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Philosophical Shift

The AoG Allegation


Known associates of Shelley Shannon are suspected of having helped her bomb Judi Bari. These suspects include Andrew Burnett, Dawn Stover, Cathy Ramey, Eric Rudolf, Michael Bray, and the AoG Manual authors and publishers [which may include any of the foregoing people].

The first piece of evidence is The Lord’s Avenger Letter which could only have been written by someone who attended the Ukiah Planned Parenthood Anti-Abortion Demo in Nov 1988. If the interpretation of the photos is correct, then all four were there. Thus, when one confessed all confessed.

The other major piece of evidence is a photo showing Shannon, Burnett, Stover and Ramey at the Demo. Burnett is suspected because of his position as a major influence on Shannon in supporting murder of abortion providers and their supporters. He is a printshop owner as a profession. He attended a bible college. Rudolf is suspected because of the type of bomb used and the content of the letters that followed his bombings. The AoG Manual’s producers are also material supporters of the bombers. Shannon buried a copy of the Manual in her backyard which was found by the FBI after she was arrested in 1993 for the attempted to murder of Dr George Tiller three years after the Bari bombing.

The May 1990 bomb was the first known attempt to kill an abortion supporter by anti-abortionists. This section introduces more of the nature of the Letter and begins an examination of the likelihood this allegation is correct.

Lord’s Avenger is the bomber.

The letter is the piece of evidence. Nothing else is of value including the bomb evidence unless the actual bombs were not as described in the letter. On the letter, under the stamp a DNA sample was found. Today, the DNA and fingerprints found on the bomb fragments have no matches. Efforts to match these to known people is a matter the FBI would perform. The FBI is aware of the DNA and prints and has been for years.

The theology in the letter matches a christian identity, mysoginistic branch of Dominionism and close to Wise Use. The letter may be an early version of AoG theology of killing for god.

The motivation stated in the letter is the reaction of someone or ones present at the Nov 23 demo at Ukiah Planned Parenthood.

The threat in the letter is a Wise Use threat to stay out of the woods.

The timing is contextual and may have been related to the Mississippi Summer coincidence rather than political campaigns indicating Army of God or Operation Rescue but most probably an attendee in the summer 1988 antiabortion rallies and blockades in Atlanta. The letter indicates Judi Bari’s success at getting media attention also may have contributed to the timing.

Because of the merging of three tendancies Anti-abortion, Dominionism, and Wise Use; the bomber and the Lord’s Avenger appears as a conspiracy.

Chapter One

Who is in the Army of God?

Includes abbreviated history of anti-abortion movement and the role of the AoG as well as known member lists.


After studying the LA letter for its component parts, a history of each component’s advocates focuses on forest communities, dominionism, and anti-abortionists. A history of bombings and targets is given concluding that the May 24, 1990 bomb was a precursor having no predecessor.

strong>Murder and the Theocratic Revolution
By Frederick Clarkson

By the early 1990s, Michael Bray had come to advocate the murder of abortion doctors and call for theocratic revolution with the aim of instituting biblical law. During the same period, professed AOG member Rachelle “Shelley” Shannon, who had earlier launched butyric acid and arson attacks on clinics throughout the western United States, attempted to murder Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kan., wounding him badly.

High-profile murders in the early 1990s marked a turning point in the violence, transforming the movement and riveting the attention of the nation.

In 1993, Dr. David Gunn was shot to death by Rescue America activist Michael Griffin. Paul Hill then became the focus of attention through his efforts to promote the notion that the murder of Dr. Gunn and other abortion providers was “justifiable homicide.” Hill received the prominent support of Fr. David Trosch, Bray and 31 others (see Justifiable Homicide: The Signers).

Following Dr. Gunn’s murder, Joseph Scheidler presided over a summit meeting of militant pro-life leaders in Chicago to discuss the movement’s future. The conclave degenerated into a debate about violence, and led to the formation of the hard-line American Coalition of Life Activists (ACLA), many of whose leaders signed the “justifiable homicide” statement. Many ACLA members had previously been prominent in Operation Rescue, the group founded and long headed by Randall Terry.

In 1994, Hill murdered a doctor and his escort outside a Pensacola, Fla., clinic. He drew moral support from the likes of ACLA leader Andrew Burnett, who appeared in one photograph holding a sign reading “Free Paul Hill! JAIL Abortionists.” Burnett’s magazine, Life Advocate, has been the leading editorial voice of the pro-violence faction.

In 1995, a young, mentally unstable hairdresser named John Salvi shot up two clinics in Brookline, Mass., killing two people and wounding five.

The Violence Grows
By that year, the number of arsons and bombings had grown to 180 — evidence of the rising pace and ferocity of the violence. This trend is partly attributable to the evolution of the revolutionary theology of those originally associated with Operation Rescue and the emergence of Christian Identity-informed activists. (Identity is an anti-Semitic, racist theology that, among other things, is violently opposed to abortion.)

In this period, the line between anti-abortion activists and Patriot and militia groups began to blur. The 1996 bombing of Planned Parenthood offices in Spokane, Wash., for instance, was carried out by Identity-believing white supremacists — so-called Phineas Priests — from Idaho.

In addition, the nature of those willing to kill changed. The first wave of those who attacked doctors and others saw themselves as public martyrs; the second, informed by a revolutionary hatred of the government that is shared by many Patriot groups, is composed of assassins with no desire to go public or be sentenced to prison.

“The first murderers stood around waiting to be caught,” Blanchard explains. “More recently there is surreptitious violence, living to fight another day.”

At the same time, other kinds of attacks have picked up a new head of steam. During June and July of this year, almost 20 abortion clinics in Florida, New Orleans and Houston were hit with butyric acid attacks, bringing the total over the years to more than 100. The chemical, which causes severe nausea and can result in hospitalization, usually requires bringing in hazardous materials teams for cleanup.

But it was this year’s Birmingham clinic bombing that has given the nation a taste of the probable future of anti-abortion violence.

At around the same time as that attack, two tales of the future, Rescue Platoon and ARISE!, appeared on a Web site sponsored by David Leach. Earlier, in the early 1990s, Leach’s newsletter had serialized the prison diaries of convicted clinic bomber John Brockhoeft, edited by Shelly Shannon. Leach has also shown Patriot leanings, coming out as an early advocate of militias, a point reflected in Rescue Platoon.

History of the Future
Rescue Platoon is set in the near future. Early in the story is the execution of Paul Hill (in real life, awaiting execution in Florida). “Then from deep, deep down in the soul of America, a righteous wrath began to wind its way to the surface of the hearts of many. … These were the conditions when the ‘Rescue Platoon’ came out of training and entered into active service in the Army of God.”

Ultimately, Hill’s “martyrdom” ignites the war against abortion.

