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Vincent Canastraro 1990

It is important to digest this with the utmost attention to detail: Cannistraro ran the CIA’s task force on the contras, and it became mired in controversy when Edgar Chamorro publicized that the CIA manual for the Contras – for which Cannistraro was responsible – “advocated assassination.”

Credible? Or is this the land of dupes accustomed to spoon-fed disinformation, even on the activist left – shallow state propaganda that paves the way for phony wars, places fascists in public office, conceals fascist covert operations including political assassination?

Canastraro ended his CIA career shortly after the bombing. Since leaving the CIA in 1991, after 27 years with the agency, Cannistraro has worked as a consultant on terrorism and security issues for a number of corporate and government clients, including ABC News and the Vatican. Cannistaro runs IntelligenceBrief, a security and information service for private clients.

“Environmentalists out to destroy all human life on earth … ” (?)

But he added that despite the growing perception of danger, most terrorists were what he called ”useful idiots,” used by others for their political ends.

”I would call them quite stupid,” Cannistraro said. ”They do have uncompromising convictions, though their actions are morally repugnant.”

The World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and the Oklahoma bombing in 1996 were the first stirrings in America of terrorism coming home. That became an old story eventually: Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Olympic bombing, abortion doctors murdered and clinics firebombed.

”In order to destroy your enemies, you first have to depersonalize and dehumanize them,” Cannistraro said. ”I anticipate continuing attempts against us. They probably won’t be that successful, but we can’t count on that. We probably need to take more forceful action than we have in the past.”

Eco-terrorists, according to former CIA counterterrorism operations chief Vincent Cannistraro, advocate “violent acts in order to contain man’s domination of nature.” They support sabotage of nuclear facilities, hydroelectric generating stations, lumber mills and other activities that exploit nature.

High-tech terrorism has featured lasers to trigger bombs and sophisticated, shoulder-fired missiles to bring down aircraft. Experts fear future use of chemical or biological agents and, potentially, even nuclear devices by extremist groups.

“It may seem ultimately self-defeating, but there are small organized clandestine cells working on the development of technologies to diminish or even eliminate the race of man from the Earth.”

— Vincent M. Cannistraro, National Strategic Information Center

The environmental movement holds a special terror for ex-CIA agent Vincent Cannistraro. He fears that within the radical fringe of the environmental movement there are a bunch of human-hating but earth-loving mad scientists, who will stop at nothing to save the planet from human damage. They would even go so far as to destroy all or most of the human race to attain that goal, and are currently working to develop a virus that would wipe out mankind, while sparing everything else.

The following is a review of the results of supporting the so-called Contras: ‘Humanitarian?’ Aid To Contras Is State-funded Terror
By Carlos Tunnermann
POSTED: February 16, 1986

News reports have it that the Reagan administration plans to ask Congress for $100 million in military and “humanitarian” aid for the contras fighting to overthrow the elected government of Nicaragua.

This comes almost 10 months after the administration assured Congress that, in exchange for $27 million in “humanitarian” aid, the U.S. would actively seek a political solution to the conflict through direct negotiations with the government of Nicaragua. At the time, the administration also indicated that it would not continue to condone terrorist attacks by the contras on Nicaraguan civilians.

Neither of the two promises was kept. The administration has refused to enter into talks with Nicaragua, and atrocities by the contras continue at an alarming rate.

Despite reports that the contra leadership is trying to clean up the terrorist image that the contras by their past and present practices have acquired (these stories usually appear when the administration is about to request additional funding), the documented fact is that terrorism continues to be basic contra strategy and innocent civilians are its primary target.

North Americans, quite rightly in my opinion, shun the very idea that their government is responsible for state-supported terror. Nevertheless, the sad truth is that in 1985 alone U.S.-supported contras murdered 281 Nicaraguan civilians.

The contras raped, kidnapped and in other ways brutally attacked more than 1,500 men, women and children in Nicaragua last year.

As recent as Jan. 17, the recipients of U.S. “humanitarian” aid attacked a family’s home in La Esperanza, a small town in South Zelaya province, leaving behind the bodies of a woman and her 17-year-old son. Her younger sons, aged 13 and 7, and her 20-year-old son-in-law were tragically wounded.

On Dec. 28, in the town of La Cruz de Piedras, in Esteli, contra troops broke into another family’s home and captured the father and his 16-year-old son. The rest of the family escaped out a back window. When they returned they found the two corpses. The son had been shot in the back. The father’s abdomen had been sliced by a bayonet and the contras had cut out both his heart and tongue.

On Dec. 15, 1985, in Los Angeles, South Zelaya, the contras attacked the home of a 62-year-old woman. A young mother and her 5-year-old daugher tried to escape, but the contras fatally shot them. An 18-year-old man was forced from the house in his underwear and beaten to death by the contras with their bayonets. The woman survived and reported the attack. On Jan. 13, the contras returned to her house and murdered her.

These are just three of the most recent incidents of terrorist attacks by contra forces against civilians.

How many murders, rapes and mutilations have occurred since last June 12, when Congress approved “humanitarian” aid for the mercenary forces? Hundreds.

Should anyone, therefore, be surprised when the families of victims of contra atrocities hold the U.S. administration and those members of Congress who voted for the contra aid equally responsible with the contra troops themselves for the terror affecting their lives?

No amount of public relations can ever change the fact that the contras are a terrorist organization. Neither will the now legendary media skill of the administration succeed in selling the fatuous notion that former Somoza National Guards, the real leaders of the major contra force, are “freedom fighters” dedicated to democracy.

It is time for the administration to set sophistry aside and begin to honestly support the efforts of its Latin American neighbors who recently called on the United States to resume bilateral talks with Nicaragua and end all assistance, “humanitarian” or military, to the contras.

Rather than continuing to finance and direct state terrorism against the Nicaraguan people, the United States should join in the effort of Nicaragua and the Contadora countries, undertaken to avoid a tragic regional war in the heart of this continent, by calling for negotiations based on respect for national independence, self-determination and the rule of law.…/26089375_1_contra-leadership-contra-troops-nicaraguan-civilia

Cannistraro’s record on Iran/Contra war