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(classic Third Edition- Author Unknown)

From the Army of God website:

The following pages contain almost all of the Third Edition of The Army of God Manual. This manual is an anonymous work available to anti-abortionists since the beginning of the movement to stop the legal murder of innocent babies. The Army of God Manual is reproduced here as an historical document of the anti-abortion movement. It is not to be construed as sanctioning any group or individual to perform any action. The manual is complete except for some of the appendices which, because of the lack of real free speech on the net, and the hysteria of the Federal Government in protecting the baby killing industry and persecuting anti-abortionists, have been left out.

Background: I first became aware of the Army of God Manual in the early 80’s, when I was given a copy by another anti-abortionist. Apparently, it had been circulated among anti-abortionists throughout the country; unknown to the government, pro-aborts or the media, for some time. Just how long it had been in circulation prior to my receiving a copy, I do not know. After Shelley Shannon, a.k.a. “Shaggy West”, shot Babykiller George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas, the resulting FBI investigation found a copy of the AOG manual buried in Shelley’s back yard.

The Army of God Manual
Third Edition
The author of this manual is unknown.

The Army of God: Dedication

TO the One Who said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”
TO the unwed Mother of the most unplanned pregnancy
(humanly speaking) in all of history.
TO the victims and casualties of the World War.
TO the rescuers worldwide who would obey God rather than men.
TO the Army of God P.O.W.’s and M.I.A.’s who destroyed the altars of Baal.
TO the sidewalk counselors who have the hardest job of all.

The Army of God: Some Introductory Notes

This is a manual for those who have come to understand that the battle against abortion is a battle not against flesh and blood, but against the devil and all the evil he can muster among flesh and blood to fight at his side.

It is a How-To Manual of means to disrupt and ultimately destroy Satan’s power to kill our children, God’s Children.

The text that follows is a greatly-expanded upon version of a document originally edited from many sources by our warrior, the Mad Gluer. The Dedication and Special Thanks are exclusively his, as are most of the edited texts as far as and including the exposition of Bristar. Only some enhancements and expansions have been added. The remainder of the text has been added by another warrior in the war to save the Innocents.

This manual is not for sale, and cannot be purchased at any price. However, a donation to the person from whom you have received it may make it possible for others to receive it also. The information herein is hard currency in itself, currency to buy time for the babies, currency to ransom them from physical death with the consent and active participation of a system which claims to be “… one Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all,” – but which in actuality is a nation under the power of Evil – Satan, who prowls about the world seeking the ruin of the souls of mankind…. A nation ruled by a godless civil authority that is dominated by humanism, moral nihilism, and new-age perversion of the high standards upon which a Godly society must be founded, if it is to endure.

The Editors of this manual hope and pray that the information contained herein will be useful to those who are committed to pro-life activism, and may perhaps provide the catalyst to inspire others to such a commitment. Let those who would argue and attempt to persuade continue to do so, and may God bless their efforts, just as in any war the diplomats seek their solutions by words and persuasion, while in the trenches the stink of death rises to heaven with the cry of the blood of the innocent victims who perish while words are exchanged.

Editor’s Preface To the Third Edition

The third edition of this manual, like the second, is a result of the overwhelming response and demand for the previous editon, each published less than a year before the other. In fact, many copies have appeared, circulation in samizdat for several months prior to this Third Edition.

A book of this kind is never finished. Virtually everyone who reads it will have an idea for a new Termite tactic, or for a refinement of one presented in the book. Thank God! For that is proof enough that the babies are not being forgotten, and that untold numbers of thoughtful individuals are even now planning battle strategy in this war against the child killers. Only a tiny minority of these warriors have even seen this book, but have been moved by the Holy Spirit to take up the cause of the babies, knowing that there is a limit to how long our land can be allowed to run red with the blood of God’s children crying out to heaven for vengeance.

God Himself, Jesus of Nazareth, described Himself, “I am the way and the truth and the LIFE”. there exists within the Pro-life, Anti death community, every shade of attitude and commitment to active involvement in this war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world,and against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12)

Picketing, prayer, sidewalk counseling, prayer, rescue, prayer, covert activity, prayer,…all fruits of that true and lively faith our Lord requires of those who would call Him “Lord”. He is Life, and that Life is the Light of mankind. We who are Pro-Life recognize that those countless souls who, for the sake of their commitment to Jesus Christ, gave up their very lives over a period of nearly two thousand years did not do so because they enjoyed ridicule, imprisonment, suffering, and even death. They knew that they could not be silent, could not refuse – let alone neglect – to live their faith. And then, as now, when a Christian lives his of her faith, a collision with society and its value-less system is inevitable.
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Special Thanks

Atomic Dog (you nuclear canine); Iron Maiden; Cannonball; Faster; and the entire Talbot Group family; the Blockman; the Southern Lock N’ Blockers; Sgt. Klondike of the Yukon for telling me where to find the Denver activist’s hideout; Paulieallie and his Preachin’ Pa; J.C.O’K. – the most tender hearted man I know; Ann the Lamb and her hee-hee-hee in his sleep husband; Sweaty Palms John – one of the bravest rescuers in pro-life Amerikan history; the ever patient “isn’t that something” Linda; Fr. McFadden who didn’t know me from Adam but gave me a hundred bucks when he saw a need; the Mad Scientist – for helping procure the Secret Sauce, etc.; an old man named Joe who’s the greatest of gentlemen and Ireland should be proud.

Baby Huey for singing the Lord’s prayer in jail and making me think I woke up in Heaven; Daisy for having the vision of celibacy for covert success; a girl named Justine for having the dream of bearing other women’s babies; D.K. for saying “yes” to life and “no” to big A; a midwife named Lynn for holding on; the inventor of Nordic Delight for being a wonderful friend; the Road Warrior for videoworks and driving; the Dallas boys for telling the Judas Goats where to go; the Kansas City Big Guys for shutting down a mill and a square mile of downtown using covert technique (they kinda got carried away).

The Pensacola Cop Hugger who taught me that tight lips don’t sink ships; Indiana Jimmy who knows that the baby killing temples are doomed (and for a sandblasting heck of a good time); the Intimidator – who would rather train a dozen kids than win a thousand lawsuits; Lobster Jim – blessed are you who have not smelled but still believe; Eddie and the terrible Twozers – for technical ecstasy and zeal; Babe and Co. for taking the secret weapon north; Dietrich Hammerken for giving the initial idea that turned me into the Mad Gluer; the bold and righteous leader of the Lambs (victims souls for the unborn
Christ child) – for sacrificial non-cooperation with the Evil Empire; the entire Philly Family for teaching me what Solidarity means. Rez Band for not just singing but sitting (that is, rescuing in Atlanta); the very beloved Joanie the Wondergirl- for showing no condemnation toward such a one as I; Maxwell Smart for his timely Pensacola address which concluded that we needed even more than rescue; the Godly and gracious Bishop who blessed the infant held tightly in my arms and forthrightly then sat-in in my own hometown; Timotheous – for ideas and more ideas, and last and with ultra special thanks to the wonderful Gamma Ray Queen who is my close friend and loves Jesus and the babies and me, too; and the irrepeatable miracle known as the Princess of Power.

Third Edition Special Thanks

Blessed Father Magog, for fatherly advice, brotherly love, and scholarly skills (servant of the wonderous and terrible Magnolia Thunderkitty); the wild, and furious, and sweet – Shaggy West (now, David loved Jonathan…) Wooly North (you sneezy Guy); Harry East; Mad Max – the future is in your hands. Scruffy South; Cat, the Mad Scientist – again! Burly Burt – for stomping on the line of decency; Will Banks -you know what for; one holy Catechumen who has his reward – heffy Blanco! Waterbabies Alice; Blue-Eyed Fields – for being on time; Baker Boy – who will grow into daddy’s shoes; the Fix; the Holy New
Martyrs; Rev. Diamond – for testicular fortitude; St. John Amphitheater; the holy couple of Santa Fe (the righteous farmers and their daughters); and last, but not least, the Knight of the Holy Mountain.

The Army of God

Abortion Mills

Operation B.R.I.C.K.
Babies Rescued Through Increased Cost Of Killing

The Beginnings

C.S. Lewis once remarked that there were two equal but opposite errors one could fall into regarding the devils. One was to disbelieve in their existence and the other was to believe and have an unhealthy interest in them. Likewise there are two opposite (not to say, equal) errors into which one can fall regarding the origin of this manuscript. One is to believe that it originated in the mind of the Mad Gluer. The other is to believe it was the death bed nightmare of Margaret Sanger spoken to Faye Waddleton in her dying breaths.

The fact of the matter is that these ideas originated in the minds of the small but precious victims of the New Holocaust. It was their delicate frames that floated down the sewer drains of Amerika. It was the fuel from their mutilated corpses that produced the smoke from the abortion clinic ovens.

And why shouldn’t these Holy Innocents, deprived of love and life on this planet, but nevertheless created in the very image of God almighty, be full to overflowing with joyous creativity when that creativity might in fact save some of their fellow playmates? It is not the author’s intent, and indeed no moral obligation is perceived to reveal the method whereby these following pages were collected. No one would believe it anyway!

The language and tone of the following pages is reflective of the diverse personalities and styles of the children who conceived the thoughts therein. Possibly some were closer to Jesus than others, although this is just the opinion of a sinful grownup. Although we have all been taught that a good pro-lifer is a peaceful pro-lifer, there exists the account of a debate between a small group of the little ones concerning the removal of abortionists’ thumbs as an act of mercy toward all concerned (not the least of those being the abortionist)

There have never been any reports of thoughts of killing. That idea would seem to be totally outside of their reality, even though all of them had experienced violent deaths. Perhaps the children have a clearer understanding of the reality of the situation at hand. Maybe it was simply a case of “If thine hand offend thee…” or “… it is better to enter life maimed…”

For the most part at least, these ideas – although creative – are nonetheless obviously the ideas of little babies. Their ideas are much like the ideas we would expect from our own offspring if they were asked how to deal with such an enormously unthinkable problem of evil as baby killing! As you engage in covert activism, remember the glorious vision of the joy of a particular Rescuer as she was being sent to literal torture and prison by the God-hating, mother-molesting, baby-killing Amerikan system. She saw multitudes of little babies jammed into the courtroom, floating up around the ceiling laughing and giggling and marveling at their protector on trial – “Oh, how she loves us!” – they said among themselves.

The Remnant

The covert activist must always remember that he or she is a part of a special group most often referred to in Scripture as a “remnant.” One can rarely find support for pro-life work of a serious nature in the local Church. After all these years of bloodshed, the Rescue Movement is still only barely “mentionable” – and then only in some quarters. Do not be so naive as to think your Church community is going to have ears to hear this stuff!

The covert activist (oftentimes hereinafter referred to as a termite) will make no friends with mentions or confessions of covert activity, but will rather be cast off as an untouchable by many. Besides, there is no faster way to blow one’s cover than around the average Church body. Many Church folks are good at gossip because so many of them don’t do much else. Then there are the ones who have lots of meetings to discuss “issues” – as if killing babies and molesting women could be called something so degrading as an issue! Many of these folks mean well, but the theology their pastors have given to them is still on the order of “it’s a sin to tell a lie.”