Most of the novel centers around the Army of God’s campaign to blow up clinics and murder doctors and others. At the end, the former Confederate states plus Utah outlaw abortion.

The federal government threatens to send in the National Guard to reopen the clinics, which causes the ideas of the real-life Republic of Texas (a Patriot group which argues that the U.S. illegally annexed the state in 1845) to gain currency to the point where Texas declares its independence. The “Rescue Platoon,” along with other “disgruntled Patriots,” side with Texas in the cause of “righteousness.”

No reasonable commentator expects such a vision to be realized. But that does not mean that more doctors, police officers and uninvolved bystanders will not die.
Frederick Clarkson, who has reported on the religious right for 15 years, is the author, most recently, of Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy (Common Courage Press, 1997). He is currently at work on another book on the religious right. Clarkson was the founding editor of Front Lines Research, an investigative newsletter published by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Sources note that the newest letters are dissimilar to the earlier Army of God letter in a number of ways. For example, the new letters do not describe the content or style of the Birmingham bomb. The original Army of God letter detailed bomb components

Perhaps the most important—and most defining element—of the group’s tactics surfaced sometime after the Atlanta prison experience in 1988. The Army of God published a manual filled with its ideology and a range of methods for stopping abortions. While several of the approaches suggested are relatively benign—such as injecting superglue into a clinic’s door so it would not be able to be unlocked and opened “for business”—the violent elements go far beyond any reasonable antiabortionist’s perspective. The manual goes into significant depth about how to build effective explosives and utilize butyric acid.

“The Army of God” is the latest extremist religious group in the spotlight. The shadowy clique took credit for two 1997 Atlanta bombings — at an abortion clinic and a gay nightclub — and is suspected of planting the nail-studded bomb that killed a woman and hurt 100 at last year’s Olympics.

This year,[1997], two more nail-studded bombs struck Atlanta — on Jan. 16 at a women’s clinic, and on Feb. 21 at a gay nightclub. After the second blast, a crude, unsigned, semi-literate letter was sent to the Reuters news agency, which turned it over to the FBI.

The letter said both bombs were placed by “units of the Army of God.” It said anyone involved with abortion “may become victims of retribution.” As for the homosexual club, it said, ungrammatically: “We will target sodomites, there organizations, and all those who push there agenda.”

Now the FBI has distributed the letter nationally, in hope that some citizen will recognize the language style and identify the bombers.

Rudolph is accused of bombing a park adjacent to the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, using an massive and elaborate pipe bomb loaded with nails and screws for extra killing power, an M.O. that was repeated in most of the cases now connected to Rudolph.

The bomb was hidden in a knapsack, which was found by security guard Richard Jewell before it detonated. The device went off while security teams were trying to evacuate the area, killing one woman and injuring more than 100.
[T]he police and media zeroed in on Jewell as a convenient scapegoat. Jewell was crucified in the press but eventually vindicated. In the meantime, Rudolph escaped scrutiny entirely, and he allegedly continued his bombing campaign before the dust of the Olympic bomb had settled.

Not just attacks on clinics, either It seems that, anymore, any form of domestic terrorism that is of a dominionist-sympathetic bent is not being investigated. Per the Southern Poverty Law Center, at least sixty separate and distinct right-wing domestic terror plots have been foiled from 1995-2005 by local authorities–NOT by the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security, who seem only to consider left-wing domestic terrorism as worthy of pursuit.

Sadly, this isn’t terribly shocking; Congressmen are literally addressing groups connected to the violent “Christian Patriot” movement, both neo-nazis and dominionists have infiltrated the US military (the latter to the point that the chaplaincy has largely been hijacked and ongoing religiously motivated harassment is occuring on military bases–and are the major forces behind massive human rights abuses including torture which appears to have been specifically religiously motivated; policies at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib were in fact architected by one of the highest-ranking dominionists to have infiltrated the military).

We won’t even get into the fact that even mainstream dominionist groups have a very long and unhealthy relationship with right-wing domestic terrorists including neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and “Christian Patriot” militia groups in particular including modern associations with such groups. This unhealthy relationship extends to training them from the cradle, including a major producer of dominionist “homeschool” correspondence-school material being closely linked with the “Christian Patriot” movement (as a related aside, for those of you who from dominionism, I would strongly recommend you go see the movie Jesus Camp as it gives a horrifying look at the “inner face” of the spiritual warfare movement targeting kids; I myself find it too triggering, as may most walkaways from dominionism, but it’s a valuable educational tool); the fact that Ken Hovind (young-earth creationist and darling of the hardline “spiritual warfare” set) is linked to the “Christian patriot” and tax-protester movements and literally has sold Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a virulently antisemitic book) online; the literal setup of domestic terrorism groups themselves that actively solicited help from Klansmen; and more.

Lest one think that the terror attacks are restricted to women’s clinics, think again. There are multiple reports indicating that the exact same tactics of terrorism and harassment used against women’s clinics are now being used to target stores selling adult novelties. These include literal chemical warfare on adult bookstores (similar to the butyric acid attacks against women’s clinics often performed during the 80’s and explicitly described in the Army of God terrorism manual) and surveillance of patrons of adult novelties stores for purposes of targeted harassment.

AOG member Rachelle Ranae “Shelley” Shannon was a Christian Pro-life activist from Grants Pass, Oregon. She attempted to shoot and kill Dr. George Tiller outside his abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas on August 19, 1993, shooting him in both arms. She is serving time in Federal Correctional Institute Dublin. Her projected release date is November 7, 2018

At the time she attacked Tiller, Shannon had been a pro-life activist for five years (AOG) and had written letters of support to Michael Griffin (AOG), who murdered David Gunn in Florida. She called Griffin “the awesomest, greatest hero of our time.” She traveled to the Wichita clinic, a site of frequent demonstrations by abortion-rights and pro-life activists, and shot Dr. Tiller with a semiautomatic pistol in 1993.

Army of God Sniper James Kopp went to Binghamton, New York in 1988 and became a volunteer for Randall Terry in the Operation Rescue office Chenango St Binghamton NY, right next to the TOP TILE STORE at 275 Chenango Street Binghamton NY. Picketing and break-ins at STWS had continued, and resulted in a non-jury trial in August 1986 for Pastor Little, Cindy Terry and other anti-abortion activists. Randall Terry was using these attacks at the Binghamton clinic to perfect and hone tactics he would export to the nation over the next two years.

