The Criteria for Suspicion

Critical Questions

The criteria for suspicion is meant to be a tool to discover new suspects. Something new was needed after the investigation languished for twenty plus years. Nothing is perfect and the method employed here is biased in the direction indicated below in Assumptions and Theorems. That’s just how we are as humans.

The Bombs

The suspect must have built bombs including pipe bombs and fire bombs. S/he liked building bombs. S/he thinks s/he is clever. This comes from the pride with which the LA confesses.

The bombs were placed by a person or persons into a facility and another bomb into Bari’s car. This may have required an assistant.

The bombs included wood in their construction as the Unabomber is noted for. The language of the letter implies gang stalking was used to track and locate her parked car.

S/he built a bomb wrapped or packed with nails. His/her point was to use shrapnel to mutilate which made it an anti-personnel bomb such as Army of God favorite, the Atlanta Bomber, Eric Rudolph, used. In Atlanta.

The Letter

The suspect sent notes or manifestos.

There was misdirection in each one or not. The Lord’s Avenger bomber described the first bomb as misdirection.

There may or may not have been false clues. S/he may have left fingerprints or DNA from someone other than her/himself and identifying marks to mislead investigators.

The Unabomber is noted for this. The Army of God Manual advises the use of such tactics. It should be noted that the use of anti-personnel bomb, now made famous by Al Quida, ISIL and the Taliban as IEDs, have been part of the fabric of CIA operations. The assassination of Orlando Letelier on September 21, 1976 in a car bombing, in Washington, D.C. Orlando Letelier, a leading opponent of Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet. Letelier, who was living in exile in the United States was killed along with Ronni Karpen Moffitt, who was in the car along with her husband Michael, who worked for Letelier.

The LA used a Corona typewriter and used capital letters ungrammatically. The Lord’s Avenger and the Unabomber both used a Corona. The AoG and its Operation Rescue allies used the unusual capitalization.

S/he might have gone to a bible college. S/he was engaged in justifying her/his bombing in the same way other AoG bombers and anti-abortion murderers would later do. S/he experienced a philosophical shift.

S/he was a street preacher such as Randall Terry of Operation Rescue or Ron Arnold of the Wiseuse Movement or Andrew Burnett of Life Advocates Ministry or Shelley Shannon of AoG. The signs street preachers sometimes carry follow a similar punctuation scheme as the Lord’s Avenger letter exemplifies.

S/he wrote a letter explaining her/his logic. S/he described the bomb components. The 1996 Atlanta bombs were accompanied by letters describing their construction.

The letter tells us the LA was at the Nov 1988 demo undergoing a psychological shift.

The LA depicts himself as a anti-abortion christian who believes god strikes people dead.

[We surmise the LA was in Atlanta jail in October 1988 with his cohorts getting radicalized.]

The first bomb was May 8 1990, the anniversary of the mauling of George Alexander a millworker working for LP in the same mill that was attacked by a dud bomb on the anniversary of his injury.

Celebration of anniversaries is a terrorist trait. CIA is noted for picking anniversaries as dates for retaliation.

Planning to defame or kill Bari began after Nov 1988 and before May 8 1990. This is the period of the shift.

The questions include:

Why use a bomb?
Why two bombs?
What motivated the timing?


The first bomb was built. The second bomb was built. The bombs were made by the same person with the same material and both used wood in the construction.

Planning continued through May 22nd when the second bomb was placed in Bari’s car. Bari’s car was parked in front of the police station. Her car was locked but had no alarm. The next night she was at a meeting in Ukiah. The night of the 23rd she went to Berkeley and parked on the street.

The questions include:

How did the LA know which was her car?
Was she being gang stalked?
Was she being watched while she was in Berkeley and by whom?

The second bomb exploded

Once the bomb detonated in the last minutes of the morning on May the 24th the letter writing began if it had not already been outlined and partially completed, reducing the time needed post second bomb to complete it. It is possible the LA was at the vigils held in Oakland while Bari was hospitalized and in intensive care. The letter was mailed on the 29th from the Santa Rosa area north of Berkeley and south of Mendocino County.

The questions include:

Why was a letter written?
Which suspects would have benefited from it and why?
Did the LA do anything more after the letter and why? What else did LA do?
What did they the LA think when more than 1,000 people were arrested in demonstartions organized that summer?

