “Pinners” or an 1/8th of an ounce for $62.50 which are not exactly motives to commit arson/murder.

Until now, I suspected Albonico of Kevin’s murder but with the news that Kevin was selling pot at the mill, my suspicions grew. Then I remembered I’d run into Albonico in front of the Buck Horn Saloon in the August of 1989 and I thought at first that was funny because Bob didn’t drink, so he must have been waiting for somebody, actually anybody to conjure up a story because he immediately accused me of stealing a large bag of pot from his house.

I told him he was crazy, because I didn’t even know where his house was and then I left. Later that day and because there is no pot in Covelo in August, I talked to my friend Steve who told me Albonico’s daughter had recently come to him looking for Albonico and then he said that she might have taken it.

When I ran into Albonico in Covelo the next day, he refused to believe his daughter took it saying “I know who stole it.”

years then moved to San Jose in 1973 where her brother lived. She worked as a carpenter and obtained a contractor’s license.

Raynor met Ferlazzo at an anti-war meeting and they then moved to Santa Rosa in 1980 and began a Catholic Worker Kitchen in their home handing out food from their Volkswagen van to 150 families and sharing their house with four homeless families at a time. “I was always in awe of her. She had an ability to be with people, to be present with people, in a way I could only imagine. She gave a lot. She gave a hell of a lot more than she got,” said Ferlazzo.
obvious he was drunk. He asked Brown if he had seen his wife. Brown said “No” and Brown turned to me saying, “I’m on their side,” which meant to me that this guy was a logger and Brown was on the side of the timber Industry which actually I had concluded a long time ago. As it turned out I would never see Sgt John Brown again.

In the summer of 1993, a housewife from Grants Pass, Oregon named Rachelle Rance Shannon traveled to Wichita, Kansas with a bible and a 25-caliber pistol and shot George Tiller, a 51-year old doctor and abortion provider. Dr. Tiller was not the first physician so targeted. Six months earlier, an abortion provider named David Gunn had been murdered outside his medical clinic in Pensacola, Florida. Eyal Press, The Nation, June 22, 2009

During the Clinton years, eight abortion providers were murdered.

FOR THE FIRST TIME I HEARD ABOUT THE UNABOMBER——While sailing north, I heard over my ICOM 2000 single-side band ham radio about a mail bombing in New Haven, Connecticut. On the 24th of June1993, David

EARTH FIRST!—–Another highly speculative, conspiratorial possibility is that Kaczynski is a fall guy for some sort of weird conspiracy to drive
for years was a partner with Booth Nichols in the Meridian Arms business and at the time the permits were approved for Lake Cahuilla weapons demonstration,
Robert Booth Nichols was unaware he was being investigated by the FBI for suspected mob-related money laundering of drug profits and for stock fraud. And this from Bloomberg: “who (R B Nichols) in a 1993 lawsuit claimed to have worked for the CIA for 20 years—Nichols was also the target of a 1987 probe by the FBI of organized crime in the entertainment Industry.” Paragraph 2 on page 24
Perhaps this is the Lew Dunn connection and it should be noted Lew Dunn was using the same name and his Southern California address on the property [deed] records that I obtained from the Mendocino County Court House.…

Sci Property Mgmt Robin E Dunn Precision Finish Carpentry New &Used Cadillac Blot 11620 Wilshire Blvd
and Unitarian clergy. If Puritanism brought to the University an internal struggle for the control of opinion, it strengthened, if anything, the medieval conception of the university’s function as a place for training a learned priesthood, from which the laity were expected to take their opinions.” That is the apologist view by Samuel Eliot Morison who wrote The Founding of Harvard College and it is the apologist view that dominates 99.9% of the written record of Harvard’s and the Puritan history in New England.

What Morison leaves out is the future “Imperialist” military intentions of the Puritans, God’s “First Born Nation,” which from day one of John Winthrop’s landing, westward and northwestern expansion by military means into Indian “Heathen” lands and French “Popish” Quebec was a given, Calvinist economics demanded expansion. So at Harvard not only were they training priests but also future magistrates and military leaders. According to Richard Hofstader in Ant-Intellectualism in American Life (P.60) of the first two generations of Harvard Grads only half made it into the ministry.

As soon as a wharf was built at Cambridge, a ship unloaded a printing press (date unknown) it would be the only printing press in New England for many years, in 1640 it printed, The Bay Palm Book the first book of the Bible printed in the New World. This printing press made Cambridge and Harvard College the center of learning and publishing commerce in New England… Harvard historians would heavily influence what was written of New England and United States history for the next two hundred years and not accurately. For example, Americans popularly believe that the first Thanksgiving occurred on December 21, 1620, in Plymouth Rock, as the original innovation of the Massachusetts Pilgrims.

In reality, the Pilgrims borrowed the custom from others. Captain John Woodleaf took a group of colonists up the James River on December 4, 1619, and declared “Wee ordaine that the day of our ships arrival at the place assigned for plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually keept holy as a day of thanksgiving to almighty god.” And even earlier, in 1607, Captain George Popham had lead a contingent of English Puritans to share a harvest celebration with the Abnaki Indians of Maine. But Harvard scholars romanticized Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock, downplayed the role of southern Jamestown colony in deference to Massachusetts lore, and omitted any significant discussion of subsequent civil-rights abuses committed by the Puritans. This trend would continue to our present era as Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States graphically documents.

The Puritans viewed themselves as God’s special people, replacing national Israel, and that the American Indians were the “new Canaanites.” The fruit of the Puritan theology was brutal. They saw as their mission as converts these “Canaanites” to Christianity, or slaughter them in the name of Christ. For example, the Puritan massacres of the Pequot Indian tribe on May 26, 1637 (while the Warriors were away) and again on July 14, 1637, were deemed by the Puritans to be directed by God—Captain John Mason declared, “God laughed his enemies and the enemies of his people to scorn, making them as a fiery oven . . . Thus did the Lord judge among the heathen, filling the place with dead bodies.”(Segal and Stinenback) (The word Pequot was struck from the English languages and it wasn’t to reappear for 150 years until Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick andused the named Pequot in his story).

Governor William Bradford witnessed the torching of the Pequot village that killed 400 mostly women, children and old men; those who escaped their burning homes were “slain with the sword.” Rev. John Mather would later gleefully exclaim “they were Barbequed!” And “as Dr. Cotton Mather, Puritan theologian, put it: “it was supposed that no less than 600 Pequot souls were brought down to hell that day.’” (Zinn p.15)

Roger Williams in his sermons chastised the Puritan colony for refusing to allow freedom of religion and that no single church should be supported by tax dollars; he also insisted that the Indians be paid for their land. He was expelled in 1636 in the middle of the night, he and a small group made their way south and founded the Colony of Rhode Island on the belief of separation of church and state.

