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“The great enemy of truth is very often not the lie–deliberate, contrived and dishonest–but the myth–persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

― John F. Kennedy [Commencement Address at Yale University, June 11 1962]

In Oakland, California, on May 24, 1990, a bomb exploded in a car. Inside were two well known Earth First! activists. They were traveling and organizing activist communities to take part in Redwood Summer, modeled after Mississippi Summer and the Civil Rights Movement. The purpose was to save old growth Redwood forests from harvesting. The woman, Judi Bari, was seriously wounded, her passenger Darryl Cherney less so. The bomb had been placed under her seat, the driver’s seat. It was her car. She was arrested by the FBI, accused of terrorism, hours after entering the ICU.

Five days later, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, a regional paper received a letter from ‘The Lord’s Avenger’, claiming responsibility for the car bomb and a previous bomb. The author lamented the second bomb’s failure to take Bari’s life. FBI agents in charge of the case ignored the letter except to say that the bomb descriptions in the letter were accurate. In fact, Bari had received over thirty death threats that year, but the only reaction she got from local law enforcement was the comment, “If you turn up dead, then we’ll investigate.”

Now, 26 years after the bombing, The Lord’s Avenger is still a mysterious felon. Putting a bomb into a car intending to kill or maim is a federal and state crime. Law enforcement agencies made no public effort to identify the author of the letter bearing that name, even though DNA was found on the letter, analyzed to determine it was from a female and stored.

In the absence of an official authority taking an interest, there has been a 26 yearlong ad hoc citizen’s investigation into every aspect of this crime. The victims and their families, plus numerous journalists and citizen experts have been active in publishing their opinions. Much of the evidence gathered by the FBI and the Oakland Police Department during the months after the crime as they attempted to find a cause to indict Bari is now in the hands of some citizen investigators.

The objective of this site is the collection of the points of view that have been offered to date about the bombing and its perpetrator, an unknown figure calling him/her/themselves The Lord’s Avenger. The collection may attract a serious investigator with more resources. That is the hope.

This site is composed of essays written by as many as a hundred investigators and analysts, organized to support the theses that have been purported to demonstrate the guilt or innocence of each of the suspects. What we do is to add information and new evidence including photographic proof concerning the new suspects. We ask the questions such as who was on the Northcoast who could have attempted this murder? And what is there to learn from the context of the crime? Once we identify who was in a position to have placed the bomb with both motivation and method, we examine supporting arguments and make comparatives to eliminate the weak and focus on the stronger allegations.

In order to get a clearer view of who may have bombed Bari

-we take a new look at the crime and begin a new search for suspects by describing the context of the crime;
-we describe the complexity of the crime eliminating all but one of the Lone Actor suspects;
-we describe the conspiracy suspects searching for interdependencies in the context;
-we set up a rational system to determine the probability any conspiracy is provable.

Ultimately we take as many conspiracies as have been described eliminating as many as is reasonable leaving what is probably the one.


THE CRIME: This section examines the potential suspects which are gleaned from a history of activism on the Northcoast and the larger context at the time of the bombing. There are several corporate actors who played a large role in the use of COINTELPRO style tactics against the local and regional organizations that opposed the corporations’ logging practices. Extensive investigations into the Pacific Lumber’s parent corporation Maxxam reveal the so-called PRCIA actively disrupting activist organizations. There are also theocratic organizations including the Eureka-based Gospel Outreach Church and the Army of God. GOC and the PRCIA lead us to conclude that CIA involvement should be considered. The involvement of the Army of God with its most violent wing the American Coalition of Life Activists and its predecessors is alleged most likely perps and becomes the focus of this investigation.

THE LETTER: An in-depth look at the components of the letter and what it says that leads to a conclusion of a theocratic-wiseuse perpetrator.

THE COMPLEXITIES: In preparation for rating the cases against the individual suspects who have been offered by various accusers we define a test of complexity of the necessary and sufficient conditions for any suspect to be the perpetrator. This test will be applied to the individuals as well as to the conspiracies to eliminate the weak accusations.

There are six lone actor suspects that are examined via the voices of their accusers and the voices of their defenders. A scheme, the Complexity Test, is developed to compare the likelihood of each one’s guilt. There is no evidence other than the bomb and the letter. No witnesses of any kind except to the fact of their attendance at the abortion related demo mentioned in the letter. In this analysis the FBI’s Unabomber is the most likely lone actor.

THE CONSPIRACIES: Of the seven possible conspiracies, there are four fairly identifiable conspiracies that are described. A test of the validity of the conspiracies is attempted and the results compared. The conspiracies involve agencies of the US government, exploitive corporations and the public relations corporations using ex-CIA and ex-FBI agents, the PRCIA, to direct the use of population control tools developed by the CIA and others in San Francisco and Guatemala to name two. The conspiracies also involve the fall-out of the Nixon era. Watergate exposed the relationship between the CIA with its many programs experimenting on US citizens in search of a population controlling drug and the abuse of missionary churches to do espionage the CIA could not do directly. The relationship between the two lead to genocidal mass murders in Guatemala emanating from a Northcoast-based church peaking in 1990. The experiment worked to the degree that the CIA introduced a new religion called Dominionism to Latin America in the form of El Verbo, a creation of the CIA and General Rios Montt wherein the ministers are CIA NOCs. The parallelism of El Verbo and the Army of God is worthy of examination.

The narratives that came from these investigations include:

– The presence of four Army of God members at the Ukiah demo, identified by name, with photographic evidence.

– The likelihood that Maxxam used PR firms and its connection to CIA related enterprises to control the State of California’s regulatory bodies and to terrorize the activist community and its supporters without fear of prosecution.

– The network of Contra supporters who used Savings and Loans to fund the CIA’s Guatemala and Contra campaigns included Pacific Lumber’s owner Charles Hurwitz’ United Savings Association of Texas.

– The CIA’s creation and development of the Gospel Outreach Church, located in Eureka near the center of the Northcoast, for its purposes to control Latin American populations using the results of experiments known as MKULTRA. This included the creation of faux-christian ‘Dominionism’ to replace existing religions in the Americas. The results were used to affect Northcoast activists through the Dominionism-based hate campaigns and COINTELPRO related activity implemented by the PRCIA.

– The possible presence of the FBI’s Unabomber on the Northcoast experimenting with pipe bombs during his hiatus 1987 to 1993.

– AoG’s process of radicalization that yielded Shannon and other Dominionist murderers.

– The parallels between Earth First! and Army of God and their contrast in the use of violence.

This site is under development and changes will be made when we can make them. This topic turns out to be complicated. Following the corporate and theocratic villains into their villainies is a long read. Presently the word count is about 500,000. Watch for the menu changes. There is a version of the website map at

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