How Randall Terry in 1988, wound up Doing Business As an organization, Project Life, that in 1985 was a division of a religious non-profit, Branch Ministries, is a fascinating financial and legal question. On his 1988 IRS tax forms, Mr. Terry listed among his occupations, “pro- life activities for Operation Rescue and Project Life.”  In 1990, he reluctantly turned the reigns of Operation Rescue over to Rev. Keith Tucci, and placed the Binghamton organization under the care of Gary Leber, one of his long-time disciples and member of The Church at Pierce Creek. One year later, Branch Ministries filed a DBA announcing it was doing business as Christians In Action, (CIA), with an office at 1020 Front St. — Rev. Little’s little florist shop. Despite the address, Christians In Action actually operated out of what was the original Operation Rescue headquarters on Chenango St in Binghamton  In 1994, Gary Leber heads CIA, was still on Chenango St., half a block away from the other Branch Ministries sprout, the Crisis Pregnancy Center, they are now located on Colesville Rd Binghamton NY.

Profile: Army of God (AOG)


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July 1988: Anti-Abortion Protesters Join Violent Anti-Abortion Group in Atlanta Jail

Operation Rescue California, a subgroup of the national anti-abortion organization (see1986), under the leadership of Kevin White, stages “rescue campaigns” against a number of women’s clinics in California. The organization dubs the campaign “No Place to Hide.” Some of the most blatant harassment of doctors, nurses, and patients recorded by anti-abortion activists results from this campaign. [KUSHNER, 2003, PP. 38-39]

Entity Tags: Kevin WhiteOperation Rescue California

Timeline Tags: US Health Care, Domestic Propaganda

Category Tags: Abortion-Based Rhetoric and ActionsHarassment and Threats,Operation Rescue

A number of anti-abortion protesters, including many members of Operation Rescue (see 1986), are arrested outside the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. They spend several weeks together in jail, and it is believed that while there, many of them join the “Army of God,” an anti-abortion organization devoted to using violence to prevent abortions (see 1982 andAugust 1982). One of the jailed protesters is James Kopp, who in 1998 will murder an abortion doctor (see October 23, 1998). Others include Lambs of Christ leader Norman Weslin; Rachelle “Shelley” Shannon, who will later shoot another abortion doctor (see August 19, 1993); and John Arena, who will later be charged with using butyric acid to attack abortion clinics and providers. According to government documents, Kopp is already a leader of the Army of God, and may recruit new members during his stay in jail. [EXTREMIST GROUPS: INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS, 1/1/2006; NATIONAL ABORTION FEDERATION, 2010]

Entity Tags: James KoppRachelle (“Shelley”) ShannonArmy of GodLambs of Christ,Operation RescueJohn ArenaNorman Weslin

Timeline Tags: US Health Care

Category Tags: Abortion-Based Rhetoric and ActionsArmy of GodOperation Rescue,Other Anti-Abortion Groups

Chapter Two


The AoG Manual [Army of God Manual]


How the contents are relevant.


Atomic Dog (you nuclear canine); Iron Maiden; Cannonball; Faster;
and the entire Talbot Group family; the Blockman; the Southern
Lock N’ Blockers; Sgt. Klondike of the Yukon for telling me where to
find the Denver activist’s hideout; Paulieallie and his Preachin’ Pa;
J.C.O’K. – the most tender hearted man I know; Ann the Lamb and
her hee-hee-hee in his sleep husband; Sweaty Palms John – one of the
bravest rescuers in pro-life Amerikan history; the ever patient “isn’t that
something” Linda; Fr. McFadden who didn’t know me from Adam but
gave me a hundred bucks when he saw a need; the Mad Scientist
for helping procure the Secret Sauce, etc.; an old man named Joe
who’s the greatest of gentlemen and Ireland should be proud.

Baby Huey for singing the Lord’s prayer in jail and making me think
I woke up in Heaven; Daisy for having the vision of celibacy for covert
success; a girl named Justine for having the dream of bearing other
women’s babies; D.K. for saying “yes” to life and “no” to big A; a
midwife named Lynn for holding on; the inventor of Nordic Delight
for being a wonderful friend; the Road Warrior for videoworks and
driving; the Dallas boys for telling the Judas Goats where to go; the
Kansas City Big Guys for shutting down a mill and a square mile of
downtown using covert technique (they kinda got carried away).

The Pensacola Cop Hugger who taught me that tight lips don’t
sink ships; Indiana Jimmy who knows that the baby killing temples
are doomed (and for a sandblasting heck of a good time); the Intimidator
who would rather train a dozen kids than win a thousand lawsuits;
Lobster Jim – blessed are you who have not smelled but still believe;
Eddie and the terrible Twozers – for technical ecstasy and zeal;
Babe and Co. for taking the secret weapon north; Dietrich Hammerken
for giving the initial idea that turned me into the Mad Gluer; the bold
and righteous leader of the Lambs (victims souls for the unborn
Christ child) – for sacrificial non-cooperation with the Evil Empire;
the entire Philly Family for teaching me what Solidarity means.

Rez Band for not just singing but sitting (that is, rescuing in Atlanta);
the very beloved Joanie the Wondergirl– for showing no condemnation
toward such a one as I; Maxwell Smart for his timely Pensacola address
which concluded that we needed even more than rescue; the Godly and
gracious Bishop who blessed the infant held tightly in my arms and
forthrightly then sat-in in my own hometown; Timotheous – for ideas
and more ideas, and last and with ultra special thanks to the wonderful
Gamma Ray Queen who is my close friend and loves Jesus and
the babies and me, too; and the irrepeatable miracle known as the
Princess of Power.


Blessed Father Magog, for fatherly advice, brotherly love, and
scholarly skills (servant of the wonderous and terrible Magnolia
Thunderkitty); the wild, and furious, and sweet – Shaggy West
(now, David loved Jonathan…) Wooly North (you sneezy Guy);
Harry East; Mad Max – the future is in your hands.

Scruffy South; Cat, the Mad Scientist – again! Burly Burt – for
stomping on the line of decency; Will Banks -you know what for;
one holy Catechumen who has his reward – heffy Blanco!

Waterbabies Alice; Blue-Eyed Fields – for being on time; Baker
Boy – who will grow into daddy’s shoes; the Fix; the Holy New
Martyrs; Rev. Diamond – for testicular fortitude; St. John
Amphitheater; the holy couple of Santa Fe (the
righteous farmers and their daughters); and last, but not least,
the Knight of the Holy Mountain.


The Remnant

The covert activist must always remember that he or she is a part
of a special group most often referred to in Scripture as a “remnant.”
One can rarely find support for pro-life work of a serious nature
in the local Church. After all these years of bloodshed, the Rescue
Movement is still only barely “mentionable” – and then only in some
quarters. Do not be so naive as to think your Church community is
going to have ears to hear this stuff!

The covert activist (oftentimes hereinafter referred to as a termite)
will make no friends with mentions or confessions of covert activity,
but will rather be cast off as an untouchable by many. Besides, there
is no faster way to blow one’s cover than around the average
Church body.

Many Church folks are good at gossip because so many of them
don’t do much else. Then there are the ones who have lots of
meetings to discuss “issues” – as if killing babies and molesting
women could be called something so degrading as an issue! Many
of these folks mean well, but the theology their pastors have given
to them is still on the order of “it’s a sin to tell a lie.”

