Stanley Cohen and Herbert Gordon

The CIA includes not only those active agents and employees but also retired agents, other members of the so-called intelligence community, and private organizations such as NSIC or the Heritage Foundation which act domestically in support of the agency’s goal.

Maxxam is a generic term referring to the current Maxxam, Inc. and its subsidiaries and predecessor corporations which together represent the corporate life of Charles Hurwitz.

Of Importance Are:

The relationship of Hurwitz to Kozmetsky and to Kozmetsky’s connections as exemplified by the board of directors of Hurwitz’ first corporate possession, the Hedge Fund.

The strange deal between the Hedge Fund, UT Foundation, Applied Devises, and Loeb Rhodes.

The way the charges of stock manipulation were dealt with under the leadership of Casey while he was the head of the SEC.

The long time relationship between Connally and Casey and their combined effort regarding Chile in the early 1970’s.

The South African connections of Simplicity Pattern.

The USAT subsidiaries and other ventures with Centrust and “companies in Latin America no one knew even what they did”.

Hurwitz’ connection to Marc Rich.

The failure of USAT.

The lack of prosecution of Hurwitz by federal agencies regulating stock transactions and the S&L industry.

Accusations of insider trading directed at Hurwitz in the mid-1980’s.

Connally joining the Maxxam Board of Directors.

Maxxam hiring Hill and Knowlton.

Hill and Knowlton’s other clients.

The connection between the CIA, the CSIS, the NSIC, the Heritage Foundation, the Our Land Society, Wise Use, TA, WeCARE, TEAM, Mother’s Watch, Sahara Club and the `Moonies’.

PL beginning various boycotts using TEAM and Mother’s Watch.

PL beginning WeCARE.

PL advocating the use of the term Watermelon.

Weirdos, wimps and watermelons and the Hate-them campaign.

PL hiring ex-CIA security firm.

Cannistraro’s focus upon PL nemisis EF!

The disinformation campaign itself as experienced by the Northcoast.

Connally purchases of H.C.A.

Connally partnership in Main Bank Houston with Pharson and Mafong.

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