Wiseuse Threat Version

Here is a version without the psuedo-christian rhetoric. As is evident, once the Dominionists’ theocratic ideology is removed the letter is a simple confession and a threat based upon the Wise Use theology/extractive and exploitive philosophy.

I built the bomb that I placed in Judi Bari’s car. I come forward now to tell you why.

On November 23, 1988, outside the planned Parenthood Clinic, when Judi Bari was there, I decided she was should die. She and her her friends support abortion. I decided to destroy her.

On May 8, 1990, I placed a bomb at the Cloverdale Mill, the scene of the sawblade incident that injured a millworker, to smear her. An ‘LP Screws Workers’ sign was placed there near the bomb to bring suspicion onto her.

It failed. I decided to be more direct and just kill her.

In Willits on May 22nd, I put the bomb in her car while she was at a meeting with some loggers. I had followed her there. But it did not explode as I planned. The timer must have stopped [or the motion switch did not work] for two nights and two days.

The hand of the watch moved once again or the motion switch finally functioned and the bomb was armed and exploded in Oakland on the morning of the 25th. But it did not kill her.

I had hoped to kill her, but she is still an example of what will happen to anyone who comes to the forests. They have seen the fate that awaits them.

If you go into the forests you will suffer like Judi Bari.