Introduction to Pacific Lumber

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Why is Pacific Lumber, its parent corporation Maxxam, and its controlling owner Charles Hurwitz worth considering as a suspect?

The victims of the bombing were leading what they called ‘Mississippi Summer in the Redwoods’ which they shortened to Redwood Summer. 1990 was its first year. 1200 people were arrested trespassing om PL land. Redwood Summer was intended to focus on Pacific Lumber and especially the Headwaters Forest or the Dark Woods as it was referred to.

Ex-Tx Governor John Connally joined the Maxxam Board in 1988. He visited PL later and said he was there to fight terrorism ie environmentalists. He has history.

The President of PL, John Campbell, spoke at a Rotary Club meeting in 1990 claiming that PL had hired a PR firm with ex-CIA agents in their employ and ‘they know what to do.’

Herbert Gordon is an important character in our narratives. He was a neighbor and friend of a Hurwitz insider who was suspected of insider trading in the takeover of PL. He was also a CIA agent or ex-agent at different times. His insider friend was involved in a number of security firms in Europe and the US. Gordon was a project director in Ketchum Communications.

We see him in the know as if he was a trusted contractor. He worked for a PR firm under contract to LP and PL during 1990, in a sounds like COINTELPRO style outfit. He was close enough to Hurwitz to have inside information, engaged in insider trading – a hallmark of the CIA in the era, was hired to do his ex-CIA thing on the Northcoast as part of the PRCIA. Gordon connects the PRCIA and the CIA with Hurwitz Gordon hired by the corporations and Wise Use.

PL’s owner Charles Hurwitz had connections to CIA projects and the people who were central figures in Ronald Reagan’s wars in Guatemala and other Central American nations such as Nicaargua with its CIA supported drug running Contras. Hurwitz owned a Texas Savings and Loan that had many deals with figures supporting the Contras. These are the subject of links below.

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