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One of the frustrations of the quest to find the Lord’s Avenger is the lack of direct evidence pointing to anyone as the bomber. If the fingerprint from the bomb fragments or the DNA found on the Letter’s envelope can be identified it is still insufficient to prove guilt. Ask OJ. We, as investigators, will have to settle for less than a certain conclusion. At this moment regardless of recent events the identity of the DNA and fingerprint may never be known, since we know our two most likely suspects Unabomber and AoG preached and practiced deception by leaving DNA and fingerprints to deceive investigators. As we saw elsewhere all of the individual suspects would have to have intended deception by the LA Letter. There is plenty of potential deception to go around.

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The spreadsheets at Results that tracked the suspects through the complexity of the crime and the requirements for a valid conspiracy give us a chance to compare suspects and to rank them to as to likelihood. There is always room for argument.

Then, as we also know, there is evidence still out there.

Here is what we need:


Atlanta jail Oct 1988 100 plus with names
Ukiah demo Nov 1988
Vigils and demos Oakland or North May 24-May 29 1990


Letters with bomb descriptions re: Rudolph, three Atlanta bombs, 1996

The AoG Allegation is weak because of the incomplete photographic evidence. The allegation comes from two photos that we were told were from the 1988 Ukiah abortion demo which we matched with a collection of photos of the suspects that range from eight to twenty years after the demo.

We have identified the Atlanta jail records including photos of the 130+ [numbers vary] anti-abortion protesters who served together in October 1988 as a prime source of finding contemporaneous photos. We know Shannon was arrested and served her sentence during that period.

We are seeking additional photos from the Demo as well.

A recent realization about the timing of the Letter, mailed on 5/29/90, was that instead of being mailed on the day of the bombing it was delayed until an announcement was made that Bari would live. The announcement was made and the letter was completed and mailed from the ‘North Bay.’

This new realization puts a premium on photos from the vigils and demos held in Oakland in the days following the bombing. Rpbert McLaughlin was there and he took some photos. Information leading to other photos of the Ukiah, demo and the 1990 vigils and demos will be rewarded with a group hug.

Anyone who can help in Atlanta or the Northcoast should seek these photographs.


Another Lord’s Avenger?

In 1996, Eric Rudolph bombed some clinics, bars and a parking lot near the Olympic Games in Atlanta. The bombs were similar to the Lord’s Avenger bombs. There were letters to the newspapers with bomb descriptions that the FBI took seriously as they did the LA letter. This we know from news accounts of the time but we do not have the letters themselves or even the text of the letters.

A word for word account of these Rudolph letters is needed.

‘Memory is the Strength of Our Resistance’

“I believe that those that have fallen, they have given us that example, and they continue giving that example … constructing something different, a different world, a world without violence, a world without war, a world where we truly see each other as brothers and sisters, where we can work together, where we can share the fruits of our work.”


There is a human memory, the big Human Memory, within which the answer lies. To get the answer we must appeal to the memory, to as many people as we can reach, to respond to our need for knowledge. It is as close to prayer as I can go.

Hopefully those who read and have time or the curiosity will make suggestions about how we can tap further into our collective memories.

Good hunting!

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