Ann Hutchinson was a deeply religious woman. In her understanding of Biblical law, she knew the ministers of Massachusetts had lost their way. She thought the enforcement of proper behavior from church members conflicted with the

SARA DIAMOND—- As Sara Diamond has shown, support for counterrevolutionary warfare (against poor people) in southern Africa, the Philippines and above all Central America played a much greater role in the Christian Right’s activism in the 1980s than has generally been recognized. through propaganda, lobbying, and direct-supply (weapons) operations, Christian Right groups worked with the Reagan Administration—including Oliver North’s secret network—to help “Freedom Fighters” armies in Nicaragua, Angola, and Mozambique, and counterinsurgency operations (death squads) in El Salvador, the Philippines and elsewhere. Diamond notes that this cooperation helped keep the Christian Right allied with the Reagan Administration despite the movement’s growing frustrations over the lack of domestic social policy changes.

As to whether the above right wing formation had a role in Mary Joe Frug’s brutal murder it should be apparent to everyone that the collection of lists of people considered opponents of freedom was a major endeavor of all right wing formations . All they needed was someone who had no compulsions about killing someone on their lists. It is that suspicion that is leading me to request a freedom of Information request from the Cambridge Police for both the Old Cambridge Baptist break-ins and Mary Joe Frug’s murder investigation reports. (FOIA Request denied)

In Anna Schneider-Mayerson’s December 4, 2005 New York Observer article, HARVARD LAW ON A HETERODOX SPREE, LISTING TO THE RIGHT, she writes about the situation at Harvard Law past and present.

Mayerson interviews Bradford Berenson:

Bradford Berenson doesn’t remember Harvard Law School as the most encouraging place for an ambitious young conservative. The 40-year-old partner at Sidley, Austin, Brown and Wood in Washington, D.C., who served in the White House Counsel’s office under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2003 and has chaired committees for the Federalist Society, the conservative and libertarian lawyers’ group, entered the program in 1988, in the immediate aftermath of the Reagan-era culture wars.

Back then, he said, it was not unheard of for a student pressing a conservative line in a class discussion to get hisses and boos from classmates. He said that a single professor [Charles Fried, former Solicitor General, Reagan’s propagandist in the culture wars] among the 60 or so full-time faculty actively propounded conservative jurisprudence and politics from the lectern.

“It wasn’t that uncommon or unusual to hear the word ‘fascist’ associated with a mainstream conservative,” Mr. Berenson said.

CULTURE WARS—-For a seemingly interminable stretch from the 1970’s to the 1990’s, Harvard Law was emblematic of academic ideological warfare, its infighting aired like dirty laundry in Eleanor Kerlow’s 1994, Poisoned Ivy, its campus derided in a 1993 article in GQ as “Beirut on the Charles.”

Members of Harvard’s Critical Legal Studies School attacked the traditionalists, arguing that their approach perpetuated a ruling class in America. The traditionalists struck back, led by Ms. Kagan’s predecessor, Robert Clark. In 1985, at a debate before alumni in New York, Mr. Clark charged that the C.L.S. adherents were engaging in “a ritual slaying of the elders.” (Every alumnus in the country reportedly received a transcript of his talk, courtesy of the Federalist Society.)

Among faculty members, lateral hiring and tenure decisions became more charged—and less conclusive—than confirmation hearings. Mr. Clark was ultimately compelled to bring in a retired law professor, Roger Fisher, to keep the peace among the warring factions.

So the atmosphere at the time of Mary Joe Frug’s ritual (religious) execution at Harvard, university students and faculty were overwhelmingly liberal; Harvard Law School and The Harvard Revue were as well.

The 1990 election of Barak Obama as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review was a gigantic victory for the Liberals. Harvard’s
Several faculty supporters of the protest had asked the activists to end the sit-in out of consideration for Frug, students said.

“We asked them to do that in light of her death,” said Dean of Students, Sarah Wald.

Despite the premature curtailing of the sit-in, the students will continue their protest in some form next week and will submit a list of demands to the dean, said David L. Strickland, a member of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) which organized the sit-in.

1980s and part of the 90s, the CRITS, the FEM-CRITS, (Feminist Theory) and the emerging QUEERCRITS were almost familial in both affections and disputes.

*Dominance Feminist Theory caught a lot of flak from conservatives who believed more than 2% of rape victims lied about being raped.
Critical Legal Studies: Many of the first wave American CLS scholars entered legal education having been profoundly influenced by the experience of the civil rights movement, the women’s rights movement and the anti-war movement of the 60s and 70s. What started off as a critical stance toward American domestic politics eventually translated into a critical stance toward the dominant legal ideology of modern Western society.

*Feminist Legal Theory: Feminist Legal Theory is based on the belief that the law has been instrumental in women’s historical subordination. The project of Feminist Legal Theory is twofold. First, feminist jurisprudence seeks to explain ways in which the law played a role in women’s former subordinate status. Second, Feminist Legal Theory is dedicated to changing women’s status through a reworking of the law and its approaches to gender.

Mary Joe Frug’s husband Gerald Frug, a Harvard Law professor, was an advocate there of Critical Legal Studies and had founded a spin-off movement called FEM-CRITS.


“It is not easy to escape from one’s skin, to see the world differently from the way it is presented to us day after day. But it is useful to try.” Noam Chomsky, September 4, 2012

The most important reason:

I suspect it was the Unabomber/Kaczynski who wrote the Lord’s Avenger Letter for many reasons, the most important of which was that it was a means of developing a new revenue stream. For the better part of three years he was prevented from building bombs because his spring, summers and fall of each year was occupied working for the planner of the timber company’s intelligence gathering, Black Propaganda and Executive Action which went to ground with the successful car bombing of Judi Bari ending his steady income.

By taking sole responsibility in the Lord’s Avenger Letter for the Judi Bari bombing, he established himself as a armed theocratic revolutionary leader. That he wrote the letter in biblical script declaring the reasons for attempting to kill in the name of anti-abortion, anti-feminism, blasphemy, apostasy, anti-environmentalism and “Dominion” from Genesis 1:26, a code word of Christian Reconstructionism and by not bringing any bad press and law enforcement down on the Re-Con movement, and at the same time fulfilling a Re-Con capital punishment agenda, the letter writer, i think made big points.

Points he probably wanted to cash in by attracting someone to fund his future operations, which undoubtedly he did with what I suspect was Linda Ann Raynor’s execution.

As a meticulous planner, Kaczynski is an extremely cautious and deceptive man and he would have wanted to move his operation to where would not jeopardize his future operations, after it was executed, he would have wanted no interference of an on-going investigation. There would be no dots to connect; his operation would not be connected to the Judi Bari bombing.

Therefore, he had to develop a plan for an operation he could sell to funder(s).

The third annual nationwide, Law Student Strike for Diversity, involving thirty law schools moved the date to April 4, 1991, the anniversary of the 1968 Memphis assassination of Martin Luther King which not only provided him with an opportunity to disrupt, demoralize, control and dominate but it gave him a date on the calendar defining the length of time he had to develop a plan and execute it.

