The FBI and OPD

Illegal force: The FBI conspired with local police departments to threaten dissidents; to conduct illegal break-ins in order to search dissident homes; and to commit vandalism, assaults, beatings and assassinations.[40] The object was to frighten or eliminate dissidents and disrupt their movements.

Wiki [40]  The FBI’S Covert Action Program to Destroy the Black Panther Party

The FBI trains officers from local and regional police forces to use equipment, to mimic COINTELPRO, and to coordinate undercover operations. This training in the case of the Oakland Police Department led to a regional role for OPD who responded to ‘terrorist’ activity to provide troops to their FBI commanders. That is why OPD shows up in Humboldt and Marin Counties to provide local training such as the bomb school in Humboldt weeks before the Bari bombing. That is also why they appear to arrest demonstrators on the Golden Gate Bridge and to confiscate Cherney’s fundraising lists that provided them with a list of EF! and supporters on the Northcoast.


The origins of COINTELPRO demonstrate that the Bureau adopted extralegal methods to counter perceived threats to national security and public order because the ordinary legal processes were believed to be insufficient to do the job. In essence, the Bureau took the law into its own hands, conducting a sophisticated vigilante operation against domestic enemies. …

COINTELPRO springs from the Bureau’s belief that dissident speech and association should be prevented because they were incipient steps toward the possible ultimate commission of an act which might be criminal. … Thus, the Bureau’s self-imposed role as protector of the existing political and social order blurred the line between targeting criminal activity and constitutionally protected acts and advocacy. page 27 – 28

FBI Infiltration of citizen organizations

In the 90’s there was a joke about meetings we held of our membership. There were always strangers, maybe 50% strangers. In a UK encampment against first strike weapons based in England there were no citizens left in the encampments just half CIA and the other half KGB. In Humboldt there were others, corporate spies, who attended our meetings.

They rarely shared info with each other unless they absolutely had to do so….

….Unless they stumbled across another intel agency’s operation they rarely knew they were spying on the same people. Sometimes they infiltrated the same groups and didn’t even know they were in the same meetings.

The media was actively complicit with the FBI.

There’s a new book out called “Subversives”, by Seth Rosenfeld, based on over 20 years of FOIA lawsuits about the FBI’s actions during the Free Speech and anti-war movements in the 60’s.

Hoover and CIA director McCone considered many Bay area reporters, and the Hearst Family as “assets, and leaked classified defamatory information to discredit people like Robert Scheer, Mario Savio, etc. They clandestinely backed Ronald Reagan’s campaign for Governor.

After an innocent construction worker was shot and killed, by police, on a rooftop observing the Peoples Park protests, scumbag Ed Meese said in a recent interview, that he deserved to die.

An ex-Army informant for the FBI, Richard Aoki, admits to his role in arming and training the Black Panther Party in firearms.

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  1. They have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

I have been an “activist” for over 40 years, and as long as I can remember, police, or others infiltrated our organizations. Many times inciting violence. After a while, we had to have our meetings less public, so that the infiltrators, who we knew about, wouldn’t know. This was in NYC around the time of the Viet Nam War protests, and the first environmental demonstrations.

They probably have 339 Lafayette St. bugged permanently.


How did the bomb get into Judi’s car? Someone knows. We only have theories.

Theory 1. The LA letter is accurate and the bomb was placed under her seat on Tuesday night as Judi met with a group of people from the logging community. Her car was parked in front of the Willits PD.

Theory 2. The bomb was placed the next night at a meeting in Ukiah.

Theory 3. The bomb was placed in the car late Wednesday night or early on the 24th while her car was parked on an Oakland City street blocks from the scene of the explosion.

There is the FBI’s theory that she was carrying the bomb, knowlingly, so the answer to this question is immaterial.

The conundrum is clarified by

a] eye witness testimony that there was no bomb in the car after the Tuesday meeting.

b] Doyle’s pipebomb under the seat school of thought, a singular use of a pipebomb and his confusion about where the bomb was placed and that it must have been visible to all.

c] the FBI refusing to reclassify the bombing as other than leftwing terrorism even after their framing of Bari and Cherney was demonstrated in court.

Why a pipe bomb? Why a bomb? Why Alameda County? Why May 24? Who was the FBI source? Where? Humboldt or Mendocino? Did the source know about the bomb?