Loose Lips Sink Ships … or … Don’t Trust Anybody
One Termite blew an abortuary to kingdom come and didn’t hurt
a fly in the process. However, his well-meaning roommate (who
had been a confidant of the Termite in the beginning of the
Termite’s covert struggles) squealed like a stuck pig after the fact.
A note here on escape; in the past it has been advised that the
Termite not have a vehicle near his target, but depend on
disappearing into the dark on foot, by bicycle, or simply by
using a pre-arranged hiding place should police appear on the
scene. WATCH OUT!  Today many police departments use
dogs, but even worse, use helicopters with infra-red sensors.
These sensors operate like a spot-light and give the operator
a read-out of any body (identified by its ambient temperature)
anywhere in the open or semi open.



…Otherwise known as the “Street Man Recon”.  the most
obvious is the UPS guy who brings a Block for Life into a
mill using a hand truck.  But covert applications of disguises
is also important.

On weekends, good cover times also apply during partying
hours of say 10:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M.  Other good cover
times may exist according to the habits of your local street
people and party-goers.

It is also still true that shift change time for the police is great.
Most departments do not stagger shifts, so those going off
duty will be getting ready to do their activity reports for their
shift while those going on duty will be in briefing or having
that last hit of speed or cup of coffee.

Fortunately, the A.O.G. (Army of God) folks are not
a real army, humanly speaking.  it is a real Army, and
God is the General and Commander-in-Chief. The
soldiers, however, do not usually communicate with
one another.  Very few have ever met each other, and
when they do, each is usually unaware of the other
soldiers status.  That is why the Feds will never stop
this Army.  Never.  And we have not yet even begun
to fight.  Remember that Furloughs For Life should
only be used by those who have already been “marked”
by the system.  Once you feel pretty sure that you are
under close watch, make your vacationing more and
more creative.  Make it cost them to follow you.  And
in the meantime, a few more mills went up in a blaze
of glory and the Feds were watching the wrong guy!

This is one of the more costly termite tactics if the perpetrator is
caught.  Getting caught is next to impossible, however, if a few
basic precautions are observed.  Final judgment by phone means
simply a good old fashion bomb threat.  The main thing to
remember is never, ever, make a bomb threat from anywhere
other than a generic phone i.e. pay phone.  And don’t use the same
pay phone twice.  And go to different parts of town just to be safe.


                                APPENDIX F


There is nearly unbelievable amount of literature readily
available which the enterprising termite can readily put
to use to supplement the information in this manual.
A trip to a good, well-stocked magazine store will yield
abundant results.  When you get there, look up their
survivalist magazines such as Soldier of Fortune,
Survivalist, and others of the genre.  If you can’t
afford to pay the cover price (they can be steep), go
through them and write down the names and addresses
of the publishers of survivalist books and literature.
Go home and call them or write to them and request
a catalog.  Guaranteed that you will be amazed, if
not shocked, by the materials available!  A few of the
publishers ar:

    Paladin Press
    P.O. Box 1307
    Boulder, CO. 80306
    (303) 443-7250

    Loompanics Unlimited
    P.O. Box 1197
    Port Townsend, WA 98368

    Minuteman Publications
    P.O. box 595
    Hurst, TX 76053

    P.O. Box 430
    Cornville, AZ 86325
    (602) 634-5280
The Declaration

Beginning officially with the passage of the Freedom of Choice
Act  – we, the remnant of God-fearing men and women of the
United States of Amerika, do officially declare war on the
entire child-killing industry. After praying, fasting, and making
continual supplication to God for your pagan, heathen, infidel
souls, we then peacefully, passively presented our bodies in front
of your death camps, begging you to stop the mass murder of
infants. Yet you hardened your already blackened, jaded
hearts. We quietly accepted the resulting imprisonment and
suffering of our passive-resistance. Yet you mocked God and
continued the holocaust.

 No longer! All of the options have expired. Our Most Dread
Sovereign Lord God requires that whosoever sheds man’s
blood, by man shall his blood be shed. Not out of hatred for
you, but out of love for the persons you exterminate, we are
forced to take arms against you. Our life for yours – a simple
equation. Dreadful. Sad. Reality, nonetheless. You shall not
be tortured at our hands. Vengeance belongs to God only.
However, execution is rarely gentle.

The Army of God 
          Speaks Out


A.O.G.: Drive the abortion industry underground with or without
the sanction of government law.

M.G.:      By what method?

A.O.G.:   Explosives, predominantly.



M.G.:         But why don’t you believe that non-violence, on the
order of – say – Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr., or
the ultimate example of Our Lord, might not be the key
to winning the war?

A.O.G.:       Jesus Christ was never a pacifist except in His role as
the Suffering Servant. As for Gandhi and Martin Luther
King, Jr., non-violence was only a tactic. King stated
publicly on several occasions that they would resolve the
“conflict” with non-violence or with violence. But, let me
say something about your use of  that extremely loaded word,

M.G.:             Please do.

A.O.G.:         An officer of the law, commonly referred to as a “cop”
or “policeman is in traditional society known as a
“peace officer,” correct?

M.G.:             Yes.

A.O.G.:         By what means does the Peace Officer keep the peace?
By means of minimum force. And in some situations,
minimum force can go so far as to require that a person
be shot: no trial, no jury, no stay of execution. In most
cases this is not true – in many cases a billy club followed
by a little jail time might do. The Peace Officer did not
cease to be a defender of the peace by doing these things
– on the contrary!
Oh, by the way, don’t construe this to mean I recommend
executing abortionists. I do not. Although I think it
easily justified from Holy Writ, the A.O.G. adheres
to the principle of minimum force. Mercy, rather than
justice is the driving force behind our actions. Or, to say it
another way, we are merciful in our pursuit of justice, in
our pursuit of peace.

M.G.:          Wouldn’t such actions against an abortionist harder their
hearts toward God even more than it already is?

A.O.G.:         Quite the opposite. The average abortionist has become
so used to the daily carnage he or she commits, it is on
the order of flushing a commode. By permanently removing
their ability to commit the crimes, one has given them a
tremendous gift. Only by being forced to back away
from the life that they now live can they ever begin to
see themselves as they truly are. Thank God for the few
brave ones that have repented of their crimes. For the rest,
I think thumblessness a small price to pay. “…better to
enter into life maimed…” (I finally found a present-day
application for those words).


M.G.:             What about explosives?

A.O.G.:           With time delays, a most wondrous method, and my
personal favorite.

M.G.:             For the average person?

A.O.G.:           Yes assuming that a person is willing to do a little
reading to understand the basics. A person should
be careful about reading books from a public library
and then going out and doing major “good deeds”.
The Federal agents will be looking at fingerprints –
there’s no reason to put them on to the scent any faster
than necessary.  Then again, if a person is only
going to take out a few mills on a one time basis,
then there is really not much to worry about.