That the date fell on Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination anniversary would make this operation a double triumph for theradical religious right-wing that was against everything the civil rights movement stood for.
Picking Harvard was a stroke of Genius. He clearly knew that Harvard was not the conservative place he graduated from, that conservatives were, according to their thinking, a beleaguered and demoralized minority at the University, the Law School and the Law Review.

That Harvard University was the heart of R. J. Rushdoony’s favorite area, the birth place of the early, New England theocracy envisioned by John Winthrop in his 1630 speech as the “citti on a hill,” the New Jerusalem of the “New Chosen People” who had inherited the spiritual legacy of the Jews, who had failed god. A new theocracy is what R. J. Rushdoony hoped to recreate in the United States in 30 years “raising up an army of home schooled children,” and then throughout the world. So Kaczynski’s Harvard operation must have been smiled upon by the Re-Con hierarchy.

The picking of a Victim is part of what is called an ”Executive Action.”

The methodology of [CIA] in, “Executive Action,” is called “THE CENSUS” or the process of identifying the enemy formation and its leaders. The first axiom of a covert operation is that when it goes to ground (is finished and everyone involved disperses) there is “plausible denial,” that it, (the covert action) never happened.

This is the main job of the planner; to insure that there is no evidence, no one to point the finger at (except possibly the victims), therefore so confounding its victims that they devolve into a fractured group and disperse.

In keeping with the anti-Feminist backlash reverberating throughout Christian Fundamentalism where the atmosphere in 1988 of Reagan’s cultural wars had fizzled, with right-wing failures and scandals, Pat Robertson’s presidential collapse, all of which was alluded to in the Lord Avenger letter, i.e. “The Devil is sorely Displeased by our Godly Dominion and he sends his demons to sow Confusion and Doubt in our numbers.” This led to the loss of authority with Robertson blaming Feminists with his anti-feminist hate speech. The LA letter-writer/Kaczynski knew about the loss-of-authority in the history of early New England theocracy which resulted in the Salem witchcraft trials and executions of women and leading to witchcraft trials of women throughout Essex County. So beyond Kaczynski’s own misogynist beliefs, he may have thought that an execution of a feminist in Cambridge would have a ripple-effect across the country with other misogynist, religious, right-wing extremists copying his crime with other anti-feminist executions, as he undoubtedly knew happened in 1600’s early New England theocracy.

By picking Mary Joe Frug as opposed to the more famous and published Harvard professor, Catherine A. MacKinnon,* also a nationally-known Feminist who was hated but also admired or equally accomplished Harvard Law Professor Martha Minow was a stroke of Kaczynski’s diabolical genius and his operational signature, because the execution of a New England School of Law professor couldn’t be directly connected to Harvard Law School, his main target.

The results of Kaczynski’s suspected work are the evidence:

On hearing of the brutal [execution] murder of Professor Mary Joe Frug, 50 Harvard “Law Students End Overnight Sit-In” at law school, Dean Robert C. Clark’s offices foregoing their plans of blocking Clark from entering his office:

“We want this to be known we’re doing this out of respect for Mary Frug,” Carney said. “We wanted it to be a continuous effort, but it’s hard to continue in light of this.”

“We asked them to do that in light of her death,” said Dean of Students, Sarah Wald.
There no written record that any law student leader or demonstrator ever thought Frug’s execution was timed to disrupt Law Student demonstrations and that is the calling card of an ”Executive Action.”

The Mary Joe Frug execution so terrorized the Cambridge feminist community that they most likely only talked among themselves about what they believed she was executed for her feminist beliefs and activism. No one publically spoke these thoughts because they had been intimidated into silence. This silence was an objective that the LA letter-writer wanted to enforce with his letter’s warning to Bari’s followers that if they continued their activism what happened to Bari would happen to them.

Everyone in the Cambridge community was in total shock over Mary Joe Frug’s brutal execution; no one knew whether it was a random murder or not; there was no one or group to point the finger to and was totally confounding and demoralizing.

If it had been Mac Kinnon or Minow instead of Frug, the police and the liberal community could have said Aha! the murderer(s) must be misogynist-conservatives from the law school or university.

Of course, Kaczynski’s main target was to disrupt Harvard Law Student demonstrations, terrorize Frug’s feminist circle and her Harvard Law School husband, Gerald, leader of the Fem-Crits and a member of Critical Legal Studies (CLS) and the leadership of that organization and the rest of the liberals in the law school, university and the liberal Cambridge community at large.

Mary Joe Frug’s execution was a form of control and domination over liberal Cambridge and Harvard University and Harvard’s misogynist conservatives, who were opposed to the hiring of women and persons of color. These rasist professors could quietly gloat in a triumphant way without any real suspicions cast upon them.Then they would get to feel triumphant again one year to the minute after Mary Joe Frug’s execution when the misogynist parody was released by the Harvard Law Review at their annual banquet.

*Catherine A. MacKinnon author of Feminism, Marxism, Method, and the State: An Agenda for Theory, 7 SIGNS: J. WOMEN CULTURE & SOC’Y 515 (1982) [hereinafter Mac Kinnon, Agenda for Theory]

*Martha Minow author of “Making All the Difference: Inclusion, Exclusion and American Law (1991), discussed how Law could accommodate unconventional ideas.

The Cambridge Police were equally perplexed they had no suspect (s) and were completely in the dark about Kaczynski’s operation and sent out an alert to police departments across the nation and got only one response that wasn’t helpful.

It seems incredibly incompetent for the FBI not to have put two and two together and consider the Lord’s Avenger letter-writer to be a suspect in Mary Joe Frug’s execution; or that the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department where the LAL was delivered, know that a nationally-known, feminist scholar was murdered at the start of a national student demonstration condemning the lack of diversity of women and minorities in Law Schools. That they never responded! It’s incredible to me but I’m not surprised because the FBI especially after they were caught in the big lie of declaring that Judi Bari’s car bomb was on the back seat floor board of her car when their own photos proved it was under the seat, still insisted Bari was transporting a bomb and never investigated any other suspects, never apologized or even gave back Bari’s childhood violin.

That Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department never responded would be expected they are nothing but Timber company thugs and racists to boot.

The coincidence of which strangely fits a Kaczynski mentality type time line?

INTERCOLLEGIATE STUDIES INSTITUTE (ISI) —– Which was founded in 1953 as the Intercollegiate Society of Individualists, its members over 50,000 college students and faculty across the U. S., used programs intended to supplement collegiate education and provide access to resources that help achieve an education based primarily on works of influential men and women in European and Christian tradition. The group supports limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, the rule of law, free market economy, and traditional values (specifically, those of Judo-Christian tradition. Although ISI does not have any official partisan or religious affiliation, the Institute tends towards Palo-conservative and traditionalist conservative positions. The influence of several important twentieth-century Roman Catholic thinkers is also apparent at ISI.