As the larger analysis shows there are other suspects but if it was to be the FBI-OPD it would be a group effort. The complexity of the crime requires many roles to be filled by staff.


Team leader, interface with ‘client’

Explosives maker

Bomb placer

Teams of watchers

Humboldt County informant

Letter writer

An equivalent list of FBI-OPD would be


Team leader, Doyle


Local LOEs


The FBI-OPD offer some interesting quotes such as:

“I’ve been looking at bomb scenes for 20 years, and I’m looking at this one, and I’m telling you can rely on it. This bomb was visible to the people who loaded the back seat of this car.” – Doyle.

What a weird syntax. I know something. The bomb was visible. Why say that? What did he know?
Did he know the bomb could be seen? Had he seen it? To be suspicious of the FBI-OPD makes sense.

Here is a rendition of who made up the ‘Staff’ from Robert McLaughlin’s book:

EXECUTIVE ACTION—-“Dr.” John Phillip Nichols and Robert Booth Nichols were both Ex-CIA Operatives working the CIA Contra weapons connection and I suspect on the side, they were making wholesale illegal, light machine gun sales as that was the weapon they were selling to the Contras. Also, I suspect Lew Dunn was “Dr.” J P Nichols right hand man in those early 1980’s illegal automatic weapon sales. And Robin L Dunn, as Lew Dunn’s, a 24 year old son was the high-energy gofer/weapons distributer who changed addresses frequently because he was on the road so much making sales and deliveries through the same Freedom/Radical Religious Right (RRR) and nationwide Octopus network.

Then unexpectedly “Dr.” J. P. Nichols went to prison in 1985 and a year later Lew Dunn buys a house in Santa Marie, CA. J.P. Nichols gets out of prison 1987 and can’t work for the Cabazon Indians anymore and somehow (weapons sales connection?) through the “Octopus” or “Freedom”* networks? lands the Timber Industry Covert Intelligence/Planner job. The first thing “Dr.” JPN does is call his old right hand man Lew Dunn, who is also broke and in debt to the IRS (there’s no work record?) and Dunn joins the operation as assistant planner/driver, as J. P. Nichols can no longer drive due to diabetes. Dunn puts his Santa Maria house up for sale, and tows a travel trailer to a RV park in Lakeport, Lake County in Northern, CA. (Close to Ukiah, CA.) and Robin Dunn follows him there.

When “Dr.” John P. Nichols gets an order to do something against environmentalists he goes through the Freedom network and Santa Rosa was the only contact, so he rehires Ted J. Kaczynski and (I suspect) his West Santa Rosa buddy. Remember, In 1987 Kaczynski ended his bombing campaign for the next six years, three months later the first installment of the Black Propaganda campaign against environmentalist begins, the suspected log deck, log spiking with a single spike that severely injured mill worker George Alexander on May 9th, 1987 at the Louisiana –Pacific Cloverdale Saw Mill just up and off Route 101 from Santa Rosa. That action made Harry Merlo CEO of L-P very happy as Merlo punished environmentalists with verbal attacks to the press about the Cloverdale log spiking for the next three years.

Then “Dr.” John P. N. hires, probably on Ron Arnold’s advice, (Arnold was connected to the ‘Militias” (David Helvarg 5/22/95 The Nation) and the Moonies i.e. “The Octopus” and I “know” was the “intellectual author” of the “selective killing” idea and the “Death Squad Leader and thus Dr. J. P. Nichol’s boss whose recommendation of the “Freedom” networks, Oregon electronic surveillance expert, ex Special Forces Bob Taylor, a bible literalist who brings in ex-Special Forces demolitions/operations expert Randy Weaver, a Christian Identity/Aryan Nation follower and also a bible literalist; who I strongly believe gave Kaczynski explosives training in exchange for money; that enabled Ted to plant 4 maybe 5 powerful bombs in 1985.

Then at the end of 1988 John Campbell of Campbell Logging, Covelo, CA. the major local executive involved in the anti-environmentalists operations gives up hiring out of state workers, because he’s no longer allotted 8 million board feet from the Mendocino National Forest. So the timber worker L-P/Campbell [bunk] house is available for the planning operations and in 1989 and “Dr. Nichols, Lew Dunn and Randy Weaver start using it, while running intelligence gathering crews out of Willits for electronic surveillance of Judi Bari in Redwood Valley and a Lakeport/Santa Rosa crews covering MEC in Ukiah. The L-P Covelo [bunk] house was perfect or so they thought, they were white and the white cops notice only Indians.

