PRCIA and CIA logic

The final conclusion may be that the power of corporations to both kill and avoid prosecution is now a staple of our political life. A free market has become a highly competitive market where ideas compete against profits. Democracy is a weakness in a free market. Those who exercise democracy must operate in a narrow way ie vote. No organizing is allowed, especially extra-party organizing. Such organizing will be seen as profit blocks to be overcome by corporations using whatever means. That’s where COINTELPRO comes in. It is part of the means that is used by corporations to defeat profit blocks. The CIA taught the FBI. Agents moved to PR firms such as Hill and Knowlton and they brought it into the domestic political world and merged it into the rest of the PR firms’ tool-kits. The CIA employs assassins. The PRCIA employs assassins? Assassins walk our streets. We are told there are snipers. We know there are bombers and back shooters. Corporations employ the PRCIA to deliver the dose of COINTELPRO required by the situation, all tried and true.

The CIA has a history of coups and assassination and denials. History has undone many of the denials to expose the assassinations and coups. They are numerous. The CIA is involved in domestic politics through every avenue available including controlling the messages coming to the population through the media, even owning media, providing all forms of prepackaged media to the media, and being shielded from discovery or given plausible deniability.

The Lord’s Avenger letter is a CIA creation. The message is a terrorist’s message dressed in both motive and defense. The Army of God manual and the Lord’s Avenger letter come from the source of most terror: Killing for God. Killing people God would kill if God killed people. These people are pagan, baby killers, of the devil and deserve to feel the wrath of God’s sword. That was also the nature of the CIA’s message sent through Guatemala delivered by death squads and the massacring military trained by the CIA. It is what they do. If its good enough for an activist, its good enough for a doctor.

In 1990, the CIA was on the Northcoast doing CIA kinds of things through Gospel Outreach Church in Eureka. Of the PRCIA, two firms were employed by the Wiseuse corporations:Ketchum Communications and Hill and Knowlton. Both employed ex-CIA agents and perhaps had a resident NOC for each. Wiseuse was used for COINTELPRO using Mother’s Watch and other such groups to write prankful letters. There was someone else writing death threats.

CIA, PRCIA, Wiseuse other local groups all acting to disrupt not terrorists but registered political organizations. The FBI and its network of local LEOs provided the plausible deniability.