Loose Lips Sink Ships … or … Don’t Trust Anybody

One Termite blew an abortuary to kingdom come and didn’t hurt a fly in the process. However, his well-meaning roommate (who
had been a confidant of the Termite in the beginning of the Termite’s covert struggles) squealed like a stuck pig after the fact. Did it matter one straw if the judge was a dope sucking, child molesting, homosexual atheist? Sorry, no! “Good-bye, brother, see you in twenty. Sorry, I just had to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth … so help me God, I don’t know the truth.” Our Lord Jesus Christ loves His children and the Church is truly His Body, and we all need His mercy every moment of our lives.Nevertheless it must be admitted with sadness that the average so-called Christian, and the Amerikan Church in general, have become so fragmented and compromised that one will find almost no help there to save the babies. Thanks be to God for the few exceptions! Which brings us to covert activist method #1 of 99 covert ways to stop abortions. If a solid pro-life Church community can’t be found in your neck of the woods, complete with its own crisis pregnancy center or near equivalent – stop tithing to the Church (quietly) and start pumping that ten percent, at least ten percent, toward saving your neighbors’ lives. Listen! This is an idea that many (especially the pastor or church committee
with a big mortgage and small values) would call heresy. But we are in a war. There are roughly 24 million dead from the
fallout, and the Church in Amerika is still sleeping on (or sliding down toward Sheol).

As a matter of fact, there is enough fornication and conception going on in many Churches that they could stand having their
own C.P.C. or Birthright to deal with all the Church kids being aborted. And being aborted they are! Sadly, pro-lifers have
combed the enemies’ dumpster files and have gotten the message: most “church people” are dead set against abortion (really) until their fifteen-year-old daughter gets knocked up! Of all the 99 covert ways, this redirection of tithing could be one of the most dangerous (at least spiritually). Don’t abuse that money that is sitting in your account instead of the offering plate. Whatever you do, make sure the money goes directly to purchasing covert materials or maternity assistance or both. It should go without saying that this in no way lessens the responsibility to open up one’s home to those in need of a hospitable birthing environment.

It’s also very, very important to remember that Pro-Life is not a denomination – and it is not a religion! It is our positive response to Our Lord’s call to action, drafting us into service against the enemy in this battle of his war against mankind, and against God as well. A Pro-Lifer who is not an active, although maybe troublesome, member of a Christian Faith Community has cut him or herself off from the Church, and therefore, from Christ.

The Army of God

99 Covert Ways to Stop Abortion – Part 1
By Margaret Sanger and Faye Wattleton


Are you shy about meeting women in front of abortion mills? Does direct contact with babies of the species leave you feeling
awkward? But does the Lord keep stomping on your aorta with a burden for the babies?

Well, my brother or sister, cheer up! You could be a Termite-for-Life.

Just remember two things as you read the following pages: Sabotage without dovetailing with sidewalk counselors is marginally useful, and non-violence is important. Sections called “Background” tell you what you need to know about the basic construction of modern buildings to carry out the sabotage in the following sections. Also be sure to consult
the Appendix for useful (even vital) information.


Glue is a wonderful invention! It has been used for many centuries for an incredibly wide number of purposes. The Pro-Life activist can use a simple glue such as super glue, to save babies’ lives:
First, find out the location of an abortuary where pro-life counselors go on a regular basis (usually Saturday). Make your strike the evening before or very early in the morning. By simply walking by the doors of the abortuary and squirting super glue into the locks you have effectively stopped the opening of the killing center, at least until the abortion mill personnel have left the mill, gone to a phone, called a lock-smith, etc. to gain access to their own chamber of horrors. The Gluer has therefor bought precious time for the counselors (perhaps one or two hours) to speak to the mothers and/or couples seeking an abortion. the locks will have to be drilled out and replaced.


Liquid nails or equivalent products are, as is super glue, inexpensive and easy to use. Liquid nails comes in tubes and is used regularly in carpentry. It is put in a caulking gun and can be injected all the way around the doors of the murder house, between the door and the door jam. Liquid nails can be used in sub-freezing temperatures (but it dries slow).


Kryptonite bicycle locks can be used as they come from the manufacturer to lock doors, gates, etc. on the premises. Be sure to only use this brand because the others can be cut simply with four foot bolt cutters. You must analyze the layout of your target mill and decide how to apply these locks. Sometimes the front door of the building has two handles that come together when the door is closed and are designed in such a way that a lock slipped behind the handles and slipped below them will keep the doors shut until the locks are cut off, which takes quite a while. Once the fire department learns to cut the locks off, you may want to shield your locks with armor to delay cutting. (See Krypto Rescues”).

Abortionists like to put up fences around their mills to keep you away. These can be quickly eliminated at the abortionists
expense by simply locking the pipe members of the fences together, forcing the abortionist to have them cut off. Don’t forget that many unusual sizes and shapes of locks are available including, for example, one that has a hole 3×5 inches: perfect for locking together tall decorative door handles.


The most beautiful Krypto park-ins to date are where rescuers lock their ankles to the axle or feather springs of a junked car which they have towed to the doorway of the mill. Remember, the general principle of daylight krypto usage is to attach a human being as closely as possible to the place where the fire department must cut to remove the rescuer – so that the fire department will hesitate to risk injury to the rescuer in a clearly non emergency situation, in fact, some krypto applications are so intimate (the mini-lock on to ankles) that many fire departments have refused to even attempt removal, and the mill stays shut the whole day. Often in these cases, the charges against the rescuers are no greater than if the rescue had lasted 30 minutes.

Another effort involves some planning and work ahead of time. First, buy a junker car for as low price as you can find for a total wreck of any kind. Take a 1 or 1 1/2 inch steel pipe five feet long and smack it down into the parking lot or sidewalk in front of the abortuary. Then, on another night (to minimize risk), tow the junker to the doorway,hammer the pipe through the floor of the car into the hole and stuff pillows underneath the edge of the car in such a way that a 1 cubic yard cavity now exists from the ground up into the car. Previously you should have welded an eight inch plate to the top of two or three of these pipes. When these are driven through the floor of the car into the ground, and the pillow cavity filled with a yard of concrete from a bucket brigade out of a tarp lined pick-up truck, the abortionist would find a car so permanently parked as to require a heavy crane to lift it straight up. Concrete will set quickly with 5% calcium chloride in it. And if the pipes are surrounded on all sides with 6 inches of concrete, it takes quite a bit of jack hammering to figure out why the car won’t tow!

Remember, exposed krypto can be cut through in 30 minutes with a Stihl saw (see “Krypto Rescues”), or in 5 minutes with a torch.


Don’t forget regular park-ins: any car, even your own, can be driven onto the lot. Wheels should be turned in such a way that a tow truck cannot pull the car directly out without making the car crash into another. This is one of the advantages of using non -junker cars. When it’s all over, car owners pay towing ($50.00) and a parking ticket ($40.00). It’s a nice rescue when you’ve got more money than time. and it certainly costs less than the fines and expenses involved with an arrest rescue.

Remember that you can lock your wheel in the totally turned position with a “New York” style lock which directly locks the
steering wheel to the brake pedal. Home brew refinements to this lock include the use of anchor chain strength in the same
place requiring the introduction of a torch into the car, something that once again the fire department may not be able to justify in an obvious non-emergency. Even though wheel locks may be circumvented by towing cradles, the fact is that more time, effort, and expense have been wasted by the abortionists.

Removal of the tire stems also will make them get the tire cradles, especially since they probably won’t take the time
to find new stems and reinflate. but take stems and a battery operated air pump with you when you bail out your car. Check local statutes, but generally speaking there is no difference in punishment between a car mis-parked on public versus private property.


Flat tires can also save babies when bestowed upon the abortionist at his place of residence. Stem removal is the best, since minimal damage can be claimed if you are caught. One can even leave new stems by the tires, as the process of repair will not be appreciably speeded up by their presence. also one 50 lb. box of 1″ long roofing nails or tacks with large heads is enough to adequately cover the parking lots and residential areas of all the killers and staff in an average city. For
approaching private homes, see “Street Man Recon”.


Having been denied as any Pro-Lifer will tell you, his or her First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, babies have been known to express their ideas to mill clients using the walls of their building, especially since this is not cheap vandalism, but rather a desperate plea to the mother to spare herself and her child from death of body and soul. The most tried and true messages are “Adoption = Love”, “Abortion is Murder”, “Mommy Don’t Kill Me”, “I Love You Mommy, Why Can’t You Love Me?”


Do you know how pesky roof leaks are? Especially since a hole can find its way into a roof and you will not know it until it rains several months later. Babies have been known to accelerate the natural process of the decay of roofs by drilling holes into the low points of flat roofs.

Remember that you will need either a portable electric drill or a hand drill like the old fashioned coffee grinder types that telephone men used to use. The later is quieter and less expensive ($10.00) If it has to be abandoned on the site. Be sure to use Godfather Tape on all tools imported to the premises. (See Godfather Tape”). This is an absolute necessity in
regard to all Termite tools, and will be repeated again and again throughout this manual.


Babies have been known to send mail to abortionists through the mail slots in their front doors. They will use the abortionists garden hose or Import one of their own (Using gloves or Godfather Tape, or both), placing it through the mail slots, turn it on, and let gravity do the rest. If there is no mail slot, a mini dike can be created with sandbags constructed in such a way that water from a garden hose that falls onto the ground/floor immediately in front of the door has no way to go but in under the door. A rock placed on the garden hose will keep it in place.

A variation on Project Noah is Project Drought. In many communities the water meters with their associated shut off are located in a hole in the ground on or near the premises they serve. A Kryptonite lock on the place provided for those
who fail to pay their water bills will go a long way toward delaying use of the abortuary facilities. Even better, a small bag of Sackrete concrete mix (gravel mix, preferably) can be dumped into the hole covering the meter. a few short pieces of steel reinforcing rod or galvanized pipes can be shoved in also. Then a bucket or water (and some calcium chloride, if you like) can be poured in. No mixing is necessary, just some poking around with a rod is usually sufficient. this should be done so as to give as much time as possible for the cement to set up before the abortuary tries to use their water in the morning.

Obviously, this tactic has the potential to greatly irritate the city utility people, so don’t get caught. It does however, create an interesting situation when it coincidentally happens that pickets show up for a “non arrest” Rescue on the very
morning that the water has dried up.


Babies have been known not to have great moral qualms about obstructing services to more than one occupant of a multi-tenant building. Termites need to think about this in applying Catacombs for Life. Generally speaking, sewer pipes for a building empty into the main line running down the middle of the street in the same large vertical pipe which is topped with a manhole cover. A Termite can simply lift the cover and, armed with flashlight, boots, gloves and buckets of cement, insert self into the manhole and replace the cover (preferably leaving someone topside to help remove). Or, in the fashion of the
famous Ghostbusters, they can actually set up a regular rain-guard for the manhole like the utilities do.

One technique of concrete-shoving (messy in any event), is to stuff a nerf soccer ball or equivalent into the mills drain and chase it with concrete shoved in with three feet of broomstick as a tamper, chased with another nerf soccer ball. this prevents the concrete from oozing down into a flat puddle and thereby fail to totally occlude the sewer line. Mix the concrete as thick as you can and shove it back as far as you can. Using dry mix and waiting for toilet flushes is easier, but does not make a really tough plug. And a really tough plug usually requires a back hoe to remove all the occluded pipe (very expensive and time consuming). This is because it is virtually impossible to locate the occlusion by any way other than trial and error, and it is certainly not possible to “roto-root” the concrete plug away.


Every toilet line in a building has a vent pipe which carries smells up above the building and prevents vacuum lock. Anything thrown down these pipes can lodge in the pipes often at the point where the gooseneck trap below a toilet passes into the concrete foundation concrete floor in a multi-story building, requiring extensive repair-replacement costs with jack hammering, etc. Dry concrete poured down vents has a way of settling in the water in the goosenecks, although mixed concrete is better.