The following list is purported to be a list of Army of God members and their sympathizers.


Michael Bray – Bowie, MD, I and II
C. Roy McMillan – Jackson, MS, I and II
Andrew Burnett – Portland, OR, I and II
Cathy Ramey – Portland, OR, I and II
Matt Trewhella – Milwaukee, WI, I
Paul J. Hill – Pensacola, FL, I
Paul deParrie – Portland, OR, I and II
Regina Dinwiddie – MO, I and II
Michael Dodds – Wichita, KS, I
Henry Felisone – Queens, NY, I and II
Tony Piso – Forest Hill, NY, I
Jacob Miller – Tampa, FL, I
Dan Bray – Bowie, MD, I
David Crane – Norfolk, VA, I
Donald Spitz – Norfolk, VA, I and II
Michael Jarecki – Brushton, NY, I
Bill Koehler – North Bergen, NJ, I and II
Kenneth Arndt – Windham, NH, I
Dave Leach – Des Moines, IA, I and II
Mike Walker – AL, I
Thomas Carleton – Billerica, MA, I and II
Valerie Zvskowski – Pittsburgh, PA, I
Joseph F. O’Hara, Wilkes-Barre, PA, I and II
David Graham – Olathe, KS, I and II
David Trosch – Mobile, AL, I and II
Rev. Dr. Michael Colvin – Bowie, MD, II
Thomas G. Hammond – Senatobia, MS, II
Betty L. Hammond – Senatobia, MS, II
Dr. Ronald Graeser – Freemont, MI, II
Dawn Stover – Portland, OR, II

Fr. Robert Pearson – West Long Banch, NJ, II


Federal law enforcement officers dug up a copy of the manual from the yard of Oregon resident Rachelle “Shelly” Shannon after her arrest for the 1993 shooting of Tiller, in which he was wounded in both arms. Shannon was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the crime.

Among the other violent acts carried out by soldiers in the Army of God was a 1984 death threat to Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, the bombings of the National Abortion Federation and the American Civil Liberties Union, and the mailing of more than 550 anthrax threat letters to clinics shortly after 9/11, for which Army of God member and North Dakota native Clayton Waagner was convicted and is now serving a prison sentence of more than 50 years. The letters were sent from Ohio, Georgia and Tennessee, and some were signed by “the Virginia Dare Cell of the Army of God,” named for the first white child born in America’s Roanoke Colony in present-day North Carolina.

The Army of God has also been linked to the shootings of at least five physicians, including the fatal 1998 shooting in New York of Dr. Barnett Slepian for which Army of God member James Kopp of California was convicted.

Some of the other key players in the Army of God:


Donald Spitz of Chesapeake, Va., the leader of Pro-Life Virginia and a reverend in the Glory to Jesus Ministries. He hosts the Army of God website.

Neal Horsley, a pro-secessionist candidate for governor in Georgia and host of the Nuremberg Files website that provides a hit list with the names of and personal information about abortion providers.

Michael Griffin, a Floridian serving a life sentence for the 1993 murder of Dr. David Gunn at a clinic in Pensacola, Fla. The incident marked the first killing of an obstetrician-gynecologist for performing abortions.

Paul Hill, a Florida resident who received the death penalty for the 1994 shooting death of Dr. John Britton and escort James Barrett at a clinic in Pensacola. Hill’s attorneys tried to use the justifiable homicide defense but the judge would not allow it because under Florida law it can be applied only in cases of self-defense or to protect a third person. In his last words before his execution, Hill encouraged others who oppose abortion to “do what you have to do to stop it.”

Michael Bray, a former midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy and a Maryland native who now lives in Wilmington, Ohio. In 1985, Bray was convicted of two counts of conspiracy and one count of possessing unregistered explosive devices in connection with 10 bombings of women’s health clinics and offices of liberal advocacy groups in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. The author of a Bible-based book titled “A Time to Kill: A Study Concerning the Use of Force and Abortion,” Bray has said he believes that homosexuality and adultery should be punishable by death.

Bray, who has been called the chaplain of the Army of God, is the host of the annual White Rose Banquet that honors anti-abortion extremists. Named for a German secret society that opposed Hitler, the banquets are held on the eve of the Jan. 22 anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

After the murders of Drs. Gunn and Britton, members of the Army of God circulated petitions calling the actions “justifiable.” Among those who signed the petition were Hill, Spitz and Leach. Other signatories include

C. Roy McMillan, the executive director of the Christian Action Group of Jackson, Miss. and an oft-arrested clinic protester whose business cards say, “If you believe abortion is murder … ACT like it’s murder.”

David Crane, director of Rescue Virginia in Norfolk, Va. and cofounder of American Coalition for Life Activists.

Mike Walker of the National Association of Planned Parenthood Fighters in Alabama who in 1996 issued a press release announcing a new organization called the Justifiable Homicide Fellowship.

David Trosch, a suspended Catholic priest and president of Life Enterprises Unlimited in Mobile, Ala. who produced a newspaper advertisement showing a man killing a doctor performing an abortion with the caption, “JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE.”

Why Eric Rudolph


My son was working at a display booth for his company at the Centennial Olympic Park on July 27, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia when AOG member Eric Robert Rudolph set off a duffle bag containing three pipe bombs surrounded by nails, killing two people, these AOG people are scum.

In letters sent to the media, the Army of God claimed responsibility for the bombing of an abortion clinic and a gay bar in Atlanta, GA. Eric Robert Rudolph (AOG) … was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List prior to his capture in May 2003. He pled guilty …


I did a lot of blockades with Advocates For Life, Lambs
of Christ, Operation Rescue, and other groups. I also did a
lot of picketing and other pro-life activities. [Shelly Shannon]

Sources note that the newest letters are dissimilar to the earlier Army of God letter in a number of ways. For example, the new letters do not describe the content or style of the Birmingham bomb. The original Army of God letter detailed bomb components.

The AOG claimed responsibility for Eric Robert Rudolph’s 1997 nail bombing of abortion clinics in Atlanta and Birmingham as well as an Atlanta lesbian bar.[5]

Clayton Waagner, claiming to act on the part of the “Virginia Dare Chapter” of the AOG, mailed over 500 letters containing white powder to 280 abortion providers in 2001. The letters claimed that the powder was anthrax; though it was not identified as such, the tactic took advantage of the public’s fear of biological warfare after the recent real anthrax attacks.