Of course, with the announcement of the Forest Forever Initiative and Redwood Summer the covert and overt planning against environmentalists was intensified and coordinated, including with the FBI who were the “virtual” if silent partners of their clients the Timber Industry security executives. Then from early March 1990 on the Extraction and Timber industries funded covert/overt anti-environmentalist operations reached critical mass with false press releases, dirty tricks and multiple death threats against Judi Bari, Darryl Cherney and Greg King which fell on deaf ears and see-no-evil eyes of the combined law enforcement establishment.

Also in early March 1990 Bob Albonico, a sometimes timber faller, (turned suspected Oregon logging industry forest fire starter) receives word from the “Ex Special Forces officers, ex-plosives experts from Oregon” that he was picked for the operation which he was aware was ongoing (and influenced by John Campbell) and told he would make a lot of money, but because of “Need To Know” (covert operational security rules); Albonico was in the dark about what it is he has guessed he’s been picked to blow up, all he knew was “The is money ’s good”, but he’s in dire financial straits and the waiting was driving him nuts. I suspect Albonico was given something to do when he and the suspected Kaczynski and his Santa Rosa buddy cobble-together from the back of Albonico’s pickup truck one of his much-dented and faded paint one gallon gas cans and gas and oil to fill it. They fashioned a make shift pipe bomb and a sign “L-P SCREWS WORKERS” and on May 9, 1990, the third anniversary of the George Alexander L-P Cloverdale mill (SIC) accident. (The third “incident” in Kaczynski’s history that happened on the anniversary of an earlier “incident.”) So Ted J Kaczynski, the only premier small bomb builder in the operation and under the supervision of his suspected pre-1985 explosive formula teacher Randy Weaver (There’s evidence below) builds the anti-personal pipe bomb. The only pipe bomb used as a car bomb in U.S. and World history See: Wikipedia and Global Terrorism Database in the Appendix.

They drop the make-shift bomb off at the same L-P Mill, but it doesn’t explode (only partially burns), no matter it was just planted to alert the compromised FBI and local law enforcement to the fact the Judi Bari led Earth First! were involved with primitive bombs. Entering the scene is the FBIs “Point Man” FBI Agent Frank Doyle leader of #13 Terrorist Bomb Squad. His job is more than supervising bomb technicians, he was without a doubt analyzing and anticipating future bombings from terrorist groups, but there had been none in Northern California for years. The last terrorist bombing in California was on March 19, 1989 in San Diego at a military installation which injured one person. See (GTD)

All paramilitary (covert) “political police” like the FBI Counterterrorism Units and CIA Counter Intelligence/Counter terrorism Units use the same tool box and some of those tools are lies, deceptions and illusions. The timber industry covert planners knew the FBI had accepted every piece of “Bull shit” evidence from right-wingers starting with the Old Santa Rosa Naval Airfield firebombing in 1980 and then the George Alexander spike-log induced accident in 1987 and three years to the day later on May 9, 1990 the L-P Cloverdale Mill bomb.

And it’s important to mention that in all probability Ukiah police Chief Keplinger faxed (The technology of the day: It only takes a few seconds) the Argus letter which included the photo of Bari posing with an Uzi submachine gun to the FBI’s Counterterrorism Intelligence Unit at the San Francisco field office where without a doubt Judi Bari would become known as an “armed terrorist Insurgent,” and on a “Watch List.”(Although a Judi Bari is on watch list didn’t show on civil suit discovery, but the FBI knew as early as May of 1989 from their FBI agent informant Michael Fain that Arizona Earth First!ers refused to except the explosives he had offered, but the idea FBI Agent Frank Doyle didn’t know the L-P Cloverdale “failed bombing” wasn’t a put-up-job goes against his history.

Impromptu Stage Management—–As all FBI or CIA anti-terrorism operations are “Stage–Managed” (even the New York Times uses “Staged-managed” to described CIA operations), there are stringent rules under the “Staged-managed” concept*:

Rule #1 An agent must know “everything” the total reality of the situation into which he’s involved so he can “Stage-manage “his “Performance,” so to effect the wanted change for his client. Yes, that’s what they call it “A Performance” which in this case is “The masking of reality with an illusion.”*

  • To create an effective illusion, the spy [FBI Agent] . . .employs similar craft and stage management techniques, plausible reasons are substituted for reality to conceal the true purposes, and spectators [other FBI Agents and Oakland police] attention is culled and diverted . . . For spy to be successful, execution must be carefully planned, exhaustively practiced, and skillfully performed. The Official C. I. A. Manual of trickery and Deception (Melton, Wallace p.20)

In this case FBI Agent Frank Doyle undoubtedly wanted the outcome to be in favor of his “virtual “partners the Timber Industry.

