What Killers were on the Northcoast In 1990?

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The menu here is simple: who are the conspiracy suspects? A Lone Actor list has been made and unchanged in twenty years. The following is a description of the method and purpose we employed to find the conspiracies.

Finding New Suspects

The search for the bomber: How suspects including 17 conspiratorial suspects were found using various criteria and how most were eliminated.


This describes all the existing 23 suspects including 6 lone actors and 17 conspirators in 7 conspiracy theories, and uses tests of Complexity and Conspiracy to eliminate nonfunctional Conspiracy Theories. Following the tests one set of four conspirators remain: The Army of God conspirators. Many incidental factors are referenced so as to give a clear understanding of why confidence in this result is warranted.

The Criteria for Suspicion

The criteria for suspicion is meant to be a tool to discover new suspects after the investigation languished for twenty plus years. 

The Bombs

The suspect must have built bombs including pipe bombs and fire bombs. S/he liked building bombs. S/he thinks s/he is clever.

The bombs were placed by a person into a facility and another in Bari’s car. This may have required an assistant.

The bombs included wood in their construction as the Unabomber is noted for.

He built a bomb wrapped with nails. His point was to use shrapnel which made it an anti-personnel bomb such as Army of God favorite, the Atlanta Bomber Eric Rudolph used.

The Letter

The suspect sent notes or manifestos.

There was misdirection in each one or not. The Lord’s Avenger bomber described the first bomb as misdirection.

There may or may not have been false clues. S/he may have left fingerprints or DNA from someone other than her/himself and identifying marks to mislead investigators. The Unabomber is noted for this. The Army of God Manual advises the use of such tactics.

S/he used a Corona typewriter and used capital letters ungrammatically. The Lord’s Avenger and the Unabomber both used a Corona. The Army of God and its Operation Rescue allies used the unusual capitalization.

S/he might have gone to a bible college of the Dominionist variety. S/he was engaged in justifying her/his bombing in the same way other AoG bombers and anti-abortion murderers would later do. S/he experienced a philosophical shift.

S/he was a street preacher such as Randall Terry of Operation Rescue or Ron Arnold of the Wiseuse Movement or Andrew Burnett of Life Advoctes Ministry or Shelley Shannon of AoG. The signs street preachers sometimes carry follow a similar punctuation scheme as the Lord’s Avenger letter exemplifies.

S/he wrote a letter explaining her/his logic. S/he described the bomb components. The 1996 Atlanta bombs were accompanied by letters describing their construction.

Factually, there was a Northcoast political movement to preserve natural resources including fisheries and forest habitats to achieve environmental and economic sustainability and support community values including local employment. This movement began before Earth First! arrived and included the Earth First! organizers who were car bombed two weeks before a June election in Humboldt County affecting timber, ranching, chlorine users and a host of other small and large segments of the society; and six months before a statewide November election affecting timber harvesting and the preservation of ancient forests. The bomb might have swung those elections. All the initiatives and measures lost. The voters were bombarded with propaganda about the alleged terrorists behind the initiatives accompanied by pictures of the destroyed Suburu and EF!’s “Days of the Living Dead Hurwitz” demo which provided macabre scenes of real Pagans acting pagan-y. Be very afraid.

At the same time there was a growing, ever more violent opposition to abortion. The Bari bombing is claimed by an anonymous source in a letter. The Letter gained the FBI’s affirmation of authenticity as to the letter’s bomb descriptions. The Lord’s Avenger letter purports that the motive for the bombing was a combination of what would become Army of God/Operation Rescue style logic for murder and the Wise-Use Movement’s religious-based concept of resource use called Dominionism.


The FBI and Oakland Police Department blamed the victims. As a result, an action that fits the definition of domestic terrorism is not included on any public list of such crimes. The FBI has many terms that mean similar things such as Extremist Violence, but this action is not listed by the FBI to be any of those. The bombing was either domestic terrorism or extreme violence but not in the mind of the FBI.


Circumstantially, by virtue of statistical chance or by hearsay or analysis, in any individual’s estimation not only the victims could be charged with the bombing but ex-spouses, ex-lovers, side-kicks. The victims lead the charge to accuse choosing those first who were closest to them, all from Mendocino or Sonoma Counties.

Considering expert estimations that 1 in 5 people in activist meetings are corporate or government spies – the 20 % infiltrator-sell-out factor – most of the victims’ friends and associates could be blamed. Many of these suspects have been blamed by someone in or out of the inner circle of Bari’s close associates. Noted experts have written analysis of ‘evidence’ and found nothing useful in much if not all of it except the usual fodder for more accusations which lead nowhere again.


As things stand today, movies have been made, books have been written, Northcoast publications have gone through the usual periodic ruminations leaving us without an answer.

The crime consisted of several parts each needing an actor. Someone or someones made decisions, planned, made the hate campaign, made the bombs, stalked her, placed the bombs, wrote the letter, mailed the letter. Not impossible for an individual but easier with a conspiracy of many.

