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In another section regarding Mike Sweeney, it was noted that the capitalization might be a clue as to authorship. This was noted by commentators who were trying to blame Mike Sweeney, Judi Bari’s ex-husband, since, it was claimed, Sweeney used capitalization in an unusual way.

We prefer to note the similarity of the capitalization to the sorts of usage made evident in street preacher’s signs or in the sign held by Shannon in a picture of her at a demonstration, or in the way the King James Bible Ez 25:17 uses capitalization. An example is given at the end of this section.

Here is a version of the letter without the biblical quotes. The original capitalization is maintained. The emphasis becomes the Dominionists’ theology:

I come forward now emboldened by the Spirit of the Lord to spread the Message spoken by the bomb so that All will hear it and take it into their hearts.

This woman is possessed of the Devil. No natural Woman created of our Lord spews Forth the Lies, Calumnies and Poisons that she does with such Evil Power.

The Lord cleared my Vision and revealed this unto me outside the Baby-Killing Clinic when Judi Bari smote with Satan’s words the humble and Faithful servants of the Lord who had come there to make witness against Abortion. I saw Satans flames shoot forth from her mouth her eyes and ears proving forever that this was no Godly Woman.

She and her blasphemous host try to abort the children of Adam and erase us from the Face of the Earth which was Created by God to be our Home so that we will fill it with our Numbers in His Name.

She spoke Satan’s Words yet the Lord did not strike her Down.

Darkness fell upon my Spirit.

My prayers sought guidance so I would know if the Lord was calling me to Wield His Sword.

I could hear no Answer but Satan marched on and caused great Uproar over the land.

This Woman Possessed of the Devil set herself on the Honest man of toil who do Gods work to bring forth the bounty that He has given us to Take.

All the forests that grow and all the wild creatures within them are a gift to Man that he shall use freely with God’s Blessing to build the Kingdom of God on Earth.

They shall be never ending because God will provide.

All of it is God’s Gift for us to Take and use so that we can build our Civilization in the Image of the Creator.

The devil is sorely displeased by our Godly Dominion and he sends his demons to sow Confusion and Doubt in our numbers.

This possessed demon Judi Bari spread her Poison to tell the Multitude that trees were not God’s Gift to Man but the Trees were themselves gods and it was a Sin to cut them.

My Spirit ached as her Paganism festered before mine Eyes.

I felt the Power of the Lord stir within my Heart and I knew I had been Chosen to strike down this Demon.

But my Faith was Weak and I was Deaf to His Words as he instructed me.

The Devil Hissed into my other ear that I should use Cunning and turn Judi Bari’s poison against her.

I was Weak and my Faith in the Lord’s power was lacking.

I dared not Strike at the demon herself. No, instead the Devil moved my hand to bomb in Cloverdale to bring Infamy down on Judi Bari.

But the Almighty Lord took Pity on my Foolishness and a Miracle came forth/ the gas oil mixture did not explode! Praise God! With this Sign the Lord told me Use not Indirection. The Lord had shown me that his Work needed no Subterfuge and must be clear and Visible in the eyes of all.

I was His Avenger. The demon must be struck down. The Light filled me and my Faith was impregnable. Great joy Filled me I set to work.

I put the bomb in her car whilst she was at the meeting with the loggers. The wicked shall know no Refuge.

But it did not Explode!

The Lord had Made another Miracle. He had stopped the hand of the watch by His Divine Intervention. I was seized by Doubt and Confusion but my Faith told me that a Higher purpose must be at Work. For two nights and two days the hand was stayed until the Demon was joined in her car by the VERY SAME man who helped her Mock and Insult the Faithful outside the Abortion Clinic that day years ago. PRAISE GOD!

The hand of the Watch Moved once again and the bomb was Armed and administered Divine Justice.

But it did not kill!

I had wanted that she should be cut Down quickly like a diseased horse that must be put down but the Lord Willed that she should Live on in Pain.

So that others would Cringe with Fear and Horror at the Terrible Scourge of the Lord. Now all who would come to the forests and worship trees like gilded Idols have been Warned. They have seen the Fate that awaits them.

But if you Heed not this Warning and go into the forests to do Satan’s Bidding surely you will Suffer the Punishment of demon Judi Bari.

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