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In spite of the short menu above, this is the largest section. The point here is to set the scene. It is a historical review of who was working on the Northcoast as an activist and their relationships. The Crime Links is the resource for previous publications and websites with archival material which we do not review.

New Search for Suspects identifies the conspiracies where the going gets tough and the suspect actors turn from recycling organizers and political activists to the rapacious corporations, agencies of the government and their creations. In the 1990’s it felt like everything with the power to repress had come to the Northcoast. The bombing, the years of organizing into 1997 when the government threat was to bring in the National Guard for the annual camp out: Redwood Summer. Bari was a leader. She held people’s imaginations, especially the young idealists who would do anything to right the environmental wrongs. Lives were lost in this pursuit. Judi Bari died in March 1997. The powers were more nervous than ever.

What happened from 1980 through 1997?

One purpose of this website is to catalog all of the past ‘suspects’ in the bombing of Ms. Bari, demonstrate why none has been charged and then search for new suspects including conspiracies. The search for new suspects requires knowledge of the history of the Northcoast during the period immediately before and after the bombing. In 1990, the actors in Humboldt and Mendocino County included large corporations with putative ties to the CIA and public relations firms with special relations to the FBI and CIA. I have included a short history of Reagan, William Casey, John Connally and others as required to show the Dominionist ideology favoring the destruction of rural cultures, promoting resource exploitation and encouraged by the CIA in Humboldt County was part of a global plot to destroy non-Dominionist society. Guatemala was the first victim with the help of the Gospel Outreach Church based in Eureka, CA.

Historically, the Northcoast of California is infamous for several things:

Indian massacres in the late 1800’s
Expulsion of the Chinese between 1880 and 1905
Labor massacres in the early 1900’s
Divide and conquer politics around redwood park creation in the 1980’s
Culture wars aimed at marijuana cultivation beginning in 1982
Civil disobedience against nukes, aerial sprays, clear-cuts, over-cutting, ancient forest removal, the Central American wars and first strike weapons.
Maxxam’s takeover of Pacific Lumber in 1985 with a business plan that included park land purchases of the Ancient Forest by California and the US Government.

Early in 1981 Reagan, newly elected, brought Jerry Falwell and Roger Ailes into the shadow government we’ve never heard of. They fostered the creation of a propaganda network and the CIA sponsored Dominionist takeover of Latin America starting with Guatemala. This was the beginning of machinations that lead to counter terrorism wars that destroyed nations and a war on drugs that increased militarism and death squads in Latin American and led to massive incarceration rates in the US in conditions reminiscent of slavery.

In early 1989 USSR ended its war to control Afghanistan. In November 1989 the Berlin Wall was torn down as food supplies in Eastern Europe became too contaminated by Chernobyl’s radiation to feed to children. The West’s war against communism ended with the last battles fought by Usama bin Laden in Afghanistan for the CIA. The USSR would cease to exist within the next year. 1990 was a peace year following the US 1989 invasion of Panama to remove a corrupt and hitherto CIA supported dictator from the drug business. Reagan’s successor onetime VP, onetime Director of the CIA George W H Bush was beginning the first Gulf War – the one with the propaganda ‘stories’ about incubators and phony satellite photos of the Iraqi army amassing on the Saudi border. It was the beginning of embedded reporters and CNN’s 24/7 propaganda.

There were no abortion clinic bombings in 1990, fewer anti-abortion demos than in the mid to late 1980’s. There would be no bombings from 1987, the election of Bush, Sr until 1993, and the swearing in of Bill Clinton, when the assassinations of clinic doctors and other clinic staff members began.

According to the FBI, the so-called Unabomber also bombed no one after 1987. He resumed bombing in 1993, a six year hiatus and the longest pause by a factor of two in his terrorist career. He would later refer to his ‘time off’ when he experimented with pipe bombs.

According to the DOJ terrorism report for 1990 they claimed only one terrorist bomb all year. 1988 and 1989 saw a sharp drop in abortion related crimes which would begin again in 1993. When the Army of God violently re-emerged in 1993, after their alleged five year hiatus during the Bush presidency, and after Operation Rescue’s 1988 Atlanta Siege, their ideology had evolved to meet the Lord’s Avenger’s: God wants Christians to kill bad people. The message was similar to the one General Rios Montt dictator of Guatemala sent in 1983 as he ordered the massacre of tens of thousands of his fellow citizens.

CIA, Culture Wars, and Private Armies

What the CIA did in Guatemala from 1981 to 1990 included the massacre of Mayans or pagans as the Dominionists called them and Catholic believers favoring ‘Liberation Theology’ as it was called by the believers, ‘Communism’ as it was called by the CIA. The CIA also had a long-term presence in the Eureka and Fortuna area. History tells us the CIA created the Gospel Outreach Church as a cover for CIA activity in Latin American countries. They began in Guatemala. Then they went to Nicaragua and to many other Central and South American countries. The story is told elsewhere herein as a suspect conspiracy.

In California’s Humboldt and Mendocino counties 1990 felt like Ground Zero for the Culture War complete with numerous daily helicopter flyovers and raids on the cannabis cultivators. It was also the center of an act of destruction as Pacific Lumber, Louisiana Pacific and other lumber mills were speeding up their cutting of old forests, doubling, even tripling it. Why? Some say greed and maybe that is enough. It was simultaneous amongst the big three large landowners. From 1987 until 2001 people fought against the accelerated harvest for healthy streams, fisheries and a sustainable yield from the surrounding forests. The Dominionists craved the end of the old forests, some seeing the end of natural resources as a step towards the Kingdom on earth. As the Lord’s Avenger does, the Dominionists called environmentalists pagans who worship trees instead of the Dominionists’ god.

Community organizations grew in response to the increased logging until every application to log was scrutinized and if necessary litigated by citizen organizations. Then on New Year’s Eve and the next day, New Years 1997 a landslide wiped out a small town, hundreds of small and large streams blew out as a hundred year storm tore through the coastal valleys dumping 7 inches of rain onto the recently built logging roads constructed during the boom in logging. The new road building left huge amounts of sediment perched above the streams. The rains were enough to wash huge amounts into the streams. Entire stream beds were scoured, effectively destroying the salmon and steelhead fisheries. Within a few months it was determined that the timberlands of Pacific Lumber had been logged in a manner that destroyed fisheries, endangered residents and diminished the property of the neighbors. Hundreds of violations of the law were charged against the company responsible: Pacific Lumber.

Wise-use Movement used Dominionist notions about land-use. Hired activists were prevalent on the Northcoast during this era organizing dirty tricks campaigns aimed at personalities in the environmental movement. These began in 1988 and continued until the landslides made plain what the timber industry had in mind for the Northcoast: a resource colony just like Guatemala.

The PRCIA, public relations firms with ex-FBI and ex-CIA consultants, was hired by Wise-use Movement corporate founders and funders. Campaigns included anti-Chlorine Free by ’93, anti-regulatory campaigns against California’s Prop 130 called Forest Forever and Big Green initiatives. The PRCIA was a creation of George HW Bush, William Casey and John Connally. In 1990, Bush was president and Casey was head of the CIA. Connally was on Maxxam’s BOD.

In Humboldt in 1990 there was a county measure to establish limits to the pulp mill emissions. Ketchum Communications with its staff of CIA special ops people were around, so was Karl Rove to defend the oil industry from another measure to limit onshore support for offshore oil drilling.

With the statewide initiatives and a local attempt to clean up the pulp mills, it must have been rebellion in the timber industry’s eyes. They defeated all of the initiatives with ‘terrorist’ propaganda based upon the bombing. They made out while we all lost.

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