In fact, the very reason given for the existence of ISI is that education in the modern university is insufficiently liberal (in traditional sense, i. e. classical liberalism) to meet the needs of classical education. Further, the organization fights what it perceives as political correctness and liberal (in the modern sense) bias among campus professors. In a 1989 speech to the Heritage Foundation, then – President T. Kenneth Cribb Jr., stated:

We must . . . provide resources and guidance to elite which can take up anew the task of enculturation. Through its journals, lectures, seminars, books and fellowships, this is what ISI has done successfully for 36 years. The coming age of such elites has provided the current leadership of the conservative revival. But we should add a major new component to our strategy: the conservative movement is now mature enough to sustain a counter-offensive on that last Leftist redoubt, the college campus. . . We are now strong enough to establish a contemporary presence for conservatism on campus, and contest the Left on its own turf. We plan to do this by greatly expanding the ISI field effort, its network of campus based programming.

HARVARD LAW REVIEW “THE APRIL FOOL ISSUE” 1992——-A few months after Mary Joe Frug’s murder, Gerald Frug approached David Ellen, President of The Harvard Law Review asking him to publish Mary Joe Frug’s unfinished “A Postmodern Feminist Manifesto.”

Jerry Frug gave David Ellen the condition that if the Review wanted to publish the article posthumously, it would have to run it as written, with absolutely no editing changes. Ellen didn’t have a problem with the arrangement; he just had to decide whether the article deserved to be published in the Review. [The] still unfinished manuscript, what Harvard Law Review president David Ellen had in his hands was far from the usual Review fare. Most Law Review articles were dry, academic analyses of judicial opinions, held together by long strings of footnotes to support an author’s obscure-legal theories. The article Mary Joe Frug had been writing at the time of her death read like a personal memoir about how law subjugated women. (Kerlow p.57)

“Ellen didn’t dislike the article. Politically and intellectually, he understood the critical feminist is view and had been moderately intrigued with Mary Joe’s theories about Law and its relation to Women.” Ellen gave copies of Mary Joe’s draft to Janis Kestenbaum and Ramirez, co-chairs of the “Books and Commentary” section and Mark Harris, one of four supervising editors. It was up to them to decide.

“I thought it was a very original piece. It systematically examined the way Legal definitions and the Legal system assigned meaning to Women,” Ramirez reflected. “We were impressed with the substance of a lot of the ideas,” added Kestenbaum.

Kerlow reports Ellen, Ramirez, Kestenbaum and Harris had their “nagging doubts” whether it was as good or “significant” and Jerry Frug asked them to give it another chance] and speak with Harvard’s Law Professor, Martha Minow.” They agreed it was wise to solicit responses from other prominent feminists. Minow, a friend of Mary Jo’s as well as a fellow charter member of the Fem-Crits, was persuasive.”


“I think the FBI should find the Bomber and fire him!” Judi Bari

According to the data there was no reason in the world why the FBI conducted a bomb school on Louisiana-Pacific land in Northern California on April 26 &27, 1990, two weeks before the May 24, 1990 Bari-Cherney car bombing in Oakland, Ca.; where the FBI Frank Doyle bomb school instructor of #13 Counterterrorism bomb squad blew up 3 cars with pipe bombs in which the pipe bombs were “placed” inside a t least two of the cars, which may of or may not of been the practice of Doyles earlier years of bomb schools. The reason this is so odd is because such a (terrorist) bombing is non-existent, as there had been no car bombings in California nor the entire west coast and there is no use of pipe bombs in car bombings in the United States or the World. So Why?

1928: Danny Hogan (criminal) St. Paul, Minnesota, bomb-unknown. Killed
1955: November 4, William Morris Bioff, (criminal), dynamite wired to the starter. Killed
1975: In March, Ady Birns, (criminal), C-4 military explosive. (ignition-detonated) Killed
1975: On October 31, Rolando Masferrer Rojas, Cuban Communist Party, car bomb. Killed
1976: Orlando Letelier, Washington, D.C., a diplomat and assistant Ronni Moffit car-bomb (remote-controlled detonator).First assassination in the U S by a foreign country: Chile.
1976, June 6: Don Bolles, Phoenix, Arizona, journalist, car-bomb (remote), and six-sticks of dynamite taped underside of car beneath the driver’s seat was detonated.
1977: October 6, Danny Green, (criminal), killed when parked car explodes.
1977: October 8, Ray J. Ryan, (businessman), bomb connected to ignition of the car. Killed
1979: On May 17, John Nardi, (criminal) remote parked car-bomb. Killed
1996, November 1: Gary Triano, Tucson, Arizona, businessman, car-bomb (remote).

29 known world car bomb assassinations: (remote) 17, (tilt-based) 3, movement-sensitive-switch 1, suicide 4, unknown 3.

After checking all other sources I found one car bombing not on the Wikipedia list:
1965 June, Cheryl Rude, Chicago, (unintended victim) killed by ignition rigged car bomb. Chicago Tribune

Tilt-Bases (fuses):

The function of the fuse is such that when it is tilted or moved, the mercury – a liquid metal – will slide down the tube and close the electrical circuit wired to the bomb. Once the circuit is closed, the electric current will then be able to bridge the previously open gap and activate the bomb presumably concealed in another part of the vehicle. Such a tilting of the tilt fuse will likely occur over the regular bumps and jerks of the vehicle driving, ascension up the slope of a hill, or the depression of the brake or acceleration pedals, depending on the placement of the tube.

Due to the volatility in the conduction of the operation, bombers often take precautionary measures to prevent accidental tilting of the fuse while they are setting up. These often include a timer incorporated with the electric current; the bomber may set a certain time period before the contacts become live, therefore ensuring that the bomb cannot be activated until the bomber is well clear of the area.

Tilt fuses have been used extensively by the Irish Republican Army and Irish National Liberation Army since 1979. Wikipedia

World car bomb assassinations Tilt-Bases 3:

#1) 1987 December 22: John Mc Michael, British MP, Ulster Defense Association leader, killed by 5 pound bomb attached to underside of car activated by movement-sensitive-switch. Provisional IRA suspected.

#2) 1999 March 15: Rosemary Nelson, prominent Irish human rights lawyer, Nelson claimed she received death threats from the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC), whose involved not ruled out by MI5 report. Killed by car bomb (tilt-based)

Criterion I: The act must be aimed at attaining a political, economic, religious, or social goal.

Criterion II: There must be evidence of an intention to coerce, intimidate, or convey some other message to a larger audience (or audiences) than the immediate victims.

Criterion III: The action must be outside the context of legitimate warfare activities, i.e. the act must be outside the parameters permitted by international humanitarian law (particularly the admonition against deliberately targeting civilians or non-combatants).

