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American Coalition of Life Activists and Advocates for Life Ministries members and others
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The following individuals, along with the organizations above, were the defendants in Planned Parenthood v ACLA. The names and descriptions rely on the court materials. Links are provided from 2009.

Michael Bray; Bowie, Md. Wrote “A Time to Kill,” a book that justifies killing doctors to stop abortions. Bray was in federal prison from 1985 to 1989 in connection with the arson attacks and bombings of seven clinics that provide abortions in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and elsewhere. Is host of the annual “White Rose Banquet,” which honors those who are in jail for their anti-abortion activities.
Andrew Burnett; Portland. Arrested more than 50 times in the 1980s and early 1990s for blocking the entrances to clinics in Portland and throughout the country. Publisher of Life Advocate magazine, which has editorialized in support of people who kill abortion providers. Head of Advocates for Life Ministries, a Portland-based group that has organized hundreds of anti-abortion activities in the past 15 years. Co-founder of American Coalition of Life Activists, the group that connects the defendants in the case.
David A. Crane; Virginia. Cofounder of American Coalition for Life Activists. Asked that the group’s name be removed from “The Nuremberg Files” Web site because of pornographic images on another part of the site.

Timothy Paul Dreste; St. Louis, Mo. Arrested about 140 times for his anti-abortion activities. Chaplain for First Missouri Volunteers, a militia group

Michael B. Dodds; Wichita, Kan. Arrested about 20 times for anti-abortion activities. Agreed to have his name on a petition that said the killer of a Florida abortion provider should be able to claim “justifiable homicide” as a defense.

Joseph L. Foreman; Crestline, Calif. Former official of Operation Rescue, which helped orchestrate clinic blockades throughout the country in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Foreman has been arrested dozens of times for such activities.

Statements Concerning Randall Terry and His Unbiblical Lawsuit Against Troy Newman

Charles Roy McMillan; Jackson, Miss. Arrested 60 times for anti-abortion activities. Quoted in Time magazine as saying “more violence is inevitable, and it is righteous. It wouldn’t bother me if every abortionist in the country today fell dead from a bullet.”,715808

Stephen P. Mears;

Bruce Evan Murch; New England. Arrested 60 times. Publishes Salt & Light magazine, which gives news regarding people arrested and jailed for antiabortion activities.,8934964

Catherine Ramey; Portland. An editor at Life Advocate magazine. Repeatedly arrested in the 1980s and 1990s for blocking clinic entrances. Author of “In Defense of Others,” which defends people who refuse to condemn the killing of abortion providers.,5632535

Dawn Marie Stover; Portland. Associate director of Advocates for Life Ministries. Arrested dozens of times for her anti-abortion activities

Charles Wysong, Minor criminal record. Represented himself in trial. One of several co-defendants who are regional directors of the American Coalition of Life Activists.

Monica Migliorino Miller; Monica Migliorino Miller is professor of Sacred Theology and the Catholic Integrated Core Curriculum at St. Mary’s College of Madonna University in Orchard Lake, Michiga
Donald Treshman, Oklahoma. Convicted more than 60 times in connection with his anti-abortion activities. Refused to pay several hundred thousand dollars in court-ordered fines.

Paul deParrie, Portland, OR, amicus curiae pro se.
Shelley Shannon
Eric Rudolf

I have the list of GOC members’ names. The names from the ACLA petitions will be added from the existing lists.
Still searching for a list of the Lambs of Christ. Once compiled those names will be added to the big list.
Once the entire list is compiled these will be the first set of records requested from Atlanta.

These are of interest as well
Stephen J. Safranek, Richard Thompson, and Edward L. White, III, Thomas More Center for Law & Justice, Ann Arbor, MI, for defendants-appellants American Coalition of Life Activists, Advocates for Life Ministries, Andrew Burnett, David Crane, Catherine Ramey, Michael Bray, and Dawn Stover.

Robert M. O’Neil, for amicus curiae Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression, Charlottesville, VA.
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Abortion Rights Group Says Clinic Vandalism Should Be Investigated As Domestic Terrorism
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Monica Migliorino Miller

Severed Ties: How Abortion Dissolves Feminine Authority

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