Formation of the PRCIA


In the late 70’s many intelligence officers, both current and former, were organized by Casey and Bush into private groups and recruited as consultants and staff by PR and security firms. The intelligence officers were composed of several groups one of which were those fired by Stansfield Turner as DCIA during Carter‘s term. These officers were fired in reaction to events related to Watergate and MKULTRA. Bush had been the post-Watergate DCIA, wanted to stay on after Carter won the Presidency but was himself fired by Carter. Casey and Connally had been part of the PFIAF under Nixon with Casey at the SEC and Connally at Treasury and then the Import-Export Bank. Connally had organized the Business Roundtable and Casey the CSIS. These groups had worked together to supply the intelligence and the muscle to overthrow the elected government of Chile.

Following the election of Carter, George Bush, then DCI was replaced at the CIA by Stansfield Turner. Turner fired hundreds of covert agents, and these, Casey and Bush organized into the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO). Many of these ex-agents joined the CSIS and the Heritage Foundation.

Casey served as the General Counsel of Wackenhut Corp which was a relatively small concern compared to the size it achieved after Casey became Reagan’s DCI at CIA when Wackenhut grew to become America’s largest private security firm protecting nuclear facilities and other government related installations.

Turner fired hundreds of covert agents: number,names cite Turner’s book, McMichaels

Many of these ex-agents joined the CSIS and the Heritage Foundation: see McMichaels


BCCI, after its attempt to purchase the Chelsea National Bank was blocked by bank regulators, developed a new plan to penetrate the US banking industry involving the use of “front-men”.

Texas’ financial institutions and legal firms gave support to members of the BCCI’s organization, its frontmen and to the members of the Middle Eastern States’ intelligence community.

Middle-eastern intelligence community leaders had a string of business ties to ex-CIA members.

Ex-CIA people were close associates of Saudi intelligence. Both Casey and Mahfouz were tied into BCCI. Other Saudi BCCI figures lead Saudi Intelligence. Connally continued to work with Mahfouz while Mahfouz lead the Saudi’s major bank. As in the US where business and intelligence communities were linked so were Saudi business and Saudi intelligence linked.