Expansive Material (see “Concrete Termites”) also has a way of ensuring that these pipes must be replaced, in addition to introducing sewer fumes into the abortuary. But since water inactivates Expansive Material, you may want to put small, rolled up balls of Expansive Material into tough freezer bags with eight times volume remaining in them, so that the Expansive Material will stay dry during its entire expansion process. In this case, chasing the freezer bags with 5 or 10 pounds of gravel will have the nice effect of ensuring that the Expansive Material expands down into the foundation instead of up, or only into freezer bag empty spaces, in which case the Expansive Material might fail to block or rupture the pipes. the more damage, the better. And remember, the profits they have to spend all have come from the spilled blood of hundreds (if not thousands) of babies that they have killed.


Project Tobit recovers baby bodies from mill garbage dumpsters for the purpose of giving them dignified Christian burials.
But many other things can be found in garbage, as any Soviet spy will tell you. Basic information about the finances of the mill, which may come in handy in lawsuits, etc. can be found. Women who had laminaria one day, but had not aborted yet, may be intercepted from the information left in the records. Believe it or not, these women never get upset when contacted; they are as desperate as we are for an alternative to murder. The volume of the mill, incidence of underage girls, incidence of complications and late term abortions. malpractice suits against the mill, addresses or adult victims who can be contacted for post abortion counseling, evidence of shoddy techniques (murder is never neat!) these and many more things can be learned from garbage.

Recovered baby bodies, after embalming and post mortem by Pro-Life physicians, and before Christian burial, have been taken to various public agencies by rescuers asking for prosecution of the murderers. These agencies have a hard time turning you away when you’ve got the goods and T.V. cameras right there. Usually they refer you to another agency. Coroners, police, mayors, public health officials and city councils have all been made unwilling pallbearers on the same afternoon by grieved and demanding Pro-Lifers. Use heavy dishwashing gloves to avoid needle sticks, discardable gowns and masks are advisable. Be sure to maintain personal cleanliness.


The modern heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) system operates by recirculating the air inside a building and heating or cooling it in the process. The problem is, from where to where do you move the air to create the desired effect?The answer is that you pump the air out of a common area such as a hallway, and after heating or cooling it, pump it into the private areas of a building (such as a particular medical suite) so that the tenants’ requests for hotter or colder air may be quickly met. With a little bit of strolling through any moderate sized public building, you can easily get to the point of being able to quickly recognize the fresh air intake port (the hallway gathering vent) and the individual tenantexhaust ports. In fact, both of these types of ports can be found in any house with central heating. The individual exhaust port is almost always the same: about 4×12 inches, with fixed louvers in front and maybe a little dial on the side to close a damper behind. Intake ports are usually bigger with bigger slots on the front panel. some mills have intake ports near the top of the room in a soffet ceiling, and they are about 8 inches by 3 feet, and there are several. Other mills (in bigger buildings) have an intake port 4X6 feet, which are on a wall.


ny college organic chemistry student will recall with distaste his or her acquaintance with the uncontrolled substance called butyric acid. It is the compound that gives vomit its smell. Five tons of vomit would smell no different from tofu if it did not have one drop of this stuff in it. The beauty of butyric acid is that since it is a natural compound, and that it can introduce itself into a building without the aid of a Pro lifer (clients -victims – do barf occasionally), the abortionist does not instantly think of you as the culprit. For the same reason, it cannot hurt anyone, and we know good Pro-lifers are always non-violent Pro-lifers. Your friends might be able to help you, but the least risk method of obtaining butyric acid (otherwise known as Avon, Liquid Rescue, or simple LR) is for each Termite to obtain his or her own. This is not too difficult. Chemical suppliers listed in the Yellow Pages can be interviewed without revealing your identity. But use caution: if you get more than a gallon or two at once, or fail to establish some kind of story about how you are a teaching assistant at Podunk U., vandalism will cross the mind of your vendor, even though that thought will rarely, if ever, stop the sale. For the same reason, It’s food if the person buying the stuff (with cash, of course!) not be the same one who
uses it, each mutually unenlightened as to details of purchase and usage. Drop points can be dumpsters, boxes of trash in alley ways, etc. Be sure to use code names on phones when telling your user the drop is in. This way, even if busted and put on the stand and the buyer breaks (each event highly unlikely), the witness can only say “I put a box in the alleyway and have not seen it since.”

Remember, this is not a controlled substance, and mere possession of it should not get you into trouble unless you are caught in front of the abortuary and in possession about thirty seconds after the raid. Even then it would take a long time for the minions of the law to put it all together, because they won’t know for some time – if ever – what went on. One mill was shut down for months and did not report the attack because of the fear of increased insurance costs.


Fortified with this knowledge of ventilating systems and the availability of LR, the rest comes easy. Even strolling through
a multitenant medical building near 5:00 P.M. on a Friday:

“I was just coming from seeing my dentist (podiatrist, insurance company, employment agency) and had heard there was a great podiatrist (dentist, insurance company, employment agency) on this floor, can you help me?”

You can discover a common intake port and squeeze a pint or quart flexible bottle into the port, or, if someone is about to walk around the corner, you can dump it onto the carpet in front of the vent with similar effect, although the advantage of getting it into the port is that they must dismantle same to clean it, and since it is the highest upstream point of the system, the last place people thing of looking. Remember to use Godfather Tape on the bottle and to ditch it at your earliest chance to disassociate yourself from the action – but not too soon as to tip off the abortionists. We want to keep them and their clients guessing up till the last moment – maybe that is a young woman throwing up from her abortion?

There are as many ways to deliver LP as there are babies to inspire the ideas. A large veterinary type syringe and needle
which can be purchased at any feed store (they are used by farmers and stockmen to medicate their animals) can be used
to great advantage. Someone using the killing center’s rest room can make a small hole in the wall (usually simple drywall,
or sheet rock plaster with an ice pick which will never be noticed, and inject LP between the walls in a number of places. After a few days….Phewwwwww!

Also the syringe and needle can be used to inject LR into the ceiling. If you can get into the rest room, and if they have a
suspended ceiling (the kind with big 2 ft. by 2 ft. by 4 ft. tiles suspended on a metal grid) try this: standing on the toilet, gently push up one of the tiles, exposing the entire upper area between the ceiling and the roof. Apply LR liberally as far as it will shoot a stream.

A variation of this operates where (as is often the case) the walls in a multi-tenant building only go to the ceiling. Above the suspended ceiling tiles much or all of the building is open, and the abortuary premises can be “treated” from an empty office suite next door. or even from an adjacent hallway. Just be sure to use sensible precautions and be ready to explain the presence of half of your body in the ceiling if someone asks! almost no one would question a telephone installer/service person or someone with a city utility patch on a shirt or jacket. The syringe can also be used to inject LR through the front doors where double doors come together. Or a pump up style bug spray/fertilizer hand tank with hose can be used to
introduce LR through a mail slot or any other appropriate opening. Often the weather stripping around windows and doors also will admit a needle and a later small squirt into an abortionist’s high dollar car can act as frosting on the cake!.


Whales, brothers and sisters in solidarity with babies in the struggle for life, have been known to have episodes of diarrhea right in front of mill doors. Sometimes a rented dump truck was the intermediary. cow manure bought for pennies from a farm and presumed to be destined for a suburban garden can fill the bill, especially if a garden hose on top of it gives it a certain consistency.

This, by the way, is the chief superiority of this substance over gravel or other things that just about anyone can shovel
away. No pet store sells “poop scoops” big enough for this job!

Sandbag dikes can also be a ready rough form for concrete that is bucket – brigaded into it in front of the door to seal it shut. (See “Catacombs” for quick setting formula.)


Why get out of the way of an abortionist car that is trying to clear out Pro-Lifers by intimidation? Some have answered this
by not moving or by moving slowly. Whether or not injury resulted, they fell to the deck with loud moans and other attention grabbing antics, which proved very useful later. The current lawsuit crazy attitude can then be used against the baby killers, and many awards have been received – providing more resources for the war effort. Not only can damages be received for injuries, but punitive damages also, because no jury wants to see a lawful protester attacked, even in Amerika.


If you are overweight for your skeleton size, you may not
be able to jump over a fence quickly enough. this is not
an automatic excuse for you since one of the several mills
in your town may not have fences. Bear it in mind, if there
is one, though. To remove fence, see “Nightime Krypto”.


Believe it or not, in spite of computers, most routine police
radio transmissions are on the frequencies received by the
scanners sold at any electronics discount store (Radio Shack,
for instance), and the stores usually know all the frequencies
worth listening to. There are also many scanning “clubs” of
strange people who dig listening to the cops (seems to be on
a par of excitement with standing in the bathroom and watching
the toilet flush all evening, but each to his own), who often know
freqs the stores don’t. a buck with one of these, and who
observes your work from remote vantage point can alert you
with a hand held walkie-talkie or, even better, a headset

A note here on escape; in the past it has been advised that the
Termite not have a vehicle near his target, but depend on
disappearing into the dark on foot, by bicycle, or simply by
using a pre-arranged hiding place should police appear on the
scene. WATCH OUT! Today many police departments use
dogs, but even worse, use helicopters with infra-red sensors.
These sensors operate like a spot-light and give the operator
a read-out of any body (identified by its ambient temperature)
anywhere in the open or semi open.

This can include under cars, in culverts, abandoned buildings,
etc. You can usually find out if your locality has this capability
by simply reading the newspapers or listening to the news,
because these things are always catching burglars and hold-up
types. You can also make it a point to “accidentally” meet a
busy law officer hanging out in a convenience store or lunch
counter. Just mention hearing about such a thing catching
someone in such-and-such a city, and mention how meat it
would be if we had one right here in Law-N-OrderGrad, U.S.A.
He will proudly tell you that one is in use, about to be put in
use, or that the Commie-Pinko-Soft-On-Crime Mayor won’t
spring for the bucks to buy one.

If the area you are operating in has one, keep your car nearby,
or someone in a car to pick you up. Your chances are better
(because you have almost no chance at all, otherwise) for a
quiet disappearance into the night. Keep an obviously used
rope type dog leash with the snap end torn off with you on
all your excursions. If you run into some nosy do-gooder,
you can explain your presence almost anywhere by claiming
to be looking for your poor puppy that got away while utilizing
a nearby tree or fire hydrant. Then call your poor lost puppy’s
name a few more times. quietly enough not to wake up
neighborhood sleepers, but loud enough to be convincing,
then get lost.


In the movie, The Godfather, at one point a murder is effected
something no Pro-Lifer would recommend, being Pro-life)
using a gun that has special tape on the trigger and butt to
prevent fingerprints from being lifted from the gun. There
are two types of duct tape (note how many stupid clerks and
even manufacturers call it duck tape) in use: an expensive cloth
type and a cheap pure plastic type. The expensive tape will hold
prints, but the cheap take cannot because it has a miniature
waffle pattern on it.

Be sure to get the kind with a waffle grid – which definitely
breaks up a print well enough so it cannot be lifted. In this
manner, if tools or anything else must be abandoned at a work
site, they will be non-incrimiating. Gloves are also recommended,
but the tape is also needed since you can leave a print on tools
or hoses from before the time when you put the gloves on.
Remember also that most jurisdictions have catch-all laws that
can be used just to harass a suspect at an officer’s whim. One
of these is called “Possession of burglar tools”. so choose your
tools carefully and only keep with you what you need to do a
given job adequately. Other laws in the same genre include
vagrancy, curfew, even suspicious activity. Mostly it is sufficient
to know your rights, and be polite but firm in dealing with a cop
who is on a fishing expedition. let him screw-up, it will work to
your benefit in court, if it comes to that, and there is always the
false arrest lawsuit to remember.


…Otherwise known as the “Street Man Recon”. the most
obvious is the UPS guy who brings a Block for Life into a
mill using a hand truck. But covert applications of disguises
is also important.

