Dominionists in Humboldt and Mendocino


[I]n so many ways President Obama’s tenure has championed justice, equality, and the inherent dignity of all people in a way that closely mirrors the stated mission of Christ… Many Evangelicals either don’t like to admit this or they simply no longer recognize the kind of life Jesus was actually calling his followers to live when they see it.

That’s because there’s a stylized, bastardized Christianity that many politicians and celebrity pastors have peddled for years; one that has slowly but surely become our American template. It’s a bloated, opulent, consumerist, aggressive, nationalistic, might is right amalgam that really doesn’t resemble Jesus much at all.

It’s the kind of religion that name drops God in stump speeches and invokes Scripture at every turn, but retains little of the deep humility, love for the poor, defense of the downtrodden, care for the hurting, call for community, and shunning of excess that we see characterizing the life and ministry of Christ. In fact, it’s President Obama’s failure to conform to this prevalent but counterfeit Americanized Christianity, that has revealed the real merit in his convictions.

Who are the Dominionists

Radical Religion vs. The Environment

author unknown

Dominion Theology is a generic term for a set of biblical beliefs, with the common dogmatic teaching that society must be controlled by biblical law, as they believe the Bible demands, and not by secular laws or mores. We are using this specific term to separate a particular movement associated with the concept that Christ will not return to earth until the environment is almost completely destroyed and [the believer] must actively participate in that destruction. This concept is associated with a secular movement called “Wise Use”, promoted by the work of Ron Arnold, an advocate of the right to own property and use the planet’s resources for the benefit of mankind; the most important benefit being corporate profit. The darkest aspect of the Dominionist agenda is that they not only ignore environmental degradation, but actively promote it, and strongly condemn the environmental movement as being an impediment to the plan of God. Considering that there are groups which believe the actual destruction of the environment is a prerequisite for the return of Jesus, this group of beliefs is particularly dangerous. Predictions of the rapid decline of the environment is shocking and troubling to society as a whole, yet, to certain radical elements in fundamentalist Christianity, it is joyous news.

The Dominionists in Northern California

Gospel Outreach Church and Dominionism in Guatemala – a CIA model?

The Gospel Outreach Church based in Eureka was closely associated with the CIA, US programs in Central America. People who had knowledge of the tools the Lord’s Avenger bombing required were in residence in Eureka.

The GOC represented Dominionism in Guatemala and eventually became the dominant church using the name Verbo. Their competitors were run out of business in Guatemala. The human rights organization alleges 250,000 Guatemalan people were killed by army massacres and death squad activity during the period. This genocide is blamed on General Rios Montt, a member of the Eureka GOC and a guest minister there during the pertinent time period.

The Army of God

In 1988, the year of the abortion demo two things happened in the anti abortion community. Dozens of men and women arrested in the so-called Siege of Atlanta. They exchanged ideas about how to stop abortions. They decided to use violence, formed the AoG and became ideological co-conspirators. One of these graduates, Shelley Shannon who lived in Grants Pass, Ore. She traveled up and down the coast engaging in ‘rescues.’ The growing discussion about killing to save lives might have been going through the Lord’s Avenger’s mind as s/he watched Judi Bari mock the people s/he thought as saints.