GTD ID: 198609290001: 09/29/1986: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, government, property damage but no injuries, explosives/bombs/dynamite time fuse
GTD ID: 1986092900004: 09/29/1986: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, business, property damage but no injuries, explosives/bombs/dynamite time fuse
GTD ID: 198609290003: 09/29/1986: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, business, property damage but no injuries, explosives/bombs/dynamite time fuse
GTD ID: 198609290002: 09/29/1986: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, military recruitment office, no property damage
GTD ID: 198609160002: 09/16/1986: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, religious figures/institutions, property damage, explosives/bombs dynamite unknown explosive type

WEST COAST ANTI-ABORTION BOMBINGS—–There were 156 Abortion related bombings in the United States from May 2, 1978 to April 25, 1995 of those: 37 were West Coast Abortion related bombings with only 1 person injured from May 2, 1978 to April 25, 1995

#1) GTD ID 197802180009 02/18/1978: Concerns Women’s Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio. Perpetrator threw a bag containing gasoline at the abortion clinic’s receptionist temporarily blinding her. Abortion clinic sustained $100,000 in damages.
#2) GTD ID 197806150007 06/15/1978: Abortion clinic, Beverly Hills, Iowa. Unknown explosive type.
#3) GTD ID 197902150014 02/15/1979: Bill Baird Clinic, Hempstead, New York, Peter Burkin, unemployed drifter entered the waiting room and ignited a fire using a bottle of gasoline and two foot torch. The person was injured in the incident and the abortion clinic was burnt down resulting in over $100,000 in damages.
#4) GTD ID: 198403040015: 03/04/1983: Family Practice Clinic in Bellingham, Washington State; Homemade firebomb. Property damage $60,000. #5) GTD ID: 198312030005: 12/03/1983: Everett Feminist Women’s Health Care Center, Everett, Washington State. Gasoline poured through window. Property damage: $45,000.
#6) GTD ID: 198403260022: 03/26/1984: Everett Feminist Women’s Health Care Center, Washington State. Gasoline poured on floor and set on fire. Property damage: $10,000.
#7) GTD ID: 198404190011: 04/19/1984: Everett Feminist Women’s Health Care Center, Washington State. Gasoline or alcohol fire. Property damage $1,000.
#8) GTD ID: 198409130009: 09/13/1984: Birth Control Institute in San Diego, CA. Incendiary arson/fire sustaining $200,000 in damages.
#9) GTD ID 198410150009 10/15/1984: Planned Parenthood Association of Humboldt County in Eureka, California. Fire ignited at rear of building. Property damage, $1 million.
#10) GTD ID: 198512020029: 12/02/1985: Portland Feminist Women’s Health Center in Oregon. Letter bomb defused.
#11) GTD ID 198512020030 12/02/1985: Lovejoy Surgical Center in Portland, Oregon. Letter bomb defused.
#12) GTD ID 198512020031: 12/02/1985: Planned Parenthood in Beaverton, Oregon. Letter bomb defused at post office.
#13) GTD ID 198512020032: 12/02/1985: Dr. Peter Bours, a physician who performs abortions in Forest Grove, Oregon. Letter bomb of incendiary nature designed to explode upon opening and device powerful enough to kill whoever opened it.
#14) GTD ID 198707270004: 07/27/1987: Family Planning Associates Medical Group clinic in San Diego, CA. The pipe bomb was taped to two gallon can of gasoline with time fuse. Eric #15) Svelmoe was arrested shortly after placing bomb at 3:00 AM.
#16) GTD ID 198801290008: 01/29/1988: Planned Parenthood of Everett clinic in Washington State. Fire ignited with flammable liquid, damage, unknown.
#17) GTD ID 199005090009: 05/09/1990: Daniel J. Carver set a fire at the Lovejoy Surgi-Center in Portland, OR, incendiary gasoline or alcohol. Damage $30,000.
#18) GTD ID 199007110005: 07/11/1990: Feminist Women’s Health Center, Redding, CA, incendiary arson/fire. The abortion clinic sustained $30,000 in damages.
#19) GTD ID 199007280007: 07/28/1990: Planned Parenthood facility, Santa Ana, CA, incendiary arson/fire with damages less than $1 million.
#20) GTD ID 199008160013: 08/16/1990: Planned Parenthood facility, Olympia, Washington, unknown explosive type, property damage $400.
#21) GTD ID 199204110006 04/11/1992: Rachelle Shannon set a fire at the building housing the Catalina Medical Center and offices of Dr. Williard L. Brown in Ashland, Oregon. There were no casualties but the building was destroyed resulting in $379,000 in damages.
#22) GTD ID 199207010006 07/01/1992: Unknown perpetrators ignited a fire at the Family Planning Associates clinic in Newport Beach, California. There were no casualties but the abortion clinic sustained $9,000 in damages.
#23) GTD ID 199208010011 08/01/1992: Rachelle Shannon threw an incendiary device onto the roof of the Lovejoy Surgi-Center in Portland, Oregon. There were no casualties but the abortion clinic sustained $2,500 in damages.
#24) GTD ID 199206060009 06/06/1992: Richard Thomas Andrews set fire to the Redding Feminist Woman’s Health Center in Redding, California. There were no casualties but the abortion clinic sustained $70,000 in damages.
#25) GTD ID 199208080022 08/08/1992: Michael Andrew Fix threw an incendiary device onto the roof of the West End Women’s Health Group in Reno, Nevada. There were no casualties and the abortion facility sustained minor damages.
#26) GTD ID 199208180019 08/18/1992: Rachelle Shannon threw four Molotov cocktails into the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Sacramento, California. There were no casualties but the abortion clinic sustained $5,000 in damages.
#27) GTD ID 199208180020 08/18/1992: Rachelle Shannon firebombed the West End Women’s Medical Group in Reno, Nevada. There were no casualties, but the abortion clinic was damaged.
#28) GTD ID 199209160014 09/16/1992: Rachelle Shannon ignited a fire at the Feminist Women’s Health Center of Eugene, Oregon. There were no casualties, but the abortion clinic sustained over $1,000 in damages.
#29) GTD ID 199212240005 12/24/1992: Unknown perpetrators set a fire at the office of Dr. Weiner, a physician who performs abortions in Fresno, California. There were no casualties, but the building sustained $50,000 in damages.
#30) GTD ID 199410090010 10/09/1994: In a series of related attacks, Richard Thomas Andrews ignited a fire at the Redding Feminist Woman’s Health Center in Redding, California. There were no casualties but the abortion clinic sustained $4,000 in damages.
#31) GTD ID 199410090011 10/09/1994: In a series of related attacks, Richard Thomas Andrews ignited a fire at the Planned Parenthood of Shasta-Diablo clinic in Chico, California. There were no casualties but the abortion clinic sustained $35,000 in damages.
#32) GTD ID 199410170012 10/17/1994: Unknown perpetrators threw a Molotov cocktail into the Women’s Community Clinic in San Jose, California. The firebomb did not ignite but the abortion clinic still sustained $500 in damages.
#33) GTD ID 199501090007 01/09/1995: Unknown perpetrators ignited a fire at the Eastside Women’s Health Clinic in Olympia, Washington. There were no casualties, but the abortion clinic sustained around $500,000 in damages.
#34) GTD ID 199502090009 02/09/1995: Ventura, California. Incendiary device used against Family Planning Associates with no injuries but with $1,000 in damages.
#35) GTD ID 199502150003 02/15/1995: Planned Parenthood, San Luis Obispo, California. Incendiary device used resulting in $50,000.00 in damages.
#36) GTD ID 199502210002 02/21/1995: Choice Medical Group, abortion related. Incendiary device used with no injuries, unknown amount of damages.
#37) GTD ID 199502280006 02/28/1995: Buena Vista Women’s Service/Pregnancy Consultation, San Francisco, California. No injuries or fatalities, property damage unknown. Incendiary device used.

