Testimony re GOC in Eureka 1988

From The Humboldt Outpost 1995

M.L.Zullo • 2 years ago

Oh dear God, what have I done?Anyone need me to fill in the blanks here? First let me state I was a member of G.O at the Lighthouse Ranch from 1976-79,with a few sad return visits up to 1984 when I gave up on the ranch’s lukered-dope-guided leadership all together.Masters of trickery and former CIA.(Former CIA???) Stupid me! They never let the people with concerns reach Jim Dirkin Sr. for help. Anyway,I came there seeking shelter and a way to live,love, and grow on a co-operatively farm. But I was prime for being brainwashed.I was tired of hitch hiking and would work hard to keep the view and a meal.I had prayed for help while in jail in New York, so when I found the ranch, and they treated me so trustingly( at first), I thought God exists and many there cared deeply to help me find God. And althought that was true (at first),I saw people with no hart for Jesus or even an honest days work, get promoted to leadership roles while devout,hard working, and obediant workers, went unrewarded and even harmed emotionaly and drivin to near enslavement or exile with the trickery of “God wants you to do this,etc.” After being injured treeplanting(which I should’t have been doing for medical reasons),It appeared I wasn’t good enough for them anymore and was sent away to a mission field team that when I arrived found out they dont have any place like that in Onienta,New York.I had been lied to by the pastor I loved and trusted almost as much as Jim,a pastor Harry Hewitt. Althought neglected by staff, I had been from time to time rewarded by private contractors I worked for like Mr J.Tetrault that new the workers needed it and it was us that were resposnable for the fine work at the ywca battered womens shelter. Meanwhile the leaders always brainwashed me and others into giving all the money received, even gifts on holladays, to the church. Unfortunatly I found it went for herion in the arms of leadership instead. They even got me to paint the buildings and then the water tower,including painting lead on all the support hardware.I have a vascular and other illnesses most likely from that and other choirs too awfull for anyone else. No one out of fear of falling would do it but I did,beleaving Jesus would save me. maybe he did.(From them). I learned who was C.I.A. There was several millitary that were leaders as well as ex murks and vets.I was army but got out early cause of injury treeplanting for G.O. Well now to todays realization.I laid hands in prayer on the shoulders of thoses going to help in central America. All my work and effort thought to go help the people and it didn’t?Much of that or at least some going to help kill Native Indians?Trick them too? How evil. To have tricked me/them into serving the devil. I am an indian! I lost a lot at that ranch.I wasn’t allowed to date any girls there but others including leaders whould be seen having sex in the cow field. I could go on for a few years telling all the horrors. And I can’t help but think of there defending cries calling me, the lier. But I’d love to be challenged.I can name names and events with evidents and witnesses. I am so ashamed.God forgive me.I am not so sure I can forgive this ever. If G.O had anything to do with turning the efforts of young hippies seeking love and peace into the death of over 60,000 native Indians,well then add one more.Me.



M.L.Zullo  lauracooskey • 2 years ago

Don’t be so condisending lauracooskey.Im not panicing.Im outraged! This guy I worked with me and others at the lighthouse ranch,so many years ago…I find was raised up and nurchered special by G.O. and CIA, then sent to central america where he turned dictator with the churches help(CIA too) and used the teams to draw out and identify villages for termination.They used us missionaries to murder and distroy rape and loot.But dont panic,if your a g.o.,the blood is on your hands too!!!! Not just 60,000 indians but a total of over a 250,000 people murdered my General Montt,the cia,and gospel outreach ministries.Now panic!!! I feel all of G.O.’s officers and past staff including missionaries like myself, should step forward and clear there name or be known as murderers! As a former solder myself I got to know who admitted to me they were CIA. I thought however they gave up the spy and dagger stuff for Jesus only figuring out later the prostalotizing was a form of mental minipulation and mind control. I looking to sue over this! My greatgrandfather started a buisness called Waste Management in 1897.Net worth today,29billion dollars.Early on known as La Costra nostra or murder inc. But gotta say,G.O.,murdered more people in the name of Jesus,than my family did out of greed in over 100 years.You are all responsible for this attrocity and the loss of souls. I’d say Jim Dirkin sr,must be rolling in his grave or perhaps apart of what happened,he’s burning in hell. Clear Jesus’s name and then your own.Inless your hubby was a murc for Regan and Bush. Say,how come the Cia is working with G.O? How come G.O.is working with the CIA? How come G.O.’s General montt murdered all those people? Or they will say,How come G.O sponsered all that murdering of innocent people. And don’t give us the Pat Robertson’s excuse like “us guys tend to wounder”.stick with scripture.But yes girl,its time to get mad! I am pissed and yes,I’m naming names.Are You One Of Them? I don’t want to ask God to show mercy.No mercy was shown for the natives. But purhaps they are less then you.Being they are so primative.Colubus killed hundreds just for spite while being devinly directed by God. To that I say “Bull”