Rule #2 Get everyone on the same page and Doyle started that process with his April 26th and 27th Bomb School on Louisiana-Pacific clear-cut land near Arcata, CA. where he blew up three cars with pipe bombs, two of which were “Placed” inside the cars. Where Frank Wittington, chief of L-P Security may have flown down to confer with Doyle. Wittington of course was responsible for the Campbell/L-P owned, two story white [bunk] house on Mill Street in Covelo that the operational/planners used as a base of operations. On the left a Google photo of L-P workers boarding (white) house that 195 former workers knew was being used by strange men from 1989 to 1991.

Rule #3 Maximize the news coverage after gaining control of the situation, even if the eventual outcome will be the reverse of your illusion; the damage inflicted will be irreversible.

Well. Of course FBI (SA) Frank Doyle the “Performer” couldn’t do it all himself, he needed an assistant: “The assistant either by speech or action ‘sets the stage’ for the performance. (Melton, Wallace p.194)

Doyle’s assistant in this case is “Puppet-Master” Dr. John Phillip Nichols with his script in hand who’s been waiting patiently as his surveillance teams and electronic surveillance specialist have been monitoring Judi Bari and finding out she was headed to Oakland set the entire operation in motion, because it is Oakland that stands the best chance of the FBI arriving and commanding the situation; which was the Nichol’s first requirement for the operation to go forward. So someone placed in the law enforcement network informs the FBI that Bari and Cheney are headed to “Seeds of Peace” in Oakland.

At 11:55 A.M., as the car approached 34th Street near Oakland High School, a bomb—-eleven inches of galvanized pipe stuffed with Explosive 3:1 potassium chlorate: Aluminum powder. three sizes of finished nails taped on the Outside — exploded directly under the driver’s seat. The force of the explosion left burn marks on the surface of Park Boulevard, twisted the Subaru’s entire front end, buckled its roof, and blew out the windshield. Fragments of the driver’s seat and side window were sprayed all over the street. Rescuers had to employ “jaws of life” and cut door stanchion to remove Judi Bari from the car. (The first to arrive was T. J. Roumph, a member of the Alameda County bomb squad: He thought the device was on the left rear floorboard and would have been visible). (Anderson Valley Advertiser

At 12:10, Special Agent Tim Mc Kinley of the FBI and Special Agent James Flanigan of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives got to the scene shortly after Brewer and Skipp-Sevier. When Flannigan arrived, Doyle and the FBI bomb people had not yet arrived, so he had the most bomb case seniority of anyone there.

“Now a description of the performer, he must be natural and at ease, he must know in such complete detail what he is to do and how he is to do it that he is completely assured and so has full confidence in himself.” (Melton, Wallace p.90)

Well of course without a doubt Special Agent Tim Mc Kinley, the first FBI Agent on the scene was following Bari’s car when it exploded. And of course it stands to reason as a smart street agent knows he can’t admit that he was following Bari, so he comes up with an excuse that he was so close to the bombing scene as he was on his way to investigating of the Oakland “Hell’s Angles.” Well, FBI agents may run an errant alone (like following the non-violent Bari) but it’s historical fact, FBI Agents work in pairs when (especially) investigating a “known” armed, violent motorcycle gang. Thus Mc Kinley became the first performer in what is known according to as “A Performance.”

Oakland Police Department officers and FBI Agents. More than a dozen of the latter would be on Park Boulevard within an hour of the blast. Before even examining the wrecked Subaru, the FBI briefed the Oakland officers on Bari and Cherney, saying that these were the type of people who would be involved in transporting explosives. (David Harris)

Flannigan said that he was the first officer to speculate that the bomb had been behind the seat. “I told [the OPD] that based on what I saw at the time, it would have been reasonable to assume that they knew the device was there.” He said that his opinion was based primarily on the damage done to a guitar case that had been sitting behind Bari in the car.” Anderson Valley Advertiser Hank Sims

As 18 agents and policeman accumulated around the wreckage, the Terrorist Squad had to work out the details of jurisdiction, which it did immediately. An agent from Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (was there) and a specific issue was whether Earth First! was on the FBI’s official list of domestic terrorist groups and if the case was a presumed bomb transport. If Earth First! wasn’t, then Darryl Cherney and Judi Bari were probably not the bombers, and then the case belonged to the ATF&E, Sam Harris. (David Harris.) Jurisdiction went to the FBI. (As it would happen the best (in the U.S.) and most experienced ATF&E bomb expert John Sullivan was in Washington D.C. on that day).

