The Complexities

Bombing Timelines

Complexity has always been a part of our environment, and therefore many scientific fields have dealt with complex systems and phenomena. From one perspective, that which is somehow complex – displaying variation without being random – is most worthy of interest given the rewards found in the depths of exploration.

The use of the term complex is often confused with the term complicated. In today’s systems, this is the difference between myriad connecting “stovepipes” and effective “integrated” solutions.[11] This means that complex is the opposite of independent, while complicated is the opposite of simple. [Wiki]

The complexities of the crime

The crime and the letter provide a basis for what is required to consider any person or group as suspects. These requirements are the Complexities of the Crime and are discussed below and in the linked pages. The objective is to find a means to determine when and if a suspect is capable of doing the crime by providing some structure to the crime.

The bomber built bombs including pipe bombs and fire bombs. The bomber took care in his work and loved building them. The bombs did not always work completely. The bombs included wood in them. The bomber sent a manifesto. There might have been misdirection in it. There may be false clues. Perhaps he left fingerprints or DNA from someone other than himself and identifying marks to mislead investigators.

He used a Corona typewriter and capital letters ungramatically.

The Letter tells us that there were two bombs built by the same bomber. We know because the FBI, the Lord’s Avenger and the Press Democrat told us about the earlier 1990 attempt to burn a lumber mill using a gasoline bomb, which The Letter describes.

The FBI deemed The Letter, printed in the Press Democrat within a few days of the second bombing, to have been written in part by the bomb builder[s] or by someone who knew how the bombs were constructed. It is from The Letter that we construct a timeline of activities leading from a 1988 demonstration in Ukiah, CA up to the second bombing and a few days beyond.

The authenticity of The Letter matters. In this presentation The Letter is assumed to be authentically a confession of the bombers and the product of a conspiracy. Supporting this assumption is the lack of a suspect who would have gained from the LA letter as a misdirection.

Some say The Letter is a ‘Fake’ and others that it has ‘lies’ and says things that could not be true such as where the bomb was placed into the car or even where in the car the bomb was placed. An assumption that The Letter is a fake or a set of lies takes the search for the bomber away from who the Lord’s Avenger says he/she is or they are.

The Letter is so cleverly written that only by following its lead can we find any real suspects at all. The Letter describes an event in a way that requires either presence of a suspect at the event or the letter writer might have been shown a visual and audio recording. The individuals blamed thus far could not have committed the bombings alone because of the complexity of The Crime. The individuals accused with the exception of the victims were in the final analysis also accused of being FBI informants. The accusers had a problem they could not deal with without declaring the accused to be protected by the FBI and others. Otherwise, why were the accused allowed to go free? So actually every lone actor was a member of a bigger conspiracy. There are no actual individuals except the victims who could have committed The Crime. Regarding the FBI accusations of the victims we have the civil trial of a suit on behalf of the victims that demonstrated the FBI’s accusations were fact free and bias full [just as all other such accusations have been]. The victims were awarded a $4 million award after the jury found for the victims.

For any person or persons to have been able to do as the Lord’s Avenger did, they would have had to decide to bomb with misdirection, to plan a bombing, to place the bomb in an auspicious place where the location and the date would be used to the advantage of those who would blame her, to decide upon the first bombs failure to kill her with a pipe bomb, to stalk Judi Bari, to build the bomb, to place the bomb in Bari’s car, to write the Lord’s Avenger letter, to mail the letter to the proper reporter at Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the regional newspaper. These events through the bombing occurred on specific dates indicated in the LA Letter.

What follows attempts to lay some groundwork to produce a study of the existing suspects’ likelihood of being the bomber and to find the one that is most probably the Lord’s Avenger.

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