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The reasons the Gospel Outreach Church is worth considering as a suspect are

  • The religion spoken is Dominionism as is the language of the Lord’s Avenger.
  • Members of the GOC have murdered many ‘pagans’ – a goal of the LA.
  • These murderous members are thought to have been on the Northcoast in early 1990.

There is lot of story in the GOC. The trail begins in the 50’s and involves the CIA, LSD and the Jesus Movement. It leads to Eureka in the 70’s and the White House in the early 80’s. Then to Guatemala, a CIA created dictatorship. The dictator, a minister in training in the Dominionist religion, who is also a guest minister at the Eureka GOC. Then to the massacre of hundreds of thousands of ‘pagans and comunists’ to purify the population to accept Dominionism and become the first nation of the Kingdom. The CIA thought this up. The CIA was placing agents as the ministers in the dictator’s new church called Verbo.

As we learn thanks to Watergate the CIA had assassination programs and ultra secret domestic programs, dozens of them. One of these found the CIA creating a new human being, one that would be open to programming and control. They used LSD and distributed it throughout San Francisco. That was 1965-1973. There were consequences.

As a Humboldt County Judge told me in 1985 as he sentenced me to 30 days for trespassing on the Centerville Naval Station, one of the first strike facilities the US built to make a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union ‘winnable,’ “We are afraid of different things.” At the time, I thought he meant my fear of a nuclear winter compared to his fear of a war in the US that would bring to Humboldt County the destruction he saw in Europe during World War II. We became friends, had coffee, talked about our pasts, found good reasons for what I presumed were his fears and he found good reasons for mine. As I see it now we should have been afraid of the logic underlying my defense.

I and my partners in crime had argued the so-called defense of necessity. We had to break laws to save ourselves. We appealed our convictions, but lost. The status quo protects itself: Every part of government is designed to thwart any change in the policies that resulted in the notion of a first strike, essentially mass murder, to protect the status quo from change.

In a similar way, the adherents of the Dominionism, the abortion clinic bombers, the doctor assassins, argue that to save lives of the unborn, their god’s people have a duty to take life. They argue the defense of necessity to save a life empowers them to kill.

Our little act of civil disobedience occurred in 1985 on the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. The Army of God was just beginning. The debate amongst the anti-abortion activists about the justification for murder was coming to fruition. It would be almost 10 years before Paul Hill killed two people in Florida, a doctor and his bodyguard, and another nine years for Florida to execute him in 2003. By then there were many bombings and killings.

There was more to fear than I realized at the time. About a mile from Centerville was an old Coast Guard station where over the years from 1970 to 1985 a small sect of christianists called the Jesus People had built a commune, the Lighthouse Ranch, at least that was the story. They started Gospel Outreach Church in Eureka, which attracted an exiled Guatemalan General as a new member in the late 70’s. The General Rios Montt became the military ruler of Guatemala soon after he left Humboldt County to return to his home country. 18 months later he was back. He killed, or his military killed tens of thousands of Mayan people, arguing as the CIA taught them to argue that it was necessary to protect Guatemalans from Communism or Liberation Theology or to clear the fields of pagans for the Kingdom of God. The killing was necessary. The CIA thought so.

In 1990, the Lord’s Avenger letter writer spoke in the language of Dominionism using the same logic Paul Hill used and the same logic CIA in Guatemala used to defend murder for a principle. The Army of God fielded zealots for their cult belief, as did CIA in Guatemala. Many of the CIA zealots believed as the Army of God zealots did.

The question is, given what we know about Montt in Guatemala, is it reasonable to suspect a CIA related person, visiting Eureka, was moved to bomb Judi Bari’s car? We have no name yet. There is a fertile field to search for a name.

In this section, we will consider the CIA’s role in Central America, its actions in Guatemala and Rios Montt’s relationship to Gospel Outreach and the CIA.

The Gospel Outreach Church

In the 1960’s the CIA was using American churches in foreign countries to mask the presence of its agents or NOC’s. While we heard public testimony about this relationship, another program of the CIA in San Francisco and elsewhere remained hidden. The CIA was using college students to distribute LSD to other college students who attended music events in the City. The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test was all the rage in the late 60’s.

The young people caught by surprise taking LSD were part of an experiment that led to the back to the land movement and the Jesus People many of whom wandered North from the Bay Area looking for a new messiah. Some went into Canada. Some were caught up by the Jesus People at the Lighthouse Ranch. Witnesses’ testimony claimed the CIA was involved in the formation of The Gospel Outreach Church with the Lighthouse Ranch community being the first and greatest source of the faithful.

The plan appeared to be to create people open to becoming Dominionists. Congress didn’t like NOC’s hiding in churches so the CIA began creating a church of the CIA using NOC’s as ministers. GOC was the American model for what was to come to be Verbo. Verbo is a religion used by Guatemalan dictatorships to justify greed and mass murder. The genocide is well documented as is the CIA role in promoting it. What was developed in Guatemala was used in other Central American nations to destroy the new governments that had formed in wake of a decade of revolutions throughout the region.

In 1999, a report was issued by a commission

“The Commission for Historical Clarification (CEH) – was established through the Accord of Oslo on 23 June 1994, in order to clarify with objectivity, equity and impartiality, the human rights violations and acts of violence connected with the armed confrontation that caused suffering among the Guatemalan people. The Commission was not established to judge – that is the function of the courts of law – but rather to clarify the history of the events of more than three decades of fratricidal war.”

The questions the commission was to answer are:

“Why did part of society resort to armed violence in order to achieve political power? What can explain the extreme acts of violence committed by both parties – of differing types and intensities – in the armed confrontation? Why did the violence, especially that used by the State, affect civilians and particularly the Mayan people, whose women were considered to be the spoils of war and who bore the full brunt of the institutionalised violence? Why did defenceless children suffer acts of savagery? Why, using the name of God, was there an attempt to erase from the face of the earth the sons and daughters of Xmukane’, the grandmother of life and natural creation? Why did these acts of outrageous brutality, which showed no respect for the most basic rules of humanitarian law, Christian ethics and the values of Mayan spirituality, take place.”

Based in Eureka in Humboldt County, the Gospel Outreach Church is known for the company it kept in the 70’s and 80’s.

Ties to CIA, a CIA front in Guatemala, related to mass murders and genocide of Mayan indians.

Ties to General Effraim Rios Montt, ex-military dictator, a Dominionist, trained by CIA

See CIA counterintelligence manual/ Contra manual, School of Americas

Montt was in Humboldt County the mid- 80’s and later.

Montt is a member of GOC and was a minister in the church.

As the Gospel Outreach Church’s history shows the CIA and Military Intelligence agencies had a stake in GOC. These undercover agents took part in its founding in Eureka and in its expansion into Guatemala.

With his new connection to a creation of the CIA, President General Rios Montt became a military dictator and mass murderer. During the 70’s the CIA was criticized for using churches in countries around the globe to provide cover to agents. By the time Montt joined GOC the CIA wasn’t using GOC as a cover, in Guatemala they were GOC. The GOC became Verbo, the word, and with CIA help it pushed other denominations out becoming the largest church in the country dedicated to Dominionism and a large factor in ‘fighting communists’ ie killing Mayan Indians, destroying their way of life in favor of a corporate/CIA controlled population.

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