With this Sign the Lord told me Use not Indirection.

There is the question about deliberate misdirection and the various levels at which misdirection could be made. For instance, the entire letter could be Misdirection thus Insincere, or the letter could be Sincere thus Confessional but contain intentional errors and planted evidence to confuse investigators. The misdirection could be invisible or visible. The first objective of the bomber would be to avoid capture. Another might be to incriminate others. Another might be to lead investigators into traps spending inordinate number of hours searching for what does not exist.

In this case, without being the Lord’s Avenger we are left guessing as to which category any fingerprints or DNA or other forensic evidence might belong. Since the FBI and OPD led the charge into faking evidence little actually remains of a trusted source and as we know the judgment of the Lord’s Avenger letter as Confessional was first in their hands. They declared the bomb descriptions in the Letter to be accurate and then attempted to frame the victims. This is interpreted to mean the FBI considered the LA to be an accomplice of Bari and Cherney. Logical it isn’t but the FBIs form a cult of their own and are not always being competent as we see in this case.

As we make plain the cases against the suspects who would potentially gain from misdirection [victims, friends, ex-associates, FBI, Corporations] have less substance than the case that the Unabomber is the Lord’s Avenger. All of the suspects listed above would have gained by misdirection. The individuals could not have been the bomber because of the Complexity of The Crime. The Letter as Misdirection would not have benefited the Corporations. It points to the Wise Use Movement. The FBI is seen as working for the Corporations. They could not have written it as Misdirection and pointed directly at their clients. This says logic leads from a judgment of the Letter as misdirection to the Unabomber.

What happened?

The letter was interpreted as fake but the misdirection was ignored. Bari said it took the focus from Oakland to Mendocino yet that is what happend to the citizen investigators. As has been seen in The Crime, there are sources of bombers separate from the FBI and motives that have nothing to do with reputations of the victims. One such is the Mendocino-Humboldt divide. Citizen investigators have to a large degree failed to see the influence of Humboldt activists as a contributing factor to the timing.

The Letter talks about misdirection

I dared not Strike at the demon herself. No, instead the Devil moved my hand to bomb in Cloverdale to bring Infamy down on Judi Bari. But the Almighty Lord took Pity on my Foolishness and a Miracle came forth/ the gas oil mixture did not explode! Praise God! With this Sign the Lord told me Use not Indirection. The Lord had shown me that his Work needed no Subterfuge and must be clear and Visible in the eyes of all.

As Bari recounts, during the evening of the car bombing, while she was in ICU, the FBI told the bombing investigators about the Cloverdale bomb and said Bari was the FBI’s prime suspect. So, in a way the Cloverdale bomb fulfilled the desires of the bomber to bring infamy on her.

The Timing and Interpretations [Judi’s error in Context]

As Judi Bari downloaded her memories and opinions before her death, there were important factual errors that may have led to her choice in naming her bomber. There were also important facts unknown to most everyone prior to her death that also renders her choice less likely to be correct. My experience of the time was of beleaguered minds attempting to solve a large problem. It was an emotional problem and still is. The sum of error and the unknowable yields conditions unlikely to produce good conclusions. The heavy presence of myth surrounds the investigators. These myths are the ones tying the FBI to a COINTELPRO against EF! and the myth of the EF! activists and victims as potent actors worthy of killing to keep their profits high or something.

Judi error re: The Motion Switch

Judi said in one of her last interviews that there was no mention of a motion devise in the Lord’s Avenger’s detailed description of the pipe bomb. She was wrong in her memory. The motion devise is described specifically as two wires and a steel ball.

Judi’s second error: Not knowing who she was demonstrating against

This is where we need to listen to Judi when she said she didn’t know anything about the anti-abortion demonstrators except that the clinic was getting death threats, as she was, and solidarity mattered. Key point know your opponent before action.

The counter stories

If say LP’s security chief were to be responsible for the bombings, then how could we interpret the Letter?

We focus on two events:

  • The May 8, 1987 sawblade incident where George Alexander was injured.
  • The May 8, 1990 bomb at the Cloverdale Mill with the ‘LP Screws Workers’ sign.