Mc Kinley decided to stick around and help secure the scene of the crime. He was in contact with his superior in Oakland, who gave him a bit of information which he passed on to the OPD officers at the site:

“An informant had said that some people associated with Earth First! we’re going to be traveling to Santa Cruz for something Big.” he said. This was the so-called “heavy hitters” tip, which previous FBI agents said was only known to SA Phil Sena, who had received the tip, and his supervisor SA John Riekes.

“Then the performer must have a realization of the element of time. He must know the proper time to start his trickery. He must know the importance of time in each detail of his performance.” (p.90) “His entire mind concentrated upon the performance. . . The entire “little theater” presentation. (p. 36). . . “For it takes practice to tell a convincing lie. Even more practice is needed to act a lie skillfully than is required to tell one.” (Melton, Wallace P.69)

Less than an hour after the Oakland explosion, none other than Special Agent Frank Doyle, the bomb school instructor, took charge of the bomb scene investigation. There were at least five of his bomb school students at the scene, they were: Special Agent (SA) Frank Doyle, Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Patrick Webb, SA John F. Holford and Oakland Police Sergeant Myron Hanson, and they were overheard on a videotape joking about the scene being the “final exam.” Since he was the FBI’s terrorist squad bomb expert and their instructor the other FBI and Oakland bomb investigators who were at the scene first deferred to his pronouncements about the evidence.

The reality was the first thing Doyle saw was the hole directly under Bari’s destroyed seat cushion and next he would notice the backseat was intact. And as such hidden bombs don’t lend themselves readily to car ignition or brake pedal method of detonation as their wires would be exposed to the drivers view. Doyle had to know it was an electrically detonated bomb, either remotely detonated or timed fused and as all electrically detonated bombs have an on/off switch (as this one had), nobody would be dumb enough to build an electrically detonated bomb without one as a safety precaution, so had Bari been knowingly traveling with such a bomb the switch would have been off; even a 4 year old child knows if she turns the light off it never go on by itself. So he knew that the bombers (his assistants) had “delivered her” into his possession (as I suspect he was expecting) and he deliberately lied and chose to participate in the crime, aiding and abetting an attempted murder is a capital offence.

“The trickster depends upon a form of thinking which will mislead the spectators rather than upon quickness and manipulative ability . . . when the mind has been deceived, it’s almost impossible to work backwards and discover the deception.”

“The more the [agent] knows about the spectators the better he can plan the trick to assure it will succeed.

The “at-a-tangent thinking” is quite a descriptive phrase of the manner in which the trickster plans his work. He must think of something to do or say which touches the subject, actually shoots off from it. Because the comment touches the subject, it will not be noticed that it is actual is going away from the subject rather than around it.” (p.82)

“Next, it is necessary to restate that trickery depends basically upon elementary psychology. One who expects to perform trickery must understand that the object of the trickster is to deceive the mind rather than the eye,” (P.88)

It was Doyle who overruled the Oakland sergeant who got there first and said the bomb was under the driver’s seat and that he could see the pavement under the car through the hole in the seat bottom. It was Doyle who falsely said the bomb was on the floor behind the driver’s seat where it would have been easily seen. It was also Doyle who falsely claimed that two bags of nails found in the back of Bari’s car matched nails taped to the bomb for shrapnel effect, when in fact they were not even the same type, and were clearly different to the naked eye. (Bari worked as a carpenter, and always had tools and nails in the car.)

Doyle also hypothesized that the bomb had her guitar on top of it. Further proof that this is a transport violation, not an attack. Like the area behind the seat, the guitar case had survived relatively intact. The Oakland P.D. bomb expert had been trained by Doyle and disputed none of his conclusions.

