Darryl Cherney Theory

Darryl Cherney’s Suspects

“I have a suspect, too. And he’s a common criminal I learned about from a TV show: The FBI Files.

“No naming him, but he  assisted in the escape of a cop killer.  Lived in SF, worked with SA Sena, was a pipe bomber and all this in 1988.  Name was changed for TV but I looked up the trial in the Boston Globe and found his real name-very easy to find—the accomplice/suspect.  Bombed us to avoid additional jail time—my theory.

“Have another witness who says she has a confession from a man in Tennessee.  I need to travel there because she is a bit sickly to assist.  Not sure if she’s real, but her info is accurate thus far—lived in Oakland, was a Christian, etc. (and confessed to her in an attempt to flirt!!!)

“Both of them common as opposed to say, a hired hit man or an FBI agent.

“Not adding anyone to the list. These are under investigation.

“To be honest Bob, I’ve pretty much solved the case to my satisfaction.  Doyle, Wigginton hatch it, Sena gets the patsy and boom.  And I have the name of the patsy.  Problem is I don’t have access to police powers.”

Q: Who does he work for?

“Harry Merlo.  But in the end, they didn’t have to be working for anyone but themselves.  When the FBI did all those bad things to the Panthers and AIM, etc., were they working for anyone but their own ideology and masochistic leanings that they were paid to employ?  But in the end: Harry Merlo.”

This was March 2015. By May24, 2015 he was after Shelley Shannon as the female providing the DNA on the letter. Why the change? None of his theories have involved a female perp even the one he last said is a target of his investigation.

He made a movie. He has websites.