Vincent Cannistraro

In 1985 Charles Hurwitz lived in Houston in a building – The Houstonian – owned by his savings and loan, United Savings Association of Texas. His cross the hall neighbor was none other than the Vice President and one time DCI of the CIA George H W Bush. Another neighbor was ex-Governor of Texas John B Connally.

There are groups that fit together. Follow their histories and common points emerge. Texas, Florida, CIA and Central America have many common historical points and personalities: Connally-Casey-Pappy Bush.

In the 80’s Floridians and Texans joined the Reagan administration to financially support a set of CIA programs designed to ‘fight communism.’ The names are on a list with their other known connections. [See Beebe Network ] These programs involved death squads and congress denied funding.

There is nothing that bears repeating more than the truth that the CIA et al saw to the murder of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in Latin America during the 70’s and 80’s. the Gospel Outreach Church played its role. This was not an accident it was a longterm project.

In 1971 the DEA was formed and by 1982 the CIA and military joined at the insistence of the new VP, GHW Bush. The CIA turned to the war on drugs that never did stop the drugs from entering the US, as much as flooded the inner cities with Crack.

In the sections, dedicated to the PRCIA, GOC and Pacific Lumber under The Crime, the CIA in many forms is present. It is good to remember that in 1990 at the time of the bombing Hurwitz, Connally and Bush all lived in the Houstonian. Bush was President and Casey was his DCI at CIA. Hurwitz owned Maxxam and Connally was on the BOD.

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