Other officers on the scene testified that Doyle argued with them, and quoted him saying, “I’ve been looking at bomb scenes for 20 years, and I’m looking at this one, and I’m telling you can rely on it. This bomb was visible to the people who loaded the back seat of this car.” (Paul Wolf, p. 61)

Lt. Mike Sims, head of the homicide division of the OPD, assigned the case to Sgt’s Michael Sitterud and Sgt. Robert Chenault. Sgt.Sitterud on hearing SA Frank Doyle was on the scene, did not attempt to conduct his own investigation. At some point, Doyle said that the bomb must have been behind the driver’s seat, where it would have been visible to those in the car. Sgt. Chenault based on Doyle’s nail evidence, that the bag of nails found in the hatchback were “Identical” to those attached to the bomb; Sgt. Chenault filled out an affidavit which was presented to a Judge in order to obtain a search warrant on Bari’s and Cherney’s homes. Anderson Valley Advertiser Hank Sims

As Darryl Cherney points out in his movie “Who Bombed Judi Bari” photos of both Judi’s destroyed seat cushion, and an intact guitar case and testimony by the operating surgeon who was not interviewed before her arrest as to where Bari injuries were and as they were in her pelvic region and not her lower back where the Doyle lie claimed. So this was not a systematic investigation but was a “Railroading,” A “Fit-UP!”

An officer Walter Ludwig of the OPD filled out an arrest warrant for Judi Bari at 3:00 P.M. three hours after the bomb went off in her car. Later at a 7:45 P.M. briefing that evening at OPD Hq. about 30 investigators, half FBI and half OPD officers received a briefing led by Supervisor (SSA) John Reikes, head of the FBI San Francisco bureau’s “Squad 13” counter-terrorism unit, who gave a rousing, inflammatory speech about Earth First!

If the “Forests Forever” initiative, Prop. 130, had passed in the fall 1990 election, the three big logging corporations of the redwood region – Georgia Pacific, Louisiana Pacific and Pacific Lumber – would have lost billions of dollars. It would have put an end to unsustainable liquidation logging and clear-cutting, and ended industry control over the board that wrote timber regulations. With an enormous financial motive to defeat the initiative, the corporations hired the giant public relations firm Hill & Knowlton to manage a PR campaign to turn public opinion against the initiative. An important part of the campaign was to derail Redwood Summer and It was drawing media attention to the over-logging, which would work in favor of Prop. 130. (Paul Wolf 59)

Then in a well televised segment the Berkeley Police raided the Seeds of Peace house with guns drawn and tore the place apart looking for a bomb factory. Then there was the well publisized helocopers trips by the FBI to Judi and Darryl homes at Judi’s they even extracted nails from a window sash even though they knew the roofing nails in her car didn’t match the finish nail wrapped to the car’s pipe bomb.


The FBI and the OPD

Note: The following is a piece written in 1993. It is a testament to the mental state at the time.

Who made the bomb that exploded in Judi Bari’s car? The Lord’s Avenger by his own admission. How do we know this? We have the so-called Lord’s Avenger letter as the best answer. He is or is not as he portrays himself in the letter.

Who put the bomb in Judi Bari’s car while parked in Willits? The bomb exploded injuring Ms. Bari and her passenger Darryl Cherney? The answer is simple: ‘The Lord’s Avenger.’ Who is the Lord’s Avenger?

Why did the bomb in the car not explode as designed once the timer ran out? There are two possible answers: It was faulty or someone removed it before it exploded. The bomb may have been armed and yet not explode if the contacts in the motion switch were not made until she turned the corner sharply as she may not have done until she left Berkeley for Santa Cruz. Witnesses indicate the bomb was not in the car before the night of the 22nd. Options: bomb put in car in Willits on the 22nd or in Uhiah the next day at the press conference and ‘god held the hand.’ It was removed and replaced in Oakland. It was never placed in car before Berkeley.

The LA said he put the bomb in her car in Mendocino. It had a timer and a motion switch. It should have exploded after the next twelve hours. It didn’t. LA seems happy about that because God had a hand in the bombing. God stopped the timer. Ms. Bari drove to Oakland with the bomb under her seat? LA says God released the hand when Mr. Cherney entered Ms. Bari’s car.

The FBI questions:

Why is it political activists can be bombed in an attempted murder, an assassination attempt, followed by a credible anonymous letter, the Lord’s Avenger letter, confessing to the crime and yet only the wounded activists are ever arrested or investigated?

Why do the institutions charged with providing justice hide the evidence from the victims of the bombing?