Street Man Recon is dressing up as a street person, with
really scruffy clothes, empty beer cans in paper bags sticking
out of the pockets of a filthy trench coat, etc. Such people
not only are eminently forgettable, they tend to drive the
attention of a casual observer away from them. This is
what you want. You can stagger your way through a strip
mall or medical complex in the middle of the night and be
ignored or forgotten by anyone who sees you. Then, having
done recon to ensure no witnesses, empty building, access to
target roof, etc., you can either return another night or strike
quickly, only to leave again, not running, but slowly staggering

Remember: if challenged, the best defense is a good offense.
If someone were to walk up to you and obviously is about to
ask what you’re doing there, take the initiative before they can
do so, panhandle them! Ask for money, and keep asking until
they brush you off and go away (which won’t be long – most
people, even Christians, can’t stand to deal with street people,
and can’t get away fast enough when faced with a situation like that).
Be persistent, even adding diatribes against people who have
enough and neglect the poor and downtrodden. It is virtually
certain that the discussion will end quickly and your potential
witness will scram.

Don’t forget timing. Bar closing hours (varies by community,
area, day, etc., so find out what they are) provide marvelous
cover in the form of other street people roaming around,
whereas a few hours before or after that time you could stick
out like a sore thumb.

On weekends, good cover times also apply during partying
hours of say 10:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. Other good cover
times may exist according to the habits of your local street
people and party-goers.

It is also still true that shift change time for the police is great.
Most departments do not stagger shifts, so those going off
duty will be getting ready to do their activity reports for their
shift while those going on duty will be in briefing or having
that last hit of speed or cup of coffee.

Aside from Streetman in particular, other disguises help to
confuse possible witnesses. For example, if you’re normally
clean-shaven and don’t wear glasses, glasses and beard will
slow down witnesses. if you were to come to court. Most
witnesses and jurists take their job very seriously, and any
doubt obviously works in the favor of the Termite-on-Trial.
Certain basics apply, however. Avoid bright color clothes
with particular messages on them, or unusual clothes that
you may be found in later, and which would make
identifying you easier.


For your own safety, always use the right tool for the right job
when cutting wires. Professional electrician’s tools are rated
for the voltage you are dealing with. do not cut 44 volts with
cutters rated for 110 volts. Also, when cutting mains and
drops/feeders, use fiberglass ladders, properly cuffed electrician’s
gloves, good rubber soled shoes, and use proper electrician’s
precautions. Distinguish between dikes (diagonal side cutting
pliers, the normal cutters) from shears, which slice the metal
instead of crushing it, and make slicing of the heavier feeders
much easier. An electrician’s shear will remind you of the
branch enclosing tool used on a pole to trim tree branches.
When cutting wires, remember that often two or three or
even more single wires are in a single jacket, or insulation
sheathing. Do not cut through more than one of these wires
at a time. To do so will short the circuit and can cause an
explosion (really), especially if the voltage is great enough
(220, 440, or higher). Cut through only one of the wires –
called conductors – at a time, and don’t let the cut wires
touch each other.

Go to a hardware store or builder’s supply store and check
out the electrical department to better understand this if you
are not familiar with wiring. Sears (ugh!) sells a little paper-
back book on electrical wiring that will teach you many of the
basics of this in only an hour’s reading.

Other similar booklets are available in do-it-yourself stores and
building departments. If you get yourself killed, it will be hard
for you to be a Termite! But don’t be put off by the precautions.
The electrical system is an easy target for Termites, and proper
safety precautions are not difficult.

An exposed electrical panel is just begging for infestation by
Termites. Most of them open up completely when you take
out the four screws on the corners. Practice with your own
panel at home with a meter so you know what you are doing.
The book you bought at Sears (ugh!) of somewhere else will
tell you what type of meter to have and how to use it.
When you throw the mains and/or the individual circuit breakers,
then each circuit should be dead. The best thing to do at the
abortuary is to cut individual circuit lines back clean against the
conduit through which they enter the box. In this way, the circuit
wire cannot be pulled back to the points, and the entire circuit, all
the way through the walls to the suction machine and everything
else electrical in the building must be replaced.


It’s tempting to cut phone lines instead of jamming them
(see “Phone Jamming”). A burglar alarm may or may not
be hooked to a phone line in such a manner as to initiate an
alarm when the line is cut. This used to be very common,
but not so much any more. this will be covered in the section on
“Compromising Alarm Systems.” Suffice it to say, that an alarm
system is present in the building, cutting the phone lines will only
marginally annoy the abortionists, it could make it more difficult
to compromise the alarm system later – should the need arise, and
damaging phone lines that belong to the telephone company is a
federal rap. it’s another of those Catch 22 Catch-all’s that they
can use against you. so be patient for now.


..Is exactly what they’ll be saying when you cut off the gas – a
simple matter, usually, of rotating 90 degrees the valve handle
found just before the line enters the gas company meter. Also,
starting up the heater again is usually a matter requiring a
plumber or other tradesman to come to the premises. Do it
on a Saturday night, though, because most water heaters are
well enough insulated that the water in them will remain warm
for a long enough time for no real benefit to accrue to the cause
if it is done the evening before a normal business day. We have
here another example of how the killer can be slowed down or
even temporarily stopped by relatively trivial things, or the lack


Abortionist friends of ours have received rude awakenings
in the past, opening up shop to find their mailbox stuffed with
dozens of stool (bowel movement) specimens. how to so bless
them? simply run an ad or write a handout to be left in homosexual
bars. Advertise the abortuary as a place which will perform a free
AIDS test on the bodily sample of their choice (stool, urine, etc.).
Be sure to make the ad look professional and give some kind of
specifics about sample container, or include a zip-lock baggie for
the pervert to put his sample into the mail. About twenty dollars
worth of supplies could give an abortionist and his staff some
messy moments that are not profitable.


The system, and therefore the police, can be made allies in
many ways, if a little thought is used. For example, an innocent
driver in going-home or going-to-work traffic who just happens
to be in front of the abortionist in his car might need to stop
quickly to avoid hitting a child who darted into the street, or
some other unforeseen traffic hazard. if the abortionist were to
fail to stop in time, he would cause an accident that would require
the police to cite him for following too closely. it would cost him
time and money, make him late for “work” and make him liable
to a lawsuit. it might even cost him his insurance coverage,
depending on his previous record !?!

Of course, no Pro-Lifer would accuse an abortionist falsely of any
illegal, immoral, or unethical act (it would surely be false witness
to accuse one of legal. moral, or ethical acts!) . But sometimes
things just happen, Lady Luck being the way she is….

99 Covert Ways to Stop Abortion -Part 2
By Margaret Sanger and Faye Wattleton


There’s the story of the California Pro-lifer who purchased
an army surplus amphibious vehicle, and while taking it home,
took a left at an unexpected point and found himself in the
lobby of an abortuary. At that point he thought, “if this is
so much fun, why not explore?” After he had completely
trashed all interior walls and contents, he wasn’t stopped
until he made a traffic violation four blocks away, sheet
rock clinging.

Nearly everyone has heard of the teenage tragedy where
kids playing around bulldozers at a construction site got
one hot-wired (easy to do) and started it rolling, only to
jump off in fear when they realized that they couldn’t
stop it, just before it plowed into a building… tragic,
simply tragic.


“Hello, Electric Company? this is the AAA Baby Killing Center.
Did you know we’re moving our clinic across town on Monday?
That’s right, so we need a shutoff here Saturday, and a connection
of service of here at the same time. Thank you.”


If you can’t tail an abortionist to do a home picket (which
sooner or later drives him out of town), you can call the
State Board of Medical Examiners, find out his Alma Mater
and graduation date, then build a story that you are an old
buddy of his. Call his secretary (when he’s not there) and tell
her he’ll be real upset if he misses you since you’re only in town
for one day. Then don’t ask barefaced for his number, but ask
if you wrote down the number wrong at the reunion two years
ago, because it doesn’t work You’ll be surprised how often
this is successful. This then leads to the conclusion of the plot.
Call the telephone company, give them an address in the same
prefix area as the abortionist’s home number, anc complain that
you bill keeps arriving late, being forwarded by the Post Office.
They will check their file and say “Well Dr. Ripper, it’s being
sent to 666 Demon Drive, isn’t that correct?” Finish the
conversation any way you want to, but in any case, you now
have his address.


Remember, it is always appropriate to call up and just ask
what sort of services are offered, and, just in case it were to
happen, is there anything that could be done for your
girl friend/daughter, etc.? this is a perfect lead-in to bogus
appointments. Spread the joy, in case one mill overbooks to


Rescues in multi-tenant buildings, especially if the building
is closed during a krypto rescue, create a tremendous pressure
from other tenants to get the abortionist out. In the end they
often can only find space in a detached building, making it
much easier for us to sidewalk counsel.


Babies, Infuriated by adds promoting the services of their
killers, have been known to replace the abortionist’s ads with
pro-life stickers, or rip out the offending pages. They are
careful not to rip out the pages of the local Crisis Pregnancy
Centers in the process. Bus ads with abortionist’s phone numbers
have been covered over with stickers of CPC numbers, and are
often never noticed by the transit company employees.


The Litigation Project message (helping injured women to
file malpractice lawsuits) can be expressed with a ticker
tape type LED message box (like you see in banks sometimes,
or displaying stock values) which can be plugged into your
car cigarette lighter, while the box is displayed in the rear
window. Calls can come in on a residential phone with
answering machine, and adult victims referred to local
pro-life personal injury lawyers. Often a two or three line
classified ad in the newspaper under ‘Personals” will
accomplish the same purpose.


Imagine being the Calcutta public hospital administrator on
duty the day Mother Teresa walked in and asked, very nicely:
“Do you do late abortions here?”
“And do the babies sometimes live for a while before they die?”
“Fine. Here is my number. Please call me the next time.”
That was over 10 years and 800 babies ago, and Mother Teresa
hasn’t been arrested once. Whether or not such a tactic would
work in any of the mills in Amerika is questionable – no doubt
a live baby would be considered malpractice. But since we know
that such babies are often born alive and then killed, it can’t hurt
to try.


Most small businesses have a telephone system with two or
more lines that “hunt” with each other – meaning that if you
call one line and that one is busy, your call hunts for a free
line among the other lines assigned to that business. This is
done at the telephone company switching office.

At the mill itself, in addition to the normal dialing key pad
found on any touch tone phone, there are additional keys which,
when you punch them, will give you access to one of the lines to
call out. A busy line is indicated by a lighted red or white light.
Keep in mind that, when making calls out, if you just had one
line and wanted to call another number after having started to
dial a first number, you would have to hang up the phone and
wait the 2 or 3 seconds to get the dial tone back again. By
contrast, with a multi-line system you can go from one call in
progress to a new dial tone instantaneously by simply pressing
the key associated with a line that is not in use. The importance
of this time difference will be seen below.


The old “FBI Story” stereotype of guys manually tracing
jumper wires in the Central Office to find that bad guy who
kidnapped your kid is gone. Simply getting off the line
quickly is no hedge against being traced.
Now they have a thing called a “mousetrap’ which can be
attached to your line in the Central Office. It does one
thing and one thing only: at the end of the day it gives
a printout of the originating telephone number of everyone
who called you that day, and the exact time they called.

This is currently how cops catch phone harassers. But keep
in mind that Bell doesn’t put a trap on just because you ask.
You usually have to have a threat, agree to prosecute, and the
phone company does the work, giving the results to the cops,
who take it from there. These traps are only active for a limited
time, and you can find out how long by calling your local
telephone company and reporting a problem with obscene or
threatening calls. After going through all the information, just
back down and say maybe it’s more trouble than it’s worth,
and you’ll wait a while longer.

You will also want to find out if the local authorities consider
telephone harassment ot include simple calling and hanging up,
because often it is not so considered. If that is the case, proceed
on to the “Phone JAMboree.”


