The Potential Conspiracy Suspects

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The elections of 1990 brought many strangers to the Eureka area and into the other cities and small towns.

The Timber Industry was well established. More established than the Gospel Outreach Church or Wise-use. All three brought outsiders in to build a campaign against environmental progress. The environmental organizations were also trying to expand staff and volunteers attempting to increase their influence for the first Redwood Summer which focused on the Eureka area.

To prepare for the campaign the Timber Industry announced a united campaign. They had formed and nourished local Wise Use organizations and recruited their timber and lumber employees to participate. Wise Use brought in staff: Trainers who taught the local organizations dirty tricks, tricks to cause anxiety among the environmentalists. Tricks like death threats and fake bombs.

And the Timber Industry hired specialized corporations to assist them. Security, Public Relations, Communications, these are the descriptive terms used to describe what we know as Contractors now. These corporations employed ex-CIA, ex-FBI and ex-Military to do the work of disarticulation or COINTELPRO, the FBI program and Operation Chaos, the CIA program that had been privatized through the corporations by 1980 and expanded many-fold by 1990.

The campaign against environmentalists had long since made charges of Terrorist against them. Earth First! was so designated. The FBI was infiltrating the activist community. This campaign relied on the Marijuana industry on the Northcoast to bring in DEA agents who had been in the area for many years. In 1990 the FBI brought OPD into Humboldt County.

It is possible that more than 200 agents, dirty tricksters and informants were working in Humboldt and Mendocino in the months before the bomb. All focused on disrupting and destroying environmentalists, to use their words.

There were three inhouse corporate campaigns involving three outside PR firms involving ex-FBI or ex-CIA agents with wiseuse and its subsets. They were responsible for the hate campaigns and COINTELPRO-style campaigns

Added to this were the combined campaign firms opposing the State initiatives Forests Forever and Big Green.

Campaigns against County measures qualified by Northcoast Citizens drew another form of attention. The anti-CF93 campaign against Humboldt County Measure C, the pro-Oil campaign against Measure B were also using images from EF! demos and ultimately the hulk of Bari’s Suburu was used.

The FBI with its partners the OPD and local sheriffs and police departments provided support for informants and infiltrators.

The Gospel Outreach Church appeared to be a CIA creation in 1990. The CIA used it as a cover for its collaboration with Rios Montt in Guatemala. Montt was a member of the Eureka church and was on the Northcoast in 1990 while he awaited charges for the mass murder he committed during his tenure as the ruling strongman doing his Dominionist best to wipe out communism and pagans, ie indians. The CIA advised Montt and the Dominionists advised Montt. Guatemala would be the Kingdom of God if he would but kill the indigenous people who were all communists. God gave Montt dominion over all things to be used wisely and the Gospel Outreach Church was there to represent God. The CIA provided the might.

Besides the CIA, the Dominionists and Rios Montt, the Gospel Outreach Church brought Operation Rescue, the Advocates for Life and the Army of God to the Northcoast. 1988 was the year Operation Rescue began its reign of terror with the bombings and shootings now synonymous with the murder for Jesus movement. It began in Atlanta, followed by a philosophical shift. The shift demanded killing pagans and communists. Sacrifices for God’s will. Preparing the way for the Kingdom. The ultimate wise use. This is the equivalent to the Jihadi movement.

The conspiratorial suspects we will examine include:

The Gospel Outreach Church, no named suspects [4 suspects]

The Army of God, Shelley Shannon and others [4 suspects]

A Timber Industry, PRCIA [Public Relations firms, acting as contractors to extractive corporations, hire ex-CIA sub-contractors to do dirty jobs] with Wise Use: “Dr.” John P. Nichols, Ron Arnold, Randy Weaver, Bob Albonico, and the Unabomber [5 suspects]

A Timber Industry, FBI conspiracy: SA Saena and others. [4 suspects]

There may be other conspiracies to examine, but in 25 years these are the only ones that have been described well enough to be tested for likelihood. As these conspiracies have been examined by investigators no links to the crime have surfaced bringing the Timber Industry or FBI alone under serious suspicion.

The criteria for likelihood includes a Conspiracy Test and a Complexity Test. The Conspiracy Test includes the 6 tests for conspiracy theories used as a means to determine the likelihood any given theory can be valid. This is the minimum requirement while the Complexity Test sets the higher bar. For any person or persons to have been able to do as the Lord’s Avenger did, they would have had to decide to bomb, to plan a bombing, to stalk Judi Bari, to build the bomb, to place the bomb in Bari’s car, to write the Lord’s Avenger letter, to mail the letter to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

There was also the hate campaign that accompanied the electoral campaigns and anti-EF! hysteria, generally attributed to the Wise Use and generally to PRCIA whose PR firms with ex-CIA officers ran their own infiltration and disruption campaigns and unrelated to the bombing. The COINTELPRO style program had become privatized and used without reference to the FBI though it can be assumed the authors of the campaign had contact with the FBI.

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