Why did the institutions charged with providing justice not try to find the author of that letter?

Ms. Bari had had life threats in Mendocino and Humboldt Counties, and Oregon prior to the visit she made there in early 1990.

The bombing was in Oakland, home of the Oakland PD, who represented the power of the FBI in northern California. OPD ran the FBI operations throughout the northern half of the State including Humboldt and Mendocino Counties.

Black Mariah offers another idea. Cops were following people, sitting in cars all night, watching Ms. Bari. The death threats she received bragged about knowing where she was hiding. She wasn’t hiding but she was being watched. The LA said he followed her to the loggers meeting. Who else did?

Cops watched the Bari car the night of the bombing. The OPD officers thought the FBI had tossed her car, found no bomb. When the bomb went off the OPD thought Bari or Cherney must have put it in the car that morning. But what if the ‘FBI’ planted the bomb? Then both things make sense. The OPD officers were fooled into seeing the opposite of what happened happen, a slick sleight of hand.

The LA letter describes details of two bombs. The Cloverdale mill bomb on May 8-9 and the May 24th bomb. Are these descriptions accurate? They are bold descriptions. The FBI is probably the only ones who know if the descriptions are accurate. They say yes. Why do they say yes and not no to discredit LA and make Bari and Cherney more likely the bomb makers?

If the descriptions are accurate then the author of the LA letter knew about both bombs. Maybe as the FBI watched Ms. Bari they had no easy explanation of who did the first bomb. (Strange absence of media attention considering the sign and all.) They continued to watch her and saw the bomb being placed in her car in front of the Willits Police Department. They removed it. That bomb or another bomb was placed in her car while it was parked on the street overnight. This is a difficult connection to make but the sense of Black Mariah is that the Lord’s Avenger came from nowhere, out of the blue. Even the FBI did not get it. But the ‘FBI’ did.

The ‘FBI’ sent the fellow who put the bomb in the car. If the FBI knew that may solve the mystery.

Why was the Lord’s Avenger in North Bay when he mailed the letter? Traveling? Hanging in the Bay Area after the bombing?

Why was SA Doyle unable to see the truth?

The question we want answered is who is the Lord’s Avenger? Doyle thought he knew the answer. He probably thought it was Judi, Darryl or Greg King singly or together who wrote the Lord’s Avenger letter and therefore he arrested Judi and Darryl. The history shows Doyle’s accusations were not substantiated by facts or theories.

Doyle was a practitioner of the art of control but he was not well informed of all the facts. He did perhaps know the Lord’s Avenger by another name, some say. Likely he did not know about the letter being on the way. The timing was awkward. His narrative was not helped by it.

In Black Mariah the bomb is built by one person and placed by another. The DNA tests say the letter had two sets of DNA: one male and one female. The letter itself sounds like it was written by two people: a bomb builder and a street preacher.

Doyle had been told the suspect’s car was clean before the instruments were loaded. Judi and friends were watched as they loaded the car. The bomb went off. Perhaps to their surprise. That is the Black Mariah scenario.

Doyle said whoever loaded the car would have seen the bomb on the floor behind her seat. Because that is where he thought the bomb would be or should have been with the evidence he saw. His interpretation of what he saw was biased by his experience and fortified by his other biases.

The evidence shows the bomb was under Judi’s seat.

Doyle expected the bomb to be on the floor not under the seat because his experience taught him it was Judi’s bomb. She would not put it under her.


Doyle knew the car was ‘clean.’ In Black Mariah, the car was staked out and searched during the night or morning of 5/24. The bomb had to be put in by one of the people packing the car. In future hours the FBI searched the house she was staying in for a ‘bomb factory.’ The one who searched the car to determine it was ‘clean’ placed the bomb. This person was a ‘Fed,’ an ex-cia, fbi, prcia.


This last is the one from Black Mariah and my favorite.

Doyle was a conscious member of a conspiracy or cult as apposed to a predictable player used for that purpose by sinister others such as Wiggington, LP’s Chief of Security.

Whether Doyle was part of a conspiracy or not, he acted as if he were surprised by the placement of the bomb if not the bomb itself. Then he acted as if he were part of a conspiracy described as COINTELPRO with everyone happily compartmentalized.

Ultimately, no one came to save Doyle. His accusations brought no charges from the Oakland DA’s office. There was no evidence Judi or Darryl or anyone else was the Lord’s Avenger. Doyle played it wrong.