Fortified with this knowledge of phone systems and traps,
consider the following scenario: you go to a pro-life friend
with a small business and a multi-line system where you can
keep punching new dial tones quickly and initiating new calls.
Then you hook up an auto dialer (or use a multi-line phone
with redial). Call the selected mill, changing from one line to
another to dial out as quickly as you hear a ring signal. One
person can totally jam the mill’s system indefinitely. And if
the mill has no trap (it probably won’t, but you can know
ahead of time anyway), they can’t get one put on in the time
it takes you to jam their phones because it requires a long

Why jam lines? The most well loved pro-lifer in the U.S.
has stated elsewhere that the single most common cause
of abortionist’s staff quitting is when you stage a rescue
and they can’t go crying to their precious police to come
to save them. They invariably say “As soon as I get out
of here, that’s it.” Obviously this technique requires
coordination between rescuers and jammers. It also goes
without saying that the rescuers let no one out as well as
no one in!

If there is concern about a possible mousetrap, just get three
or four pro-lifers together with pockets stuffed with quarters
and go down to a battery of public phones and do it, each one
hanging up as soon as ringing is initiated, and use an auto dialer
that dials audibly through the mouthpiece. Or take five or six
people and dial manually. Also remember that if you hang up
a pay phone before the called party answers, you get your money
back! Just be sure to use a different bank of phones (maybe in
different Shopping Malls) each time you do this if you suspect
a trap is on the mill’s line. That’s because Big Brother/Sister
could be watching if you use the same phone bank over and
over when a trap is in use.


There is a compound which mixes like a resin and remains
as a putty for 15 minutes or so. But after that time, it begins
expanding to 8 times its original volume, with strength enough
to crack foundations, steel beams, etc. Imagine what might
happen were you to bore-drill a foundation and insert Expansive
Material. Many variations are possible. For example, cardboard
tube style (Sonotube) former pilasters which raise buildings off
the ground often have cavities ready made in them for electrical
outlets. You can also introduce EM into roof plumbing vents.
(See Tree houses)


It could never happen to you, but just in case it does,
remember that non-cooperation applies to the courtroom
also, since the main goal of the judge (the system) is to
keep the abortuary open.

Don’t hesitate to go pro se if your assigned lawyer is not
with you or keeps wanting to plea bargain. Act like an
innocent person, not a guilty one, when it comes to time
waiving. Guilty people always waive their right to a speedy
trial. No matter how strong the temptation, remember to
avoid ever making it easier on your enemy: If that means
leading them up to testimony that you know is a lie, then
make them say it!


Cop: ” I know you killed that park queer last Saturday
night at Gayly Park, and I’m going to see you fry!”
You: “Oh, I can prove it wasn’t me, because at that time
I was gluing locks at an abortion mill at 10th and
Cedar. and then I went and poured cement into
the water meter hole at another abortuary on
Highway 171.”

Believe it or not, cops get people to incriminate themselves
with this kind of mindless tactic every day. Don’t say anything
no matter what they say to you, until trial, and even then you
may choose to imitate babies. Remember – Cops lie!

Prosecutors lie! They lie under oath or conspire to lie under
oath in every courtroom in this country every day; in every kind
of case from jay-walking to mass-murder. They will quite
literally do whatever is necessary to get a conviction. And as
pro-lifers know – that is especially true when they have a
chance to lock up one of us.


They hand you two pages out of a CPC manual. “Are you
familiar with this?” (lengthy pause), “Well?”
Answer, “I’m still reading it”. Take an hour of their reporter’s
time (and their money).
Question, “Well?” Answer “I guess parts of it look familiar.”
Question, “What parts?” Answer “Well, it starts with the
word ‘the’ and I know I’ve seen that word in print before…”
Then keep going like that. Don’t dictate a more specific
question by saying you can’t answer a question the way it’s
phrased. Just say that you can’t recall or you don’t under-
stand the question. You can always tease them by waiting
15 minutes for a hopelessly literal and exact question, and
then just say, “Well, maybe, but shucks, I’m not sure.”
Needless to say, this will drive them crazy and make them
not a little irritated with you. But then, that’s part
of the price they have to pay for hassling Christians.


If it happens, by the time it happens, the Lord will have
prepared you well. Remember, if you let it, it can be a
time of close contact with distant friends through letters,
evangelization, and walking closer with the Lord, in spite
of the suffering.


Which is what they will be saying when you’ve put holes
all through their windows. There are several methods:
pellet guns on thin glass; .22 caliber on heavy (thick) glass.
Pellet guns work almost all the time. B.B. guns usually are
not powerful enough, except maybe some of the CO2 ones.
Semi-automatic is best if you can find one. The problem with
.22’s is the noise. Making a silencer is easy (check Appendix
for directions for making a disposable model) but carry a
felony charge for possession. So the disposable model is a
must! It seems like someone has threaded an oil filter on the
end of a gun. They must have drilled a hole for the bullet to
pass through and been careful to be sure it was installed in a
straight line with the muzzle. Probably tested it in their
basement by shooting into a few bags of Kitty Litter lined
up in from of each other. Remember, a hard-nosed pro-
death cop can use ballistics to match bullets found in the
abortuary to the gun barrel that fired them.

The Fourth of July or New Year’s eve are great times for
gunshots. Just be sure no cleaning crews are in the building,
and aim high. It has been suggested that hollow point bullets
might make glass shatter. A trusty shotgun can also serve the
purpose. Rocket launchers would be nice, too, but they are
much too noisy and besides, that gets the Feds involved again.
The best accomplished work is that which does the most damage
with the least amount of noise and other kinds of exposure.


This is the simple extraction of freon from air conditioning
systems. Coils run along the outside box of central units.
These units are sometimes located on the roof of buildings,
but as often as not are on the ground. A simple ice pick or
even a utility knife will punch holes in the freon lines. They
are under pressure and will hiss like crazy with the first couple
of holes. The first hole should be a small as possible to avoid
an arctic blast to the hand. One would be surprised how costly
this can be for the abortuary owners. If they don’t find out
about it for a while (due to cool weather) all the better, because
the evaporators will probably be ruined as well. this repair is
gonna cost major $$$.


Ever hear of the rescue where the folks planted their feet
in buckets of tar? The charges were stiffer than the tar.
However, the covert activist shouldn’t hesitate to leave a
spare hundred galloons of the stuff, (the cheap, loose,
pour-able kind) starting at the doors and working on away.
This can create more problems than one might imagine.
It would be a good idea though, if picketers at the abortuary
the morning after did not have tar on their hands or shoes
or clothes, or whatever. And certainly not an empty can
of tar in the back seat of a car parked nearby.


Which is what those mean old Dobermans or whatever
are going to be after meeting a loving activist. These
animals are usually underfed and under loved as well.
You can make friends with them. So much so that they
will wag their tails when you come around. There is talk
of one activist who took pictures of this. One even had
a guard dog, often several, stand by while he climbed onto
the roof of the mill. Did they bark? No. They especially
like medium rare spare ribs from time to time. An operator
who really comes to love the animals might want to liberate
them from their captivity to the devil’s henchmen and take
them home. In that case, one should check for tattooed I.D.
No.’s (usually inside the ear). Also, the next set of guard
dogs might be better trained. Care and diligence are important!
(Once upon a time)


Although this is not the usual M.G. style, the story is inspirational.
once upon a time animal rights were very popular. And one pro-lifer
wanted to save babies, be kind to animals, love God, you know…
So as he was driving down the freeway at the predestined time…
an abortionist just happened to be driving the car directly behind
him. If one has (a) a car or truck with a tough bumper, (b) a
clean record with the local P.D. (no pro-life arrests), and (c)
a general knowledge of the killer’s driving route, it’s all set…
(unless it’s a small town and the pro-life stigma is well known).
Anyway, the above mentioned fellow locked up his brakes at the
appropriate time and BANG! He was apparently trying to avoid
hitting a black footed ferret he saw run out in front of him, and
you know there’s a five thousand dollar reward for just producing
a picture of a black footed ferret. To make a long story short,
the killer got the ticket, was very late for “work”, had to pay
damages, etc… and the sidewalk counselors had a great day.
What if the same thing occurred about a week later (with a
different vehicle and driver, obviously)? Wow! Some folks
act like abortion is murder.

This is probably not very common, and no doubt ought to
be attempted only by those who are both young and strong
(physically) and old and wise (spiritually). Remember, the
reason that things like bombs and arson techniques are
relegated to the Appendix of this manual (for “Eyes Only”)
is not because they are wrong of ineffective. On the contrary
those methods are powerful, appropriate and discriminate.
The difficult is cost i.e. charges, jail time, etc. Some tactics
cost about half a lifetime in prison. Also, some ring in
federal investigation crews and they have almost unlimited
money and manpower. So…other tactics can be very
effective when used over and over, and carry minimal risk.
If some soul can’t rest until a hundred abortuaries go up
in smoke, fine. But at least they should use time delays and
take them out all at once. Then lay very low for a very long
time. Love is patient. Never ever give in to the temptation
to go back to see the results, or share the secret with
anyone. Unless there’s a statute of limitations, the
time is up, and no other activities are ever undertaken.


That is what you leave someone when you just can’t make
an important date. If a particular target is too hot, go to
another location. The covert activist will be often tempted
to have a vendetta against one particular location. That is
the perfect way to ensure a very short career. Remember,
all the children are equal His children – don’t be predictable.
If you do wind up in a situation where you have to escape,
remember the information in Section R above.


An ounce of the special perfume can go far and does wonders
especially if the deposit is difficult to find. An elevator shaft is
hard to clean up even when you know that it is the source of
the odor. Intermediate range Avon Calling is different from
other deposits only in that your target area is a little larger and
you don’t have to pick and choose your location of drop with
precision. This is because you are spraying the stuff under
pressure. Using an inexpensive bug sprayer purchased from the
local hardware store or lumber yard, you now possess the means
to distribute Avon in a devastatingly effective way.

Practice using water first. Make sure the unit does not leak.
Test with maybe 2 or 3 inches of water in the sprayer and pump
up the sprayer with as much pressure as possible so that when
you spray it, all of the liquid is dispensed before running out of
pressure. This way you won’t waste any of the L.R. In office
buildings there is usually a nice size gap underneath the waiting
room door. Stick the wand under the door (having already
pressurized your sprayer) and lock the handle in the “on”
position. A piece of tape can be used if the handle does not
have a lock. Then just walk away. Mission accomplished.

Happily, even free standing mills sometimes have enough
space between the doors for the sprayer wand to fit through
them. If not, you can modify the end of the wand. Just
sharpen the end like you’re trying to make a sharp point.
This is assuming there is no other way to introduce the
avon into the building, such as through a mail slot or through
the roof by drilling holes, or through the hot water heater
vent pipe. You can tell which one comes from the water
heater because hot air is always coming out of it. That is
usually the only vent pipe on the roof that gives you a direct
shot at the inside of the building. One could always drill a
hole into the mill via the outside wall. Even with a hand
drill it’s easy to do if you drill between the bricks and
through the mortar.

One mill, after being shut down for six weeks after an
intermediate range Avon Call opened for its first day
of business. The employees were dismayed to find a
rescue effort in progress when they arrived at work.