California: bombings with no deaths or injuries from May 2, 1978 to April 25, 1995

#1) GTD ID 197806150008 06/15/1978: Movie theater showing “The Palestinian”, Beverly Hills, CA. Perpetrator was one member of JDL (Jewish Defense League) convicted of bombing the Doheny Plaza theatre. There were no casualties but building sustained estimated $1,000 in damages.
#2) GTD ID 197807010004 07/01/1978: San Francisco, CA, Senator Milton Marks’ van damaged by unknown explosive type. Property damage of $5,000.
#3) GTD ID: 198001220016: 01/22/1980: Taiwan target. China Airlines: luggage area, LA, CA, USA. Unknown explosive type; damage amount unknown.
#4) GTD ID: 198006100007: 06/10/1980: former Iranian consulate, Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA. Bomb enclosed in package size of portable radio about 10 inches long, 7 l/2 inches high and 3 to 4 inches wide, emitting strong odor with pressure trigger exploded when bomb squad officials attempted to move device containing nails in attempt to harm people.
#5) GTD ID: 198009200006: 09/20/1980: Pacific Gas and Electric Co Office, Berkeley, CA, Pipe bomb w/ time fuse, damages unknown.
#6) GTD ID: 198010010008: 10/01/1980: LA, CA, local TV station, journalists and media, armed assault/bullets. Property damage, unknown.
#7) GTD ID: 198010060012: 10/06/1980: LA, CA, Turkish head consulate, Kemal Arikan. Explosives/bombs/dynamite: unknown. Property damage, unknown.
#8) GTD ID: 198012060006: 12/06/1980: LA, CA, Temple Beth David, Incendiary fire/property damage $100,000.
#9) GTD ID: 198704190014: 04/19/1987: Police vehicle parked outside City Hall, Missoula, Montana. Bomb explosion destroyed unmarked, unoccupied police car. Blast shattered windows in City Hall and nearby buildings. Damages unknown.
#10) GTD ID: 198704160014: 04/16/1987: ALF, (Animal Liberation Front), fire set to Veterinary Medicine Research Facility, animal diagnostic center at University of California, Davis, CA, with slashed tires/painted slogans on 17 parked cars one half mile from site of fire. Damages estimated at more than $1 million.
#11) GTD ID: 198709010010: 09/01/1987: ARM, (Animal Rights Militia, faction of ALF), arson fire protesting San Jose Valley Veal and Beef Company plant practices toward veal calves in Santa Clara, CA. $10,000 in damages
#12) GTD ID: 198711280008: 11/28/1987: ALF (Animal Liberation Front) for arson at V. Melani Poultry Co., Inc. warehouse in Santa Clara, CA as well as vandalizing company vehicles in protest for 3,000 boxed chickens. $200,000 in damages.

#13) GTD ID: 198902280031: 02/28/1989: Cody Book Store, Berkeley, CA, Incendiary device, property damage, unknown.
#14) GTD ID: 198902280032: 02/28/1989: Walden Books, Berkeley, CA, Incendiary device, property damage $1,000.

The following 46 terrorist bombing incidents in the US occurred on dates between May 2, 1978 and April 25, 1995 where people were killed or injured. 14 of those terrorist bombings were Kaczynski’s or 28.2 %. That’s not counting the two Kaczynski bombing where no one was killed or injured.

Note: Kaczynski’s bombings are marked in red numbers Suspected bombings are in green

1 #1) GTD ID: 197805260002 05/25/1978: Chicago, IL, Northwestern University addressed to Professor, 1 injured, perpetrator: Kaczynski, letter bomb.

2#2) GTD ID: 197905090011 05/09/1979: Chicago, IL, Northwester’s Technological Institute, Perpetrator: Kaczynski, explosive cigar box, I injured, property damage unknown.

#3) GTD ID: 197910270005 10/27/1979: Cuban Mission to the UN, New York City, l perpetrator, 2 injured, unknown explosive.
3 #4) GTD ID: 197911150001 11/15/1979: American Airlines Boeing 727 Airliner, Perpetrator: Kaczynski, mailed packaged bomb, 12 to 14 people injured from smoke inhalation.

#5) GTD ID: 197912040002 12/04/1979: Jet [and] Cruise Travel Agency, Astoria, New York bombed by the Croatian Freedom Fighters. Bombing/explosion caused 3 injuries and less than $1 million in damages.

#6) GTD ID: 197912070002 12/07/1979: Cuban U.N. Mission, New York City, Omega-7 claimed responsibility, 2 injured, unknown explosives but unreported damages

#7) GTD ID 197912110003: 12/11/1979: Soviet Mission to United Nations, NYC; Omega-7, 8 injured, unknown explosives.

#8) GTD ID 197912240004: 12/24/1979: Norris, Tennessee, Police Department, 2 injuries, unknown explosives.

4 #9) GTD ID 198006100006: 06/10/1980: Percy Wood, injured, President, United Airlines, and Lake Forest, Illinois. Perpetrator: Kaczynski, mailed package bomb.

#10) GTD ID 198008200004 08/20/1980: Berkeley, CA, 1 injury, Educational Institution, Explosive unknown.

#11) GTD ID 198010120009 10/12/1980: NYC, Justice Commandos for the Armenian Genocide, 5 injuries, Diplomatic, Explosive unknown

#12) GTD ID 198010120008 10/12/1980: Los Angeles, CA, Justice Commandos for the Armenian Genocide, 1 injury, Business, Explosive unknown

#13) GTD ID 198103170002 03/17/1981: NYC, 2 injured, unknown explosive type, Government (general)

#14) GTD ID 1981105160004 05/16/81: No name for victims, New York City, Pan American Airlines Terminal at Kennedy Int’l Airport, suspects: Puerto Rican Armed Resistance, unknown explosive type, one fatality, one injury.

#15) GTD ID 198106270006 06/27/1981: A bomb [unknown explosive type] exploded on the University of Maryland, College Park campus, in the United States, killing a visiting scholar from the People’s Republic of China, Cuo Ren Wu, and injuring four other Chinese visiting students. The bomb was lodged outside the College Park municipal building underneath the air conditioner on the ground, but authorities had no reason to believe the bomb was meant for city government officials, and thus, it is suspected that the bomb was specifically aimed at the students because they were Chinese; however, the perpetrators and exact motives are unknown. The bomb caused $100,000 worth of damage to the municipal building and shattered windows in cars and establishments within a 25-mile radius.

