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Corporation is another spelling for Conspiracy. Because the corporations were the obvious beneficiaries of the Bari bombing and because in many criminal situations they are suspects, we can confidently include them.

In 1990 the Northcoast corporations with connections to the CIA or PRCIA include:

Louisiana Pacific Corporations
Pacific Lumber Company
Simpson Timber Company

The Public Relations and Security firms associated with the Corporations:

Burson-Marstellar, NYC
Hill and Knowlton, Wash DC
E Bruce Harrison Co., Wash DC
Moresby Consulting, Canada
Ketchum Communications, Fla
Vance Security Assets Protection Team
Business Risks International
Wackenhut Corp
Dan Cor Ltd.

Because of the prior history of PRCIA we include

The Ex-FBI or ‘FBI’
The ex-CIA or ‘CIA’
Wise Use movement

If we have left anyone of the list or included one in error, please comment.

The creation of the PRCIA privatized the CIA and FBI methodologies through a well-documented process, that included the many forced failures of the Texas, Florida, Louisiana and California S&L’s, the creation of the private contractors who would receive the proceeds. These contractors are PR firms or security firms. They receive money from CIA funds. This is well documented.

Amongst the corporations the working relationships connect the firms outside the CIA with the inside of the CIA through a revolving door between the contractors and the CIA.

The PRCIA includes the result of the Reagan era conspiracy between the major media firms and the CIA to propagandize the American populace in favor of Reagan’s Central American adventures which included the CIA’s presence in Guatemala with the Gospel Outreach Church. All of this is well documented. The training of death squads in Central America involved the School of the Americas, CIA and Israel. All of these are documented.

Given what is known about the tactics of COINTELPRO and the PRCIA the extension of one to the other is obvious. The transfer of these tactics from one to the other from the CIA to the FBI and to the PR firms is documented.

All of this demonstrates capacity as in ‘they could have.’ But why would they? Was Judi Bari more valuable as a social irritant than as a martyr? Another analysis shows that six schemes were at work on the Northcoast in early 1990:

The Headwater’s Forest conflict sponsored by Hurwitz’s PL
The attempted stealthful privatization of LP by Harry Merlo CEO of LP
The Wise Use movement against environmentalists by Ron Arnold and others
The anti enviro initiatives against the Sierra Club and others
The anti-Chlorine ban championed by Greenpeace and local enviro organizers led by Ketchum Communications
Cointelpro 1990 by the FBI and PRCIA.

The contractors working on these schemes were privatized COINTELPRO operatives, local law enforcement and the FBI. Their motive for action was profit. The corporations profited as they may.

Hurwitz gained $450 million
LP’s Merlo failed by Judi Bari’s hand. I have told this story to a few friends. I consider it to be a triumph of community organizers building connections yielding amazement. Bari’s account is under Corporations/Louisiana Pacific.
The Wise Use movement became fringe but more powerful.
The anti- enviro’s defeated the initiatives
The Chlorine ban was defeated
Therefore, the COINTELPRO 1990 succeeded.

It is conceivable that any of these agents could have pulled a group together, ala The Plumbers that Nixon organized. The group could have built a bomb. They could have placed it in the car. The past actions of the PRCIA demonstrates that it would not be unbelievable. Remember the car bomb that killed Orlando Letelier along with Ronni Karpen Moffitt, who was in the car along with her husband Michael, who worked for Letelier.

But the Lord’s Avenger letter is far too complicated for corporate or FBI operatives to create without a motive. Why would they do the opposite of what they wanted? They wouldn’t unless the group included the Unabomber and he liked manifestos but even then the misleading nature of the letter is beyond his philosophical limits. We’ll leave this argument for Robert McLaughlin to make. See Conspiracies/Robert McLaughlin Theory.

Corporate motives examined

In 1990 several potentially conspiratorial objectives were seen by various people to have been met with the bombing of Bari.

Bari was union organizing. Others followed her. No unions were formed. The PRCIA was there to say there was no real hope of doing so. It was quixotic and therefore not much of an objective requiring murder to defeat.

Bari was agitating for a large land purchase from Pacific Lumber. PL wanted that. All other corporations realized increased land values if land is acquired for conservation as a shortened supply of land dictates. To make this happen the State and Federal government made appropriations to buy what is called Headwaters Forest. Someone might argue that if there was violence on the Northcoast the legislatures would act. Appeasing terrorists? Not likely.

The environmental movement as a whole was sponsoring two mega initiatives on the state ballot that would affect forests and other lands in the State and on the Northcoast had three on the county ballot to regulate political contributions, regulate pulp mills’ dumping [chlorine] and a second measure banning offshore oil.

Louisiana Pacific’s Harry Merlo had a scam to ‘take LP private’. This scheme involved driving down the stock values based on a false propaganda campaign that would leave ‘unrealized value’ in the LP assets making a taking private a very lucrative proposition.

Only the last two had any real value to anyone. LP had a pulp mill in Humboldt. Simpson Timber did too. Being consumers of chlorine made them targets of Greenpeace’s Chlorine Free by ’93 campaign. The chlorine industry had hired Ketchum Communications to oversee the corporate counter campaign.

PL’s John Campbell said the company had the situation well in hand. He‘d hired an outside security firm to look after things and it was full of people who bloody well knew their business—former CIA and FBI agents. People, he repeated, who really knew their business.

In fact, the corporations had engaged a number of PR and security firms including members of the PRCIA as Campbell indicated. Ketchum Communications had Herbert Gordon, ex-CIA and his Specialized Services Group. Gordon worked on the Chlorine campaign. He resigned shortly after the initiatives were defeated. Gordon had a special relationship with PL’s Hurwitz. In 1985, as a way to assist Hurwitz in his surprise takeover, Gordon while perhaps still in the CIA engaged in insider trading in PL stock. This is discussed elsewhere with Pacific Lumber.

The county measures mattered. Someone took out a full page ad in the Eureka Times Standard the day after Christmas before the bombing to warn people that the county measures were sponsored by terrorists. A list of several dozen names was included. Mine was number one.

People have argued towards a corporate conspiracy suspect for decades. Their ideas are three:

An Oakland Police Department [OPD] and LP security with FBI support hired a patsy to bomb Bari because reasons. [Cointelpro]

There existed and still exists an Executive Order assassin squad used for this purpose.

Follow the money and you’ll find Merlo who wanted wealth, but also a large group of PRCIA and their support groups with a mission: defeat the initiatives and county measures.

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