After a long hard stretch in the Federal Correction Institute
(the Ha-Ha-Hotel), it’s time for a Pro-life activist of any
stripe to take time off to be with family and friends.
After a period of rest and relaxation, it could be time for
the seasoned activist to put into practice Furloughs for Life.
If a particular activist was famous for closing death camps
and did a major prison term for the same, what do you
think would happen if, upon release from prison, this
same activist (and some friends of similar persuasion) were
to take a long and winding tour of the abortuaries of the
country. The Feds (C.I.A., F.B.I., B.A.T.F.) would all be
running around playing cat and mouse with these
horrible convicted felons. It’s just a tour, mind you.
Maybe have a rally or two along the way, complete with
media and all the trimmings. This cold become an extremely
important tactic as the judicial system takes a turn for the
worse. At present, rescuers are being hit with tougher
and tougher sentences. The day may come when the
system will start hitting non violent pro-lifers with the
ol’ felony rap for doing nothing worse than “blocking
public access.” Look at the situation throughout the
late eighties: a person could sit-in almost anywhere for
almost anything and never get more than a slap on the
wrist. Now, if you happen to love women and children,
it’s a different story.

If the system is going to hand out felony convictions
for rescue, the powers that be have guaranteed that
the bombs and fires are not going to be just here and
there every now and again, but here, there, and every-
where, now and again and again and again. This War
is going to end – one way or another. Martin Luther
King, Jr. promised his opposition the same thing.
Fortunately, the A.O.G. (Army of God) folks are not
a real army, humanly speaking. it is a real Army, and
God is the General and Commander-in-Chief. The
soldiers, however, do not usually communicate with
one another. Very few have ever met each other, and
when they do, each is usually unaware of the other
soldiers status. That is why the Feds will never stop
this Army. Never. And we have not yet even begun
to fight. Remember that Furloughs For Life should
only be used by those who have already been “marked”
by the system. Once you feel pretty sure that you are
under close watch, make your vacationing more and
more creative. Make it cost them to follow you. And
in the meantime, a few more mills went up in a blaze
of glory and the Feds were watching the wrong guy!


Once the Avon has been procured, or a reliable source
developed, it may be time to take it on the road. There
are a couple of ways to transport the product safely.
PVS pipe has proven to be very reliable. Depending on
the quantity you wish to transport, pick the length and
width of pipe. buy two end caps. Glue one end cap on,
being sure to use PVC primer first to get a perfect seal.
Pour in the LR. Then repeat process at other end of pipe.
This will give you a very nicely sealed transport method.
Plastic (polyethylene) gas cans may be used for ground
transportation. However, be sure it’s the kind of plastic
gas can that has nice thick rubber washers in the caps.
Small quantities have been transported “carry-on”
fashion on the airlines. Because the metal detectors
will not react to the PVC, the containers will not be
noticed if carried under bulky clothing. Such a
container will “tilt” the X-ray machine (or at least
its operator though, because of its unusual looks.

Avoid carrying the PVC containers in luggage.
Even though this little secret weapon is not contra-
band or illegal in any way, it can be difficult to
explain, and any leaks will no doubt cause a hassle
of unimaginable proportions. Remember, even
if one can only afford as little as a pint, that can
go a long way, if properly and diligently applied.
One large syringe contains 2 to 4 ounces, and if
a new recruit had in his possession only one of
these, and sprayed it in a place nobody could
find, then we have a covert rescue in the making.
In short, a little of the stuff goes a long way,
and can make life really miserable for the killers.
Especially if their homes and cars and other
businesses (they invariably invest outside the
abortuary) are hit also.


One of the penultimate covert methods of closing down
a mill is simple, quite literally underground, work.
Almost as effective as a 70 lb. Pensacola pipe bomb,
this method involves a little work, but none (or almost
none) of the risk. Instead of just plugging the sewer
line with concrete, you’ve got to get that plug all the way
up under the foundation (concrete slab) of the building.
Frankly, there is no easy way to do that, but it’s worth
the effort.

Basically, one must use PVC pipe, as near the diameter
of the sewer line coming from the mill as possible. Fill
this home made plug with concrete. Cap off both ends.
You will have to glue some kind of coupling on one end,
which will allow you to use short pieces of half inch PVC
to push the plug up, add a coupling, then another piece
of pipe, push, and on and on until it reaches its resting
place. No plumber’s snake in the world is going to push
that out. If you want to make sure that a committed
plumber won’t find a way, put pieces of 1/2 inch steel
rod through the plug and bend it back toward you, so
that when someone attempts to push it back out, the
steel rods catch on the sides of the sewer.

The end result of this is quite devastating. Someone will
have to drill out (read: jackhammer) the foundation from
inside the mill. Then extract large quantities of earth,
bust open the sewer line to remove the plug, and then
begin the process in reverse. A mess. Time consuming.
Costly! This is a labor and time intensive process for
the covert activist, and requires not a little strength,
agility, and probably the determination of youth.
But the results is well worth the effort put forth.


The expansive material mentioned in the earlier chapters
of this manual is often a difficult weapon to use. But
again, well worth the effort. In a non-war setting it has
proven to be very effective in busting concrete. This is
to say like crazy. Cracks everywhere. The problem with
the stuff is that it needs to be put in holes, usually drilled.
That means noise and time. It is rather expensive, but goes
a long way. it mixes with water to the consistency of, say,
loose concrete. (Technical data follows in the appendix.)

99 Covert Ways to Stop Abortion -Part 3
By Margaret Sanger and Faye Wattleton


(It is not recommended for Pro-life covert activists to attempt
this method. It is the information on “BLOOD BANKS” that
should become common knowledge.)

It is a little known fact that abortuaries are a money laundering
operation on the level of the mafia except exceedingly more
wicked. The entire baby killing system is based on cold hard
cash. No checks, and almost no credit cards. Close to the end
of a full days “work” the average abortuary has become a
miniature bank with one notable exception: almost no security.
This is especially true during the weekdays. Some mills do have
cameras, so a mask is normally standard equipment. This “bank”
status should become common knowledge among the unrepentant
criminal types. The message can be left graffiti style on
bathroom stalls. Those who spend a good deal of time in jail
might want to drop a few hints. Don’t forget to mention the
name and address (and even the layout). This tactic would
serve a twofold purpose: (1) It would help protect legitimate
businesses as well as neighborhoods from crime, (2) It would pit
corruption against corruption and thereby put a chink in the
profit motive of abortionists. Although the local CPC could
certainly use the money, this is armed robbery we’re talking
about here. Let the hardened criminals rob hardened criminals.
Money doesn’t talk, it swears.


This is a covert method that requires a lot of hardware. This
method is probably only useful to southern conservatives who
were stockpiling weaponry for the coming of a “Red Dawn”
style Soviet invasion. Nevertheless, if you have a good, high
powered rifle, silencer, and armor piercing bullets you’re all
set. It’s assumed that a person with this kind of equipment
will have a smattering of knowledge concerning ballistics.
The bullets that lodge deep inside the engine of that Mercedes
(or whatever) are going to require of the owner a lot more
than a tune up. If this tactic is done to the killer’s vehicle
at home, then all the better. Sidewalk counselors won’t know
who to thank. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gifts.
There are truckloads of “other applications” that would apply
to this kind of hardware. Be careful! Remember that when
all is said and done, a lot more is said than done. So don’t
talk about getting all kinds of equipment first before beginning
to act in defense of the least of His brethren.


While the covert activist is one of a hardy breed, vacations are
a must. For those who love to fly consider the joy of flying
and saving babies at the same time. Ultra lights are not extremely
expensive. They are also economical to operate and very quiet.
A handful of bricks dropped from, say 500 feet overhead could
do large scale damage to free-standing abortuaries everywhere.
For those folks who don’t like the safety factor with ultra lights,
there are always the paralights. The cost of this equipment is
around $3000. Going a bit further, one could easily construct
any number of small but weighty devices that could be dropped
on the proposed target. In a small community without police
helicopters, it would be next to impossible to be caught.
Imagine what the media dogs would do with this one! Watch
out for high voltage power lines. Bombs away!


The requests keep coming in. This is not a Termite Tactic.
This is nothing short of chemical warfare. This is toxic.
This is PYRIDINE. More common than Avon, but deadly
if exposed to it for long periods of time. The advantage is
that it could not harm mommies or the precious cargo they
are carrying within them. A staff person at the murder house
who doesn’t have the good sense to get away from the awful
fumes could, in fact, get hurt if exposed to the stuff for many
days. If a person were to call in a complaint to the right
agencies, or maybe write “TOXIC” in big letters on the
outside of the mill (or both, preferably), the Environmental
Protection Agency would be on site in no time. The toxic
waste division will condemn the abortuary to rubble and
then have the rubble buried in some out of the way place.
At any rate, no more dead babies! Studying the
characteristics of this stuff will reveal just how powerful
this chemical could be in the covert activist arsenal. A little
over a quart for about one thousand square feet preferably
introduced into the ceiling or walls. The Mad Scientist
recommends that only non-smokers handle this stuff.

Remember, Avon is termite tactic by definition. Pyridine
is bigger, so it’s important to keep quiet after getting a load
of this stuff. It can be ordered from many chemical
companies. Just imagine: no way for abortuaries to get
insurance; building owners think, “I might lose my entire
high-rise!” What a loss! The lesson won’t be lost on folks
who are out to make a profit. It doesn’t take a prophet
to figure this one out. Right!

This stuff can be studied about in the U.S. Dept. of Labor
OSHA report dated September, 1978. Here’s the barest
pyradine. CAS: 110-88-1 N(CH)5
Properties: Slightly yellow or colorless liquid,
nauseating odor, burning taste, slightly alkaline
in reaction. Soluble in water, alcohol, ether,
benzene, ligroin, and fatty oils. D 0.987, fp -42.0C,
bp 115.5C, flash p(CC) 68F (20C), autoign
temperature 900F (482C).
Derivation: (a) By coal carbonization and recovery
both from coke-oven gasses and the coal tar middle
oil. (b) Also synthetically from acetaldehyde and
Grade: Technical, as 20C, 2C, etc. \ meaning
distillation range), medicinal, CP, spectrophotometric.
Hazzard: Flammable, dangerous fire risk, explosive
limits in air 1.8-12.4%. toxic by ingestion and inhalation.
TLV: 5 ppm in air.
Use: Synthesis of vitamins and drugs, solvent waterproofing,
rubber chemicals, denaturant for alcohol and antifreeze mixtures,
dyeing assistant in textiles, fungicides.
So there it is, brothers and sisters. Just waiting to be spread all over
this land.


This is one of the more costly termite tactics if the perpetrator is
caught. Getting caught is next to impossible, however, if a few
basic precautions are observed. Final judgment by phone means
simply a good old fashion bomb threat. The main thing to
remember is never, ever, make a bomb threat from anywhere
other than a generic phone i.e. pay phone. And don’t use the same
pay phone twice. And go to different parts of town just to be safe.
Now the question of “voiceprints” is in order here. The
authorities must first have an original for comparison of the
voiceprints. That is, they need a suspect. In the event that you
ever become one of those, the safest thing to do is to mask your
voice right from the start. One of the simplest ways is to purchase
a voice digitizer, but a Radio Shack rapmaster is a cheap
alternative. it is a keyboard for kids that also has a microphone
for voice “effects”. It can alter your voice so dramatically you’ll
be surprised you are responsible for the sounds generated. One
setting sounds like Darth Vader from the Star Wars films. Very
ominous. If one of the death camps happens to be destroyed
in your community, these threats become very, very real and
thereby shut killing centers down, sometimes for days.
One note of caution about timing. Before or very soon after
opening would be wise. if a building is evacuated right in the
middle of “procedures”, a mommie could possibly get hurt.
Discretion is virtue. Also, if you have insider knowledge of
an imminent abortuary destruction (the termination of a
product of construction), don’t bring in the Feds when their
presence may endanger another activist’s goals (to say nothing
of his/her freedom).


