The Conspiracy Test

I am a witness to many of the things that happened on the Northcoast from 1979 until my departure in 2001. Some of those events included the beginnings of Northcoast Earth First!, the effects of the bombing on activist efforts and the process of the Bari-Cherney search for a perpetrator. I may have missed some things but nothing changed after my departure until the launching of and Black Mariah was published.

Since 2013, new research was conducted indicating new suspects beyond those who were blamed during the years 1990-1997 ending when Judi Bari passed. During the 90’s the media discussions were futile. Reminiscences by journalists who had reported on the bombing and investigations focus on the mudslinging, finger pointing and deceit that involved the numerous official and citizen investigations.

There was scant evidence. A letter to the Press Democrat was the most important piece. The common opinion was to both take the Lord’s Avenger letter, as it is known, seriously and then not to take the letter seriously. On the one hand the bomb descriptions and timelines come from the letter while the motivation and philosophies expressed in the letter are taken for diversion.

Twenty five years after the event no investigation had found the perpetrator. Every accusation was given up for dead by the turn of the century. The process created divisions and ruined friendships. In the end of twenty four years the options were:

• The FBI continued to believe bombers were the victims though no charges were made.
• Cherney continued to blame the FBI as part of a COINTEL program or a corporate generated FBI hit.
• Bruce Anderson continued to blame Bari’s ex-husband, Mike Sweeney.

On May 24, 2015, Cherney changed his mind at my suggestion and surfaced an accusation of an AoG conspiracy. The Lord’s Avenger letter makes the presence of the perpetrator at the Ukiah anti-abortion demo a must. Every accused individual was there. All of these accused were pro-choice except for Staley who no one took seriously. Other attendees, anti-abortion activists, were unidentified through photos that existed of the crowds.

What changed Cherney’s line was part wishing and part obvious. The DNA sample Cherney claims to have found beneath the stamp on the letter’s envelope was female. All of the existing suspects including the agents were males. I said Shelley Shannon is your man. He found a photo in his hoard and shared it. It was a picture of a group of four anti-aborton protestors, one was Shannon, another Andrew Burnett and the other two are also females, Cathy Ramey and Dawn Stover. All of them from Portland or nearby. All of them admitted members and activists within the Army of God and its component sub-cult ACLA. All defend murder of pro-choice supporters. Shannon is in prison for attempted murder and clinic bombings. For the record, the earliest form of this accusation is in the Author’s Note at the end of Black Mariah October 2014.

The method that was used to conclude AoG is the perpetrator was a three step process. First make an exhaustive list of possibilities paying attention to the complexity of the crime and second eliminate those who could not have done the crime. The first step eliminates all individuals unless the Unabomber can be shown to be among the attendees. Some conspiracies are also eliminated unless the FBI or corporate agents were in attendance. Thus far no such identification has been made and I’ll bet a fruitless effort in this direction was made.

There have been very few to no FBI murders or assassinations of non-violent protestors. There are no names in the FBI or corporate staff that are known as murderers. There is no motivation ie revenge, etc. No corporation lost anything from the victims actions before the bomb. Corporations per se had no motive. Personel may have but who? Merlo? No. The dirty tricks, hate campaigns belong to them. They had no history or pattern of violence such as a car bomb or pipe bomb. The notion of working through the FBI sounds more like Robert McLaughlin’s thesis which survived the cut because there were known killers among his possible conspirators. All the survivor conspiracies have killers among them though with one exception no member has been identified as an attendee of the demo.

The third step it to sort through the remaining suspects: four conspiracies. The method used here is to rank the survivors by a six layer test: simplicity, falsifiability, capability, profit ie motive, repeated killer, believeability. For definitions see:

The rankings from least likely to most likely are

4-CIA-GOC or CIA + Gospel Outreach Church []

3-Death Squads or Corporation[s] + Freedom Club ie Unabomber, Wiseuse movement figures [Robert McLaughlin, Death Squads with Impunity available at Amazon.]

2-Corps + PRCIA or Corporations + Public Relations Firms contracting with ex-CIA, ex-FBI [Black Mariah,]

1-Army of God [, AVA March 2016].

This newly updated was published with as complete analysis as we can provide. The last item on the conspiracy test is believability. Your comments through the website will be appreciated.

Theory of dots

The first step is to create a structure of the crime: Things happened in a place and in an order.

Once a structure is found then the dots we know are given meaning.

Dots will be missing giving purpose to research, learn, think, invent.


Gather more dots

The road to a new idea comes from observation.

Only observation can add a name to a list of suspects.

Not all the dots fit the structure of the crime

Some are not supposed to fit

Not every suspect can be guilty, only one


Overcome biases

Fear and being feared. Angered or angering.

People with opinions are often passionate.

Passion can be an iffy thing. It can drive one’s agenda or confuse one’s purpose.

Dots without passion arrayed on a structure will lead to a suspect iff the suspect is on the list of possible suspects.