In 1990, in Humboldt and Mendocino Counties:

  • The elections of 1990 brought many strangers to the Eureka area and into the other cities and small towns. The Timber Industry was well established. More established than the Gospel Outreach Church or Wise-use. All three brought outsiders in to build a campaign against environmental progress. The environmental organizations were doing the same especially for the first Redwood Summer focused on the Eureka area.
  • To prepare for the campaign the Timber Industry announced a united campaign. They had formed and nourished local Wise Use organizations and recruited their timber and lumber employees to participate. Wise Use brought in staff. Trainers who taught the local organizations dirty tricks, tricks to cause anxiety among the environmentalists. Tricks like stealing environmental publications, issuing death threats  by phone and mail, and delivering fake bombs.
  • The Timber Industry hired specialized corporations to assist them. Security, Public Relations, Communications, these are the descriptive terms used to describe what we know as Contractors now. The Ketchum-Alyeska case is a good example of the use of the shield of hiring contractors to do your will but deny they acted for you when they commit felonies. These corporations employed ex-CIA, ex-FBI and ex-Military to do the work of disarticulation or COINTELPRO, the FBI program and Operation Chaos, the CIA program that had been privatized through the corporations by 1980 and expanded many-fold by 1990.
  • The campaign against environmentalists had long since made charges of Terrorist against them. Earth First! was designated. The FBI was infiltrating the activist community. This campaign relied on the Marijuana industry on the Northcoast to bring in DEA agents who had been in the area for many years. In 1990 the FBI brought OPD into Humboldt County.

It is possible that more than 200 agents, dirty tricksters and informants were working in Humboldt and Mendocino in the months before the bomb. All focused on disrupting and destroying environmentalists, to use their words.

Who were they?

Three inhouse corporate anti-environmental campaigns and three outside firms providing PR for the three major landowners. Wiseuse and subsets provided the hate campaigns and other Cointelpro style campaigns.

There were also the combined campaign firms against Forest Forever and Big Green California State-wide initiatives.

The anti-CF93 campaign against was used against Humboldt County measure C.

There was the pro-Oil campaign against Humboldt County measure B rumored to have included Karl Rove.

The FBI with its regional partner, the OPD and Local Police Departments and County sheriffs office doing what they could to spread falsehoods about activists, providing support for infiltrators and ignoring the death threats that blanketed the area.

The DEA’s campaign against marijuana production or CAMP brought undercover agents plus the usual overflights of fixed wing planes and helicopters loaded with LAPD and OPD police officers who spent their time from May through October terrorizing mom and pop growers stealing their crops and money never to be seen again.

In 1990 The Gospel Outreach Church appeared to be a CIA creation. The CIA used it as a cover for its collaboration with Rios Montt in Guatemala. Montt was a member of the Eureka GOC and was on the Northcoast in 1989 and 1990 while he awaited charges for the mass murder he allegedly committed during his tenure as the ruling strongman doing his Dominionist best to wipe out communism ie indians and a subset of Catholicism. The CIA advised Montt and the Dominionists advised Montt. Guatemala would be the Kingdom of God if he would but kill the indigenous people who were all communists. God gave Montt dominion over all things to be used wisely and the Gospel Outreach Church was there to represent God. The CIA with death squads and client-state assistance provided the weapons and the training. The CIA NOCs were also the ministers in Verbo, Rios Montt’s version of GOC.

Besides the CIA, the Dominionists and Rios Montt, the Gospel Outreach Church brought Operation Rescue, the Advocates for Life and the Army of God to the Northcoast. 1988 was the year Operation Rescue began. It was also the year Army of God began its radicalization campaigns resulting in bombings and shootings now synonymous with the murder for Jesus movement. This is equivalent to the Jihadi movement. Sacrifices for God’s will. Preparing the way for the Kingdom. The ultimate wise use. As is now known AoG was in Mendocino County in November 1988. So was the Lord’s Avenger.

Once the FBI named the victims as their suspects in their own bombing, the answer to the question who really did it expanded considerably. The Lord’s Avenger letter either pointed to the guilty party or parties or it did not. Two lists were made those who would have written the letter as a distraction or misdirection. The other list is of those who authentically, as a confession, described their own mental processes in the bombing.

From those who were not to be fooled by the letter we get the longest list.

First there are shadowy conspiracies and then individuals close to the action. The conspiracies included the FBI, FBI informants and assets, The Corporations including their public relations firms, the Wiseuse Movement, even a group of misogynists called The Freedom Club. Every conspiracy involved the FBI. None of them explain how the bomb was built and placed. None of them have enough detail to convince anyone. The Unabomber’s Freedom Club comes closest.

Of the individuals, all except the Unabomber were known to be at the Ukiah Anti-abortion demo where the Lord’s Avenger claims to have first seen Bari. What is interesting about these individuals is that they are named by those who think the individual wrote the Lord’s Avenger letter as misdirection yet the Lord’s Avenger letter clearly states the LA was there at the demo. Not a very clever bit of misdirection.

From those who conjecture the letter is authentic and the Lord’s Avenger as described in the letter is the bomber we have three conspiracies: Wiseuse, GOC and AoG. GOC is the CIA affiliated Gospel Outreach Church based in Eureka, Ca and the Army of God, a group of radicalized Dominionists based in Portland, Ore. The Wiseuse conspiracy is described by Robert McLaughlin. The GOC conspiracy involves the CIA and is deduced from a history of the CIA’s presence on the Northcoast of California from the mid-sixties through 1990. The AoG and GOC share an affinity to Dominionism and a commitment to kill for their gods. The Wiseuse movement is a dominionist affiliate as well but as we see elsewhere they appear to eschew violence. Their rhetoric is violent to some but they do not publically encourage violence as AoG does.

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