This is a once in a lifetime tactic. Not everyone will be blessed
with this opportunity. With family ties it would be most difficult.
The scenario: You find out that you have a very short time to live
due to a terminal illness. You may have been involved in many
types of resistance. However, you have stopped short of performing
certain activities out of fear of consequences, i.e. extended incarceration.
You may not be afraid to die. You are afraid of living a lifetime
in bonds. Understandable. Yet, you have faith. You look
forward to meeting our Lord face to face. The time has come.
The main fear of performing certain activities has been
miraculously removed. Why bankrupt yourself (or your
family) over a few more days or months of life? Whatever
activities are undertaken (torching, bombing, thumb removal,
other) carry on with prodigal, reckless, abandon! If, perchance,
you ar apprehended, it will be over soon anyway! If not, well,
you might die at home with your loved ones after all.
Scenario: You are given three months to live. You commit to
torching 2 killing chambers every other day in different (random)
cities for eleven weeks. That’s 77 destroyed death camps! Do
you think the A.T.F. would be hot on your trail by then? 77!
That’s not bad. That would be almost twice the destruction in
an entire year (1983). You get the idea. “Termite tactics take a
back seat ’cause I’m runnin’ out of time”.

Scenario: You became hasty toward the end and forgot your
mask. The authorities make a positive I.D. within two weeks.
They show up at your home three days after your funeral. Oh
well. Caution: If you have a family and do not discuss this in
detail, and in advance, it will not happen. Agreements must be
made in advance. For those who think this tactic highly unlikely,
you’re correct. However, it would only take a few activists
practicing terminal courage to drive the entire killing industry
underground. P.S. Maybe the Spirit of God has been hounding
you to take certain actions on behalf of His children, but you
have not obeyed. Here’s your last chance.


These days, the typical death camp is often a veritable fortress,
complete with lots of brick, bars, reinforced glass, surveillance
cameras, etc. etc. ad nauseum. This description is particularly
true of many of the Hoods (Planned Parenthoods, that is). The
main reason for this is that they are self-insured.
By far the most important security device in the arsenal of these
hoodlums is their Halon Fire Prevention System. In order to
properly terminate a product of construction of this type, high
explosives are not needed. However, introducing a flammable
and igniting it is not sufficient since the Halon System is designed
to deplete oxygen from the inside of the building. A propane tank
is the perfect solution. A time delay device is mandatory or
one can use a simple rope fuse (also known as a cannon fuse).
Drill a small hole with a hand drill. Insert hose from propane tank
with rope fuse taped to it. Open tank valve and run out fuse
(pre-tested as to burn per foot). Secret: a filterless cigarette can be
attached to the end of your fuse to gain an extra few minutes of
delay. The end result is that you cause an initial explosion, with
fire, which will provide mass quantities of outside air – thereby
completely foiling the expensive Halon Systems extinguishing power.
Remember for those not using time delay devices, fuses are not
all created equal, so pre-test which ever variety you use.
Defenders of life with easy access to quality fusing should spread
the wealth around since it is not contraband.


Inertia is that quality that causes activity to cease. Or
that quality that causes an activist to stop acting. A person
who is convinced of the proper actions to be undertaken yet,
nevertheless stands immobile, may be suffering from inertia.
Inertia is often brought on by fear and fear is used day and
night by the enemies of life to club you into silence and

One of the demonic powers wielding that club is Newspeak.
it is that power that has convince you that you’re all alone
“out there”. Or that you are going to get caught the first
time you try. And besides, only 50 killing centers have
been destroyed since Roe v. Wade, and half of everybody
involved has been caught.

THAT IS A NEWSPEAK LIE! And as long as you believe
that lie, you are crossing a hurdle of gigantic proportions
that is almost total fiction. The facts are that more than
250 killing centers have been destroyed (most by torching,
some by bombing, and a few by other means). Once you
have really studied the history of this resistance and have
convinced your own heart and mind, inertial is easier to

Instead of your chances of apprehension being 50/50 like
some would love for you to believe, reality would indicate
somewhere on the order of 1/100 odds. And remember,
this is referring g only to “Big Rescue”. Termite stuff almost
goes unnoticed, like the local whorehouse. As long as it does
not become too highly visible, what is illegal is ignored in
this instance. So glue, drench, and stench the mills to your
heart’s content. As far as the other is concerned, remember
the B.A.T.F. et al are more interested in their reputations
than in right and wrong. They want the world to know that
they “always get our man – well almost.”

The first rule of Newspeak is, “if those in power cannot deny
the Resistance altogether, then 80% falsehood is the limit.
They can get the public to accept the Newspeak up to a credibility
limit of about 80%. Any more than that, and THEY will be the
ones with a credibility problem. And on it goes.
They UNDERreport the number of cases, which makes us
feel weaker than we are, and the OVERreport the number
of convictions, which makes us feel more vulnerable than
we are. DON’T BUY IT. You’re never alone. Remember
Elijah! There were 7000 that had not bowed the knee to Baal.
Ora Et Labora.

III. SMOLDERING BLAZES (Or what to do after the Flames of the Holocaust
have visited your local abortuary)

In order to properly frame people’s understanding of the
destruction of a killing center, a final picket of the death
camp is highly appropriate. Signs should call to mind
that the real violence has finally stopped. The value
of flesh and blood over brick and mortar should be
emphasized. A memorial service is in order. Furthermore,
establish a permanent memorial to help our forgetful minds
and hearts not to forget. The rubble of the former death
camp can be used.

Small amounts of rubble, contained for example, in
baby food jars cold be marketed among Pro-Lifers. A
nicely produced label should be attached to the jar with
the pertinent statistics such as date, location, number of
children routinely killed before the destruction, etc. This
will serve several purposes. Obviously, it helps us Pro-lifers
not to forget. it also helps to take baby killing out of the
realm of theory. that means many people think of abortion
as something that happens somewhere, at sometime, somehow.
Practically speaking, to them the killing is almost theoretical.
To memorialize an event, you take it out of the realm of the
ethereal for thousands who were completely uninvolved. Real
babies were killed at a real building with a real street address.
And a real person(s) destroyed that place of death and here are
the real remains of the unholy place.

The Christian should be as interested in this as he or she would
be regarding pieces of, say, the Berlin Wall. It should go without
saying that this tactic should be applied by persons who were
wholly uninvolved in the actual destruction. The rubble would make
excellent gifts for those who donate to your direct action group!
Pray for more rubble. Pray especially for those individuals who
will be responsible for creating that rubble.

(Or the remembrance and transmission of Holocaust
Resistance History)

A famous Jewish commentator once remarked that the Jews and
the Nazis only had one thing in common: they both believed history
mattered. Everyone remembers the adage that those who forget
history are condemned to repeat it. History is important because
God is the Lord of the past, present, and future. The Lord of
time and Eternity.

Long term success in the Pro-life arena or any other area is doomed
if we fail to remember the past. it doesn’t even matter if this fallen
nation survives or whether she is destroyed. We must remember and
then transmit to our offspring the details of the Holocaust Resistance
in our country. How many of the faithful know, and then share the
stories of our Resistance?

On Jan. 14th, 1984, Thomas Spinks placed a Declaration Of War on
the outer wall of the U.S. Supreme Court building. he signed his real
name. The following muti-state bombings proved he was serious.
Eventually, he began strapping 20 lb. liquid propane tanks to his
home made gunpowder bombs and destroyed abortuaries, Rambo
style. At his trial, the judge said it was a miracle that nobody got
hurt. “Thank God for miracles” was the heartfelt response of Thomas
Spinks. He made the killers quake with fear. The authorities were
scared of him as well. Today, he resides in a Level Six Federal
Prison. The only one of its kind in Amerika.

Don’t worry, they are building more for you and yours. Maybe
it was foolish for Tom Spinks to sign his name to that declaration
of war. Maybe he felt like a Kamikaze on a last ditch mission from
God. is his sacrifice on behalf of the least of His brethren any less
honorable for that? God’s vessels are flawed pottery. Make haste
to honor their level of commitment, nonetheless.



There is nearly unbelievable amount of literature readily
available which the enterprising termite can readily put
to use to supplement the information in this manual.
A trip to a good, well-stocked magazine store will yield
abundant results. When you get there, look up their
survivalist magazines such as Soldier of Fortune,
Survivalist, and others of the genre. If you can’t
afford to pay the cover price (they can be steep), go
through them and write down the names and addresses
of the publishers of survivalist books and literature.
Go home and call them or write to them and request
a catalog. Guaranteed that you will be amazed, if
not shocked, by the materials available! A few of the
publishers are:

Paladin Press
P.O. Box 1307
Boulder, CO. 80306
(303) 443-7250

Loompanics Unlimited
P.O. Box 1197
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Minuteman Publications
P.O. box 595
Hurst, TX 76053

P.O. Box 430
Cornville, AZ 86325
(602) 634-5280


You’re not getting any younger, are you? Hopefully the
thoughtful convert activist has been contemplating a
protracted, escalating conflict. So one must consider where
all the new blood is going to come from to win this battle
against the many headed Leviathan. if it is not your own
offspring (assuming that you’re married and are blessed with
children, of course), then the war is as good as lost for another
generation or more. To be sure of raising real, godly, stout-
hearted troops you have to seriously consider and then with
finality boycott hell – that is, the public schools. Would you
send your five year old into the jungles in order to bring
the Gospel of savages? …No? Then how about you eight
or ten or thirteen year old? …Not what you really had in
mind? Well, that is exactly what you have in mind if your
packing your offspring up and shipping them down the
street to school.

The question here is one of geography. The public school
system (read: government school system) is a jungle. The
jungle is just down the street from you. And so are the
pushers: drug pushers, values clarification pushers,
contraception and abortion without parental notification
pushers, man is a product of evolutionary chance pushers,
anti-religion, anti-parent, anti-American pushers.
What do you do with a young seedling plant that has
just sprouted into the world? You take that tender plant
to the greenhouse (artificial environment). There you
grow it for a long time. You take great pains to care
for and protect that young plant until it is strong and has
deep roots, and then…even when that young plant is
ready to be transplanted into the “real environment”,
you don’t forget it. You look after it until you are
reasonably certain that it will survive and begin to re-

Nearly all of the godly, bright, committed pro-life covert
activist teens this author has met have been home schooled.
Thanks be to God for all of the notable exceptions, however.
For all you working mothers who don’t have many options
open to you: double prayer duty each day. And P.S.-
Single parents probably shouldn’t be doing covert anyway.
Their little ones can’t afford to have them in jail even for
a few days


Extreme situations require drastic measures. Celibacy has
rarely been discussed in Protestant circles. Catholics don’t
talk about the subject like they once did. All Christian folks
know that God sometimes calls individuals to a life of “single
mindedness”. The words of St. Paul come to mind: “I would
that you were even as I am.” His explanation is quite thorough.
Some single covert activists will be counted as wise for a least
considering, prayerfully, the possibility of a life of single-minded
covert activism. Practically speaking, a covert activist with no
ties could save thousands of children and their mothers in a
lifetime. Once an activist is married, and especially after having
children, the constraints of parenthood are profound.
Compassion for one’s own brood will curtail the level of covert
activity (and a lot of other activity, as well!). Most termites
are going to be busy making the next generation of warriors.
But for those few exceptions – carry on proudly with unbridled
and righteous fury. Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus!
The following epilogue was written in November of 1992. At that time,
Douglas Karpan, a baby killer in Houston had been shot. Two accomplices
in Springfield, Missouri, had also been shot. All three of the above survived,
and no activists were credited for the shootings. David Gunn was the first
“direct hit” attributed to us.


We are living during the rapid decline of western thought and
culture. It is almost impossible for us to think logically and then
act based on that logic. All of our education teaches us non-reason.
All of our experience (in this dying culture) teaches us to sense and
experience what is happening around us, but not to act based
on that experience.