Trying to understand the assumptions and theorems of any conspiracy theory, so as to be able to compare the consistency and the basis in reality, requires a standard, a test, so that relative measures of truthiness and reliability can be determined. In the arguments conspiracy theorizers make, there are assumptions made sometimes without knowing, such that, these assumptions take on the weight of mythology. What is intended to be ‘proven.’ The theorems of the belief system are often poorly stated so that what is assumed and what is proven can change places. Controlling a conspiracy narrative is often impossible, illogical and reason is substituted by rhetoric that emotionally bolsters a weak argument.

We use One of the categories requires a proponent of a conspiracy theory to propose questions that reveal the weaknesses of a theory. It is of the form: If this were true my theory would fail. It is an appreciation of the reason a conspiracy theory [the moon landing was staged in Utah] can never rise to the level of conspiracy truth [COINTELPRO, Watergate, MKUltra. Executive Action].

For instance, in the first few weeks after the bombing the idea that the letter was ‘fake’ was supported by a statement: The car was parked in front of police station, how could the LA have put the bomb in the car? The critical question might be is that true? The car was locked. Is that true? The car alarm would have gone off. Is that true? There was no alarm. The car may not have been locked. People came and went to and from the car in the hours it was parked there. One of them could have been the bomber. The cops didn’t know one from the other.

Here are some more questions and circumstances to consider. Some of these have clear answers, others do not leaving us the choice of making an assumption instead of stating a theorem. This is tricky territory. Truth in mathematics relies upon a basis of assumptions that must meet a standard so that statements derived from them can be said to be theorems and thus, in this interpretation, truth.

What might have happened if the demo never happened?
If Bari had not been there?
Would AoG have cared about Bari?
Would the Dominionists have cared about her?
Would there have been a LA?
Would there have been a bomb?
Would there have been a letter?
Many theories see the FBI as players in the drama. When was their focus drawn to Bari?
Because she was a hill dweller [pot grower?] she was under periodic surveillance by DEA, CAMP, OPD. When did that start?
Did FBI start to follow her during the CISPES/Witness for Peace/Sanctuary period?
Her involvement in EF! began in mid-1988. She was not fully committed thus the demo. Was the FBI [DEA, OPD, PRCIA] at the demo? See regarding the existence of photos of the demo crowds. Where are they? Are they hidden or just ignored?

Studies in Psychopathy demonstrate how motivation to commit violent acts does not require very much of a motive. The letter posits more than one motive which resolves to the LA being either a multiple personality or multiple people.

The LA is a dominionist.
The LA is an anti-abortion activist undergoing a philosophical shift into radicalism.
The LA was at the demo and was insulted, abused, bullied by Bari.

The LA knew about George Alexander enough to keep the anniversary for revenge both in time and place.
In some theories the LA must have known about the bomb school so that two weeks later was the first bomb and two weeks more was the second bomb. The motive for the first [defamation] was fulfilled after the second bomb by the FBI naming Bari as a suspect of the first bombing.

What is the significance of the two week periods?
Is the two week period statement actually true? How true?
Was the LA’s impatience at the failure of the first bomb to defame her an indicator the LA was not the FBI? The FBI would have been in on the two week campaign. Wouldn’t they have engaged in an investigation even if there was not a plan for a second bomb?

One issue is the timing of the second bomb considering how the first bomb’s reaction was the same as the G Alexander Sawblade reaction: official silence with little or no local police presence at the scene.

Another timing issue is about the intention of the LA to affect an election. Reasonable people differ. A bomb in May does not affect a November election as much as it affects a June election. In Humboldt County citizen initiatives Measures A, B and C in the June election included restrictions on offshore oil drilling by restricting onshore support. A second measure would restrict the use of chlorine in paper production. LP had a pulp mill that would be affected and so did Simpson Timber. This brought in Ketchum Communication with its black bag operations.

Is it fair to conclude that the PRCIA was building its case for terrorism claims?

They had the 1987 Alexander situation and the 1989 Dixon Feedlot fire where the EF! connection was delivered by a phone call no one you know supposedly heard. That was enough to declare EF! terrorist.

On December 28[?], 1989 the Eureka Times Standard ran an ad [3/4 page in a conspicuous place] declaring the backers of what would be Measures A, B and C, ie Northcoast Citizens, were terrorists. There were 25 names. They included several environmental activists like Bill Duvall, maybe Darryl, maybe Judi. The list included Arizona Dave and on the top of the list was my name. Does this sound like they needed a bombing to make their point?

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