5 # 16) GTD ID 198110080005 10/08/1981: University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. Perpetrator: Kaczynski, booby trap bomb was disarmed.

6 #17) GTD ID 198205050015 05/05/82: University professor (secretary injured), University of Tennessee, letter bomb, one injury, perpetrator Kaczynski.

7 #18) GTD ID 198207020013 07/02/1982: University of California, Berkeley, Diogenes J. Angelakos, Professor, injured. Perpetrator: Kaczynski, 8 ½ long, half-inch-wide galvanized pipe sealed on either end with threaded caps i. e. pipe bomb.

#19) GTD ID 198207050008 07/05/1982: NYC, Croatian Nationalists, 1 injury, private citizens & property, unknown Explosive.

#20) GTD ID 198207050006 07/05/1982: NYC, Croatian Nationalists, 1 injury, private citizens & property, unknown explosive.

#21) GTD ID 198212080005 12/08/1982: Anti-nuclear group unknown, Washington Monument, Washington DC, one fatality.

#22) GTD ID 198212310011 12/31/1982: NYC, FALN (Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional, 2 injuries, Private Citizens and property, Explosive unknown.

#23) GTD ID 198212310010 12/31/1982: NYC, FALN (Fuerzas Armadas de Liberation Nacional), 1 injury, Police, Explosive unknown.

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by Alston Chase © 2000 The Atlantic Monthly, June 2000

After this intriguing start Kaczynski told me little more about the Murray experiment than what I could find in he published literature. Henry Murray’s widow, Mina, was friendly and cooperative, but could provide few answers to my questions. Several of the research assistants I interviewed couldn’t or wouldn’t talk much about the study. Nor could the Murray Center be entirely forthcoming. After considering my application, its research committee approved my request to view the records of this experiment, the so-called data set, which referred to subjects by code names only. But because Kaczynski’s alias was by then known to some journalists, I was not permitted to view his records.

Through research at the Murray Center and in the Harvard archives I found that, among its other purposes, Henry Murray’s experiment was intended to measure how people react under stress. Murray subjected his unwitting students, including Kaczynski, to intensive interrogation–what Murray himself called “vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive” attacks, assaulting his subjects’ egos and most-cherished ideals and beliefs.

My quest was specific–to determine what effects, if any, the experiment may have had on Kaczynski. This was a subset of a larger question: What effects had Harvard had on Kaczynski? In 1998, as he faced trial for murder, Kaczynski was examined by Sally Johnson, a forensic psychiatrist with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, at the order of court. In her evaluation Johnson wrote that Kaczynski “has intertwined his two belief systems, that society is bad and he should rebel against it, and his intense anger at his family for his perceived injustices.” The Unabomber was created when these two belief systems converged. And it was at Harvard, Johnson suggested, that they first surfaced and met. She wrote:

During his college year he had fantasies of living a primitive life and fantasized himself as “an agitator, rousing mobs to frenzies of revolutionary violence.” He claims that during that time he started to think about breaking away from normal society.

It was at Harvard that Kaczynski first encountered the ideas about the evils of society that would provide a justification for and a focus to an anger he had felt since junior high school. It was at Harvard that he began to develop these ideas into his anti-technology ideology of revolution. It as at Harvard that Kaczynski began to have fantasies of revenge, began to dream of escaping into wilderness. And it as at Harvard, as far as can be determined that he fixed on dualistic ideas of good and evil, and on a mathematical cognitive style that led him to think he could find absolute truth through the application of his own reason. Was the Unabomber–“the most intellectual serial killer the nation has ever produced,” as one criminologist has called him— born at Harvard?


What was the purpose of the experiment? Keniston told me that he wasn’t sure what the goals were. “Murray was not the most systematic scientist,” he explained. Murray himself gave curiously equivocal answers. At time he suggested that his intent was merely to gather as much raw data as possible about one interpersonal event, which could then be used in different ways to help “develop a theory of dyadic systems.” At other times he recalled the idealist goal of acquiring knowledge that would lead to improving human personality development. At still other times his language seemed to suggest a continued interest in stressful interrogations. For example, Murray explained in his “Notes on Dyadic Research,” dated March 16, 1959, that an ongoing goal of the research which focused heavily on “of anxiety and disintegration,” was to “deign and evaluate instruments and procedures for the prediction of how each subject will react in the course of a stressful dyadic proceeding.”

Such equivocation prompts one to ask, Could the experiment have had a purpose that Murray was reluctant to divulge? Was the multiform-assessments project intended, at last in part, to help the CIA determine how to test, or break down an individual’s ability to withstand interrogation? The writer Alexander Cockburn has asked whether the students might have been given the hallucinogenic drug LSD without their knowledge, possibly at the request of the CIA. By the late 1950s, according to some, Murray had become quite interested in hallucinogenic, including LSD and psilocybin. And soon after Murray’s experiments on Kaczynski and his classmates were under way, in 1960, Timothy Leary returned to Harvard and, with Murray’s blessing, began his experiments with psilocybin. In his autobiography,Flashbacks (1983), Leary, who would dedicate the rest of his life to promoting hallucinogenic drugs, described Murray as “the wizard of personality assessment who, as OSS chief psychologist, had monitored military experiments on brainwashing and sodium amytal interrogation. Murray expressed great interest in our drug-research project and offered his support.”

Forrest Robinson reports in his biography that Murray took psilocybin and in 1961 delivered a talk on his experience to the International Congress of Applied Psychology. That Leary had Murray’s support was confirmed by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Schlain in their book Aicd Dreams: The Complete social History of LSD (1985), Leary returned to Harvard and established a psilocybin research project with the approval of Dr. Harry Murray, chairman of the Department of Social Relations. Dr. Murray, who ran the Personality assessments section of the OSS during World War II, took a keen interest in Leary’s work. He volunteered for a psilocybin session, becoming one of the first of many faculty and graduate students to sample the mushroom pill under Leary’s guidance.

Kaczynski thinks he was never given LSD. And after exhaustive research I could find no evidence that LSD was ever used in Murray’s research. Nevertheless, whether the research had a defense connection of some sort remains an open question. Although direct evidence of support from a federal defense grant is so far lacking, circumstantial evidence exists: the strong similarity between the OSS stress tests and the later experiments. Murray’s association with the OSS, his grant proposal to do research for the Navy Department, and the lack of any clearly explained purposes for the study. Obviously, the dyadic studies would have had considerable utility for the defense establishment, either as a framework for testing recruits or as continuing work on how to improve interrogation



What was the state of Kaczynski’s mental health at the time of the multiform- assessments project and immediately afterward? The evidence suggest that he was entirely sane during those years. By the spring of 1998 Kaczynski had obtained from the Murray Center his answers (along with those of other Murray-experiments participants) on the Thematic Apperception Test, which Murray had given to Kaczynski during the first year of the experiments. At Kaczynski’s request, his lawyers sent these to a psychological-testing expert: Bertram Karon, at Michigan State University. Because participants were identified only by code names, Karon was able to conduct a blind evaluation–measuring the answers without knowing who had given them. Karon found that on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 a complete absence of illness and 10 the highest degrees of illness, “Lawful” scored 0 to “Schizotypy” and 2 for “Psychopathy.” Kaczynski’s undergraduate experience and behavior had been unremarkable. The reports of his housemaster, his adviser and the university doctors attested to his normalcy, as did the observations of classmates. There is no evidence of immediate mental degradation in the project’s aftermath. Emotional turmoil is another matter. As Sally Johnson, the forensic psychiatrist, reported, Kaczynski clearly began to experience emotional distress then, and began to develop his anti-technology views.