The first event occurred on the night shift so the date is uncertain but the reaction by LP appeared to be a shut down of all communications. The sheriff was not on the scene for three days while the LP security investigated. The conclusion of the two investigations was a spike imbedded in a tree by an eco-terrorist caused the horrible, potentially fatal facial and neck injuries.

Judi Bari tells the story that the victim’s wife, George Alexander’s wife, claims LP was the cause of the incident.

The second event at the mill was the same as the first except that no one knew about it for three days when the media was sent a press release. Maybe the date scared them. Since LP investigated the first bomb, the FBI may have taken their description as the description entered into the letter that followed the second bomb.

The ‘message’ of the first bomb was ‘LP screws workers.’

More questions about bomb placement

If we look at the Lord’s Avenger letter and ask why did the writer claim s/he placed the bomb in the car in Willits when s/he could not have? Judi said it was in front of the police station, locked, therefore safe. People rode in the back of the car from Willits. They said no bomb was there on the night of May 22nd. They may have been wrong.

The question becomes: Was her car safe in front of a police station? There was no car alarm to warn anyone about entry. The passengers who came in the car left stuff in the car and they reportedly visited the car during the five hour meeting to be sure their stuff was safe. The police station, the checks against theft would not be effective against a prepared bomber. The bomber knew the car she owned, built a bomb to fit under the seat, placed from the front. Entering the car in the front seat would not be a problem, not suspicious. Since people were visiting the car at intervals, another visitor would not be a problem for an observer.

On May 23rd there was a press conference organized in Ukiah, the Mendocino County seat and the home of the Mendocino Environmental Center. Was the bomb placed there? Could be if the timer was set so that Judi came to rest in Berkeley before the bomb’s motion switch could have fired the bomb.

On the night of May 23rd until the morning of May 24th the car was parked in the Berkeley Oakland area. [details?] In Black Mariah it is assumed that the car was watched and visited by an ‘FBI’ agent who placed the bomb in the car, unbeknownst to the OPD LEOs watching the car. This may explain why Doyle thought the bomb came into the car in the instrument case and therefore behind the seat or must have been visible to who ever did put the case there. Doyle didn’t know it was planted by the guy who told the LEOs in the car that nothing was there. When Doyle was briefed he was told nothing was there before the cases went in. This resembles the Black Mariah theory.

The delayed explosion explained.

The bomb had three switches.

A timer which was a 12 hour watch. It could be set for any duration less then twelve hours. This is about purpose and philosophy.

A safety switch that was put in the on position when the bomb was about to be put into position.

A motion switch that could be turned into the on position at any moment during which the car is in motion.

For the bomb to explode all three switches needed to be on.  The bomb exploded but some ‘two days’ after it should have according to the bomb builder. Why did the bomb not explode when designed to explode as described in the LA letter?

  1. The safety switch may not have been put on. This would require another visit to the car. The bomb would be pulled out after the safety switch was confirmed to be off. The timer would be set. The motion switch would be reset.
  2. The safety switch is on. The timer runs down [less than 12 hours] and is on. The motion switch did not work until 11:55 Thursday morning May 24th. This seems the most likely. It would have to do with driving habits. Bari and Cherney were not happy together. Bari gets agitated and she turns abruptly for the first time on her trip.

An interesting side note is the certainty with which FBI acted saying  the bomb was put in the car that morning rather than investigate another potential. Why did they search Santa Rosa hardware stores, instead of Mendocino stores? What did they find? The parts could be bought anywhere. The explosives were pyrotechnic ie fireworks. In mid-May Santa Rosa is covered with firework sales shacks.

Other Issues

How Judi drew the LA’s attention in 1990

The bomber was at the Abortion Clinic demo in Ukiah in November 1988 but not ready to kill. S/he was at the clinic demo because s/he was a member of the AoG, recently in Atlanta, jailed with the Operation Rescue and AoG leaders.

In May 1990, the bomber began to stalk Bari. She may have peaked the bomber’s interest at an engagement in Oregon. She had been warned to not come. She went.

The hate campaign attacks escalated in early May 1990 after the announcement of Mississippi Summer in the Redwoods and the renouncing spiking. In early May 1990 coincidentally on the anniversary of the infamous millworker injury from May 8, 1987 the first bomb was planted. The failure of the first bomb led to the second, according to the bomber.

The suspect followed the victims for at least two weeks in May.