Significance of AoG Manual

During the 1980’s everyone had a manual. There was the CIA manual that became the Contra manual. There was an anarchist cookbook and an EF! handbook, called the Monkey Wrench Gang, and an Army of God manual.

The AoG manual in its current state can be seen on the AoG website. An edited version follows highlighting the segments that reveal a persona similar to the Lord’s Avenger.

The manual tells us about the AoG’s members use of bombs, use of deception, and covert activity. Appendices no longer printed in the online manual had recipes for gas bombs and pipe bombs according those who read it. I have never seen these appendices.

We begin with the Editor’s Preface To the Third Edition and its Special Thanks section with its use of what EF! called forest names. This is an extensive piece. Elsewhere is a piece called Shelley’s Warning, its on the AoG site, it is here,. Point is the same names or AKAs are used.

Atomic Dog (you nuclear canine); Iron Maiden; Cannonball; Faster; and the entire Talbot Group family; the Blockman; the Southern Lock N’ Blockers; Sgt. Klondike of the Yukon for telling me where to find the Denver activist’s hideout; Paulieallie and his Preachin’ Pa; J.C.O’K. – the most tender hearted man I know; Ann the Lamb and her hee-hee-hee in his sleep husband; Sweaty Palms John – one of the bravest rescuers in pro-life Amerikan history; the ever patient “isn’t that something” Linda; Fr. McFadden who didn’t know me from Adam but gave me a hundred bucks when he saw a need; the Mad Scientist – for helping procure the Secret Sauce, etc.; an old man named Joe who’s the greatest of gentlemen and Ireland should be proud.

Baby Huey for singing the Lord’s prayer in jail and making me think I woke up in Heaven; Daisy for having the vision of celibacy for covert success; a girl named Justine for having the dream of bearing other women’s babies; D.K. for saying “yes” to life and “no” to big A; a midwife named Lynn for holding on; the inventor of Nordic Delight for being a wonderful friend; the Road Warrior for videoworks and driving; the Dallas boys for telling the Judas Goats where to go; the Kansas City Big Guys for shutting down a mill and a square mile of downtown using covert technique (they kinda got carried away).
The Pensacola Cop Hugger who taught me that tight lips don’t sink ships; Indiana Jimmy who knows that the baby killing temples are doomed (and for a sandblasting heck of a good time); the Intimidator – who would rather train a dozen kids than win a thousand lawsuits; Lobster Jim – blessed are you who have not smelled but still believe; Eddie and the terrible Twozers – for technical ecstasy and zeal; Babe and Co. for taking the secret weapon north; Dietrich Hammerken for giving the initial idea that turned me into the Mad Gluer; the bold and righteous leader of the Lambs (victims souls for the unborn Christ child) – for sacrificial non-cooperation with the Evil Empire; the entire Philly Family for teaching me what Solidarity means.

Rez Band for not just singing but sitting (that is, rescuing in Atlanta); the very beloved Joanie the Wondergirl- for showing no condemnation toward such a one as I; Maxwell Smart for his timely Pensacola address which concluded that we needed even more than rescue; the Godly and gracious Bishop who blessed the infant held tightly in my arms and forthrightly then sat-in in my own hometown; Timotheous – for ideas and more ideas, and last and with ultra special thanks to the wonderful Gamma Ray Queen who is my close friend and loves Jesus and the babies and me, too; and the irrepeatable miracle known as the Princess of Power.

Third Edition Special Thanks

Blessed Father Magog, for fatherly advice, brotherly love, and scholarly skills (servant of the wonderous and terrible Magnolia Thunderkitty); the wild, and furious, and sweet – Shaggy West (now, David loved Jonathan…) Wooly North (you sneezy Guy); Harry East; Mad Max – the future is in your hands.

Scruffy South; Cat, the Mad Scientist – again! Burly Burt – for stomping on the line of decency; Will Banks -you know what for; one holy Catechumen who has his reward – heffy Blanco!

Waterbabies Alice; Blue-Eyed Fields – for being on time; Baker Boy – who will grow into daddy’s shoes; the Fix; the Holy New Martyrs; Rev. Diamond – for testicular fortitude; St. John Amphitheater; the holy couple of Santa Fe (the righteous farmers and their daughters); and last, but not least, the Knight of the Holy Mountain.


The covert activist (oftentimes hereinafter referred to as a termite) will make no friends with mentions or confessions of covert activity, but will rather be cast off as an untouchable by many. Besides, there is no faster way to blow one’s cover than around the average Church body.
Many Church folks are good at gossip because so many of them don’t do much else. Then there are the ones who have lots of meetings to discuss “issues” – as if killing babies and molesting women could be called something so degrading as an issue! Many of these folks mean well, but the theology their pastors have given to them is still on the order of “it’s a sin to tell a lie.”
Loose Lips Sink Ships … or … Don’t Trust Anybody

One Termite blew an abortuary to kingdom come and didn’t hurt a fly in the process. However, his well-meaning roommate (who had been a confidant of the Termite in the beginning of the Termite’s covert struggles) squealed like a stuck pig after the fact.

A note here on escape; in the past it has been advised that the Termite not have a vehicle near his target, but depend on disappearing into the dark on foot, by bicycle, or simply by using a pre-arranged hiding place should police appear on the scene. WATCH OUT! Today many police departments use dogs, but even worse, use helicopters with infra-red sensors. These sensors operate like a spot-light and give the operator a read-out of any body (identified by its ambient temperature) anywhere in the open or semi open.