The group is also associated with a number of assassinations of abortion providers. Some of these assassins, such as Shelley Shannon, claimed association with the AOG; in other cases, while the assassin expressed no affiliation with the group, the AOG has lionized their acts and taken up their cause

Associated individuals

Michael Bray

Paul Jennings Hill

David Leach

Scott Roeder

Eric Robert Rudolph

James Charles Kopp[7]

Shelley Shannon

Donald Spitz

Clayton Waagner

Fritz Springmeier[8]

A 2011 NPR report claimed an associate of this group, Stephen John Jordi, was imprisoned in a highly restrictive Communication Management Unit. [9]


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External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Army of God

Army of God

History of the Army of God by the National Abortion Federation.

HBO documentary: “Army of God: Skewing the Truth in all Sincerity: A Case Study,” by David Leach (hosted on his Prayer & Action News website)

Attacks attributed to the Army of God on the START terrorism database


Violence by Army of God

Main article: Army of God

The Army of God, an underground terrorist organization active in the United States, has been responsible for a substantial amount of anti-abortion violence. In addition to numerous property crimes, the group has committed acts of kidnapping, attempted murder, and murder. In August 1982, three men identifying as the Army of God kidnapped Hector Zevallos (a doctor and clinic owner) and his wife, Rosalee Jean, holding them for eight days.[46] In 1993, Shelly Shannon, a very active member of the Army of God, was found guilty for the attempted murder of Dr. George Tiller.[47] That same year, law enforcement officials found the Army of God Manual, a tactical guide to arson, chemical attacks, invasions, and bombings buried in Shelly Shannon’s backyard.[46] Paul Jennings Hill was found guilty of the murder of both Dr. John Britton and clinic escort James Barrett. The Army of God justified his actions on the grounds that “whatever force is legitimate to defend the life of a born child is legitimate to defend the life of an unborn child… if in fact Paul Hill did kill or wound abortionist John Britton, and accomplices James Barrett and Mrs. Barrett, his actions are morally justified if they were necessary for the purpose of defending innocent human life”.[13] The AOG claimed responsibility for Eric Robert Rudolph’s 1997 shrapnel bombing of abortion clinics in Atlanta and Birmingham.[48]


One of the main questions posed in the book is how a pro-life group legitimizes the use of violence to achieve its goals. According to Jefferis, the most common rationalizations offered are biblical/religious, moral, legal (i.e. self-defense), utilitarian and finally, what the author calls, ‘personal justification’.

Unlike more traditional terrorist organizations, the Army has no cells, hierarchies or collaboration in planning attacks; the only chain of command is between individual “soldiers” and the group’s “general” (God).

She fails to examine how the ethnic, racial and religious profile of a group such as the Army of God influences its likelihood of being considered a terrorist organization. Would the Army receive such lax and inconsistent prosecution if its members identified with Islam instead of Christianity? By ignoring the impact of cultural bias in (not) prosecuting certain members of the Army of God, Jefferis overlooks an important obstacle to the dismantling of the Army and to bringing an end to its violence.


I admitted that I didn’t do Redding or Boise, and that I know
who did. I did not give them a name. Thankfully we didn’t get that far in
our deal. However, it did say it was someone who was not associated with
pro-life activities, except for some prior “criminal mischief” which he was not arrested for, that he is about 6′ tall, and they may suspect that he
lives in the Grants Pass area. A polygraph proved I didn’t do Boise or
Redding, but was inconclusive as to whether someone else told me about
their doing it.

Note by Bob: This may be Burnett


Chapter Three

AoG Allegation


Shannon, Burnett and Rudolf


The case to date against each suspect and additional information that can be gathered using court documents and other sworn material. Shannon was at the demo after being in the Atlanta Jail with dozens of associates. She had been a longtime friend and supporter of Burnett and his organizations. Burnett lead the discussions that led to the God Made Me Do It defense used by the LA. Rudolf was either the conspirator at the time or the inheritor of the means and method of the nail studded bomb followed by the letter with the bomb components. His release from the Army in 1989 after completing Ranger school, considering his later actions, makes him a suspect bomb builder, bomb placer.


Shelley Shannon was a soldier from the start. She, as part of Operation Rescue, engaged in 35 different actions, beginning in 1988. In a computer file, entitled “Mom’s Jail Time Total, ” Shelley kept a record of her jail time which was the price she paid for being a soldier dedicated to rescuing babies.
“Then I realized that I needed to stop the killing too.”


Sometime in 1991, Shelley  underwent a transformation, having come to a deeper understanding of just what was happening to innocent babies inside the brick and mortar of the death chambers.


Locked away for fifteen years distributed between “I-max,” the most secure wing of the Topeka Correctional Facility, and two Federal Correctional Institutions – FCI Ft. Carswell, Texas and FCI Dublin, California, Shelley Shannon is half way through her thirty-one-year sentence.

(Tampering with a woman’s right to abort her child is a serious offense in America.) She is waiting patiently, as she always has, for a second eye surgery. The first eye is much improved after a remedial operation for glaucoma.


They settled on a move to Grants Pass in 1988 where David was able to get into a good job which paid enough to enable a more comfortable life in a beautiful part of Oregon. But a seed had been planted back in Klamath Falls during the time of studying the Scriptures with the women. The hours of meditation and discussion of God’s word developed a desire in Shelley to “seek first the Kingdom of God” and make Him first in her life.


Shelley determined to engage in blockades around the country as they were scheduled by various local anti-abortion groups. She traveled to Portland, Oregon for her first of many interventions. It was February of 1988. Mother and daughter (14-year-old Angi), were arrested for the first time at an abortuary5 called the Lovejoy Surgicenter.6 The same year the local antiabortion group, led by Andrew Burnett, conducted several rescues. His magazine reported on the “30 plus people” blocking doors in June of that year.7 The newsletter listed Rachelle Shannon among those arrested along with other encouraging news: “We had our first pastor and we had more than the customary twelve sit-in.” Shelley continued to participate in “rescues” in the Portland area and around the country for the next four years. The tactic of blockading abortuaries by sitting in front of entrances until being arrested by police was spreading. Burnett reported them in Philadelphia, Dobbs Ferry, New York, and Pittsburg with plans for Chicago in August. He also reported that the National Organization of Women was bringing a lawsuit against Randall Terry,8 founder of Operation Rescue, for his role in the organization of the blockade in New York City on May 6 of that year.

The “non-violent” direct action movement which Shelley had entered was to reach its apex in 1988 with the Atlanta “siege.” She became a subscriber to Capitol Area Christian News and paid attention to its reports. She was, eventually, to be responsible – as was soon revealed – for some of the deeds reported in the clippings of news accounts she sent by mail to CACN. But for four years she pressed onward with “non-violent” rescue efforts which became increasinglyineffectual and costly in terms of both actual lives saved and the expenditure of personal time and money. How could she most effectively and successfully use her life for the cause of the innocents?

Shelley Shannon’s “rap sheet” reveals a lengthy “criminal history” of “trespassing” at abortion facilities. In Portland she was sentenced to 24 hours community service on June 29,

  1. On October 23, 1988, she was sentenced to 30 days in jail in Atlanta along with hundreds of others. On April 7, 1989, in Seattle she was sentenced to $50 in court costs and commanded to perform community service along with 58 others.