And there is one thing that come through clearly in he essays, test answers, and interview of Murray’s subjects at the outset of the experiment: many of these young men already exhibited attitudes of anger, nihilism and alienation–reflecting, perhaps, just how persuasively a culture of despair had infused student attitudes and suggesting that some might have been especially vulnerable to stress.


These thoughts upset Kaczynski all the more because they exposed his ineffectuality. Johnson reported that he would become horribly angry with himself because he could not express this fury openly. “I never attempted to put any such fantasies into effect,” she quoted from his writings, “because I was too strongly conditions…against any defiance of authority…I could not have committed a crime of revenge even a relatively minor crime because…my fear of being caught and punished was all out of proportion to the actual danger of being caught.”

Kaczynski felt that justice demanded that he take revenge on society. But he lacked the personal resources at that time to do so. He was–had always been–a good boy. Instead he would seek escape. He began to dream about breaking away from society and living a primitive life. According to Johnson, he “began to study information about wild edible plants” and to spend time learning about he wilderness. And like many American intellectuals before him, from Henry David Thoreau to Edward Abbey, he began to form a plan to seek personal renewal in nature.

Today society would not tolerate the deceptions inherent in the Murray experiments. The researchers seem to have failed at least two requirements in the American Psychological Association’s current code of conduct: that they obtain “informed consent” from their subjects and that they “never deceive research participants about significant aspects that would affect their willingness to participate, such as physical risks, disc comfort, or unpleasant emotional experiences. But different standards prevailed then, and what we now view a the abuse of human subjects was common. Researchers around the country performed experiments on undergraduates that put them in psychological peril.

In an infamous experiment conducted in 1962 by the Yale professor Stanley Milgram, subjects (forty men recruited through mail solicitation and a newspaper ad) were led to believe that they were delving ever-more-powerful electric shocks to a stranger, on orders from the researchers. Nearly two third of them continued to obey the orders even when they were asked to administer the highest level of shock, labeled “Danger: Severe Shock.” Some participants broke down on learning of third potential for cruelty. “I observed a mature and initially poised businessman enter the laboratory smiling and confident,” Milgram wrote, concerning one of his study subjects. “within 20 minutes he was reduced to a twitching, stuttering wreck, who was rapidly approaching a point of nervous collapse.”

A 1971 experiment by the Stanford professor Philip Zimbardo embodied the pursuit of scientific truth at the expense of students’ psychological health. Zimbardo selected twenty-four students to play a game of guards an prisoners. Nine were “arrested” and taken to a basement “prison” where they were guarded by the others. In a very short time the guard began abusing the prisoners. This sadism erupted so quickly that Zimbardo discontinued the experiment after six days–eight days earlier than originally intended.

The Murray experiment may not have been as intensely traumatic as these other experiments. And its ethics were definitely acceptable in their day. But the ethics of the day were wrong. And they framed Kaczynski’s first encounter with a reckless scientific value system that elevated the pursuit of scientific truth above human rights.

When, soon after, Kaczynski began to worry about the possibility of mind control, he was not giving vent to paranoid delusions. In view of Murray’s experiments, he was not only rational but right. The university and the psychiatric establishment had been willing accomplices in n experiment that had treated human beings as unwitting guinea pigs, and had treated them brutally. Here is a powerful logical foundation for Kaczynski’s latterly expressed conviction that academics, in particular scientists, were thoroughly compromised servants of “the system,” employed in the development of techniques for the behavioral control of populations.



It was the confluence of two streams of development that transformed Ted Kaczynski into the Unabomber. One stream was personal, fed by his anger toward his family and those who he felt had slight or hurt him, in high school and college. The other derived form his philosophical critique of society and its institutions, and reflected the culture of despair he encountered at Harvard and later. The Murray experiment, containing both psychological and philosophical components, may well have fed both streams.

Gradually, while he was immersed in his Harvard readings and in the Murray experiment, Kaczynski began to put together a theory to explain his unhappiness and anger. Technology and science were destroying liberty and nature. the system, of which Harvard was a part, served technology, which in turn required conformism. By advertising, propaganda, and other techniques of behavior modification, this system sought to transform men into automatons, to serve the machine.

Thus did Kaczynski’s Harvard experiences shape his anger and legitimize his wrath. By the time he graduated, all the elements that would ultimately transform him into the Unabomber were in place–the ideas out of which he would construct a philosophy, the unhappiness, the feelings of complete isolation. Soon after, so, too, would be his committeemen to positivism–morality was nonrational–made him feel free to murder. Within four years of graduating from Harvard he would be firmly fixed in his life’s plan. According to an autobiography he wrote that chronicled his life until the age of twenty-seven, “I thought `I will kill, but I will make at least some effort to avoid detection, so that I can kill again.”


Today Ted Kaczynski is serving four life terms in a maximum-security prison in Florence, Colorado. Out of sight, he is not out of play. His manifesto continues to be read at colleges around the country.

It is unlikely that Kaczynski will someday be a free man again, but it is not impossible. Although he pleaded guilty in January of 1998 to the Unabomber crimes, that outcome is currently under appeal. He claims that his attorneys deceived him and acted against this wishes by preparing a “mental defect” defense for him, and that by allowing hits to happen, the court violated his Sixth Amendment right to direct his own defense. The Ninth Circuit Court has agreed to hear his appeal, and a new trial is a possibility.

No one other than Kaczynski’s three victims has yet been murdered by a fanatical environmentalist, but investigators consider it merely a matter of time before someone else is killed for similar reasons. “I think we’ve come very close to that line,” one federal agent told theOregonian, “and we will cross that line unless we deal with this problem.”
We may cross that line sooner than we think. In a September, 1998 letter to me, Kaczynski wrote,

I suspect that you underestimate the strength and depth of feeling against industrial civilization that has been developing in recent years. I’ve been surprised at some of the things that people have written to me. It looks to me as if our society is moving into a pre-evolutionary situation. (By that I don’t mean a situation in which revolution is inevitable, but one in which it is a realistic possibility.) The majority of people are pessimistic or cynical about existing institutions, there is widespread alienation and directionlessness among young people…Perhaps all that is needed is to give these forces appropriate organization and direction.

Seen from that perspective, it might seem that the rest of society is only a few steps behind Kaczynski. When Henry Murray spoke of the need to create a new “World Man,” this was not what he had in mind.

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