In 1988, we find the then and future supporters of the Army of God in the Atlanta jail arrested as part of Operation Rescue’s Siege of Atlanta. That was October 1988. At least a dozen of those supporters would commit crimes in the years following their two week incarceration. These crimes included pipe bombs with shrapnel and face-to-face assassination. Most were Lone Wolves, not proven to be members of a conspiracy, sharing only ideas. One was sentenced to death and executed in Florida in 2003. Some people say that most of the AoG members were, or abetted, felons.

The Army of God members who were captured defended themselves with a theological argument that the anti-abortion activists had been discussing in the Atlanta jail. Their defense was similar to the Lord’s Avenger: I kill for God.

The Lord’s Avenger might be two people.

The DNA on the Lord’s Avenger letter envelope suggests a female prepared the envelope for mailing. Following this lead means we limit our belief in the outcome. Both the Unabomber and The Army of God tried to defeat prosecution through misdirection.

S/he might have been motivated to hurt Judi Bari since s/he saw her at the 1988 abortion demo. Bari offended the people in the bomber’s eyes. The bomber empathized with the people. S/he prayed Bari would be struck down by her god.

S/he learned much while in the Atlanta jail with AoG members. S/he had a copy of the AoG Manual. S/he saw the bomb designs. S/he knew someone else who liked to make bombs. He would later use a pipe bomb wrapped with nails to kill. He wrote a letter taking credit as the AoG. The letter contained bomb component descriptions.

Together they may be the Lord’s Avenger. Rachelle Shannon, from Grants Pass, Oregon and Eric Rudolf might be a good combination of suspects. Both are in prison for attempted murder or murder.

Another source of motivation might be anger. Bari and Cherney performed an insulting song ‘Let the fetus be aborted.” The LA sounds angry at Bari from the beginning for her attacks on the anti-abortion demonstrators and the timber community.

To quote the LA:

“For two nights and two days the hand was stayed until the Demon was joined in her car by the VERY SAME man who helped her Mock and Insult the Faithful outside the Abortion Clinic that day years ago. PRAISE GOD!”


“This possessed demon Judi Bari spread her Poison to tell the Multitude that trees were not God’s Gift to Man but the Trees were themselves gods and it was a Sin to cut them. My Spirit ached as her Paganism festered before mine Eyes.”

A biographical note on Rudolf

After Rudolph received his GED, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, undergoing basic training at Fort Benning in Georgia. He was discharged in January 1989, while serving with the101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, due to marijuana use. In 1988, the year before his discharge, Rudolph had attended the Air Assault School at Fort Campbell. He attained the rank of specialist/E-4.

LA Letter motivation

List the suspects and motive for letter. M is misdirection. C is confession.

Bari [M] Assumption is that it would lead away from her
Cherney [M] Assumption is that it would lead away from him
Sweeney [M] Assumption is that it would lead away from him
Leads right to him
Staley [C] Leads right to him

Leads right to him

[M] Assumption is that it would lead away from him

The letter is a pro-industry tract

[M] Assumption is that it would lead away from them

The letter is a wiseuse tract

[M] Assumption is that it would lead away from them
GOC-CIA [C] Leads right to them
AoG [C] Leads right to them

Is it real?

Note that all the individual suspects attended the Ukiah rally. So as a diversion it was a loser. TMI. Same for FBI-Corp, PRCIA-Wiseuse and GOC-CIA. These would not leave evidence behind if possible.

Given that the most likely motive for the letter, ie a diversion, is a failure, it had to be a confession.

Staley was not capable, it is assumed. As for AoG, it is about timing of events. No one would have tied the bombing to the Demo if they hadn’t been there. AoG was there. It was their confession.