Stanley Cohen and Herbert Gordon

Herbert Gordon is an important character in our narratives. He was a neighbor and friend of a Hurwitz insider who was suspected of insider trading in the takeover of PL. He was also a CIA agent or ex-agent at different times. His insider friend was involved in a number of security firms in Europe and the US. Gordon was a project director in Ketchum Communications.

We see him in the know as if he was a trusted contractor. He worked for a PR firm under contract to LP and PL during 1990, in a sounds like COINTELPRO style outfit. He was close enough to Hurwitz to have inside information, engaged in insider trading – a hallmark of the CIA in the era, was hired to do his ex-CIA thing on the Northcoast as part of the PRCIA. Gordon connects the PRCIA and the CIA with Hurwitz Gordon hired by the corporations and Wise Use.


According to the 1987 testimony before Dingell’s House investigation, in 1983 Stanley Cohen left his association with Kramer-Levin and joined the Transcontinental Services Group’s [TSG] Board of Directors. Kramer was Hurwitz attorney firm for his takeovers and TSG became a controlled firm used in the takeover of PL and passed back and forth between Maxxam its subsidiaries including UFG-USAT.

Cohen’s 1986 biography provided in a Freedom of Information Act request of the NYSE shows him residing in NY and Paris during the PL takeover era. He

-graduated from Cornell in 1955
-took his law degree from Harvard in 1959
-served in the US Army 1959-60
-was an associate in the firm Gotshal & Manges in NY in 1960-61 and in its Paris office 1961-68
-was a partner in Cohen and Meyohas, Klien and Associates, NYC and Paris, 1961-68
-was not listed as to his associations from 1969-81 except that he was decorated chevalier de l’Ordre National du Merite (France) in 1979 and served on the Conseil Juridique International (France) in 1979
-was a partner in Kramer, Levin, Cohen & Klien NYC and Paris from 1981. This partnership was set up by Cohen to provide legal counsel in Europe for some unnamed clients of Cohen according to his testimony to congress in 1987.

The chevalier de l’Ordre National du Merite records available on line do not confirm his receipt but those who have are almost entirely military.

His 1986 associations are listed as

-CEO J. Rothschild International NV
-Director in TSG, NV which engaged in arbitrage
-Director in RIT & No plc
-Director in Holmes Protection Inc which provided security services in Europe and the US [Security Alarms]
-Director in Matra Datavision Inc [Built cars and missles in the 80’s]
-Director in Hottinger Bros, NY brokerage firm, formed by European royality
-Alt. Director in L F Rothschild, Unterberg, Towbin, a brokerage

Material produced by the NYSE regarding its investigation of insider trading in PL stock in the takeover era shows Cohen as

-Treasurer and General Counsel of International Protective Systems Inc [IPS], NY

-Vice President of Security Corp of America [SCA], NYC

Holmes Protection is a sub of SCA which in turn is a sub of IPS.

Persons of interest associated with the above firms are

-Olivier Grinda, VP and Secretary of IPS, President of Holmes Investments. He also served as a Director of Ketchum Communications Inc. Ketchum is of interest for two reasons.

1) Robert Rosen of MGI was a neighbor of and a commuter with suspected inside trader in PL stock Herbert Gordon known to be an owner of a NYC sound studio. Ketchum lists its President of the Specialized Services Group through 1990 as Herbert David Gordon also a director of WNEU-TV.

2) Ketchum’s clients include Clorox which hired Ketchum to defame Greenpeace because of its campaign to halt the use of chlorine in industrial processes that produce Dioxin as a bi-product. In Humboldt County, the major Dioxin producers in 1990 include Louisiana Pacific and Simpson both of which operated pulp or paper mills polluting Eureka and environs with Dioxin. Because PR firms such as Ketchum hired ex-intelligence community officers to run campaigns in psy-ops and CIA-style disinformation and because listings of CIA agents include one named Herbert Gordon there is a concern that either Ketchum or Gordon may have been involved in the bombing of California Earth First! activists in 1990.

Gordon’s relationship to the CIA is also of interest because during the PL takeover era the CIA through its ex-SEC director William Casey is suspected of using various illegal techniques to raise funds for its covert actions. These techniques included S&L fraud and perhaps insider trading as well as diversion of funds from domestic charitable fund raising.

-Joseph Riggio, Sr VP of Holmes Protection who pled guilty to insider trading in the 1980 acquisition of Santa Fe International Corporation by Kuwait Petroleum. Riggio was related to and received information from Robert (or Ronald) A Feole, General Counsel to S F Minerals Inc a sub of SFIC.

Other insider traders include employees of Charter Oil, controlled by the DuPont’s and later Carl Lindner, and a Qatari named Ahmed Mannai who later became a major stockholder in Houstonian/Livingwell. H/L investors and financiers included UFG/USAT, DBL and DBL-controlled Pacific Asset Holdings, also suspected of CIA related dealings with Centrust and BCCI. Hurwitz, Connally and GHW Bush lived in the Houstonian.

-Other parties in TSG include IFI International SA affiliated with Instituto Bancario San Paolo di Torino, a buyer of the Maxxam/PL Bridge Notes.

Events related to Gordon:

Sep. 03, 1985 Rothschild bank agent in Switzerland buys 5 thousand shares PLC [Pacific Lumber].
Herbert Gordon, a neighbor of RLR, buys 9,000 shares PLC this date and 800 more on Sep. 04. Herbert Gordon’s family (allegedly on tip from Robert Rosen) bought 18,400 shares of PLC in September.

Gordon and RLR both buy Hoover Universal, Inc. prior to announcement of takeover of HVU by Johnson Controls, Inc. TSG also bought HVU on the same day as RLR and Kassan.

Sep. 23-26 Gordon buys 7,100 more PLC shares

Sep. 26 Possible inside traders identified by NYSE

TSG 15,000
Andriba (controlled by Cohen) 6,000
Gordon 16,900
Windsor Assoc. 43,200
TOTAL 81,100

with MXM at 994,900, the “magic number” is 90,837

Insider Trading

Transcontinental Services Group and Andriba, both under Stanley Cohen’s direct influence, held 21,000 shares. Rosen’s friend Herbert Gordon held 16,900 and Windsor Associates held 43,200. TSG, Andriba and Gordon are possibly close enough to Maxxam through Hurwitz or Rosen to offer an argument for Maxxam controlling these shares.

Windsor (Bernard Manks, Mark Oakley, Ed Russo, Jr., Frank Geremia and Diversco Corp.) buy shares of PLC through Bear Sterns. Windsor Assoc. Said to be a Hedge Fund. Diversco was a security firm.