On March 29, 1990, she and 28 others were sentenced to 30 hours of community service in Portland. On June 14, 1990, she and 17 others were sentenced to fifteen days in jail in Redding, California.

But Atlanta – the largest and most significant of OR blockades by the summer of 1988 – provided encouragement to Shelley. She was exposed to the idea of forceful methods. “The first mention of it was in Atlanta,” she recalls. It was “during the Second Siege, when Jayne Bray came into the City Prison where pro-lifers were being held. A lady mentioned that that was the lady whose husband went to prison for bombing abortion places.” This “wife of a bomber” was also a leader among the Operation Rescue organizers and Shelley “was very impressed”26 with her. She recalls her first contact with Jayne:

Officer Terry had ordered that there would be no singing, praying or gathering in groups. Nearly all felt they should obey the officer. I didn’t, nor did Ginny Dyer or Regina Dinwiddie. Ginny and I didn’t say anything, except to each other, but I found Regina upstairs singing, praying, and inviting others to gather with her. . . Then Jayne arrived. She gathered the 135 together and said, “We will sing and pray and gather together.” And we did, every day after that.

The conclusion of the matter was simple: Shelley’s life was not her own. She was a Christian and she wanted to use her life for others. It belonged to God, but it was still in her hands.

How would she spend it for him effectively?


Shelley’s unsympathetic researcher,

Anne Bower, writes:

In the beginning, Shelley Shannon was content to perform civil disobedience with Operation Rescue. According to her own records, she engaged in 35 different actions beginning in June 1988 in Portland at the Lovejoy Surgical Center. Ms. Shannon kept track of her “rescues” and her jail time in a computer file titled       Mom’s Jail Time Total which, by her count, was 98 days. However, during 1991 according to the sentencing report, Ms. Shannon was undergoing a transformation from civil disobedience to violence.34


The circulation of Portland’s own Life Advocate published by Andrew Burnett was widespread among the nation’s anti-abortion activists. It supplied Shelley with sound doctrine, reports of activist examples, and inspiration. The magazine, unlike any other on the pro-life literature landscape, featured articles on both sides of the use-of-force discussion.


Shelley had read six months ago in the December, 1991 issue of Burnett’s magazine the report on a judge in Blooming Grove, New York who had recused himself from court because he could not judge “impartially.”

Prayerfully, Shelley came to the firm conviction that she “should set fire to the abortion facility in Ashland, Oregon, which was the only murder mill in a large two-county area.” Perhaps this was the answer from the Almighty to Shelley’s prayer that He “get the most possible out of my life.”


A few days prior, Shelley and Angi had sent an anonymous note to an abortionist inMilwaukee, one George Woodward, warning that she was coming to Milwaukee and that he must quit killing babies or face death. She sought no vengeance for the children he had already killed.

The threat to terminate him was designed to frighten him out of the killing business and interrupt his practice of serial killing. She wrote, “I will hunt you down like any other wild beast and kill you.”67 Such threats are not immoral and are certainly more merciful (vís a vís the offender’s well being) than terminating the life of the offender (if such concern is worthy of consideration after the interests of the innocent victim are sufficiently addressed). Accordingly, Shelley’s subsequent shooting of Tiller was quite evidently intended to be non-lethal.

Burnett and Shelley

Andrew Burnett is portrayed by Korn as a possible accomplice to Shelley. “Maybe, Allene is thinking, they’ve missed their chance to get Andrew Burnett. Shannon was with him shortly before she went to Wichita, after all.”102 Agent Glenn says, “I think he’s a person who could snap . . . He’s wound pretty tight. But I think we have at least fifteen years before his kids are grown and gone, before Andrew picks up a gun.”103


The fundamental problem is described in the doctrine stated on the Animal Liberation Front web site: “the philosophy of allowing nonhuman animals to have the basic rights that all sentient beings desire; freedom to live a natural life, free from human exploitation, unnecessary pain and suffering, and premature death.” As human beings are demoted from their standard place as the crown of God’s creation over which mankind is given dominion and placed on the same level as animals, the latter are exalted to a position not equal to but greater than mankind. Since mankind is judged to be the despoiler of the planet and “other animals,” he as a sinner against the environment is to be restrained in his “assault” upon nature. This takes the shape of restricting his use of the creation and denying him the traditional (and biblical) mandate to “be fruitful and multiply.”

Since those with such ideological energy to protect the environment are ideologically in direct opposition to the standard Christian doctrine of the dignity of man and his mandate to exercise “dominion” over the earth, it is of interest to note disparate sentencing. Our God-rejecting federal government treats the one “religious” group which shares its essential Godlessness (the ELF and ALF defendants) quite differently from how it treats the other, which holds humanity as sacred – bearing the “image of God.”


Shelley’s Warning



Many Federal prisoners had a Judas-friend testify against them. That’s
the way the Feds operate. Anyone who doesn’t know a lot about other
people’s crimes or is not willing to “snitch”  on his friends will end up with a lot more time than a “cooperating” individual.

I tried to take a cooperating deal (could have got my time down to 5 years!) and I did give the Feds information, which is my reason for writing this. Part of that deal was that I would tell them exactly what I did and didn’t do.

So, in the presence of prosecutors, FBI, ATF, and two men Janet Reno
sent from DC, I admitted that I didn’t do Redding or Boise, and that I know
who did. I did not give them a name. Thankfully we didn’t get that far in
our deal. However, it did say it  was someone who was not associated with
pro-life activities, except for some prior “criminal  mischief” which he was not arrested for, that he is about 6′ tall, and they may suspect that he
lives in the Grants Pass area. A polygraph proved I didn’t do Boise or
Redding, but was  inconclusive as to whether someone else told me about
their doing it.


Besides the things I’m charged with, I confessed to writing a death
threat letter to Mr. George Woodward in Milwaukee, WI, plus two milder
letters, a couple phone calls, taking a mill’s trash, an attempted “burglary”
at the Ashland, OR, mill, and a small “vandalism”, most of which were
mentioned in my diaries.


I had kept detailed accounts of most of my pro-life activities. I also saved
letters from other  people. If anyone reads this who ever sent me anything, please assume the Feds have it. They are working on a lot of different puzzles. If they put together enough pieces, they will be able to see a picture. I gave them too many pieces to too many puzzles, in a selfish effort to save my  own life. I didn’t really know, then, whether it was the right thing to do or not. EVERYONE seemed to want me to. I begged God over and over to show me. I read verses about agreeing  with the adversary quickly, lest he throw you in prison till you have paid the last penny, etc. But later, shortly before my attorney called off the agreement, I started reading about Judas the  traitor, and betrayal. What finally helped break it off was my failing two polygraph tests. I said I did not know the true identity of Atomic Dog or Mad Gluer. The machine said I lied both times.