Thats how I feel! I may wish death over the knolege that I was tricked in helping a church thats intentions was to support genizide,and to such levels of evil.Now I know why the common citizens of Eureka would tell me how cultish they felt the ministry was.They wanted G.O. gone back then.Like yes,Jim Jones.I fought that view but no more.Before I got there in76,the people running the ranch were all military,some told me,like Tom DesChamp that he was Navy CIA. The guy at the time running the ranch( a Jim?) also para military.Most used mind minipulation to get people to beleave Jesus told them what you needed to do and new better then you.A CIA brand of mind brainwashing and prostilitizing. I am suffering from injuries I got while doing this work.But they prayed.So that was good enough.Told me to disgard medications and just trust Jesus. Because I beleaved there lie, bones didn’t heal right. Thats why after this,I want to sue. I’m looking for legal assistance in the matter. I wish I had been the 60,001,but theres a total of 250,000 dead now. I’d be dead and never know the shame brought to Jesus’s name.Nor the blood I now know is on everyones hands that ever helped this church. Good intention or not. Like the book say’s”Judgement starts in the house of God”. Get ready G.O.!!!


ml zullo • 2 years ago

That weird evil man Montt, had asked me from time to time to sit on the bunk next to him while he practiced his preaching.It seemed wrong because he wasn’t concerned about his wording of scripture or the spirit filling him, but how he looked with his hand outstretched and aimed at me while pointing the bible into my face and yelling scripture passages somewhat off from meanings but trying his best to look like Jimmy Swaggart. I wanted to tell him its not that way with the truth of Jesus. It isnt so much for the looks to be staged, but to be sincere.He wasn’t really open to critisism. Well,he tricked my leaders into pulling him up the ranks instead of people that were ready and tested to have been true.Guess it had something to do with the leadership meeting with Ed Mese and piles of cash. Jim Dirkin may have been out of the loop,controled and sheltered away from what was being set up because I truely beleaved his conviction method of Beleave,Confess,and Act apone teaching of how to connect your faith with the light of God was infact genuine at least at first. He could not be reached by such people as myself as others kept him from hearing about theconcerns or wrong being done at the cult like ministry at the lighthouse ranch. As Jesus freaks most of Eureka’s people treated us like that weird cult in oregon,stand offish and suspicius. If ministers promote war and say there libral yet they say there x cia vets.What part of stupid did’t I realize was all me.
Jim dirkin was in on it too. On a film from humbolt access he explains in small detail how Montt let him fire his 50 cal machine gun and other info that doesnt jive with the truth according to Montts statements and my direct interactions with him while he was at the lighthouse. Then I learned that like Jim and Tammy Baker,out of sight of the church goers and poor that worked there asses off,they lived and vacationed well on our money.The connection with the CIA and the whole operation of bringing up Montt is tied to his real estate practice.Thats the connection with my family too.Millitary advisors to the w.h. I had some unknown connection to them and what happened. It is a hard pill to swallow for me and Id think everyone who is ashamed of a church brainwashing its members and supporting the execution of over 250,000people.Not to miss those that died in the Giana cult by Jimmy Jones also once at the ranch.I forgot how many he killed.ml zullo  ml zullo • 2 years ago