Consider the following scenario: A psychopathic mass murderer
is discovered in your neighborhood. He/she has a long history of
torturing and then slaying people. You organize a group of
sacrificial persons to go down to the known site where the executions
take place, and you sit in front of the doors! How noble, how sacrificial,
how very pathetic when you and everyone else know that the killer has
been only temporarily delayed in his murderous plans. So after a few
years of this sacrificial, sanctifying, passive resistance someone
remembers that in the old days, people just went out and bombed
or burned these places to the ground.

Yeah! That would have worked if hundreds, instead of dozens,
of these places had been destroyed. Wrong again! We continue
to miss the mark. Passive resistance is woefully inadequate
against mass murder. The use of force is also woefully inadequate
against mass murder, unless that force is directed against the
perpetrator of the crime. Imagine an investigator discovering
a killer. He has found out who the killer is. He knows where
the crimes are committed. He knows the building contains
all the instruments of torture that this criminal will be using.
So the investigator goes out in the middle of the night and
destroys the murder weapons, and even the structure where
the killer did his crimes. So the psychopathic mass murderer
packs up, moves down the street, re-invests in more instruments
of torture, and continues killing. One of the obvious reasons we
fail to act is that we have never met the victim. We haven’t even
seen him or her. Furthermore, the harsh reality is we don’t love
our neighbor’s child in any fashion whatsoever, in the way that
we love our own child. Almost no one even has to pause to think
before instinctively protecting their own family from a potential
aggressor (murderer, rapist, whatever).

Protection often means the use of force, even deadly force, against
the criminal. No trial, no jury, no appeal, and no stay of execution.
We hoped never actually to get to that moment in American history
when the following essay would be deemed necessary. However,
because this is, indeed, a life and death struggle, there is no
alternative left open to us.

The Declaration

Beginning officially with the passage of the Freedom of Choice
Act – we, the remnant of God-fearing men and women of the
United States of Amerika, do officially declare war on the
entire child-killing industry. After praying, fasting, and making
continual supplication to God for your pagan, heathen, infidel
souls, we then peacefully, passively presented our bodies in front
of your death camps, begging you to stop the mass murder of
infants. Yet you hardened your already blackened, jaded
hearts. We quietly accepted the resulting imprisonment and
suffering of our passive-resistance. Yet you mocked God and
continued the holocaust.
No longer! All of the options have expired. Our Most Dread
Sovereign Lord God requires that whosoever sheds man’s
blood, by man shall his blood be shed. Not out of hatred for
you, but out of love for the persons you exterminate, we are
forced to take arms against you. Our life for yours – a simple
equation. Dreadful. Sad. Reality, nonetheless. You shall not
be tortured at our hands. Vengeance belongs to God only.
However, execution is rarely gentle.

The Army of God
Speaks Out

An interview with an underground leader of the American
Holocaust Resistance Movement – also known as the A.O.G.
“Only he who cries out for the Jews can sing Gregorian Chants.”
– Deitrich Bonnhoeffer

“Annihilating abortuaries is our purest form of worship.”
– Freedom Fox, A.O.G.

The interview on the following pages is not for everyone. Only those who
are Pro-Life, as opposed to those who talk or, maybe think, Pro-Life, need
bother turning another page. Those individuals who have not been able to sit
silently while the carnage continues may profit from this interview. Those who
have yet to fight in the streets for the lives of the little ones will be even less
likely to help after reading an interview like this.

Why? Simply stated, the answers and tactics discussed in the following
pages will sound terrifying at best, and demonic at worst, to anyone who
has not been in great agony of soul over the past years regarding the
slaughter of the children – enough agony to council women out of
committing abortion; enough agony to lose jobs, homes, families, and
freedom. This is how it is: if you are not already a street fighting activist,
do not waste your time on the interview because you are not ready to read
what is written there.

The Mad Gluer Interviews The ARMY OF GOD

M.G.: Why an interview, and why now?
A.O.G.: You asked for one, I know I can trust you, and I can’t do
it alone.
M.G.: Can’t do what alone?
A.O.G.: Drive the abortion industry underground with or without
the sanction of government law.
M.G.: By what method?
A.O.G.: Explosives, predominantly.
M.G.: Would you care to elaborate?
A.O.G.: Certainly. First by disarming the murder weapons. That
is, by destroying the structures where the actual crimes are
being committed. Second, by disarming the persons perpetrating
the crimes by removing their hands, or at least their thumbs
below the second digit.
M.G. What about non-violence? The Rescuers, most of them
anyway, would say …
A.O.G. I love the Rescuers. I am not truly violent by causing my
neighbor no longer to be able to murder innocent citizens.
M.G.: What about the image this type of activity would portray
to the world through the eyes of the media?
A.O.G.: The image that the world entertains at this moment is that
there are no Christians in America whatsoever. With the
exception, maybe, of Joan Andrews and a few others. No,
don’t misunderstand me! The only rational way to respond
to the knowledge of an imminent and brutal murder is direct
M.G.: Is a Rescue Mission (a sit-in) direct action?
A.O.G.: Most definitely.
M.G.: Then, why bombs and shears?
A.O.G.: If the child scheduled for execution was your very own,
would you feel that you had responded adequately by merely
sitting in front of the doors? No! Don’t misunderstand me.
Rescue is a very powerful thing – becoming vulnerable, totally;
taking on the life of the pre-born in all his weakness. Nevertheless,
I ask you what would you do if your very own child was
scheduled for execution in the morning? One – blow the
place to kingdom come (or burn it to the ground) tonight,
and be there with all the guns and ammunition in the morning
just in case they might plan on taking your baby to some other
location to commit the abortion.
M.G.: I understand what you are saying, but nobody can live
like that.
A.O.G.: That’s the point. We must die in order that others might
M.G.: But why don’t you believe that non-violence, on the
order of – say – Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr., or
the ultimate example of Our Lord, might not be the key
to winning the war?
A.O.G.: Jesus Christ was never a pacifist except in His role as
the Suffering Servant. As for Gandhi and Martin Luther
King, Jr., non-violence was only a tactic. King stated
publicly on several occasions that they would resolve the
“conflict” with non-violence or with violence. But, let me
say something about your use of that extremely loaded word,
M.G.: Please do.
A.O.G.: An officer of the law, commonly referred to as a “cop”
or “policeman is in traditional society known as a
“peace officer,” correct?
M.G.: Yes.
A.O.G.: By what means does the Peace Officer keep the peace?
By means of minimum force. And in some situations,
minimum force can go so far as to require that a person
be shot: no trial, no jury, no stay of execution. In most
cases this is not true – in many cases a billy club followed
by a little jail time might do. The Peace Officer did not
cease to be a defender of the peace by doing these things
– on the contrary!

Oh, by the way, don’t construe this to mean I recommend
executing abortionists. I do not. Although I think it
easily justified from Holy Writ, the A.O.G. adheres
to the principle of minimum force. Mercy, rather than
justice is the driving force behind our actions. Or, to say it
another way, we are merciful in our pursuit of justice, in
our pursuit of peace.
M.G.: Wouldn’t such actions against an abortionist harder their
hearts toward God even more than it already is?
A.O.G.: Quite the opposite. The average abortionist has become
so used to the daily carnage he or she commits, it is on
the order of flushing a commode. By permanently removing
their ability to commit the crimes, one has given them a
tremendous gift. Only by being forced to back away
from the life that they now live can they ever begin to
see themselves as they truly are. Thank God for the few
brave ones that have repented of their crimes. For the rest,
I think thumblessness a small price to pay. “…better to
enter into life maimed…” (I finally found a present-day
application for those words).
M.G.: Do you think that these types of activities will have a
negative effect on the other wings of the Pro-Life
A.O.G.: Activity that attempts to protect women and children
is positive. Period. Inactivity is negative. To tell you
the truth, I’m not really sure what the “Pro-Life
Movement” is! If your question was in regard to
public opinion as influenced by the media, I would
have to say that, contrary to popular opinion, it is
easy at this time for the media as a whole to hold the
position that they do: they can comfortably be for death.
Not so when the honorable citizens of any given
community begin to rise up in righteous indignation and
destroy these miniature Dachaus. All of a sudden, apathy
is gone. The average reporter says to himself, “Wow!
Maybe there are a few people that really believe all this
jargon about abortion being murder.”
M.G.: What do you recommend that concerned citizens do at
this time?
A.O.G.: Every Pro-Life person should commit to destroying at
least one death camp, or disarming at least one baby
killer. The former is a relatively easy task – the latter
could be quite difficult to accomplish. The preferred
method for the novice would be gasoline and matches.
Straight and easy. No tracks. You’ve kind of got to
pour and light and leave real fast because of the
fammability factor. Kerosence is great, but a little
more traceable, so you wold not want to buy it and
use it in the same day.
M.G.: What about explosives?
A.O.G.: With time delays, a most wondrous method, and my
personal favorite.
M.G.: For the average person?
A.O.G.: Yes assuming that a person is willing to do a little
reading to understand the basics. A person should
be careful about reading books from a public library
and then going out and doing major “good deeds”.
The Federal agents will be looking at fingerprints –
there’s no reason to put them on to the scent any faster
than necessary. Then again, if a person is only
going to take out a few mills on a one time basis,
then there is really not much to worry about.
M.G.: What about chemical warfare?
A.O.G.: I think that should remain classified information at
this time.
M.G.: O.K. Do you have any special heroes who give
you inspiration ?

A.O.G.: Well, there are many heroes of the Faith throughout
history, but one of my personal favorites is Major
Von Gersdorf.
M.G.: Who worked with Bonhoeffer, right?
A.O.G.: Yes. He was the guy who always wore a trench coat –
a loaded trench coat. Once, when the Resistance was
planning a Putch, Von Gersdorf had bombs, one in
each pocket, that he was going to detonate in Hitler’s
presence. There is one vivid scene I recall reading
about, where Bonhoeffer and friends were all sitting
around a room practicing the piano and singing, in
preparation for Bonhoeffer’s father’s seventy-fifth
birthday. Major Von Gersdorf was sitting around
trying not to be nervous, but, well, they were all
looking at the phone nervously, knowing that any
second it would ring, and that he would have to drive
to the munitions factory where Hitler was going to be
doing an inspection, or something.
Von Gersdorf was not going to take any chances of
having a dud bomb, so he took two, one in each
pocket – he was going to blow himself to kingdom
come (and Hitler, too, in the process). As it turned
out, it never happened. But he had the heart at least
to attempt it.
M.G.: That’s quite a story. I think that here must be some
Army of God persons who have that kind of resolve
and commitment.
A.O.G.: There are some. most certainly. The babies are just
so precious, I can’t fathom any commitment less than
“resistance unto death”, to use the biblical imagery.

M.G.: How many of the A.O.G. are currently in prison? Wait,
I think I already know you will not be able to answer
that question, right?
A.O.G.: (laughter) Sorry, I will say this, however. Most of the
people who have or are now serving time for destroying
abortuaries are not enlisted with the A.O.G., but in most
cases that’s only because they were never given an
opportunity to do so. (I wish some of them had – they
might still be free).
M.G.: How does one become a member of the Army of God?

A.O.G.: With great difficulty.
M.G.: Would you care to elaborate?
A.O.G.: No. Not in an interview. My main goal in this interview
is to encourage others to take certain actions at certain
times in solidarity with the resistance effort. In other
words, when the mills begin to smoke, add some fuel
to the fire. We desperately need single lone-rangers
out there, who will commit to destroy one abortuary
before they die. Most genuine Pro-Lifers praise and
worship God when an abortuary is destroyed. It matters
little what stripe of activist you are talking about.
Rescuers, political activists, or covert operators are all
thankful. And it’s common knowledge what the
insurance costs are like after a good bombing.

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