I’m humiliated to admit what all I told them, but since this affects other
people, I feel a need to try to undo some of the damage. Without saying
what is true and what isn’t, I’ll try to remember what I said about whom,
and explain as little as necessary for those who need to know. Anyone
else reading this may want to quit reading now, or try not to save this in
your memory banks.

My notes said two people had convinced me that God is calling them to
shoot abortionists. I didn’t give them those names, or the one other person who read a book on how to be a hit man and planned to take out abortionists, sniper style, and not get caught. This was not the Canadian shooter for sure. The two were before Michael Griffin’s act of righteousness in Pensacola; the other told me after. I don’t believe they have any clues to the identity of these people. However, they do know that one of the first two plans to shoot Allred. I happen to know that none of these receive “P&A”, and probably don’t receive other mainstream pro-life publications. I can only  hope that someone else will somehow notify the person who wants to shoot Allred that the Feds know. Not by phone or mail though!


Other info given them: I received a list of approximately 10 names and
phone numbers and 3 or 5 addresses by anonymous mail. I called the first
two numbers (Atomic Dog and Mad Gluer) from pay phones. I received
at least one call from Mad Gluer, and much anonymous mail, postmarked
Pensacola and Marietta, GA. This list is buried at Limpy Creek.


My first copy of the Army of God Book was sent to me by a lady in Kansas.
They have her name and the letter she sent me. Future copies were sent
anonymously, and once there was a return address with no name, which
didn’t match the postmark. Both were MN, MO, MI, or something like that.


Don’t keep notes

I had told them Mad Gluer has a deep or low voice, and Atomic Dog’s
first name is Steve. When I failed the lie detector test, the polygraphers
said I could still redeem myself by telling them the truth. I spilled my guts,
basically: Really don’t know M.G.’s name or how he looks, but would
recognize him by his voice. Steve’s last name might be Duncan or Brown,
otherwise I don’t  know. I heard mention of those Steves and thought they
could have been talking about him. He could live in Pensacola. If not, I don’t know. The address in Pensacola was a PO Box. In Marietta it was a street address.


My notes from “rescues” were so detailed that if anyone said anything
on the subject of using force to stop abortion, please assume they have it,
and possibly your name.

The men from DC basically admitted that they read my mail. I’m sure
they have been since Wichita.

During questioning they went through my notes. They have the name
of a lady in MI who sent clippings, know which clippings, and suspect
her of being a “midwife named Lynn” that’s mentioned in the A.O.G. Book.
I wouldn’t know. I could only I.D. a couple of the names from  there that
they asked me about: an Irishman named Joe, and Baby Huey’s first name.
I admitted giving away 12-15 copies of the Army of God book, but could
only remember two of the people I think I gave them to: Rick DeVos and
John Bell (who did not keep his), but I may have given one to our Right to
Life Leader, Myrna. Also, as far as I know the kryptonite locks are at
Myrna’s house not at Limpy Creek. I said I believe “termite tactics”
refers to the small things that eat away at a place, which might include lock rescues and glue.


Going through my diaries they learned: Details of the E/C Essay; I don’t
think Julius and Irene are pro-force; who Tablet, Handbag, and Cal are;
Trina was against use of force at first; John Witte sent me “Determined
Rescue Info” (clippings on Beaumont, a Rescue America Newsletter,
and a couple other clippings); I wrote Fairy Tale (I was both Shaggy West
and Mad Momma); I don’t remember who “A.C.” whom I got a map from,
which I used, is; had saved a  letter from Danny B. explaining a way to
blow up a building; contents of mail to Don Anderson, and what the “incriminating” call he got a write-up for was about (bombing, shooting, etc.); who “Lee” was who took pictures of Alhambra mill; who “Lee” was in a dream, who laid down his life for others.


They asked if various people were D.R.s (Determined Rescuers — had
bombed or torched  places). I can’t remember any of the names they asked about, except that they asked if Rev. Bray was teaching people how to bomb places! This is highly unlikely since 1) Rev. Bray knows
they’ve been keeping an eye on him, and 2) He never did the bombings
he went to prison for in the first place. We all love Rev. Bray, but he hasn’t
done any D.R.s, so how could he teach anyone else how? (I didn’t tell them that.) I didn’t know a lot of the names they asked about. They weren’t interested in Operation Rescue people. They want the Army of God.

I hope the soldiers still out there leave other people out of their activities.
Don’t even tell anyone anything, or you may put them in the position of
possibly having to choose between their freedom or yours some day. If
you’re keeping diaries and notes, the Feds will take them very seriously
after your arrest. If you ever start talking to Feds, you could easily get
caught up in something  that’s not easy to get back out of. And remember,
they are putting together puzzles.

They may know, for instance, that whoever wrote the Army of God book also did this or that. But it would appear harmless to tell them who wrote a book. I tried to “cooperate” by not telling them how much I know. It didn’t work. I got myself in trouble for lying. There was pressure from everyone. “What if you didn’t cooperate and spent your whole life in prison and the others got caught anyway?” “It’s time for you to quit. You did your part. Now you need to think about your husband and kids and grandkids.” “There’s never anything wrong with telling the truth.” “Other people shouldn’t have told you anything if they didn’t want it out.”



EVERYONE was saying deal; NO ONE was saying don’t.
I thought the others might not get caught anyway. If they did, the political
climate could be better by then. I was stressed past being able to think
straight, compounded by being here with loud-mouthed crazy lesbians,
lights that stay on all night, not even seeing the outdoors or breathing
fresh air. But when I tried to deal, I had no peace. I always felt despair.
I wanted to die, and did get tempting thoughts of suicide, for the first time
in my life. I should have known it would be better to get 300 years in prison myself than to land other people there.

If life in prison is God’s will, then that is what’s best. There is no chance in court, but there is no good alternative. My judge is a liberal democrat, and judges manipulate juries. My attorney is a pro-choice liberal democrat who’s mad at me for lying. If he still cares, he’s probably the best attorney I could get. I have some ridiculous trumped up “extortion” and racketeering charges that carry a lot of years of mandatory minimum sentences. This is a new injustice, brought on for corrupt political reasons. But I have God’s Peace. I hope to avoid any further “cooperation” even if I do get 300 years. And may God have mercy and forgive my compromise, and I pray the same of my friends.



Shelley Shannon participated in decision making and planning with the other conspirators. A Manual author built the bombs. An as yet unidentified associate stalked Judi Bari, an as yet unidentified suspect or suspects placed the bombs. Burnett and the Manual author-bomb maker wrote the letter. Shannon mailed the letter. The identity of the bomb maker is in the copy of the Manual Shannon buried and the FBI recovered from her backyard.

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