…Otherwise known as the “Street Man Recon”. the most obvious is the UPS guy who brings a Block for Life into a mill using a hand truck. But covert applications of disguises is also important.

On weekends, good cover times also apply during partying hours of say 10:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. Other good cover times may exist according to the habits of your local street people and party-goers.

It is also still true that shift change time for the police is great. Most departments do not stagger shifts, so those going off duty will be getting ready to do their activity reports for their shift while those going on duty will be in briefing or having that last hit of speed or cup of coffee.

Fortunately, the A.O.G. (Army of God) folks are not a real army, humanly speaking. it is a real Army, and God is the General and Commander-in-Chief. The soldiers, however, do not usually communicate with one another. Very few have ever met each other, and when they do, each is usually unaware of the other soldiers status. That is why the Feds will never stop this Army. Never. And we have not yet even begun to fight. Remember that Furloughs For Life should only be used by those who have already been “marked” by the system. Once you feel pretty sure that you are under close watch, make your vacationing more and more creative. Make it cost them to follow you. And in the meantime, a few more mills went up in a blaze of glory and the Feds were watching the wrong guy!

This is one of the more costly termite tactics if the perpetrator is caught. Getting caught is next to impossible, however, if a few basic precautions are observed. Final judgment by phone means simply a good old fashion bomb threat. The main thing to remember is never, ever, make a bomb threat from anywhere other than a generic phone i.e. pay phone. And don’t use the same pay phone twice. And go to different parts of town just to be safe.



There is nearly unbelievable amount of literature readily available which the enterprising termite can readily put to use to supplement the information in this manual. A trip to a good, well-stocked magazine store will yield abundant results. When you get there, look up thier survivalist magazines such as Soldier of Fortune, Survivalist, and others of the genre. If you can’t afford to pay the cover price (they can be steep), go through them and write down the names and addresses of the publishers of survivalist books and literature.

Go home and call them or write to them and request a catalog. Guaranteed that you will be amazed, if not shocked, by the materials available! A few of the publishers are:

Paladin Press
P.O. Box 1307
Boulder, CO. 80306
(303) 443-7250
Loompanics Unlimited
P.O. Box 1197
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Minuteman Publications
P.O. box 595
Hurst, TX 76053
P.O. Box 430
Cornville, AZ 86325
(602) 634-5280

The Declaration

Beginning officially with the passage of the Freedom of Choice Act – we, the remnant of God-fearing men and women of the United States of Amerika, do officially declare war on the entire child-killing industry. After praying, fasting, and making continual supplication to God for your pagan, heathen, infidel souls, we then peacefully, passively presented our bodies in front of your death camps, begging you to stop the mass murder of infants. Yet you hardened your already blackened, jaded hearts. We quietly accepted the resulting imprisonment and suffering of our passive-resistance. Yet you mocked God and continued the holocaust.

No longer! All of the options have expired. Our Most Dread Sovereign Lord God requires that whosoever sheds man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed. Not out of hatred for you, but out of love for the persons you exterminate, we are forced to take arms against you. Our life for yours – a simple equation. Dreadful. Sad. Reality, nonetheless. You shall not be tortured at our hands. Vengeance belongs to God only.

However, execution is rarely gentle.

The Army of God Speaks Out

A.O.G.: Drive the abortion industry underground with or without the sanction of government law.
M.G. [Mad Gluer]: By what method?
A.O.G.: Explosives, predominantly.

M.G.: But why don’t you believe that non-violence, on the order of – say – Gandhi or Martin Luther King, Jr., or the ultimate example of Our Lord, might not be the key to winning the war?

A.O.G.: Jesus Christ was never a pacifist except in His role as the Suffering Servant. As for Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., non-violence was only a tactic. King stated publicly on several occasions that they would resolve the “conflict” with non-violence or with violence. But, let me say something about your use of that extremely loaded word, “non-violence.”
M.G.: Please do.
A.O.G.: An officer of the law, commonly referred to as a “cop” or “policeman is in traditional society known as a “peace officer,” correct?
M.G.: Yes.
A.O.G.: By what means does the Peace Officer keep the peace? By means of minimum force. And in some situations, minimum force can go so far as to require that a person be shot: no trial, no jury, no stay of execution. In most cases this is not true – in many cases a billy club followed by a little jail time might do. The Peace Officer did not cease to be a defender of the peace by doing these things – on the contrary!

Oh, by the way, don’t construe this to mean I recommend executing abortionists. I do not. Although I think it easily justified from Holy Writ, the A.O.G. adheres to the principle of minimum force. Mercy, rather than justice is the driving force behind our actions. Or, to say it another way, we are merciful in our pursuit of justice, in our pursuit of peace.
M.G.: Wouldn’t such actions against an abortionist harden their hearts toward God even more than it already is?
A.O.G.: Quite the opposite. The average abortionist has become so used to the daily carnage he or she commits, it is on the order of flushing a commode. By permanently removing their ability to commit the crimes, one has given them a tremendous gift. Only by being forced to back away from the life that they now live can they ever begin to see themselves as they truly are. Thank God for the few brave ones that have repented of their crimes. For the rest, I think thumblessness a small price to pay. “…better to enter into life maimed…” (I finally found a present-day application for those words).
M.G.: What about explosives?
A.O.G.: With time delays, a most wondrous method, and my personal favorite.