Assumptions and Theorems

In the following argument we attempt to identify the necessary assumptions and the theorems we hope to prove in order to aid  in identifying the people involved in the conspiracy which we call the AoG Allegation.

Assumption: The Letter is authentic, sincere and confessional.

Theorem: There were at least two and perhaps as many as four people who took part in the 1990 bombings.

The Letter has three voices: A religious fundamentalist anti-abortion activist who undergoes a philosophical shift, a wise use supporter who delivers a terrorist threat, a bomb builder and a bomber who produce the descriptions of the two different bombs.

Assuming the letter is authentic means that each voice represents one or more conspirators. Beyond recognizing the three voices we can search for individuals to fill the roles described in the voices of The Letter.

Theorem: From the jail in Atlanta where they spent 30 days in October 1988, at least two of the AoG conspirators traveled to Ukiah, CA in November 1988 to take part in a clash of demonstrators from each side of the Abortion issue. From photographic evidence at least four AoG members were in attendance.

The Ukiah Demonstration was the event the Lord’s Avenger cites in The Letter where the victims were first encountered by the conspirators. The event was a catalyst for the bombings for the anti-abortion activists.

Theorem: Following the Atlanta experience the conspirators underwent a philosophical shift from vandalism to murder that coincides with the philosophical shift described by the Lord’s Avenger. The Lords Avenger did not act again that we know of though the 1996 bombings in Atlanta have similarities.

Before the Siege of Atlanta the actions of the Army of God members were limited to physical destruction of buildings using many means including fire bombs and improvised explosive devices. One exception, a kidnapping, in 1983 was a cause of notoriety, the perpetrators were identified and identified themselves as Army of God. During the Atlanta jail term served by the AoG members who had been arrested in protests, the members discussed physically harming or killing abortion providers and their supporters. Many members say they underwent a change from non-violence action to direct intervention by violent even homicidal means.

Theorem: The conspirators as part of the Army of God continued after the 1990 bombings to commit crimes of terror using bombs and murder by gun. They communicated with others in their ideological grouping to encourage them to make the philosophical shift and commit similar crimes.

This philosophical shift was a form of ‘radicalization’ – a term used here to denote a process with terrorism as its end result.